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Dancing Feet

Target customer group profile * Age Group: 25 to 33 years old

* Gender: Female * Occupation(s): Not defined but is a successful professional in her practice field. * Income Range: From $60.000/year to $144.000/year - obs: Considering salary, however, since we are working with a wild range,some women could still depend on their parents (having a higher household income, while others are starting their own family. * Place: From big cities, such as Chicago, Rome, Sao Paulo, New York - urban lifestile * Marital Status: Single or Married * Education/Background: Well-educated - alumni from one of the best colleges in their city. Is someone who already traveled to several countries and is interested in art. * Leisure Activities: Lunch or dinner with friends; Travelling; Art exposition. * Hobbies: Really like art; interested in fashion and decoration; Travelling; Going out for eat and going to bars; Meetting friends. * Lifestyle Keywords: Travel; art and design; Curious; Simple lifestyle; Urban. * Stores they like (competitors): Reformation; Urban Outfitters; Asos; Aya * How do they decide where to shop? They are loyal to brands they already know because it is easier and safe, however, if someone who they share the same taste present a new place, they will certainly try to get to know. Also, is not that they go only to smaller business, but they look for clothes that not everybody is using. * Why they make a purchase? There are two different reasons for them to make a purchase: (I) If they really need to buy something, for example, for a party; or (II) simply because they saw something they liked and decided buying it. Normally, shopping happens during leisure time. * How do they prefer to shop? These women prefer to shop as if they were just going for a walk and enjoying their time. Prefer to be left alone and to buy direct from the store than online. However, if they already know the place very well, they could eventualy buy online.

Fabric selection and swatches


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Hibiscus Bluebell


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Pf fashiondesign portfolio