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ADRIANA VILLALOBOS BLANCO I have always thought that all human beings are responsible of their own acts. Of course, some people might grow up in a bad environment, but the things we do are done because we decided to do them. A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about something they want to do, but they start to see the obstacles they will have to face and they could feel they cannot do it. I think the biggest obstacle that people have are their own fears. That is why a proactive person is an efficient one because they face reality but they also have the power to change difficult circumstances. The habit that caught my attention the most was number five because I consider it is necessary for all careers since we must listen carefully and try to understand what people say to us before we make conclusions or prescribe what we assume is the best in that moment. We must learn from others, as a society we cannot be immune to new ideas and we should be open-minded, learn to listen to what people have to say is so important because we are not mavens in all fields. We should be humble and know that we do not have the answers for everything.

I actually disagree with habit number two about begin with the end in mind. Of course, in order to achieve goals, we have to have a purpose and create a mission about how you are going to accomplish them, but it is more important to take the goal step by step celebrating the small achievements we gain and little by little accomplishing our final goal and most important being proud of our own development. I would love to change the habit "think win-win� because i consider that not all problems in human relationships will going to be solved the same way for both parts. Humans should understand that will be some occasions where they will have to give up things in order to establish a good relationship. That is how the world works. I prefer to talk about perseverance, constancy to be an effective person. In order to achieve your goals you must spend time, effort to get what you have been dreaming on. To finish this writing I want to share what I consider are habits to be an effective person. First, do what you have to do on time, never leave for tomorrow what you can do right now. Second, be constant because if you do not put effort on what you want, you will never achieve your goals. Third, treat people in the same way you like to be treated. Fourth, listen to your partners and do not judge anyone before you really get to know the person. And last but not least, be in the circle of influence and do not worry about issues we cannot solve.


TENDERLY FOSTER MC. Most of life is habitual; you do the same things yesterday, the day before and every day. Habits, good or bad, make you who you are. The key is controlling them. If you know how to change your habits, then even a small effort can create big changes. The book 7 habits of highly effective people presents to us, ways or techniques to break bad habits and to be an effective person. For me, this article amazed me because it has a lot of valuable information that I need to apply, to overcome bad thoughts that I am facing. So I will say, that the message or the information, that the author Steven is giving is the only way to be an effective person. Everything in life has an order and a purpose, that is a universal rule, and in this case it applies; to be effective you need steps to reengineer aspects of your life. Before I mentioned that I have bad thoughts, in that case negative energy, so this is my bad habit. In the book there is a part that describes that issue. Habit #1 said that we need to focus our time and energy.

Reactive people focus their efforts, over things they can’t control. Sometimes we make choices with negative consequences called mistakes. We can’t recall or undo past mistakes. The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge instantly, correct and learn from it. In addition, this step emphasize that proactivity is grounded in facing reality, but also understanding that we have the power to choose a positive response to our circumstances. The habit that caught my attention the most was habit #7 because it promotes a balanced self renewal, of our dimensions of our nature. Physical dimensions: it is important to have a great health, if you love yourself you will take care of your body. The spiritual dimension, is important to have God, n my case, for me He has to be the center of my life, He is the one that can give me spiritual peace. The mental dimension, this is totally important, having healthy thoughts, gives you optimistic thoughts. The social dimension: we need to be surrounded by optimistic people that have great and moral values. These four dimensions will help me to achieve my goals as a dentist. Every person needs a healthy life.


GRACIELA RODRIGUEZ The article talks about the seven Habits that the author wants to offer to people as a guide to be effective and happy in life. He wants to do this based on a set of values, principles, tools and techniques that leading to a better life , he also based his arguments on a number of problems that all people suffer every day and tries to explain how to confront the situation to achieve the expected result. I found it very interesting article and the way they are deal with different habits or sections in which he divides, as the author does not try to give sermons, he simply shows us his work habits he believes are important and key to happiness, we decided that free time and how we practice according to our way of being and our way of life. I think these seven habits are very effective and can really help people obtain good results when applied, either in the family or at work. I also believe that people can achieve their effectiveness without the need of all seven habits because we all have different life styles. However, would be good to adopt new ideas that can help us improve our lives.

The habit that I found most interesting was the one that talks about pro-activity; this represents the social responsibility of those, proactivity taught to face reality and learn to respond positively to different life situations, is the determining factor in each person to understand their successes and failures, challenges and responses. The seven habits are very interesting and would be good if we incorporate them into our lives as they can be helpful. I think that all habits can be applied in different situations, synergy must be fundamental in the family making process it is better if you do it together that if everyone does it for oneself. I think being proactive is a habit that if we always apply, since it is the one we held accountable and gives us the ability to respond. In general, the seven habits are very important as they help from organizing your time, like taking a mind to do well all you do things and to conclude successfully.


ADRIANA VILLALOBOS BLANCO Tibet is a region in Asia, located northeast of the Himalayas. For the Tibetans, their religion is the Buddhism, which teaches rebirth. That is why they think there is no need to preserve the body when someone dies. This is the explanation of a very interesting ritual they practice when a common Tibetan person dies called Jhator. In this ceremony, the corpse is located in a flat rock, cut in small pieces and finally the flesh is abandoned waiting for the predatory birds to come and eat the pieces. The sky burial is a way to dispose the human remains. In Tibet, there are some important monasteries where these rituals are made, for example in the Ganden Monastery, which was destroyed by Chinese people but in 1990 was rebuilt and now in use. The Jhator was prohibited 1960 because was considered barbaric but was allowed it again in the 1980. Nowadays, few people can witness the sky burial only the family of the deceased because for them is unethical but in 2008, a documentary called Secret Towers of the Himalayas, presented the procedure, birds and tools used in the rituals.

The origin of sky burials is a mystery. Some people said that this practice is related to ancient places but they do not have proofs of it. For Tibetans, this ritual has an interesting and peppy meaning: to confront dead openly and to feel the impermanence of life. I quote them saying; “a corpse is just an empty vessel". They think the soul of the deceased will reincarnate in another life. The corpse is offered to the vultures. They compare these predatory birds with angels or sky dancers. Dakinis will take the souls into heaven. This ritual is considered virtuous because doing that it saves the lives of small animals that the vultures otherwise will capture and eat to survive. This procedure has a lot steps: after death, the corpse will be left untouched for three days. Monks and rogyapas (body breakers), will chant around the deceased. Some hours before the day of the burial, the dead body will be cleaned and positioned in a fetal position. It is used to the ritual will be perform before dawn came. Then they chant to guide the soul to the heaven. The rogyapas prepare the body for the feast of vultures. Sharped hatchets are used to cut the body. During the process of breaking up the body, birds circle overhead, waiting to eat the meat and leftovers. It takes a very open-minded and bold person to understand others people cultures and traditions. For some people maybe this ritual can be called savage or inhumane and they may frown upon it. Everybody has their opinion but actually we respect this practice and find it very interesting with a valid meaning. We believe is more reasonable to give vultures food rather than put the corpse inside a coffin to decompose as it made in our own culture. After dead, our body will take a part in the circle of life. It is a nice way to see it. SOURCES ky-buria.htm


GRACIELA RODRIGUEZ In Turkey, people practice a very important ritual called "Henna-NIGHT RITUAL" Henna-night is a ceremony, steeped in history and folklore, where the bride is given to the groom's family. According to Douglas B. Holt (2000), “Henna-night is a very old ritual, with a history that some believe goes back to the time of Prophet Muhammad. According to tradition, in the era of the religious wars, Muhammad gathered his followers on the night before the attack”. At this meeting they prayed together for victory and putsome henna organic dye, with a reddish color on the palms of the soldiers. Henna’s red color symbolized blood and coloring the palms suggested that the warriors were ready to sacrifice their blood and lives in the name of God. This is how the ritual was born. the ritual eventually became a marriage ritual in which the bride symbolically leaves her identity as daughter, centered in her mother’s house, and enters into a new life stage as adult wife whose life is centered around her husband’s family. The henna-night ritual occur at the bride’s parents’ house, one or two nights before the wedding ceremony. The bride’s mother invites the neighbors, the family members and the friends of the girl. The ritual begins with the prayers of a woman . Then the girlfriend, usually dressed in red and veiled with a red headscarf, enters the room where the people are gathered. Unmarried friends of the bride follow her into the room holding lit candles.

After entering the room the girl sits on a chair and her friends, the "virgin girls," start walking in circles around her, and the woman continues praying. After finishing her prayers, the woman begins singing emotionally evocative songs about mothers losing their daughters, daughters becoming wives and then mothers. These songs produce a commotion and in this moment many participants start crying. that´s when one of the girls brings the henna cup to the mother-in-law. The motherin-law takes some henna from the cup and to puts it on the palms of the bride. then Dancing, singing, talking, and eating continue through the night. The dominant symbol in this tradition is that the red henna stands for blood. They interpret that blood implies the transformation from girlhood to womanhood. This interpretation voices a very strict traditional and religious norm, which defines the woman’s body as an object belonging to the husband. they establish that females can transform from girlhood to womanhood only through marriage and that premarital sexual intercourse is not only prohibited, but also unquestionable. To sum up, rituals and ceremonies are important roles in a culture or a religious. But a culture or a religious is defined by a variety of elements, which are fundamental and indispensable, but is very nice to know about the different cultures, traditions, customs and belief of countries and to share with many people. Douglas B. Holt (2000). consuming ritual: reframing the Turkish henna-night ceremony. id=8389


TENDERLY FOSTER MC. From the very beginning of time man has been fascinated by the stars and he has always tried to find some links between them and his own destiny. The Chinese zodiac usually begins with the Jade Emperor, or Buddha, who summoned all the animals of the universe for a race or a banquet. The 12 animals of the zodiac (the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the ram, the monkey, the chicken, the dog and the pig), during the journey, however, the animals got involves in everything from high jinks to heroism. For example the rat, who won the race, only did so through the guile and trickery, it jumped onto the back of the ox and won by a nose. The snake, apparently also a little sneaky, hid on the hoof of a horse in order to cross a river. When they got to the other side, it scared the horse and beat it in the contest. The dragon however, proved to be honorable and altruistic. This is a very interesting topic, especially for those interested in horoscopes. Similar to the western zodiac, the Chinese zodiac uses a 12 stage cycle to describe personality types and compatibilities. However, the Chinese version of the zodiac has many unique differences when compared to the western version. Instead of dividing the 12 stages as months of the year, the Chinese divide the 12 stages yearly. Each year is then assigned an animal, and a set of personality traits. On top of these yearly cycles, there are also monthly and even hourly cycles.

The monthly cycle describes a person’s inner animChina Tradition China Horoscope al while the hourly cycles determine a person’s secret animal. These different cycles produce a total of 8640 different combinations. Many people use these combinations to determine compatibility. Compatibility deals with relationships, and how two different personalities blend. By determine two people’s personality’s traits, you can make a guess as to how those people will get along and work together. The Chinese zodiac makes this simpler through it use of animals to describe these personality traits. You can now simply find two people’s animal signs and determine how they will blend. For example, it is said that the dragon and the dog zodiac signs do not blend well; whole the dragon and the monkey blend extremely well. This Chinese zodiac tool is used most effectively to find incompatibility personalities. The incompatibilities are perhaps more precise than the compatibilities. This is very similar to the western zodiac. However, the western zodiac does not use animals, but instead uses signs such as Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces. Sources:



Las Vegas Nevada is one of the most popular places in Unites States. This city is home of several museums, restaurants and the most luxurious hotels. The Strip refers only to a part of Las Vegas Boulevard which is between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road with a distance of 6.8 kilometers. The first casino and hotel built in the strip was the Pair O Dice Club in 1931. Nowadays you will find the most huge and rampant hotels of the US. For those who have not gone to Las Vegas, I definitely suggest you should put it in the list for your next vacations. Every hotel of the 113 located in Las Vegas has a theme. For example The Venetian Hotel, one of the most expensive and beautiful hotels I saw, was built simulating the tower of St Mark’s Campanile in Venice Italy. The New York- New York hotel is a copy of this state of the US, with a huge Liberty Statue outside the Hotel. The Caesars Palace has the Roman Empire as a theme. There you will see exotic statues made of marble. In Mandalay Bay Hotel you will see an amazing aquarium containing over one million gallons of salty water with more than 100 different species of life. When you look up for social entertainment, you must visit night clubs ranging from wild to sophisticate. Every hotel has at least one club within it and most of them you will have to make a reservation first. Not only clubs; attractions such as Circle of Soleil presentations, roller coasters, balloon rides, exotic racings, exhibitions of the real anatomy of body specimens, museums of history, pinballs, chocolate factories and the amazing Madame Tussaud featuring more than 100 wax figures of the world´s most famous stars.

When you visit a new place, one of the most important things to do is to visit a good restaurant. In the Strip you will find the most expensive and finest restaurants until the cheapest buffets. And definitely cheaper does not mean bad in Las Vegas. These buffets have a huge variety of food and most of them are delicious too. For example in the Imperial Palace Hotel exists a buffet called the Emperor’s Buffet with a cost of 12.99 dollars the entrance to eat all you can. And in my personal experience, this buffet is too cheap for the quality of dishes they have. You should go with enough money to Las Vegas. If you like to gamble this is the perfect place to do it. And if you are a shopaholic, you will drive yourself crazy seen the most amazing shop stores. But if you are in love and you want to get marry with your couple, you can do it in the wedding chapels located inside almost all hotels. I tell you that Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful places you must visit if you want to have fun. And the expression: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is true. Source


TENDERLY FOSTER MC. Costa Rica is located in the Central American isthmus, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a privilege destination because of its location in the middle of the western hemisphere. Its varied landscapes and mild climate make this small country the perfect getaway for a spectacular vacation, medical or health tourism, a memorable business meeting or convention. Most Costa Ricans think that Costa Rica doesn’t have great places to take vacations, so they decided to travel to another country, but when you start to search about places in Costa Rica, it is so amazing the diversity that this country have in the sense of species and ecosystems, as well as a broader range of interactions, compared with other tropical regions of the world.

Beaches Manuel Antonio is the single most popular National Park beach in Costa Rica Playas Tamarindo and Jacó are a tossup for the most popular surfing beach, but Tamarindo is coming on strong, and Jacó is fading. Playa Montezuma/Mal País is the most popular "undiscovered" beach destination in Costa Rica. The beach resorts of the Nicoya Peninsula command the vast majority of international tourist traffic and dollars, and are continuing to grow. Volcanoes Most people familiar with Costa Rica would immediately think of Arenal's fiery lava flows if asked for the most popular volcanic destination, but it's third on the list. Irazú and Poás are both the most visited volcanoes and the most popular National Parks in the country. Treks Corcovado and Chirripó draw most of the trekkers in Costa Rica. You don't necessarily even need a tent. Corcovado has some limited bunk space at the backcountry ranger stations, and Chirripó has a refuge system that includes 60 bunks near the summit. Cloud Forest Monteverde—this private reserve provides the easiest access to the cloud forests, and an infrastructure of guides and resources to help you make the most of your visit. Like Manuel Antonio, it has gained tremendously in popularity, but has much less chance of being loved to death. Monteverde is much larger, the cool, wet, windy weather means shorter visits, and as a private reserve it has better funding than most of the National Parks. Despite the growth in tourism in the surrounding community, a few hundred yards off the main loop (el triangulo) you're unlikely to see anyone else on the trail. Sources:


GRACIELA RODRÍGUEZ Costa Rica is home a great number of volcanoes. For the past fifty years, Arenal was the country’s most active volcano. Although it entered into a resting phase in 2010, meaning that its eruptions have taken pause for the time being. Arenal still is one of the country’s best-known and most visited volcanoes. There are, however, many other volcanoes that are worth exploring. Most are caldera volcanoes, whose craters are filled with water and rising steam. Considered to be among Costa Rica’s top tourist attractions as they captivate the attention of both tourists and scientists from all over the world, these volcanoes are a key part of this country’s spectacular natural diversity. This is because they have played an important role in how the lush landscape of this region has come into being. Due to the many eruptions over the past millennia, the soil in Costa Rica is rich in many minerals and is very fertile. Aside from their natural beauty and fertility, the volcanoes of Costa Rica are also fabulous recreational grounds for hiking, white water rafting, sportfishing, surfing, boating, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, camping, mountain biking & exploration.

Though many of the volcanoes in Costa Rica today are regarded as ‘young,’ as they have only been formed within the last 2 million years or so, they still have a number of fantastic characteristics that make each volcano distinct in its own right. For example, Volcan Irazu is known for its astonishing green blue lake that sits in one of its craters, while within a crater of the Poas Volcano there is a boiling acid lake. The Arenal is perhaps the most famous of all Costa Rica’s volcanoes. This is because it is the most active volcano in the country, spewing hot gases and steam on a regular basis. Thought to have a ‘perfect’ volcanic cone, the Arenal is indeed a sight to see as it sits towering amidst the surrounding landscape of the Arenal National Park. The most accessible active volcano in Costa Rica is the Poas Volcano, which sits in the national park of the same name. This volcano has only one active crater, while the other two are dormant. While the active crater has a boiling acid lake, one of the inactive carters has a lovely icy cold water lake which flows down the side of the volcano to become the Rio Sarapiqui. Regular tours of this volcano can be arranged any time. However, the best time to come and experience the Poas Volcano’s majestic beauty is during May through November when the weather is good and you can actually take a look into the volcano’s active crater

. 11

ADRIANA VILLALOBOS BLANCO The fieldtrip we did last Saturday had as a main goal to describe some of the new addictions of this decade, how to avoid to get addicted to them, how to overcome the addictions and finally learn how to handle stress in order to live a healthy life. We are used to listen to stories about people addicted to sex, cigarettes, alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs but when someone says cellphone or internet addiction we tend to think that is ridiculous. We must understand that nowadays there are a lot of different things that people could get addicted to such as plastic surgery, work, traveling, love, sex, shopping, exercising, tanning and teeth whitening. If we pay attention to them we can see that most of them are related to change our appearance. I believe that television and magazines have a huge responsibility over this problem. Now, television and fashion define what is sexy, perfect, and they give us a wrong image of what is beautiful and how you must be. That is why people who feel insecure do whatever they can to change their appearance and to be accepted by the society and most of the time people get addicted to it. In my opinion, an addiction occurs when people feel the necessity to do something that makes them feel better to fill an empty space on their lives. They become addicts for different reasons. Some of them may want to be accepted by the society or be part of a group they want to belong to. Most of the times, they will not accept they have a problem and they will become bitter, sad, nervous human beings. Nowadays we live a very fast and stressful life and sometimes people start to do things to relax and to forget about the everyday issues. The problem is that they sometimes cannot handle stress on a positive way. We are humans and we are not perfect, but we should try to live in harmony with our mind and body, learn how to live a balanced life doing what we have to do but taking time to relax and enjoy our life. The first step will be always the hard one, but we must achieve our goals to have a better and healthier life. If we are not capable to do it by ourselves, there are a lot of specialists that can help us to break our vicious cycle once and for all.


TENDERLY FOSTER MC. Addictions are real. They can truly take over a person’s life. Many believe that this is a disease that is chronic. However, many medical professionals try not to label it as a disease. No matter what it is called, when someone is an addict, there are many possibilities that it is genetic and when brain chemistry is added to the equation, it can cause serve damage to a person’s life and well being. Any type of addiction is highly complex and when a person is trying to remove it from their life, the symptoms of withdrawal can be very strong and even painful.

It is important to know that there are a lot of types of addictions; for example, the top ten addiction of this century are drugs, they are the best known type of addiction and definitely the most destructive one. Alcohol, also this is very destructive. Painkillers, this type of addiction has become worryingly on the rise in the last decades. Tobacco, sex, internet, food shopping addiction, have been recognized as such because there are people, who simply can’t spend a day without making a purchase, caffeine and sports. Every addict needs the right steps to recovery and is important that the addict learn how to reduce stress, by doing recreational activities, because will help to feel refreshed, it is a break from monotony and a diversion from daily routine. It is a positive change from the stereotypical life style. If the addict is so involved in his or he addiction, may be they might need go to a support group, in this group they will be able to find true freedom from whatever addictions are holding their down. In this group members provide each other with various types of help, usually non professional and non material, for a particular shared, usually burdens. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting other experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social network

SOURCES Bennett, F. (23 de January de 2011). Addiction and its sciencephilosophy. EBSCO: Ferguson, F. E. (2 de March de 1998). Types of Addiction. Ebsco: www.medical John E. Grant, M. A. (15 de July de 2010). Introduction to behavioral addcitions. Amercian Journal of drug :


GRACIELA RODRIGUEZ Addiction is a kind of physical illness, psychological and emotional which is the dependence on a substance or a particular activity. Currently More and more people suffer the addictions. In the past addictions to drugs or substances were the most common, but now this conception has changed and each time are known new types of addiction, as addiction to technology that is very common today. The Addictions have evolved according to generations and technological advances, many years ago there was no internet so no addiction to technology. In the past existed addiction to drugs such as cocaine, also to smoking and alcoholism. However, the evolution and technological advances, and offer many facilities and new things, have also brought consequences such as addiction. Now is known as modern addictions, some of them are addicted to social networking, shopping, video games, pornography, sex, exercise, among others.

People suffering from an addiction usually behave dangerously. Addicts need to be treated, because their behavior can affect themselves and people who are around. An addicted person can have changes in their behavior, for example, become violent people. People addicted to the internet and social networks are very lonely and they forget share with the family and with your friends, they only live in their own world and do not care about what happens around them. To help people prevent becoming dependent on an substance or activity it is important to share more time with the family and friends. Practice recreational activities that can help them forget their problems.


This newspaper was made with the intention to show our readers opinions about different topics that are happening around the world. For












addictions people are having nowadays. Maybe you have one of the addictions we talked about and you do not even realize of it. We choose to make a tourism section because we wanted to show different places around the world. This is part of a worldwide knowledge we all should have.

Each topic page collects all the news, information, photos, that you might like, even though every topic will help to reflect about yourself and help you to be open minded, in our case we learned by doing the topic about Chinese culture, that it is so important to be open minded in the sense that when you search about other cultures rather than yours, we have to remember that culture refers to the behaviors, habits, and traditions shared by a group of people. People who share the same culture can be linked by where they live, what religion they practice, where their families have come from, and more.

Learning about different cultures can be pretty fun, it can mean enjoying yummy new foods, learning about people’s unique histories, trying out special outfits, and participating in interesting games or observances.

With the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen R. Covey,

we learned if you do not know where you are standing in

life, this information might help you to re-engineer your life and to be happy with yourself.



This project was done during the entire course, while we create writings with our own words about experiences we had. For example with the fieldtrip we did at the beginning, we learned about the new addictions and all the knowledge and experiences we had, we were able to represent them in a writing. In the cultural section, we add our writings about different customs around the world. It is nice to know and compare what people do in different occasions and how they are different when we compared them with our own culture. What activities people do in different circumstances are completely different depending of the country.

Not only was about writing, we had to read, look up for information, listening and working in groups to achieve a work done by different personalities. Besides, we had to learn how to use new technologies and programs such as Issuu. This is the most completed work we have done during the course. And this is the final result of all the effort we put on it.

So, we invited you to read this newspaper, every topic will provide you with much needed information, insight and analysis to help you successfully learn about important topics that are making the difference in a positive way. Have a great day. And remember that this is the ultimate and great newspaper ever- BELIEVE OR NOTthe weirdest information, on the most serious newspaper!!! Enjoy it!!!





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