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{ indulge} by Adriana DePalma

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The power of a word and the emotions and feelings it brings to the reader are unique and personal.



ur everyday vocabulary is awash in the use of dynamic words to describe intangible things. Yet, there are other words that might seem obviously dull that can enrich, portray and illustrate a world we did not expect.

Words create impressions, images and expectations. They build psychological connections. They influence how we think. Since thoughts determine actions, there’s a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get.

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This book is about one word. Yet, as you will find, a word has many tentacles that reach into other unexpected directions. Some of the illustrations in this book are personal expressions of the artist or designer. Â They will expand your world and enrich your life. It is a vehicle to understanding and communicating universal ideas.

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{ indulge} selections from


by Jared Barhite


ts victims fall by the smiling ways Of a charmed environment That lures him on to neglect and sin, And to final banishment Of the vital spark of an earnest man, And all that is noble and true, To the effete round of nothingness Which honor and strength will subdue.


It has filled our courts, our prisons, our jails, And filled our almshouses, too, Itself and distress walk hand in hand, No crimes but its victims will do; Though it seems like a true and trusty friend ‘Tis a tyrant in disguise, It leads to distrust and uncertainty, It wins no enduring prize.


Kindness, dethroned by lack of control, Ruins our girls and our boys, Firmness is noble, honest, and true, Indulgence only destroys. 9

{ indulge} verb (in路dulge)


to take unrestrained pleasure in. implies excessive compliance and weakness in gratifying another’s or one’s own desires; need for luxury and comfort with consequent enervating effect 11

Š2011 Adriana DePalma


Final Project for PB 395 Applications for Print Publishing Emerson College December 2011


Final Project for PB 395 Applications for Print Publishing Emerson College December 2011