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Fall 2016 New Faculty

2015-16 Faculty Accomplishments and Highlights: These accomplishments represent a sampling of the many articles, publications and presentations of Adrian College’s distinguished faculty during 2015-2016.

Dr. John Eipper (Modern Language & Cultures) In August, delivered a paper "Inventando 'Mi país inventado': Isabel Allende y la chilenidad" on Andean Literature in La Paz, Bolivia.


Dr. Jennifer Ellsworth (Director of Institute for Creativity) Patrick Quinlan (BusinessMarketing) Presented joint three-hour educational workshop, “Cooking with Creativity,” for the Direct Marketing Association of Detroit in February 2015.

Dr. Keith Christy (Sport Administration & Leadership Graduate Program) Erika Zonder (Sport Management) Joint presentation at the North American Society of Sport Management Conference in Orlando, Fla., “The Impact of Athletic Facilities on College Choice for Division III StudentAthletes.” Al Craven (Teacher Education & Health Education) Workshop "Postpone or Protect: Building Safe, Responsible Relationships" at the Healthy Youth Nebraska: Addressing Risks, Resiliency & Barriers to Success conference in Kearney, Neb.

Dr. James Hanley (Political Science) Presented paper at the annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, "The Prince Cannot Be Tamed." Dr. Sarah Hanson (Geology) Presented paper, “A Geochemical Evaluation of Pegmatite Parent Granite,” at the 7th International Symposium on Granite Pegmatites, held in June 2015 in Ksiaz, Poland.

Zach Dunn (Art & Design) Exhibition: Serve It Up – Clay Art Vegas, Las Vegas, Nev. Annual juried exhibition of functional ceramic table and barware.

Garin Horner (Art & Design) One of his photographs was on display as part of the Dreamers Collection Fifth Annual Exposure Award in July 2015 at The Louvre in Paris, which receives over 5 million visitors each year.

2015-16 Faculty Teaching Awards and Recognition ROSS E. NEWSOM TEACHING EXCELLENCE



Dr. Jennifer Ellsworth Business, Accountancy and Economics

Dr. Carissa Massey Art History

Professor Nathan Goetting Sociology and Criminal Justice




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Dr. Kristin Boggs-Clark Assistant Professor, Department of Music Dr. Tim Clark Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics Jody DiMarco Assistant Professor and Director of Field Education, Department of Social Work Dr. John Goetschius Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training Dr. Scott Hill Assistant Professor, Department of Physics Dr. Christine M. Knaggs Assistant Professor, Teacher Education Department Dr. Zavin Nazaretian Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice Cheryl Nutter Assistant Professor and Director of the Health Care Programs, Department of Accountancy, Business, and Economics

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