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Constant Presence of a Cubist in My Hypersphere By Adrian D'Costa I feel the presence of a being with me in my hypersphere. Her constant existence consoles my bleeding heart at the time of upheaval and fills with over-joyous possibilities at the moment of emotional exhilaration. I extend my hand to the right and she extends hers from the left. I turn my face to the left. She looks at me from the right. Never will she abandon me even when I change the pigment of my nature toward her dimension. Never will she complain about my troublesome mind's constant perilous journey along with her even at her death bed. Calm she is and ever she will be. Patience is subjugated by her strong determination. And her positivity is the reason why she can see all dimensions from every point of view that humanity's judgemental eye can see.

Guilty am I for having her by my side at this time and age. For I should comfort her and reconstruct her life's broken mirrors. Instead I scratched her real life drama with a rustic metal like a disgruntled blacksmith does the same to invaluable Excalibur. I disfigured her face by my hour's every needs. But infinity never looked down upon her. Infinity is done through that tiny finite dust of atom. It's like trillion times more MeV energy was released from her core of Large Hadron Collider when my life turned the other way. Being an existentialist she managed four impossible and unpredictable asteroids through an arduous journey and lead them to a deterministic haven. Surely I am proud to call her my Mom. Because without her, my life wouldn't be collinear with the world. My integral parts of my spirit wouldn't be in rapport with God's without her steadfast intercession. So now I stand before you all and shout out at the top of my lung, “Mom, I don't need to look for a hero in the biographies and autobiographies

written by others. You and only you are my hidden inconspicuous hero in the world of my hypersphere.� ###

Existentialism: a philosophical attitude associated especially with Heidegger, Jaspers, Marcel, and Sartre, and opposed to rationalism and empiricism, that stresses the individual's unique position as a selfdetermining agent responsible for the authenticity of his or her choices. Determinism: the doctrine that all facts and events exemplify natural laws. Subjugate: master; bring under control

Constant Presence of A Cubist in My Hypersphere