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Mr. Cătălin Cherecheș - Mayor of Baia Mare city/Romania Baia Mare Municipality, Romania The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance - Sighetu Marmației TEAM BM|advocacy Rotary International The European Union The European Parliament The Sorbonne University, Paris, France The University of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg The University of Trier, Germany The University of the Saarland, Germany University of La Coruna, Spain University of San Francisco, USAUniversity of Ankara, Turkey University of Magdeburg, Germany University of Cairo, Egypt L’Institut Francais du Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of luxembourg

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In the Programe One Word of Truth In 1970, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. The following year, three years before his expulsion from the Soviet Union, he wrote, but was never able to deliver, his Nobel Lecture. It is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant statements of the last century. Based on Solzhenitsyn’s lecture, the film “One Word of Truth” dramatitises contemporary issues such as the differing scales of values in the world, the link between violence and lies, the relevance and power of art and literature, and the crucial role of the individual.

NGO Project Fair

Thursday, May the 7th, 2015 Time 15:00 16:00 16:45 17:00

Event Registration Speed Networking Ceremony Ceremony


The NGO fair gives an opportunity to the conference delegates to meet with representatives of several local associations that contribute to the positive social change of their community affecting a large variety of fields, from social work to animal welfare and youth development. Twenty such NGOs will be present to the event, ready to share form their experience and engage in conversations about the values they share and promote through their work.


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18:00 En

Panel Conference

18:45 Sp

Workshops Workshop I


Workshop II


Workshop III

Eliezer « Elie » Wiesel Originally from Transylvania, Wiesel is a noted Holocaust survivor. He is a prominent journalist, professor as well as a political and human rights activist having written over 60 books. Founded The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, created to fight indifference, intolerance and injustice.

Title Arrival and Registration Meeting-up of Delegates Opening Address Welcoming Addresses

Speaker / Moderator Location WPF Volunteers Office Millenium Business Center Conference Room Codrin Crisan, Romania Adrian Pop, Romania Mr. Cătălin Cherecheş, Mayor of Baia Mare, Romania Mr. Zamfir Ciceu, President of Maramureș County Council, The World of War and Romania Peace Today Mr. Anton Rohian, Head of Maramureș County Prefect Institution, Romania Mr. Emil Sopoian, Governer Elect of Rotary International District 2241 Romania and Republic of Moldova Pr. Dr. Cristian Ștefan – Cultural Advisor – Romanian Ortodox Church, Dioceses of Maramureș and Satu Mare, Romania Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Director Department of Peace Operations (DPO), Norway Mare Nostrum / H.E. Mrs. Andrea Gustović-Ercegovac, Ambassador of Croatia to Mediterranean Tragedy Romania Dominicus Rohde, Luxembourg Sheikh Eşref Efendi, Turkey Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Director Department of Peace Operations (DPO), Norway Mediterranean Perspectives Southern European Antonio Legeren, Spain Millenium M2 Perspectives Balkan Perspectives H.E. Amb. Gustović-Ercegovac, Millenium M2 Croatia Turkish Perspective Sheikh Eşref Efendi, Turkey Millenium M2

Our Host Millenium Business Center, Baia Mare Restored and consolidated, the three 18th century-dated historical buildings (named M1, M2 and M3), located in the main square of the historical part of the town, include all necessary modern facilities required for the good operation of the buildings as a business centre. The Square (named M4) is located in the historical part of the town, in front of the three aforementioned buildings. The project was awarded by The Ministry of Culture and Cults with the ‘Nicolae Ghika Budesti Prize’ and the Great Trophy, within the 7th National Conference of the Specialists in National Cultural Patrimony Preservation Domain, April 2, 2005, as the largest financing of a non-religious historical site, in last decays, in Romania.


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Event Workshop IV


Workshop V BREAK Dinner Discussions Results from Workshops Performance Baile de Paz Late Night Talk Values unplugged

19:30 20:15 Ro / Fr 21:30 22:00 En

Title Middle Eastern Perspective African Perspectives

Speaker / Moderator Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway

Location Millenium M2

Ph.D. Jaime Cardenas, Spain

Millenium M2

Ignacius Rohde, Germany Yasmin Meera, Brasil Cristina Ambrus, Romania

Restaurant “Hanu Igniș” Restaurant “Hanu Igniș” Restaurant “Hanu Igniș”

Friday, May the 8th, 2015 Time Language 09:00

Event Registration

09:30 En 10:00 En

11:00 En / Sp

Speed Networking Meeting-up of Delegates Photo Exhibition Stories from the Eastern Front Workshop for All Infrastructures for Peace Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway Active Workshop Sustainable Conflicts Ariane Iranpour, Luxembourg Management, from Inner Peace to Outer Peace Workshop I “Value” in Language Prof. Dr. Ramona Demarcsek, Romania Workshop II Ethics & Morals Martha Llanes, Peru

11:00 En / Sp

Workshop III


11:00 En / Sp 12:00 En / Sp

Workshop IV Conference & Debate

City of Baia Mare

11:00 Sp

Located in Maramureș County Population: 123 000 inhabitants 70km from the Hungarian border 50 km from the Ukrainian border

13:00 14:00 En

BREAK Lunch Lessons

15:30 En / Sp

Artistic Presentation

Focus Romania Capital City: Bucharest Population: 20.1 million inhabitants Official language: Romanian Joined European Union in 2007 Member of the UN, Council of Europe, NATO, IDA & WCL

10:15 En 11.00 En 13:00 11:00

Title Arrival and Registration

Speaker / Moderator WPF Volunteers Office

Location Millenium Business Center Conference Room Aditya Sharma, India Millenium M2 Valentyn Bondarenko, Ukraine Millenium M2 Millenium M2 Millenium M2

Peacebuilding and Dealing with Conflict and Crisis in the 21st Century Values, Men & Women Social Reconciliation after Mass Atrocity Presentation of Workshop Results

Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway

„Petre Dulfu“ Public Library of Maramureș Museum of History Conference Room Bastionul Măcelarilor

Andra Croitoru, Romania Ph.D. Jaime Cardenas, Spain

Millennium M2 Millennium M2

Value Systems in World Religions Wall of Peace

Ariane Iranpour, Luxembourg

“Casa Crișan” Restaurant

Prof. Patricia Pellegrini, Argentina

Historical Center

Fernando Chitarrini, Argentina Millennium M2

Our Host in Baia Mare Mr. Cătălin Cherecheș - Mayor of Baia Mare city/Romania Mr. Cherecheș is the Mayor of Baia Mare since 2011, after 3 years as member in the National Parliament of Romania. He was the youngest elected Mayor of a major city in Romania and he took over 86 percents of the votes in local elections. Mr. Cătălin Cherecheș has a great contribution to the new identity of Baia Mare City nowadays. In 2001 he graduated the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest and the Commerce Faculty of Vienna University. He has a Master Degree in Security and National Defence from the National University of Defence “Carol I” in Bucharest.

“Ce qui est important, ce n’est pas d’être optimiste ni pessimiste mais d’être déterminé.” Jean Monnet

Time Language 16:30 En / Sp

Event Workshop I

Title Values in Europe

16:30 16:30 16:30 16:30 17:30

Workshop II Workshop III Workshop IV Workshop V Skype Conference

Values in North America Values in South America Values in Africa Values in Asia Women & Values

17:45 En 18:00

Cultural Program Fair

Art Exhibition NGO & Project Fair

20:15 En

Dinner Discussions Presentation of Workshop Results Late Night Talk One Word of Truth

En En / Sp En En En

22:00 En

Speaker / Moderator Prof. Dr. Antonio Legeren, Spain Vicki Hansen, USA Martha Llanes, Peru Valter Alcoforado, Angola Sohail Chaudhry, Pakistan Dulce Magalhaes, Brasil moderated by Andra Croitoru, Romania Oksana Tsybka, Ukraine Representatives of NGOs have booths and present their organizations & Projects Andra Croitoru, Romania

Location Millenium M2

Diana Damșa, Romania

Hotel Carpați

Speaker / Moderator WPF Volunteers Office Mr. Catalin Chereches, Romania Mr. Dominicus H. Rohde, Luxembourg

Location Hotel Carpați Baia Mare Historical Center

Millenium M2 Millenium M2 Millenium M2 Millenium M2 Millenium M2

Millenium M2 Baia Mare Municipal Park „Regina Maria“ “Parc” Restaurant

Saturday, May the 9th, 2015 Time Language 08:30 09:00 En

Event Arrival Ceremony


11:30 En 13:30 11:30 En / Sp

Departure to Meeting-up of Delegates Sighet Museum Speed Networking in the Bus Active Workshop Harmony in Diversity : Fostering Global Human Values Workshop I Equality

11:30 En 11:30 Fr

Workshop II Workshop III

11:00 En

Title Registration United Nations Flag Mandala

Peace and Democracy Fraternité

Historical Center Siegfried Blume, Spain Miguel Munoz, Luxembourg Ariane Iranpour, Luxembourg

Prof. Dr. Ramón Paz Lamela, Spain Mrs. Andra Croitoru, Romania Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway Laura Achim, Romania

bus The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance - Sighetu Marmației

Our Host The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance In the former “Prison of the Ministers” in Sigheu Marmatiei, the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and anticommunist Resistance comprises a Museum and an International Study Centre. The Memorial was established as a reminder of the atrocities committed by the communist regime - for years the populace had been brain-washed to create the so-called “New Man” through the rewriting of history and poisoning the memories of generations. Moral and civic values could only be recovered if the collective consciousness is duly recuperated. Sighet prison was chosen because it was the first of many political prisons set up in Stalinist times and because it was where the country’s political, spiritual and cultural elite of the pre-war democracy was exterminated. An International Study Centre was established here because out of all of the former communist countries, Romania’s experience had been the longest and most painful - from the long years of suppressed resistance to Ceausescu’s obscene “Golden Epoch”.

Our Host

Time Language 11:30 En

Event Workshop IV

Title Liberty

11:30 En 12:15 En

Workshop V Debate Presentation BREAK Lunch Lessons Debate

Diversity Limits of Freedom

16:00 En 16:00 En

Workshop I Workshop II

16.00 Sp

Workshop III

16.00 Sp 16.00 En 16:45

Workshop IV Workshop V Visit

16:45 En

Open Discussion

Conflicts in Europe Conflicts in North America Conflicts in South America Conflicts in Africa Conflicts in Asia Elie Wiesel Memorial House Peacebuilding & Prevention in the 21st Century

18:30 20:00 21:00

Return to Baia Mare BREAK GALA DINNER

13:00 14:00 En 15:00 En En / Sp

“Petre Dulfu” County Library

The Library in Baia Mare serves the interests in information, research, education, reading and recreation of users in Baia Mare and Maramureș County, offering free access, free and non-discriminatory information and knowledge through the database and its collections.

Photo Exhibition Stories from the Eastren Front

To be or not to be Charlie Common Values & Conflict Prevention United Nations Charter on Peace

Dinner Discussions Presentation of Workshop Results Peace Concert Healing Music for Parkinson Desease Prize Ceremony For the Promotion of Europe Performance Brazilian Peace Rythms

Speaker / Moderator Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Mihai Bârle, Romania Vicki Hansen, USA Adnan Faruk, France Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway

Location The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance - Sighetu Marmației

Ioan Sabo, Romania Oksana Tsybka, Ukraine Valentyn Bondarenko, Ukraine Hosts: Xavier Heude, France Ph.D. Jaime Cardenas, Spain Oksana Tsybka, Ukraine Vicki Hansen, USA

“Grădina Morii” Restaurant Hotel Restaurant “Grădina Morii” Sighetu Marmatiei

Martha Llanes, Peru

“Grădina Morii” Restaurant

Ph.D. Jaime Cardenas, Spain Ariane Iranpour, Luxembourg

“Grădina Morii” Restaurant “Grădina Morii” Restaurant Elie Wiesel Memorial House Sighet Elie Wiesel Memorial House Sighet

Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway

“Grădina Morii” Restaurant “Grădina Morii” Restaurant

Bus Black Tie / Smoking recommended Oriol Bentz, Spain

Hotel “Carpați”

Prof. Conxita Bentz, Spain

Hotel “Carpați”

Jorge Castellà I Cot, AEFE, Spain Yasmin Meera, Brasil

Hotel “Carpați”

Hotel “Carpați”

Hotel “Carpați”

Sunday, May the 10th, 2015 08:45


Direct connection with local Ancient Culture of “Free Dacians” and Architecture

10:20 En


10:40 En


11:00 En

Round Table

Where do we go from here? Opportunities, Challenges, Possibilities The World Peace Journal Online A Global Value System

12:00 En




12:30 En


12:45 En



Closing Lunch

The Value and Strength of Music as a Tool Towards Peace Interreligious Prayer / Moment of Unity Closing Remarks Official Announcement of WPF 2016

Photo Session – Diana Topan, Romania Felicia Cotoman, Republic of Moldova Ana Braghis, Republic of Moldova Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Norway

Baia Mare Villge Museum Departure from Hotel “Carpați”

Prof. Dr. Antonio Legeren, Spain All Delegates

Millenium Business Center Conference Room Millenium Business Center Conference Room Millenium Business Center Conference Room

Aaron Blomme, Belgium

All Delegates

Millenium Business Center Conference Room

Millenium Business Center Conference Room Dominicus Rohde, Luxembourg Millenium Business Center Conference Room Adrian Dan Pop, Romania Millenium Business Center Catalin Cherecheş - Mayor of Conference Room Baia Mare, Romania ASSOC - Social Economy Structure

“Parc” Restaurant

Baia Mare Village Museum

Museum of History

“Regina Maria” Park

Millenium M2

Millenium Business Center

“Petre Dulfu” Public Library


Programme of the 9th World Peace Forum  

The first World Peace Forum took place in 2007 to bring together professionals from all walks of life in order to exchange ideas and find wa...