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My name is Adriana Jaimes I twenty years old I am from Giron My favorite colors is blue My favorite animals is rabbit

My favorite food are spaghetti and fast food

My profession is Psychologist

I wake up at 7:30 am and get up then, i go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Later, have breakfast and wash the plates.

After that, i go to the bathroom and take shower, so i go to dry my body and dress up, after that put make up and i go to brush my hair

After that listen to music, then i go to have lunch and i go to brush my teeth again.

Later i go to read a book.

Then i go to cook dinner and i go to eat dinner.

After that watch t.v, so brush my teeth again and go to bed, then i go to sleep.


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Ingles vídeo 2