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each setting, which varies depending on use case. The options used for the lessons in the book are:

• File Format: TIFF • Color Space: ProPhoto RGB • Bit Depth: 16 bit • Resolution: 240 • Compression: None After setting these options, have students hand off a photograph from Lightroom to Photoshop as the primary external editor so they can see that the options they chose in Lightroom will be applied in Photoshop. The following instructions for doing that are supplementary to this section of the book: 1 In Lightroom’s Library module, select any Lesson 1 image and press Ctrl-E/ Command-E to open it into Photoshop. 2 In Photoshop, click the information area at the bottom of the document window and choose Document profile. Notice that the color space and bit depth reported there are the same as those chosen in Lightroom’s preferences. 3 Click that same information area and notice that the resolution reported there is the same as the resolution chosen in Lightroom’s preferences. The initial color space, bit depth, and resolution are not permanent; they can be changed in Photoshop. The file format chosen in Lightroom’s preferences (TIFF) does not yet appear in the filename in the document tab, because the rendered image exists only in memory until it is saved in Photoshop. 4 Choose File > Save and notice that the filename in the document tab now has a TIFF suffix. Close the image in Photoshop and return to Lightroom’s External Editing preferences.

Configuring Additional External Editor preferences The Additional External Editor preferences, located in the second section of Lightroom’s External Editing preferences, are not critical to the main workflow in this course, so feel free to treat this subject lightly in class. The Additional External Editor preferences are relevant only if the student has another editor installed in addition to Photoshop and is passing an image from Lightroom to the additional editor.

Setting the stacking preference The term derivative file is used throughout the book to mean the additional image that is generated when a source file is saved from Photoshop during a Lightroom– Photoshop workflow.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers Classroom in a Book 


Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®  
Adobe® lightroom® and photoshop® for photographers classroom in a book®