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EDITOR Hollie Smith | Design and Marketing Communications Specialist EDITOR’S NOTE //

Beauty that is not skin deep I have witnessed many changes to the face of Adrian College in the two short years that I have spent working here. As a Lenawee County native, I have always known about Adrian College, hearing comments along the lines of "what a gorgeous campus and grounds," "beautiful setting" and "feels like home." However, these remarks seemed to refer to the property’s aesthetics, not the nonmaterial achievements that lie beneath. It was not until I joined the marketing team here that I was able to really see what the College was all about. Now that I have a first-hand account, I can see that the changes that have been made and continue to be made are about not only beauty but also function. The upcoming medical facility is just one example of the College’s dual-purpose expansions. Seeing new developments on campus is commonplace, so when the new medical clinic was announced and construction began, it was no surprise to me. I was, however, taken aback upon realizing just how much of an asset this medical clinic will be to the local community. Its benefits will not be exclusive to the sick and the injured. In addition to tuition assistance and generating local employment opportunities, it will also provide students the opportunity to receive a hands-on jumpstart to their education and career. In short, it will represent both aesthetic achievement and practical progress. I am looking forward to witnessing the progress made on the brickand-mortar portion of the medical center, but my anticipation for its impact on the student body is even greater. To me, the students are the best part of Adrian College. When I accepted a position here, I never expected to interact with the students as much as I do. Getting to work with them on a daily basis, I have found that they represent an exceptional group of young adults, hope for the future and role models for my own children.

Hollie Smith

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