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• Applying a layer blend mode • Duplicating a layer • Linking layers Then students crop the image in Photoshop. There are several points to emphasize regarding cropping:

• Remind students to deselect the Delete Cropped Pixels checkbox in the Crop tool’s options bar before cropping so that the crop is nondestructive and re-editable.

• When students are sizing the crop box, an info display appears near the cursor.

If the info display shows the size of the crop box in inches rather than pixels, set it to pixels by doing the following: 1 Click the Cancel button in the Crop tool’s options bar to cancel the crop. 2 Choose Edit/Photoshop > Preferences > Units & Rulers. 3 Set the Rulers preference to Pixels. Click OK to close Preferences. 4 Create another crop box with the Crop tool. The info display should now show the size of the crop box in pixels. 5 Refer to that info display to size the crop box to approximately 2675 pixels high. This measurement does not have to be exact.

• Students are instructed to drag the image to reposition it within the crop box.

Point out that this does not move the crop box, as they might expect; it moves the image instead. Click inside the crop box and drag to position the image in the crop box as illustrated in this section of the book.

Students then apply Photoshop’s File > Save command to save the composite so that it appears as a TIFF in Lightroom, in accordance with Lightroom’s External Editing preference for format that was set in Lesson 1. This image should be left open for the next part of this exercise.

Adding and styling type layers In this section, students add text to the book cover composite they started creating in the last section. Adding text can be tricky. Add the following information if necessary:

• The type tool to use for this exercise is the Horizontal Type tool. If it is not

showing in the Tools panel, click whichever type tool is showing, and choose Horizontal Type tool from the flyout menu.

• If Arial Black does not appear in the Font menu in your Horizontal Type tool options bar, choose Arial Black or Arial Black Regular.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers Classroom in a Book 


Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®  
Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®