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Dear Friends & Colleagues

Working in the nonprofit sector is not for the faint of heart. Any major societal issue is multi-faceted, and rarely are all of the contributing factors to a problem entirely known, or able to be influenced by a single person or nonpro working in the trenches. And yet for those courageous enough to try, and tenacious enough to stick doggedly to the task of working little by little to make tomorrow better, there are moments of pay off. The 2018 Impact Report is the result of those reflections, based on activities and learnings throughout 2017. We welcomed one new venture to the campaign and with your support we’re excited by the potential they have not just to change the lives of the people they support, but also to guide our way to success. As we look back over the past year, we are grateful for so many things. For the people who believe in the idea and support it with a donation; for our program partners, HADPratt and the Program for Sustainable Planning and Development at Pratt Institute; for our Pratt Professors and Researchers working to improve this project; for the many creative and hardworking people that create this report; for themselves,the recipients, who at the end of the day do the hardest work of all when they choose to make positive changes in their own lives, and the lives of their families. This report shares how we’ve worked over 2017 and the support we are seeking over the next year to take their impact to the next level. As the saying goes, “it takes a village”. Thank you for the role you play in it along with us, and we look forward to working even closer with you in the coming years. Onward!

Adriana Lancheros Associate Director Brand & Engagement 15bikes


the 15bikes Although Laura loved to go to school, she had to walk four hours a day to get there. Her routine was to get up at 4:30 in the morning, make breakfast and help prepare his two brothers to walk. One hour in complete darkness, and one more to see the sun rise. Laura and her brothers sang their father's favorite song while they were walking. Once in school, they completed their daily journey and went back home. Two hours more. But shortly, their shoes started getting worn and they began to feel tired. They did not perform good in their classes, and slowly began to lose interest in getting up. With parental permission, Laura started to stop attending school. And this is how Laura began to dedicate herself to housework, and stopped attending school for two years. Education is the engine of our economy, it is the foundation of our culture, and it’s an essential preparation for adult life. Delivering on our commitment to social justice requires us to place these 3 objectives at the heart of our education system. Equipping young people with bikes can be the bridge to get the knowledge and skills they need to secure a place at a good university, start an apprenticeship, or find their first job. If we are to deliver a fairer society, we must secure education and provide all the tools to get access to it. This is the commitment which has been at the heart of the 15bikes Campaign since the beggining.

"Within three weeks, I had no time to do my homework. i told my mom i was tired and she asked me to help at home,"


Alth"Within two weeks, I had no time to do my homework, and my mom asked me to help at home," said Laura. The campaign was motivated by the rising number of initiatives around the world that bring together government departments, communities, service providers, foundations, banks, friends, family and more to address complex social problems.

Since 2017, the idea has started catching on across the globe. This May 2018, Pratt Institute produce a report of the measurable impact bonds now in existence and by having excellent results with 15bikes Colombia we want to do 15bikes in India. “Because it's so complicated and involves so many sectors, bringing these uncommon partners around a common goal, I would never have projected how swiftly it went from concept to reality and I’m excited to see this grow ," said Adriana Lancheros, founder of 15bikes Campaign, a Colombian Architect with a Master on Sustainable Environmental Systems at Pratt Institute based in New York.

a mission for change

Breaking the cycle While many social impact bonds have originated at the national and state levels, bikes for small villages is an issue typically addressed directly by municipalities. Globally, mobility issues make up the third-largest area for social impact bonds, according to a Social Finance database. "What's interesting about small villages is they're much more agile in terms of decision making. They concentrate on improving their communities using their own budgets," said Ronald Shiffman,a Pratt Institute professor and city planner with over 50 years of experience providing architectural, planning, community economic development and sustainable development assistance to community-based groups in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

Measuring impact Social impact have been criticized for the lengthy timeframes required for implementation, the complexity of establishing the contract, and the rigor of data analysis required. But supporters say the approach is fundamentally changing the way that government works.The goals should not typically be about measuring numbers of children in school (outputs) but rather how many are better educated and better able to achieve a set of life goals possibly including employability (impacts). This should not be about collecting more data but rather about collecting and properly analyzing the data that matters and is more relevant to the project.

"What's interesting about small villages is they're much more agile in terms of decision making. They concentrate on improving their communities using their own budgets," said Ronald Shiffman

our first 15bikes

where Ventaquemada



Ventaquemada Boyaca

6 months tracking the impact 15bikes had in the community and the children.

our goal Walking is the primary mode of transportation for many people in the developing world. Going to school, visiting the health centers, and displacing to work are more challenging because of the barrier of distance.



The goal of the 15Bikes is to give the power of independent mobility so that they can have an uninhibited path to pursue their academic, social and personal functions of daily life.


for change

1.CREATE A DIVERSE AND COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY Prepare a dedicated team to start. Create a group of bike friends. Set a school out time. Fill the team with common activities.Built a future life proposal

2. create impactful programs and partnerships Complete this appetizing offering by designing programs focused on scaling solutions, as well as by partnering with foundations, investors and corporate allies.

Recipe tip: Impact is ready to be served when you obtain an engaging community with your local leaders, and where innovative solutions rise to the surface!


STATEMENT OF GRATITUDE 15bikes Team wishes to express gratitude to our program partners, HADPratt and the Pratt PSPD,The Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development led by Pratt Institute, New York in partnership with Adriana Lancheros, Founder of the Iniciative. We also express gratitude to the Ventaquemada Major, the village leaders and the recipients. And to Ronald Shiffman and Jaime Stein for bringing this project to class.

summary 2017

2h 15 Total Number of children reached


75 78% 45% 45m Total Number of people reached

Total Number of children who returned to school

Parents increase their income level by getting a new job

The the home -school trip reduced from 2 hours to 45minutes

Information on each indicator’s model, progress and funding in the following pages, together with an overview of the support of Pratt Institute Resarch program provided in 2018. 15Bikes profiles are organized according to their key area of focus.

over equal units of time, an individual can ride a bicycle 4X the distance as someone walking





Riding a bicycle increases an individuals capacity by 5X

our IMPACT 15bikes2017

In areas of the developing world where walking is the primary mode of transportation, distance is a challenge to earning a livelihood. Transport plays an essential role in market access and productivity.

Evididence of school atendance



Increasing proximity to healthcare centers, 15bikes help reducing travel time and reach more patients. The result is higher quality care and healthier communities.

With one Bicycle, family members are able to increase their capacity, earn more income and improve the quality of life.

In a 2018 Research Study, Pratt Institute NYC examined 15bikes over a 6 months period to measure their impact on dairy farmer productivity and quality of life. We found that using the 15bikes bicycle, dairy


farmers made up to

Measuring results



more deliveries,

more milk and potatos,

22% and reduced their travel time to the cooperative by 45% comincreased their income

pared to farmers who walked. Farmers from Ventaquemada reported less milk spoilage and waste due to faster deliveries and fewer bicycle breakdowns. Learn more and contribute to our 2017 impact at


15bikes mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.

new goal




New Dehli




Š2018 15bikes Campaign, NP is a 501c-


Since 2017, the idea has started catching on across the globe. This May 2018, Pratt Institute produce a report of the measurable impact the...


Since 2017, the idea has started catching on across the globe. This May 2018, Pratt Institute produce a report of the measurable impact the...