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Folkloric Colors

Hybrid Structures - Amenities & Commodities for the Fields

Folklore: the “body of expressive culture shared by a particular group of people,” is used as a means to this new emerging culture in the fields. The idea is to bring back the colors that were once used from festivities that celebrated the harvest and labor. That celebration is May Day. May Day is an ancient celebration that originated more than 2000 years ago in Rome called “Flora” back then, which marked the beginning of summer, warmer weather, and when trees and flowers start to bloom. The celebration is about traditional dancers dancing around a pole with bright and colorful ribbons, food, drinks, and the crowning of a May Queen. May Day today is known as the international day that honors workers. Back in the 1800’s there were a lot of labor movements in the US, where workers were fighting to have better working accommodations like eight-hour workdays, instead of 16. In conjunction, May Day correlates to this project because futuristic working accommodations are being analyzed through the use of plastics and found materials onsite.








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