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Types of  communications  

Phon e Dont   wait   Easier,Faster,   Dearly  


Messeng er Hack  lies    To  Teenager,   Easy,Fun,   Dinamic  way.  

Don`t recibe   the   menssage.  

Cheaper, Easy,  Fast,   very  used.  

Webca m Efficient.   See  others  all   a  round.   Communicati on  in  real   time.    

Written by: Juan David Osorio Written by: Roosvelt The diferente between IPhone and BlackBerry(bb) are notorios. For example, bb hava a táctil manual keyboard. In the oder hand the IPhone only a have a táctil keyboard for the more, bb have a pin system and only used for working. In constrast, the IPhone is entertainment and you can share games. Never the less, storage capacity is someway limited, Iphone’s capacity is up to 64 GB wich is quite a low. In that way, camera quality is another vital aspect. In the latest Iphone, the camera has 5 megapixels but in the BlackBerry is way lower. In conclusion, in the comparison between Iphone and BlackBerry I go for the Iphone because of his sophisticated charateristics and clean aspect.

Written by: Andres Romo People in North America employ different ways to communicate with some friends and their family or partner. One of them is by e mail, chat, or text messages.The vast majority of teenagers, use abreviations in many words like: Talk to you later : ttyl Got to go: g2g Be right back : brb Lol: risa Y: why F2F: face to face U2: you to These people use the words previous mentioned, because it is easier to write in this way, they snort time and space in their dialogues, beside is funny, nice and cool to do that, and is more comfortable to communicate with their known people abbreviating words. Review: What do you think about skype? I use it regulary and according to me its so nice and easy to use, i think there are so many features, i personally like the clarity when in making a video call. The bad thing is that to call its only free for us and canada. Do you use skype with your friends? Well, not really because i have all my friends close to

me. But for example for the people doing exchanges in other countries, skype may become very usefull when youre trying to communicate with friends and family back home. Have you improve your pronunciation and vocabulary thanks to skype? - it honestly has helped a lot because one of the best things to do when youre trying to learn a language is: hear native english speakers talking and also trying to talk to them back.And thats what i do when im using skype. Written by: David Ortiz Duque

Internet and More  

Juan David, Roosvelt, Andres, David

Internet and More  

Juan David, Roosvelt, Andres, David