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Aura Camila Manrique Yossa Julián Daniel Martínez

The bar is no longer there, the party of friends and the casual encounter: the "virtual market" of love is real and is expanding. According to a study published on Monday, two out of three people who use websites to find a partner end up making appointments with possible "soul mates". And one in four seems to find it. In this research, we will analyze the pros and cons of online relationships, and the change in the paradigm of having relationships with friends or partners in this way. This is supported by the use of different graphs and data that will contextualize the reader of the situation.

With all the modern technology around, it’s easier than ever to meet new people online.

If you’re planning to jump in to meet people, be sure to check out the pros and cons.

The best part about looking for people online is that you can talk to a great number of people in a short amount of time. Go to any chat room, and you’ll find plenty of people ready to talk.

If you’re looking for someone to date, the profiles come in handy there too. You can easily find out the age and gender of someone along with more detailed qualities

Chatting with someone for the first time might make your heart race a little, but the usual “first date jitters� will be less when you finally meet for the first time in person. By then, you should know enough about the person to know whether or not you’ll be able to hold a conversation with them on the date.

Con: There’s no way to know who it really is Aside from meeting in person, it’s impossible to say who it is on the other line of that computer conversation. Even if they post a photo, that could just be a photo they found online. Play it safe, and avoid revealing your address or phone number to people you meet online unless you meet them in person.

Con: Falling for someone who lives far away This can put strain on a relationship, and relationships from a distance only work if someone eventually travels.

Con: Losing yourself in the computer Talking to people online can get pretty addicting. You might end up finding yourself doing nothing but sitting in front of your computer chatting with new people you meet. When that happens, you could be in danger of lessening your chances of finding someone to date.

Meeting someone in person can be more than just nervewracking. It can also be dangerous if done improperly. Use the tips below to meet people in person safely:

Avoid posting too much information Be sure to hide anything that someone doesn’t need to know until you know them better.

Meet more than once: Once you’ve met them in person a few times, you should be able to know whether or not they are the person they say they are. When making plans to meet in person, don’t forget to suggest a public place.

Share with someone that you’re planning to meet this person.

Conclusion • Globalization is a point in favor in terms of relationships, because it allows having the opportunity to meet someone through the internet; share tastes and hobbies or simply satisfy needs. However, care must be taken to really know the person because he can deceive you.


Aura Manrique- Julian Martinez


Aura Manrique- Julian Martinez