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Getting Started The Getting Started lesson is an important one to cover with your students for two reasons:

• This chapter explains when and why to use Lightroom and Photoshop together. • This chapter includes some of the logistics for the provided lesson files. It

explains where to find the lesson files, how to download them, and how to create a Lightroom catalog for use with those files.

Why to use both Lightroom and Photoshop Emphasize that there are good reasons to use both Lightroom and Photoshop rather than rely exclusively on either one of these applications. Explain how the two applications differ in terms of their purpose and structure:

• Lightroom is a photo-centric application, designed to meet the needs of

photographers. Photoshop is used not only by photographers, but by other creative professionals too. This fact affects the features available in each program. For example, Photoshop has compositing, graphics, and retouching capabilities you won’t find in Lightroom.

• Photoshop is focused on image editing. Lightroom addresses other aspects

of a photographer’s workflow too, from importing and organizing photos to outputting and sharing photos.

• Lightroom offers efficient ways to process lots of photographs relatively quickly. Photoshop’s many editing options make it ideal for fine-tuning a single image.

• Photoshop is a pixel editor; it changes an image by altering its pixels. Lightroom

is a parametric editor. This means that Lightroom does not alter pixels; it simply keeps track of information about a photograph, including all editing parameters that you adjust in the Develop module. This has many practical consequences for working in the two programs. For example, there is no Save command in Lightroom like there is in Photoshop, because the changes you make in Lightroom are automatically recorded in the Lightroom catalog.

Explain that the differences in Photoshop and Lightroom cause each program to excel at different tasks, and the ideal workflow is one that takes advantage of the strengths of each application. Introduce the kinds of tasks that are best done in Lightroom and those best done in Photoshop. These are summarized in the “Getting Started” lesson and detailed throughout the book.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers Classroom in a Book 


Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®  
Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®