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Our school is situated near the city center. The historical development of this area represents one of the history Bratislava. The area of the municipal district NovÊ Mesto. Our school has about 740 pupils. It is the biggest school in our region. We have had always been excellent in approach to foreign language teaching and since 1969 it´s been providing extensive foreign language teaching. Up to 1989 it was German and Russian, since then Russian was replaced by English. From time to time French was also taught.

We gladly mention school´s good long-standing relations with schools in Germany, England, Austria and some other English speaking countries, both on teacher and student level. Recently the tradition is kept in the frame of projects like Comenius, Infoage (Infovek), The knowledge gate open wide (Brána poznania dokorán). Another good tradition of our school is „The open doors day“, when we are open for parents and public. The Preschool (Kindergarten) in Šancová, Bratislava To our Primary school belongs the Kindergarten in Šancová street. Our Preschool in Šancová street prepares kids for German language teaching in playful ways.

Our school has got a clear aim: to prepare students for succesful changeover to high schools and some are even going to study abroad. Our students have many times achieved first places at Olympiads on district and regional level.

At our school students are encouraged to healthy sporting. Every year skiing and swimming courses and various sport competitions are organized .

Popular are also schools in nature and cognitive excursion tours to EU countries. Our students join projects like „Behave normaly“ (Správaj sa normálne), and in cooperation with the UNICEF the project „The Year kid action“ (Detský čin roka). Our Orientation: Quality foreign language teaching already in the first class of the primary level in German or English. Alternative compulsory: German or Italian. One of these languages is compulsory on the lower secondary level. Another foreign languages: Russian, Spanish, French.

OUR CANTEEN Our pupils have lunch in our school canteen.

We have a lot of activities: Halloween (Day of pumpkins), St. Nicholas Day, Christmas party, Day of milk, Day of apples, Earth Day, visiting ZOO, Children´s Day, Mother´s Day,... OUR ACTIVITIES HALLOWEEN (Day of pumpkins)

We have a rich culture. We like singing and dancing. These are our folk costumes. Our folklore ballet „Little sun“





Our school - Slovakia  

Our school - Slovakia