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The current economic continues to have an adverse effect on both commercial and private property markets. As a consequence, the effect

a bailiff to enforce a debt is not uncommon and can put your home as well as your possessions in jeopardy. On average a 113 mortgage Repossession Orders are made every day. There are various options available to an

vest in the Trustee whose function is to sell the assets to pay the costs of the bankruptcy estate and creditors. This will include a person’s main asset – the family home. The Trustee can only deal with the Bankrupt person’s equitable share in the property. In other words, if a property is jointly owned then this normally means the value of the property less any secured charges, such as a mortgage, which will leave the equity available, of which half would belong to the Trustee to realise. This can be done by the joint owner buying out the Trustee’s interest, a remortgage, reaching a settlement or at worst the sale of the property. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a contractual arrangement with creditors to repay debts over a set period of time which can freeze interest and charges. It is based on monthly contributions that can be made and is an option that only an individual can propose. Approval of an IVA is subject to agreement by creditors. It provides room for negotiation and allows an individual to retain some control. Income will be assessed in order that contributions can be made to the IVA and the family home will still need to be dealt with, but this can be negotiated on terms which allow a controlled solution to be found. At Aspect Plus LLP we have the skills and experience to provide specialist advice to

which ranges from basic debt advice to Debt Management Plans, Debt relief Orders, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy. Each option requires specialist advice in order that

as well protection of the family home. We can also negotiate settlements with your creditors and advise on the most suitable course of action to take. We always provide free initial

consequences of each process. The two most common formal insolvency processes for an individual that owns assets is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Bankruptcy. These are words that you may have heard or someone you know or a friend of a friend has dealt with, but do you really know what they mean? Both are dependent on each individuals own circumstances and each carry different consequences. In Bankruptcy, an individual can petition for their own bankruptcy but also a creditor can issue a petition and make an individual bankrupt. A Trustee in Bankruptcy is appointed and assets owned by the Debtor will

guide you through your situation in order that the right solution for you can be found.

position remains a serious issue. The average household debt in July 2015 was £6,005 which excludes any mortgages. The average consumer borrowing, which includes unsecured loans, deals, per UK adult was £3,176 in July 2013. The estimated outstanding average mortgage across £11.3m households is £112,604 as at July 2015. The family home is usually the most important asset as well as the singular largest investment an individual will make. This asset remains paramount to each individual who will want to protect the same for their family and their future at all costs. Therefore, it is imperative that the right advice According to the Money Advice Trust, local authorities in England and Wales referred 1.8m cases to bailiffs in the past 12 months. This mostly related to council tax arrears, business

Contact details: Aspect Plus LLP, 40a Station Road, Upminster, Essex RM14 2TR Tel: 01708 300170 Email: *Statistics from

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Dear readers,

This edition has a birthday flavour! To celebrate, we invited professor and philosopher Mario Sergio Cortella to make us think to the tune of ‘What is your legacy?’. A moment of reflection on our role within the community we are a part of. How important what we do is and how we can positively impact people’s lives. On each issue, we try to focus on a special theme. This time, we talk about social networking, where many seem to lead a perfect life, with everything beautiful and shinning. But the reality can be rather different and we should not delude ourselves with the virtual world that sometimes distorts reality. We are living a feminist era, and before we get labelled, this edition has a man on its cover besides other men talking about various subjects of interest for both men and women. Feminism is a struggle for equal rights, so we equalize and make room for everyone. We are grateful that every 3 months for the last 3 years, we managed to share stories and teachings from the most diverse sources. Feel free to send us suggestions, criticisms, and tips. Adriana Chiari Magazine exists for you - be a part of it! Our 12th edition came to equalize values, demystify languages and show you that the world is beautiful and filled with opportunities for a happy and fulfilled life for all of us. Lots of love,

Adriana Chiari

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REPORTS 92- 2018 WORLD FORUM- THE STRENGTH OF WOMEN by Valnei Nunes FASHION 12- FESTIVAL SEASON by Marília Maciel 90- THE ABOLITION OF THE WHITE COLLAR by Fernanda Andrade 98- OUT IN A SKIRT by Fernanda Andrade


HOME AND DECORATION 74- THE VERSATILE WOODEN BOX by Sandra Rocha Griffiths 75- SALMON NICOISE SALAD by Gesiane Gouveia 76- SUMMER DECORATION by Carolina Sandri


HEALTH 48- OVARIAN CYSTS by Dr Vania Martins 79- PROSTRATE CANCER by Dr Guilherme Castro 52- FAMILY EATING HABITS by Amanda Yitzhak 64 – WALK YOUR WAY TO HEALTH by Caroline Turnbull 65 – THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS by Pia Granjon Lecerf CULTURA 36- WATERPARKS IN EUROPE by Karla Barbosa 70- CULTURAL PROGRAME by Patricia Dantas


BUSINESS 56- #TRENDS 2018 – DIGITAL CONSUMMERS by Nancy Campos 102- DESTINATION UNITED KINGDOM: INTERNACIONALISATION OF COMPANIES by Luciana Oliveira 50- ATTRACT YOUR CLIENTS ATTENTION by Juliana Albanez 66- AUTOMATION IN THE WORK MARKET by Ronise Nepomuceno 22- GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM by Fabiana Martins Pio BEAUTY 40- SUMMER MAKEUP by Roseane Shekinah 68- VIRTUAL 3D PLASTIC SURGERY by Dr Marcos Sforza 88- TOP 10 BEAUTY PRODUCTS by Mariana Prato 16- EMOTION TRANSMITTED BY IMAGES by Jaci Marioh << YOUR SPACE >> 72 - Kinky Octopus – Launch of Brazilian Bikini Collection 84- Flow – Alex Garces, Speed Learning Consultant




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usic festivals originated in the 60s and 70s, with the goal of bringing quality music to a diverse audience. Since the famous Woodstock rock festival that took place in New York in 1969, these events have attracted people from diverse tribes and lifestyles. Festivals have evolved from being just music-oriented and now also include art and fashion. Summer is the season for music festivals and open-air concerts, and Europe is the stage for several of them. With that in mind, clothing brands have created collections in which Boho, Gipsy and Folk styles and influences are predominant. But what are these styles? Boho: is an abbreviation of bohemian. A style that was adopted by Londoners and New Yorkers in the 60s and 70s that blends hippie chic, 60s visual and ethnic elements. Gipsy: Of gypsy origin; strong colours mark the trend in scarves, textured fabrics and embroidery, and mix different accessories. Folk: The word means â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and encompasses the traditions of rural heritage and folklore. In fashion, it appears as rustic and handmade pieces. Fringes, suede, boots and floral prints. And attention! The great must have for the festival look are accessories such as pouches, scarves, headbands, silver necklaces, sunglasses, hats and everything else your creativity allows.

MarĂ­lia Maciel Journalist







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THE IMAGE and its Jaci Marioh Visagist


emotional effects

In ancient Greece, distinguished philosophers devoted their time to the study of physical appearances. Aristotle and his disciples, for example, even elaborated theories on how one’s features reflected their spirit. ‘Soft hair is a sign of cowardice, while thicker hair is a sign of courage,’ they said. Recklessness, they said, could be divined in a person with ‘bright, wide open and bloodshot eyes.’ Whereas a broad nose was indicative of laziness. In the modern world, we are advised not to judge people by their appearance. But the face is like a window to our most intimate secrets. Details of our personality and intelligence are revealed through the lines, shapes and colours of our faces. Our appearance is much more than bone structure and skin. When we observe an image, before we are able to analyse it rationally, we experience emotions that come from the lines, forms, and colours that compose it.

Each observer can read it in a different way, but one of the most striking features of this work is the turbulent sky, full of curves in paradox with the tranquillity of the village.

Inclined lines: these suggest movement and are dramatic. In the design of sports cars, for example, they are used to convey the idea of excitement and speed. An unconventional product or idea will take advantage of inclined lines in its conception and details. They are likewise adopted in visual advertising.

Re-reading and joining two works by Vincent Van Gogh, “Self-portrait with felt hat” and “The starry night”.

Artista: Deniz Lozano Junior | Mídia: Micromosaico Data: 2017 | Dimensões: 51cmx36cm

in a classroom laid out in rows of desks. Men in positions of authority, such as priests and presidents, often present themselves behind a rostrum, a barrier that discourages questioning, creates distance and a sense of authority and power.

The meaning of lines and shapes There are four basic types of lines which form basic geometric structures; all of them have universal meanings and are rooted in primitive human visual communication instincts. Visual communication developed well before verbal communication. Horizontal lines:transmit a sense of power, security, and stability. A teacher, for example, presents himself as an authority

Vertical lines: These transmit force, control, self-confidence, and leadership. They are considered cold lines because they do not express emotions. Vertical and horizontal lines form the ‘square’, a classic shape associated with luxury, power, and sophistication. Classic lines generally appear in the design of men’s perfume bottles-an exception being Chanel No.5. Conservative people may be referred to as ‘square’ because that geometric figure transmits the feeling of resistance to change. 16

Linhas curvas: these are emotional, romantic and sensual and associated with femininity; they often appear in the design of women’s perfume bottles. When we look at a person, sensations and emotions are triggered in the same way by their features, hairstyle, eyebrows, beard, gestures, clothing and accessories. That is why it’s said that the first impression is the one that stays with us because it is so strong that it is practically impossible to erase it with words or behaviour.

Applied Visagism Few of us are capable of analysing facial features and explaining what they express and why. It takes a lot of study of forms, lines and their meanings, as well as extensive practice, to be able to analyse an image as well as to convey an intention. One needs to be aware of the effects of light and shadow, the main elements that create an image, as well as knowledge of colorimetry and psychology of colours.

rectangular faces: a shape that inspires security, can also be perceived as authoritarian, aggressive and intimidating.

A hairstyle, make-up or even a bioplasty (surgical enhancement) require, besides technique, a lot of aesthetic sensibilities. Before we analyse the aesthetic aspects, we must find out who the person is behind the face. The concept of beauty is not absolute; it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Note that many political leaders have rectangular faces: Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Inverted triangle: symbol of danger. People with this face shape do not inspire confidence, and their inherent qualities, such as intelligence, gentleness, athletic and artistic skills, though not perceived, can be highlighted by hairstyle changes.

References:Visagismo integrado, identidade, estilo e beleza (Integrated visagism, identity, style and beauty) by Philip Hallawell 2nd edition, 2010, Editora Senac. Man and his symbols by Carl G. Jung 1964.Films: The Devil Wears Prada, 2006, Director David Frankel .The Iron Lady, 2011, Director Phyllida Lloyd


Often something or someone that is beautiful for you will not be as attractive to someone else. The concept of beauty, therefore, is nonstandard and dependent on the perception of the viewer and the environment in which it manifests itself. We need to find out what each person wants to express through their image and then find ways to externalise that harmoniously. Only then will true beauty be revealed. That is an art form that, when fully accomplished, helps the person to align their image and identity; that will boost their self-esteem, general health and wellbeing. This makes people realise how unique they are and the need to invest in themselves. This is how visagism works.


Improper Use of Images on the Internet: I do not judge or condemn you

Once exposed to the web, each piece of information is gone forever, and whoever it affects gets branded likewise. To each person I deal with, and to every story I listen to, I always repeat the same advice: ‘The courage that brought you here can help you fight that which oppresses you.’ Reporting abuse is one of the most difficult and yet most empowering actions there can be. Those who rise from the pain, albeit with bruised souls, and seek help, become indestructible. Yes, I deal with the difficult stories of people torn apart by the cruelty of a cowardly and anonymous aggressor. If you are one of those people in distress or if you witness someone being exposed on social networks, I would ask you a favour: stand up and report it! Wherever evil is exposed, justice also can run like a river.

Katia Kauffman Pessa Psychologist

This is my side of things; the embracing side. This is my profession and my life choice is not to judge or condemn you.


Welcome, dear reader. Can I have a minute of your time? I am a psychologist and I deal with victims of “Revenge Porn”. I deal with the suffering of men and women at their most vulnerable moments. It is not an easy task. I deal with people whose lives have been wrecked and who have been made powerless and vulnerable. Paralyzed in a vicious circle, they make a superhuman effort to reverse the havoc and humiliation they have been subjected to. There is pain. There is so much guilt and shame in their voices, faces, and souls. Suffocating and choking, they strive to find, in my face, a signal, a single look that may help them gather strength to rebuild their confidence. This is the first step in the process of therapeutic recovery for the person whose intimacy has been exposed to social stoning. This kind of abuse does not favour a particular race, gender or social background. It can affect anyone. One single click and the aggression, the exposure is repeated systematically again and again. The victim will be permanently affected. The virtual environment and its network of relationships is like that story about defamation told to instruct us about ethics in relationships: the wise master asks a boy to empty a feather pillow against the wind from the top of a tower. He then asks him to perform the impossible task of recovering each feather that has been blown away. 20


Secrets for getting more followers on Instagram

Fabiana Pio Journalist

‘There are only two types of people on social networks: those who say they want more followers and those who are lying.’ Guy Kawasaki, social media guru.

Guy Kawasaki


Although Facebook is currently the largest social network with more than 2.2 billion active users as of January 2018, Instagram is expected to exceed a billion fans this year and represents an excellent tool for promoting your business. The word Instagram derives from Instant Camera and Telegram. It is a social network service based on the sharing of photos and videos, from the initial concept of mobile photography. Currently it has more than 25 million business profiles worldwide, over 2 million advertisers, with over 60% of users saying they have found new products on Instagram. From over 200 million people who visited at least one business profile a day, 80% have increased their time watching videos on Instagram with 1/3 of the ‘Stories’ coming from business profiles, according to a recent report released by the company. After its launch in 2010, Instagram quickly gained popularity, with the first million users joining in the first two months, 10 million in the first year and 800 million by September 2017. In April 2012, Facebook acquired the platform for about US$1 billion in cash and stocks. At the time Facebook promised to keep both platforms independent but it is currently possible to post the same photos and promotional campaigns simultaneously on both. Instagram vs. Facebook People use Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives and stay informed about the latest news; Instagram users choose this platform as a source of inspiration from the photos, videos and ‘stories’ posted by its followers. Thus, it is important that you do your best by editing your contents and using different apps and filters before posting contents (more on that subject soon). There is also a difference between age groups. Although Facebook is the most popular and democratic social network with the broadest reach, it is favoured by Generation X (people born between 1960 and 1980). In contrast, Instagram is a success among the Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000). This means that if your company has a service and product directed at a younger audience, Instagram is certainly the ideal platform. Another important detail about Instagram is that since it is an essentially a visual platform, companies that have an image-driven strategy are likely to excel in it. Therefore, it is important to know who your target audience is as well as their location, gender, age group, interests, preferences, etc. Whereas Facebook has a wider reach, Instagram’s followers demonstrate admiration and passion for the companies and brands they identify with. 22

Generally, these companies and brands convey a distinct lifestyle, attractive to a more specific audience. Technological Novelties Downloads The good news is that Instagram users will soon be able to download photos, videos, and messages and export contents shared on Instagram. Expect more news soon! Story Highlights Launched in December 2017, the new tool Story Highlights can be found just below the description of your bio on Instagram. It allows you to create different albums and select your best videos released in the Instagram Stories to be part of your personal Story Highlights. So those who visit your page will be able to learn more about you and your business via the ‘behind the scenes’ videos. Instagram Stories Released in August 2016, this is a tool that allows users to take photos, make videos, add special effects and publish them. The stories expire in 24 hours, just like in Snapchat, but they stand out at the top of the Instagram timeline and are a great way to put your profile in the spotlight. Instagram Insights This tool will tell you the reach of the post,

number of user visits and their engagement, as well as information about their genre and location. Hashtags Recently launched on Instagram, this allows you to locate specific and niche communities and reach new followers by searching specific #hashtags (more details about this soon). Apps Instagram has developed and launched three apps with specific features: Bolt (fast messaging), Hyperlapse (special effects for videos), Boomerang (1 second length video with boomerang effect). These apps will add more vibrancy and fun to your posts. 10 Essential Tips And last but not least ... Now that we know a little more about what Instagram is and how it works, let’s address what interests us most: How to get more followers organically, that is, without buying clicks, views and false profiles. Lately, many changes have been made to Instagram’s algorithms, limiting the reach of posts in general and that means it will take a little more effort for you to get noticed. Here are some tips to overcome that:



After opening your account, take time to familiarize yourself with the new network. As we have already mentioned, Instagram works as a source of inspiration. Draw a plan and define how you want to tell your company’s story; using photos, videos and descriptions of the services and products offered. A brief description of who you are is also interesting.

2 3

Invest in your 4photos


Use filters that enhance their quality. Look beyond the filters available on Instagram and try apps specific for photo editing, such as VSCO, Snapseed, Filterstorm Neue and Enlight, among others.

Invest in your 5videos

First of all, you need to plan your posts monthly, so that there is consistency in the postings which should ideally be once a day. It’s important to know at what time your posts get more viewings

Videos generate more interest than images. Post memes, use specific apps to edit videos and make them short and fast. Although it is now possible to post videos of up to 10 minutes long, these will need to be very interesting to keep the viewers’ attention.


Create your style Choose a theme, filters, photo layout and a characteristic location. Your photos should have their own identity and style and relate easily to your brand.


Invest in #

As already discussed, these are important for locating your niche, your target audience. Here’s a handy trick: visit, and search for the most commonly used hashtags relating to your posting. Add a total of 27 hashtags to your post, but not in the description as it will make your post look very crowded. Add them in the first comment below your photo. Got it? ;-)

7 Links 8 Create popular # 9

Give preference to hashtags that appear less frequently. For example: If you search #marketingdigital you will see that it appears in 3,057,670 posts. But, #marketingdigitalbrasil appears only in 1,291 posts. Choose the second option as the hashtag with less competition is more likely to be seen by a particular audience.

By using specific hashtags, you can identify new users’ profiles that share similar activities, or that potentially need your services or products. Do not be afraid to contact, follow, comment, interact with them.

Post a photo of your face on Sunday and put: #SelfieSunday; post a motivational message on Monday: #MotivationMonday; a ‘Before and After’ post on Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday; A woman you admire on Wednesday: #WomanCrushWednesday, and a man you admire on Monday: #ManCrushMonday. The well-known #ThrowbackThursday will replay a special post of the past on Thursday.

Be creative


Inspire, create, have fun! Social network does not need to be repetitive and boring. Be different!

These are just some insights on Instagram and how to get more people following your business. I am sure that using these will bring your business considerable organic growth. I will be happy to answer your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please send them to More secrets of the digital world in the next issue. See you then. Thanks for reading.


Select the correct #





Have you ever found yourself trying - and failing - to establish or improve a relationship with someone who constantly demeans others with negative and harmful comments?

They generally, however, lack the internal tools and resources needed to build and maintain harmonious relationships, since their contacts with people are based on their low self-esteem and aggressive behaviours. The problem is that they rarely realize this (which makes their relationships even more complicated) and tend to focus their energy elsewhere, in superficial or negative issues and thus miss out on opportunities for interacting in a positive and constructive manner. If you come into contact with people like that, I recommend that you take a deep breath and count to ten before responding lest you end up behaving in a similar way, which cannot be good for your positive emotional and physical balance.

Anyone who has experienced this situation knows how hard it is to remain even-tempered. We all go through bad times in life. Sometimes, due to lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s difficulties (health, financial or problems with family or loved ones) or simply as a result of bad communication, we end up speaking or behaving inappropriately to people around us. In such cases, when the relationship is one of friendship, trust, and affection, it is possible to overcome any wrongdoings with an honest apology. However, people who are constantly rude, arrogant, sarcastic, intolerant and even malicious, can be manifesting severe traumas originating from their past or even suffering from personality disorders.

Keep in mind that their problems do not belong to you and that no matter how they try to involve and make you feel guilty, you have every right to maintain your individuality, integrity, and peace of mind. As soon as you can, move away from the scene, take a deep breath, shake the incident off, and have a laugh at the absurdity of the situation of someone who is totally oblivious to the good things that life offers with all its light and joy.

Sometimes an attitude of sincere care and concern for their behaviour can be helpful; it could bring them some relief as it will make them feel noticed and understood, and may, as a result, change them totreating you with kindness and respect (regardless of how they treat others).

We all invest a lot of time and effort in order to co-exist and relate well with people. Nowadays help is widely available in the form of psychotherapy, meditation, self-help literature, spiritual development and group support, among others. If you are constantly striving for your own improvement as a human being, you should not waste your energy by exposing yourself to people and situations that can bring you down.

When this way of behaving towards people is constant and part of a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personality, it may be due to a character defect and that in turn can be aggravated by family and social environments not conducive to the awareness of senseless and harmful behaviour towards others.

Remind yourself that people are free to think and feel whatever they want and that, among all the personal choices offered to us, the best one for your mental and emotional health, as well as the wellbeing of those around you, is to cultivate a positive attitude.

People who behave in this manner usually have had little contact with their own feelings and emotions and may often had to deal with serious problems in their emotional, personal or family life. All they are missing is affection and a true, friendly and fraternal contact with others.



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The voice of the heart AndrĂŠ Baldo Writer and Pilgrim


This world can be pretty confusing and full of contradictions. And because we do not know very clearly who we are or what we are doing here, it is natural that we feel somewhat lost, aimless. At times it seems that we have found a direction and follow it only to find ourselves lost again; all alone in a dark forest. And because we feel confused, we end up following anyone who seems to have any certainty about life, and that can be extremely dangerous. But we all carry a compass inside our chest- an inner guide that constantly speaks to us. However, we hardly ever stop and pay any attention to it. The voice of the heart always points in the right direction. The problem is that there are many other voices speaking to us at the same time; the voice of fear, of desire, of anger, of pride ... and with so many voices speaking at the same time we do not know which one to listen to. The Persian Sufi poet Rumi points out that there is a voice within us that does not use words and urges us to listen to it. But how to listen to the voice of the heart? How to identify it? The voice of the heart is a gentle whisper while all other voices shout out loud. You will need to silence those voices which are unpredictable and ephemeral, whereas the voice from the heart is always true and sensible. You have to dive into yourself. Each one of us needs to find a way of achieving inner silence. For me, meditation, contact with nature, listening to calming music, being with people I love or walking barefoot on grass, always help to hear that voice. It never fails. We know that we hear the voice of the heart when doubts disappear and every part of our being- intuition, feelings, body and even mind - point in the same direction. The voice of the heart always brings peace, even in times of sadness. When we follow that voice we walk with courage in spite of fear and uncertainty. The Latin origin of the word courage (cor+acticum), denotes acting with the heart. Therefore, to follow the voice of the heart implies to walk in love. Not towards love but in love itself. Love is not a way that leads back home, love Is home. And when you walk in love, flowers will spring out wherever you go, even if you are going through a desert of suffering. And even though you walk through a valley of shadows, you will fear nothing, because the light is your nature. As a great wise man said some two thousand years ago: You are the light of the world!


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Grief and Loss: the Downside of Immigrating Nazaré Jacobucci Psychologist


In today’s world with the advent of globalization and the shrinking of borders, movements of people have greatly increased. Many people choose to leave their native countries to broaden their horizons and, often, to immerse themselves in a process of self-knowledge and to reorganize their lives. However, both refugees and those who leave their countries by choice will experience, to varying degrees, feelings akin to bereavement, resulting from the many bonds which are broken and losses that occur as a result of the relocation. The mourning process will encompass both real and symbolic losses which the individual feels. As Freud noted in Mourning and Melancholia (1917), ‘mourning, in general, is the reaction to the loss of a loved one, to the loss of some abstraction that is comparable to the loss of a loved one, like one’s native country, freedom or ideals, and so on.’ Therefore, the grieving process refers to the loss of a connection that is meaningful to the individual. According to Della Pasqua and Dal Molin (2009), various elements are lost and mourned in the migratory process: family, native language and culture, native land, social status and the connection with the group you belong to. In this sense, when we immigrate we break two of the most important bonds in life: that of family and that of belonging. When we leave our native country, we also give up an important aspect of our identity: our mother tongue. Speaking a new language is not just about learning grammar and pronunciation; it implies incorporating values and ideas that give meaning to that language. To really learn a new language, we need to interact with native speakers. Unfortunately, many immigrants feel distressed and even embarrassed because they feel unable to speak or understand what they hear.



Consequently, because they are unable to interact with natives, some individuals can develop mental health problems, such as depression and isolation. Another important issue is the loss of social status. Many professionals are prevented from working in their fields due to bureaucratic obstacles such as recognising their qualifications and in order to survive, end up performing work unrelated to their training. No migratory experience is simple. Felipe Pacheco (2017) lists a few challenges faced by an immigrant: the need to learn to negotiate a new city environment, adapt to local culture, customs and climate, bear the distance from the family and the pain of separation. According to Pereira and Gil Filho (2014), the manner in which mourning manifests itself can vary from simple to complicated or extreme. In simple cases mourning takes place under favourable conditions in the adopted country. Complicated mourning cases present various challenges but the individual manages to pull through with assistance. In extreme cases of mourning, the individual feel unable to cope, because it transcends the personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability for adaptation. Such an experience will change us forever. We are given the rare opportunity to understand the true meaning of tolerance. We learn to tolerate things we find different and strange and become more flexible to the unpredictability of life. It is an experience I recommend. Do not be surprised to find out through your experience that there is no ideal place in the world, let alone a definitive one. Website:



>> COMMERCIAL & PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICES Nabas International Lawyers is a multi-service law firm serving businesses and individuals with legal and professional services on domestic and international matters. Specialist advice from our team bring resolve to sensitive matters requiring both privacy and expedience with the ability to tackle complex management and personal issues. As a firm we work collectively with you to best serve your interest. Nabas International Lawyers is a trading company of Cubism Law, duly qualified law firm giving our clients and us a strong platform to provide specialist services and professional support. Our practice areas are divided within two scopes, Business and Individual affairs. Business affairs are tailored to business related services involving commercial and corporate legal issues for small businesses to corporates. With Invidiual affairs , clients have personal issues to be tackled and require our representation. Of course it is common for the business and individual client needs to intertwine. We are able to analyse and contribute to the resolution process.

Management of personal legal affairs are a challenge. A challenging climate should not intrude in your goals and sensitive matters. We put crucial attention, and apply assurance to reach settlement. We aim to serve you with expertise, sincerity, and commitment.

Business milestones are critical to reaching operational and financial goals whether entering from abroad or managing your business domestically. Our approach to business is to understand YOUR business and YOUR objectives. We can advise you on critical issues likely to affect your goals and provide immediate solutions to calm concerns.




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Tax Law Management of personal legal affairs are a challenge. A challenging climate should not intrude in your goals and sensitive matters. We put crucial attention, and apply assurance to reach settlement. We aim to serve you with expertise, sincerity, and commitment.

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5 water parks in Europe for family fun Hello, travellers! Summer is coming and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing better than travelling with the family. Check out the top 5 water parks in Europe.

Karla Barbosa Travel Consultant

Siam Park Considered one of the best water parks in Europe by TripAdvisor in 2016. It has attractions for families as well as those looking for adrenaline-fuelled rides and those who just want to relax. Located in Tenerife, on the Costa Adeje, a stretch of white sandy beaches with blue sea. With a theme inspired by Thailand, it has a pool with artificial waves that soar to 3 metres, the largest in the world. It has all the attractions children want, like slides, buoys etc. Aqualandia, Benidorm The park opens its doors on May 27 for another season of pure fun with many different attractions and also green areas and gardens, restaurants, coffee shops and kiosks.


Cyprus WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Considered one of the largest theme parks in Europe, this park has a Greek inspired theme. With 100,000 square meters dedicated to fun, it welcomes 200,000 visitors each year. It offers attractions for all tastes from mild to wild, such as the Fall of Icarus, where the visitor is projected upwards towards the sun before diving back into the pool.

Etnaland, Sicily Located next to the volcano Etna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the park offers a lot of attractions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a theme park and a water park each with its own independent rides. A package that includes both attractions can be purchased.

Slide & Splash, Lagoa (Algarve) Another option close to us is the Slide & Splash in the Algarve. It has a lawn area where you can lie in the sun while the kids have fun in the park. 37



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With the arrival of Summer, we need to talk about the best make-up for the season and the trends for Summer 2018! The heat has hit all the world’s catwalks. It brings in its wake much of what was fashionable in the 80’s, but with a more modern twist. The colours are not discreet- on the contrary; they are strong and shine in the sun: blue, orange and peach. The message is clear; feel free to use and abuse colours that go well with all skin tones, so long as you observe your base skin tone so as not to make mistakes when choosing colours. The summer arrives and brings along the doll look- strongly marked, smoky eyes and the kitten outline. Kim Kardashian’s famous outline will not be part of this trend, which aims for a clean and natural effect, with fresh and illuminated skin.

Choose liquid bases or creams with a serum to promote brightness and a healthy skin appearance. Always set your foundation with powder and thus increase its staying power. Oily skins can opt for just an illuminating powder. Following the 80’s trend, the blush comes back with force, always matching the colour of the lipstick. For the eyes, apply only a single coloured shadow or go for glossy eyes - sparkling and a winner for 2018. On the lips gloss, gloss and more gloss! Moisturized and well cared for lips. And remember to protect them from the intense sun. Matte lipstick is out this season, wet effect gloss is an absolute must. If you want a sophisticated look, choose shades of burnt reds or strong oranges for lighter skins and use lighter orange shades for darker skins. For black skins, all shades of orange will be perfect. An Illuminator will add the finishing touches to your tanned skin! Essentials for your Summer success: Eyeshadows in vibrant colours,Lip Gloss, Illuminator I hope you have enjoyed the new tips. But I also want to add that trends are just what fashion presents to us. Each of us can wear what we feel like because we all have different styles which need to be respected. Have a great summer everyone and see you in the next issue.

Roseane Shekinah Make-up artist 41

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Mario Sergio Cortella Mario Sergio Cortella, philosopher and writer, was born in Londrina- PR in 1954. He holds Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Education from PUC-SP, the institution where he worked from 1977 to 2012. He has a Post Graduate Research in Education: Curriculum (1997/2012) and in the Department of Theology and Sciences of Religion (1977/2007); is a guest lecturer at Fundação Dom Cabral (since 1997) and has taught at GVpec of FGV-SP (1998/2010). He was Municipal Secretary for Education of São Paulo city (1991-1992). He is the author of more than 35 books published in Brazil and abroad and a commentator for Radio CBN and TV Cultura.



WHAT IS YOUR LEGACY? Mario Sergio Cortella Philosopher and Writer

A question worth asking: What is your oeuvre? What is our legacy? When you and I leave this world (and one day we will), what will be left behind? What legacy will we leave? Since we take nothing with us, what will be left behind? What will remain that is not corruptible, will not spoil or be the object of hatred and confrontation? Well, one day we will go, we all know that. We can only attain eternity if what we leave behind is eternal: if it is essential for Life. Many people confuse the essential with the fundamental in life. The Essential is all that which must exist, as it gives meaning to life: love, friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, sexuality, religion, loyalty, vitality, etc., and the Fundamental is all that which helps us achieve the Essential: work, science, technology, tools, material goods, money, etc. Money is not essential but is fundamental. Without it difficulties are immense, but in itself it represents nothing essential. Career is fundamental but matters little if it obscures or blurs the essential. Therefore, many people need to be alerted: they are paying too much attention to the Urgent and leaving aside the Important, and the Important is the Essential; this is everlasting, while the Fundamental is the temporary. Caution, then, with the pessimist, because, generally, he is the one who laments and says: ‘There is nothing to be done. What can we do?’. The pessimist specialises in autopsy. A different thing altogether is the biopsy; when you observe a living organism and its vitality, correct any disfunctions but keep it alive. The optimist favours biopsy while the pessimist is fixed on the autopsy and forgets the Essential. The leader who leaves a lasting legacy is the one who is able to constantly evaluate his leadership and who is guided by utmost ethical standards. We are all born with leadership potential; this potential is a virtue and not a gift and can be developed. Some people grasp opportunity and turn that capacity into reality while others fail to do that as a result of ignorance, fear or convenience.

The art of leadership can be learned; if it were a gift that you were born with, it would be impossible to learn because a gift presupposes an innate capacity or talent that only a few people have. For this art to be put into practice some principles must be observed: 1. To lead is to adopt an attitude of animating and giving vitality to ideas, people and projects; it is a function rather than a position in the hierarchy chart. Being a leader implies a position, not a function; it assigns jobs, exercises and enforces the authority that derives from the structure, not necessarily from admiration or legitimacy. 2. To inspire is to breathe and fill with life, motivate by strengthening people’s strength and commitment. Because it is an attitude, not a mere technique, leadership requires humility without subservience, flexibility without volatility, and radicalism without sectarianism. Flexibility to learn what you do not yet know, humility to recognize that of which you are ignorant, readiness to innovate upon things you already have and endurance to embark upon the future. 3. What are the essential skills needed for both? To keep an open mind, be open to change without losing your bearings; to elevate your team, refusing to manipulate it for your own personal ends and making it collectively better; to nurture a joyful spirit, since seriousness is not synonymous with sadness, building moments of joyful and dedicated coexistence; to innovate your work, gaining vitality and energy from that which even when it grows old, does not accept aging; grasp the future, have excellence as a horizon and not as a place where one arrives and sits down. 4. A few decades ago the notion of competence was a very individual one; a motto of the day was ‘my competence ends where someone else’s begins’; but that is no longer the case. Nowadays the notion of competence is a collective one: ‘my competence ends when all others also 45

end’; within a group, a given area or a department, if someone lacks competence, all others in the group will lose as a result, given the interdependence in the organisation. Thus, to demean someone else’s competence, just because it is different, will threaten the solidity of my own competence and affect overall confidence. 5. Confidence comes from the belief in the honesty of purpose, sincerity of words, and sharing of results. Trust is only possible when reciprocity is present and, most of all, when those in positions of authority reject any opportunistic and manipulative posture both in themselves and in the team. Luciano De Crescenzo illustrates this well when he claims that we are all angels with a single wing, and therefore, to be able to fly, we need to embrace and hold on to each other. The leader will only be able to maintain his position when he truly is on the side of his people and sees himself as a partner in the collective journey, and not as an enlightened mind. 6. The team invigorates individual capacity; the team is the one that generates new solutions from differences; the team welcomes and corrects, supports and guides, rejoices and rejects. The team is what allows the leadership to make sense and, being a function rather than a position, can and should be passed around among the members of the team. To lead is to exercise a power that serves the collective; the mission of power is to serve. Therefore, a person who, instead of serving the collective, serves himself only, is not suitable; in other words, a power that does not suit the collective is never suitable. All this can only be achieved when it reaches beyond the obvious; in other words, when the mission is to achieve the best, instead of being happy with the possible. We need to replace the complacent ‘I will do what’s possible’ with the winning ‘I will do my best’!And our best is, in fact, our legacy. And what is our legacy?




Consists of sac-like growths on the ovaries that can contain hair, fat, and other tissue and should be removed by surgery.

Dra. Vania Martins Gynecologist


Ovarian cysts are fluid filled pouches that form inside or on the surface of the ovary. These can cause pain in the pelvic region, irregularity in the menstrual cycle and difficulty in getting pregnant. Usually, ovarian cysts are benign, present no symptoms and disappear after a few months but in cases when symptoms are felt, medical treatment may be necessary. Being diagnosed with an ovarian cyst is quite common and can happen to any woman from the time of her first menstruation until well after the menopause.

>>Types • Follicular cyst: During a woman’s menstrual cycle, an egg grows in a sac called a follicle. This sac is located inside the ovaries. In most cases, this follicle or sac breaks open and releases an egg. But if the follicle doesn’t break open, the fluid inside the follicle can form a cyst on the ovary. • Corpus luteum: Follicle sacs typically dissolve after releasing an egg. But if the sac doesn’t dissolve and the opening of the follicle seals, additional fluid can develop inside the sac, and this accumulation of fluid causes a corpus luteum cyst. Although no specific treatment is needed, in cases with severe pain surgery may be required. •Teak-lutein cyst: Rare, most common during fertility treatment. • Haemorrhagic cyst: happens when there is bleeding of the cyst; can cause pelvic pain. • Dermoid cyst: known as teratoma, normally affects adolescents.

• Ovarian fibroma: happens more commonly during the menopause; the size may vary and must be removed by surgery. • Ovarian endometrioma: tissues that normally grow inside the uterus can develop outside the uterus and attach to the ovaries, resulting in a cyst. • Adenoma cyst: a benign ovarian cyst which can develop on the outside of the ovary and should be surgically removed.

This procedure is adopted mainly to preserve fertility in women who have not yet had children. In extreme cases of large (5cm or larger) or mixed cysts (containing fluid, tooth or hair), or when there is evidence of onset of cancer or torsion (twisting) of the ovary, a complete removal of the organ may be required.



• Ovarian cysts can be detected with the use of ultrasonography, ideally transvaginal and, if possible, 3D and Doppler.

Often an ovarian cyst causes no symptoms, however, depending on its size, it may present symptoms such as:

• Magnetic resonance and tomography of the pelvis may also be used in more specific cases.

• Pain in the pelvic region, on the side where the cyst is located. • Pain during ovulation. • Pain during sexual intercourse. • Delay of menstrual cycle. • Increased urination frequency. • Irregular menstruation. • Vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. • Weight gain caused by hormonal changes. • Difficulty getting pregnant. • Frequently feeling bloated.

• Treatment depends on age and symptoms. • Blood tests with Ca 125 are not sufficiently specific to differentiate malignant cysts from benign ones. • The only definitive way to diagnose a malignant ovarian cyst is by removing the lesion and then proceed to a biopsy and analysis.

The diagnosis of ovarian cysts can be made through examinations such as palpation of the pelvic region, 2D/3D transvaginal ultrasonography, tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

>>Treatment Most ovarian cysts are benign and the routine approach is to wait for them to decrease in size by themselves. Monitoring can be done with transvaginal 3D ultrasound every 45, 90 or at most 120 days to assess growth and changes in the lesion. Ovarian cysts can, however, also be treated with hormones, including the contraceptive pill. When symptoms are present, the removal of the cyst (cystectomy) may be recommended in order to preserve the ovary. 49




Image Juliana Albanez Journalist


Do you remember how we used to shop in the past? When we wanted to buy a car, a shampoo or a pair of shoes, we did not have a lot of information available and often relied on the opinion and advice of the seller at the time of purchase. And nowadays? Have you ever stopped to think about how you shop and, more importantly, how you sell your business? Everything has changed; the environment, consumer habits, culture (ever more diverse) and communications have experienced radical transformations. Nowadays before buying something we usually research the internet, share opinions, watch product tutorials, check social networks and read about the product we wish to buy and only then decide on the purchase. That’s because now we hold the remote control in our hands and can change our decisions at any time. We are all aware of and used to the information accessible on Google; what we want now is an experience, something that has an impact, that makes a difference. You may think that there is no room for experimentation in your business - and I

always maintain that there is. Wherever you are, no matter what your business is, there are always ways to surprise your customer. Another important factor that affects a sale is a relatively new phenomenon but one that has been steadily growing: attention deficit. Increasingly we are distracted, apathetic or hyperactive and thus unable to focus our attention. We fail to actively listen to a speech, a simple conversation or a sales pitch. Our brains are extremely quick when deciding between accepting or rejecting a business transaction. What are the factors that can influence the buying or selling of a product, idea or service? They are the same those which can distinguish you in a job interview for example. Points such as: 1. Image: we are more and more visually aware, and can in seconds identify a transaction as positive or negative. But what does that mean? It has nothing to do with the brand, price or aesthetics but whether you are in tune with what you do or sell. 2. Coherence: Often in our businesses, 50

we think we have to talk a lot to convince a client, but this is not always true and, in many cases, it is just the opposite. We need to distil the message to what is essential for the customer to know. Initially, it is important to generate interest and make your customer want to know more. It’s no good having beautiful packaging and image, if there is no consistency. 3. Relationship: this is the cherry on top of the cake. When you win your audience’s heart, your chance of success increases because people buy with their emotions. Find out the essence of your business, bet on it and aim towards success. Relationship, top-quality service (more valuable than a top-quality product) and personalized after-sales care can make all the difference. Remember… a business opportunity can come unexpectedly and you should be ready to respond.


Family Eating Habits:

The Influence of External Factors Amanda Yitzhak Nutritionist


Our family food choices can be influenced by cultural and environmental factors


Why do children and young people prefer certain foods? There are four basic flavours: savoury, sweet, sour and bitter. We are born with a preference for sweet foods and reject sour and bitter tastes. The taste for savoury food is developed several months after birth; we learn to like it and then it becomes a habit. That is why it is important to create the habit of only consuming foods with a healthy amount of salt.

Similarly, children who experience food used as punishment will feel unable to consume certain foods as a result and thus develop unhealthy relationships with food later in life, such as overeating. Food as power and consolation Children may refuse to eat as a way of protesting against their parents. Likewise, teens also assert their ‘independence’ by rejecting certain foods. Food acts as a comfort factor for many people by stimulating good emotions and alleviating negative ones. Think of a food you like to eat and the chances are it was probably offered to comfort you in your childhood.

The colour, brightness (fruit), transparency (jelly), size, shape, and texture of food (vegetables and roasted food), are all important factors that make food attractive to children. After a period of illness, it is common for children to reject a particular taste or food item, but that does not mean that particular food should be avoided.

Culture, religion, and family People’s eating habits develop over time and are strongly influenced by culture, religion, and family. This includes learning what is acceptable to eat or not and the foods served on different occasions and to people according to their age, gender and social status. Rules on food preparation and consumption can also be determined culturally. Holding certain religious beliefs can lead to acceptance or rejection of certain foods. For example, some Hindus do not eat beef while Jews do not eat pork. Parents act as role models for specific eating behaviours. As children grow, they get exposed to food outside the family environment and develop more varied tastes. Peer pressure will also have strong influences on youngsters’ food choices, especially concerning fruits, vegetables, fizzy drinks, and sweets.

Taste: a learned sense From an early age, children should be exposed to and encouraged to try a wide variety of foods with different flavours. Sometimes a new food, when offered for the first time, is not accepted, but the more that food is offered, the more likely it is for the taste buds to learn to enjoy it. Sometimes repeating the offer a few times may result in acceptance. Children and adolescents feel hungry more often than adults because their bodies are growing and, obviously, need more nutrition. Being able to differentiate between being hungry or not will help them adopt healthy eating habits. Without the awareness of being hungry or full, they may end up eating more than is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Meal Patterns and Habits Meal times in family are of the utmost importance. Children who routinely eat at the same time as the rest of the family are more likely to develop healthier eating habits. Snacking or having meals in front of the television may lead to a nutrient-poor diet and often to a higher body mass index (BMI).

Eating habits and psychological needs Some parents try to control what and how much their children eat and often insist that they ‘eat all the food on their plates’. This signals to children that the amount of food they are offered is more important than whether they are hungry or not. When food is used as punishment for bad behaviour it may encourage children to develop poor eating habits, such as eating when they are not hungry and developing a dislike for the foods they are being forced to eat.

Convenience Have you ever decided to order a take-away when too pressed for time to prepare a proper meal? How often have you eaten certain foods just because you did not have a better option available? The need to work longer hours and long commuting are reasons that directly impact family meals. This may lead parents to offer children a snack after school or the children having to prepare their meals by themselves without an adult around. Children coping with many extracurricular activities often have to ‘squeeze’ their meals between or on the way to these activities. This lifestyle greatly influences the development of lifelong poor eating habits.

Psychological needs related to the mind and emotions play a key role in eating habits that are learned from an early age and will inevitably impact lifelong eating choices. As a child, we experience food as a reward, punishment, emotional comfort, demonstration of affection, or pleasure. Feelings of pleasure may become associated with foods eaten as a reward or consumed on special occasions with loved ones. Negative feelings can develop when food is used as a punishment as well as foods eaten during difficult times. Parents’ eagerness to show love or mask the guilt they feel for not being able to spend ‘quality time’ with them can lead them to overfeed the children.

Media, advertising and marketing Have you ever found yourself craving certain foods immediately after watching an ad on television? Children and teenagers are highly susceptible to advertisements and regularly want what they see in ads. Often ads involve foods rich in fat and sugar while fruits and vegetables receive little or no attention. The good news is that families with good communication and eating habits can lessen the impact of media advertising on children’s

Food as reward or punishment When food is used as reward for good behaviour, as when parents say: ‘Clean your toys and you can have a chocolate’, children will probably also seek to be rewarded when adults. 53

and teenagerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s food choices, especially if the parents set a good example. Other factors Negative body image: Teenagers who develop a negative image of their own bodies can go on to develop eating disorders. These may include wrong attitudes towards food, obesity and other physiological imbalances. While some disorders present only moderate risks, some ,like anorexia and bulimi,a can become extremely dangerous. Interestingly, peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perception of food risks often differs from the views endorsed by experts. People will routinely take high risks by eating foods proved to lead to obesity and diabetes while, at the same time, reject outright foods considered to present very low risks, such as those from genetically modified crops. Ethical and moral beliefs: Some young people worry about the impact that food production has on the environment. They become concerned at the way food is produced, processed and transported, whether pesticides are used in crops and the way animals are reared and treated. Income and Affordability: For a low-income family, price plays a greater role than quality when shopping for food. For these families, storage and cooking facilities also influence their purchases and, consequently, the familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diet. Food availability: In rural areas, access to shops and transport can pose a limiting factor. Often local stores are more expensive and do not offer a wide variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Have you ever raided the fridge immediately after watching a food ADVERT on tv?


#TRENDS 2018 the next billion digital consumers


Continuing our discussion on trends that can impact our businesses in the next few years, The Future 100- 2018, a survey by international consultancy J. Walter Thompson (JWT), highlights this fact: the next one billion consumers will join the market by digital pathways. Online sales are growing exponentially year on year, thanks to the popularization of smartphones, the dissemination of applications and the adoption of digital channels by companies in all economic segments - industry, commerce, and services.

New consumers will join the market via the internet. Is your business prepared? Nancy Campos RMEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ambassador

Innovations that, up to now, have come mostly come from parts of North America and Asia, are starting to spring up in places like Israel, India, and China. With this trend, language barriers are falling away and the markets are expanding; the apps are made available in local languages and customers can come from anywhere in the world. To speed things up, 5G technology has already started to replace 4G, and it is 100 times faster; it enables the transfer of 10 gigabits of data in just one second.


But who needs a connection? China’s Alibaba’s UC browser, for example, requires less data to serve users in remote rural areas with low-speed connections. SHAREit, a Lenovo application also from China, saves data costs by allowing users to transfer music and videos to friends’ phones while offline. In Brazil there are also a few examples: Google Maps or Spotify can be accessed in an offline version. ‘Emerging markets are coming up with applications and services that respond to local needs and, in doing so, they are building products for the future of the internet,’ says Caesar Sengupta, vice president of product management for Google, to The Wall Street Journal.

Why is all this important? Because an extra billion people online, new applications and innovation hubs will change the way the internet works and significantly impact businesses, as the study points out. According to the consultancy, the positive aspect of this story is the development of more intelligent and efficient technological resources to support people. A negative one is the risk of manipulation by the forces that use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to spread misinformation via fake news. Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things are also linked to this new wave of virtual supply and demand. These changes have come to stay. Is your business prepared to join the digital fast lane?



Brazilian businessman

invests in the UK Fabiana Pio Journalist

64 60


In the development of a project, we take into consideration economic, political and cultural factors of each nation

Despite the political and economic uncertainties brought about by Brexit, Brazilian businessman Daniel Toledo, 43, is set to open the first UK branch of his international consulting firm Loyalty by the end of the year. After successfully consolidating in North American and some European markets, Toledo is ready to face new challenges in the British Isles.

Founded in 2004, Loyalty Miami was created specifically to help Brazilians seeking to invest in the United States. Today, the company has offices in Fort Lauderdale and New York (US), São Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Brisbane (Australia) and soon in London (UK). Project in the UK Loyalty plans to start operations in the UK by the end of 2018, when it will coordinate the construction of a Sports Centre, an investment of about £4.5m, with a monthly turnover of £260,000. Besides sports, the company also is interested in education. ‘We are planning to open a unit of EBETEC in London by 2020,’ adds Toledo. EBETEC (Brazilian School of Education and Technology) offers online and face-to-face technical qualification courses with diplomas valid both in the country where the course is held and the student’s country of origin. Among the courses offered, we highlight Business Management, Financial Administration, Financial Markets, International Policy as well as Health and Nutrition.

With headquarters in the US, Loyalty Miami specializes in the international development of projects and fundraising for their own or third-parties’ ventures. Since its inception, the consultancy has already raised a total of US$ 40 million for investments in the US and expects to reach US$ 60 million in 2018. In addition, it aims to double its annual revenues from US$6M to US$12M as early as August 2018. ‘If the project is well drafted and structured and adds value to the country, there is no reason for the government to refuse the application or withhold financial resources. Quite the contrary, the project will be seen very favourably,’ explains Toledo. 61

British Market Toledo acknowledges that Brexit presents some political and economic obstacles and has discouraged some companies from investing in the UK. However, Loyalty is optimistic about its plans. ‘Although Europe, with the exception of the UK, shares a common currency, each country has its own legislation, culture and, behaviour. In developing a project, we take into account the economic, political and cultural aspects of the nation and custom-design each project,’ explains Toledo. The number of Brazilians investing in the UK has been growing year by year. In 2014 alone, 18 Brazilian companies invested in the UK, creating more than 800 direct jobs, with 78% of investments going to London, according to data from the guide How to Start in the UK, 2016. Formation Daniel Toledo is a successful businessman but his success did not come by chance. ‘I started working when I was 13 and have

worked every day since. At 18 I moved out and started living on my own means,’ he notes. He is a lawyer specializing in Migration Law. He is the director partner of Loyalty Miami and president of ABAC - American Brazilian Association of Commerce. Toledo has extensive experience in Investment Management and Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy and Team Leadership. He attended Business Law and Financial Markets courses both in the United States and Brazil. Despite coming from a business family, Daniel initially chose to study law and became the first lawyer in the family. He opened a law firm in 2003, which he still owns, and was dean of a Brazilian University for a period of 8 years. Only after completing his studies and accumulating extensive knowledge of the Brazilian and American financial markets, did he decide to launch his international career by co-founding Loyalty Miami. ‘We had a very difficult start but managed to overcome the obstacles and now plan to grow at least 70% in the US this year,’ he adds.


>> Loyalty Loyalty is responsible for the entire process of setting up a business. ‘We design a personalised business plan and carry out extensive market analysis. We help the client to make smart investments with better returns, in accordance with their profile.’ According to Toledo, people nowadays are not only in search of cost-benefit but also of quality and trust. ‘We have a great deal of feedback from satisfied customers. We are not a financial institution, but we look to invest profitably.’ In Brazil, investment consulting and project development are still in their infancy compared to other countries. In the US and England, a significant percentage of the population utilises these services to manage their investments. The advantages of hiring a specialized company will offset the costs as it provides greater security for the investors. With extensive investment experience, Loyalty provides full support for the implementation of a new business, for example, market research, financial, legal and accounts structuring and hiring of personnel. Loyalty also provides support to those who wish to invest in franchises by collating market data and designing a plan accordingly. It also helps investors who seek to buy properties abroad for leisure or profit and who need to be aware of all the legal procedures involved. Loyalty also supports investors from all different sectors of the world economy.


Walk your way to HEALTH Caroline Turnbull Rowing Coach and Fitness Instructor


Do you feel you should get more exercise but have been put off joining a gym by the high charges? Maybe you have thought about taking up tennis or another sport but are worried that you don’t have the skill? Well, there’s a way to keep fit and healthy which is absolutely free and requires no special training or equipment other than a good pair of shoes. Of course I mean walking! Half an hour’s brisk walk can burn around 200 calories, as well as bringing other benefits such as improved circulation, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and better posture, reduced risk of diabetes, heart problems and some cancers, and keeping your mind active. If half an hour seems a lot, try building up to it using our 6-week plan, and keep a daily record of how much walking you do. Week 1 Just aim to do a bit more than usual – even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes a day. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, reading or watching television, stand up every 20 minutes or so and walk around for a couple of minutes. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Go for a stroll with your family or friends after dinner. Week 2 Your target is to walk for 15 minutes each day. You don’t have to do it all in one go – try “chunks” of 5 minutes. Walk to the corner shop to buy a newspaper or a bottle of milk. If you go to work by bus, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Week 3 Now see if you can walk for 15 minutes continuously on at least 5 days this week. You should feel warm and slightly out of breath but still able to carry on a conversation – so walk with a friend! Week 4 Aim to lengthen at least one of your walking sessions to 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you can’t do it straight away – but keep going for as long as you can! Pump your arms back and forwards to burn extra energy. Why not listen to music while you walk? Music can also get you into a rhythm and help you walk faster. Week 5 Focus on increasing your pace, so you’re covering more distance in the same amount of time, and on 3 days increase your walking sessions to 30 minutes or do 2 sessions of 15 minutes. Are you finding it easier than last week? Week 6 Now you can achieve your target – 30 minutes walking on 5 days! Of course you should still keep active on the other days, but we’re guessing you won’t want to just sit around now that you’re fitter! Walking is a great way to get to know your local area and make new friends. Why not join a walking club like the Ramblers ( who have groups all over the UK? Or you could organise days out for the family and explore Britain’s countryside on foot – try this website for ideas www. You’ll feel healthier, happier, and with a bit of luck, slimmer too! 64


THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS Pia Granjon Lecerf Clinical hypnotherapist – PGDip Member of the BSCH AnxietyUK approved therapist


Hypnosis is one of the oldest therapeutic approaches in existence; indeed it began in the 18th century; though it was Milton Erickson who developed a radically different approach in the 1950s. He considered that our unconscious mind holds inner resources that we can reach via the hypnotic state and he proposes what is now commonly called, also outside hypnosis, brief client-centred therapies.

As it is a goal-orientated therapy, the individual will decide on their chosen therapeutic aim, with the help of the therapist who will make sure it is realistic and safe. For example, if someone comes and asks to be helped to lose 10 kg in one week, the clinician will explain that this may damage health as it would be too drastic for the body to bear. Hypnotherapy helps manage symptoms linked with beliefs, behaviours and memories, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

Hypnotherapy can be misunderstood, though there is nothing magical about hypnosis; it is a collaborative exercise where both the therapist and the patient are active. It uses a natural state of mind that everyone experiences several times a day. Hypnosis is a state of high focus of attention which you experience when you are absorbed in a single activity. It can be day-dreaming, it can be reading a book, watching a film, driving your car on a road you take everyday . . . When you are in that state, your brain performs a specific function that affects different areas.

Applications include weight management, general anxiety (and all linked behaviours), performance anxiety ( sexual, public speaking, sport, acting, exams …), depression, traumas, sleep disorders, mood swings, difficult relationships, Irritable bowel syndrome, phobias, pain, addiction, asthma. A link is made with doctors when appropriate. The approaches and techniques are chosen and will vary depending on the person’s emotional state, locus of control and symptom management.

You are then much less aware or not aware at all of what is happening around you; you might not even hear if someone is calling you. That specific state is triggered by the hypnotherapist who will choose one of many techniques to be sure it is commensurate with your needs. In our jargon, we call that a hypnotic trance which can be light, medium or deep. The clinician will then work with their patient’s unconscious mind, as this is the part of the mind which holds resources that are restrained by conscious beliefs, fears, traumas, regrets . . . the unconscious mind is a place where the individual can travel in time and in space; there is no limit, unlike with the conscious mind.

They could be cognitive and behavioural, psycho-analytical, mindfulness-based, solution focussed, regression (with the inner child), EMDR, direct suggestions, part therapies, metaphors... These work particularly well with children. Hypnotherapy is a holistic, flexible and adaptable approach to health. “You are unique... like everybody else”: this seemingly contradictory statement gives an idea of what a hypnotherapist will look into: we all share physiological, neurological, psychological commonalities and at the same time, each person functions in a specific way depending on their complex – and not complicated ! - life experiences and memories.

Research now tells us that positive therapeutic outcomes are linked to the flexibility of the therapist to use different approaches to fit the need of one specific person at a precise moment on their journey. Hypnotherapy is the art of a developing a style of delivery enriched by acceptance and flexibility as well as a strong and healthy rapport with the patient.

As hypnotherapy is a non-regulated profession, it may be best to check if a therapist belongs to a professional body or talk with them about their experience before engaging in any therapy. 65


Automat in the Workplace



Ronise Nepomuceno Journalist


Automation in the workplace is the new bogeyman of current affairs news headlines. But the subject is hardly news. By 1950, Detroit, in the United States, had lost almost 60,000 jobs as a result of automation in the automobile industry. Its population decreased from almost two million to less than 700,000 people today. From one of the richest cities in the United States, Detroit has become one of the poorest. It is no wonder that automation is something that one should take seriously. But while the automation of 1950 was limited to simple and repetitive activities, advances in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence threaten professions with more complex tasks. In 2013 a survey by Carl Frey and Michael Osborne of the University of Oxford warned that 47% of jobs in the United States and 35% in the UK could be automated. According to Frey and Osborne, the professions at greatest risk would be those in the service industry, such as estate agency, while the professions least at risk would be those in the media, such as journalism. But would they really? At the end of 2017, The Economist magazine tested a computer program that could mimic its editorial style and identify issues most often addressed. Although the phrases produced by the program were grammatically correct, the final text did not make sense. The magazine then declared, jokingly, that its reporters would not have to worry about the future of their jobs. But we still cannot breathe a sigh of relief. There are companies already developing programs that collect data and compile them into a coherent text. Narrative Science is one such program. Its chief scientist, Kristian Hammond, says that within 15 years machines will be able to write 90% of the news.

Despite all warnings, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently said that automation would affect fewer jobs than predicted. Still, the impact would increase social divisions and could cause more damage than in Detroit. For middle-class workers it is still possible to transfer their knowledge and skills to other professions, but those in manual labour are among the most threatened. For this reason, there have been, since the 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, discussions that advocate the implementation of a Universal Basic Income. This income would be paid by the government to all citizens, regardless of their work or economic situation. This idea is not new. In 1516, Thomas More wrote about Universal Basic Income in his political satire Utopia. In 1776 Thomas Paine presented a similar proposal in a pamphlet in which he also advocated the liberation of the British colonies. Both authors idealized a society in which machines would generate wealth that would then be distributed as universal social income. Implementing a Basic Income would not mean the end of poverty. It would, however, create better conditions so that those made jobless could get trained in other areas without the pressure of rent to pay and bellies to fill. Entrepreneurs would also receive the support needed to launch their innovations. Finland and Scotland have already been experimenting with Social Income since 2016, albeit limited to a few localities. Noticeable positive results include increased productivity, improvements in education and health and the emergence of new businesses in the cultural area. This shows that Universal Income, besides being a way to prevent social and economic chaos brought in by automation, is also a sustainable investment in people. Maybe building Utopia is not only a possibility but in fact a necessity.


Bringing 3D Virtual Reality into the plastic surgery clinic 1- What does 3D Virtual Reality bring to plastic surgery? This is the greatest revolution in modern plastic surgery. Many patients wonder whether it is possible to see what their appearance will be like after cosmetic surgery. So far surgeons had only external models, pictures of other patients and artifices like socks filled with rice to demonstrate probable surgical results. Of course, none of this really works. 3D Reality allows patients to see probable results of the surgery on their own bodies in a very realistic way. Patients who are undecided can involve family members and friends and get help in choosing. They can also anonymously share 3D images of a ‘before and after’ and get other patients and netizens help by voting for the best option. It’s amazing! 2- How does the technology work? Crisalix is a 3D simulation software used for breast, face and body procedures. It is used in breast augmentation or reduction surgeries, rhinoplasty, facelifts, abdominoplasty, among many others. Through a sensor attached to an iPad, a 3D model is created and, in a few seconds, will start the simulation. In the case of

breast augmentations, the program uses Motiva implants, our preferred choice. It helps us to choose the type and size of implants. One can see the before and after, both without clothing and with different types of clothing. Results can also be experienced with virtual reality glasses when patients ‘try out’ their new bodies and observe the changes from different angles. 3- Can you give us an example of this process? Of course. After three pregnancies, Ana’s breasts got smaller than they were before she became a mother for the first time. After four years, she still did not recognize herself in the mirror. ‘In the summer, I have to wear padded bras. It’s very uncomfortable,’ she says. Four years ago, she started considering enlarging her breasts. She consulted several doctors, but never felt convinced. But now she’s decided: with the aid of a 3D simulator program, she was able to visualise how she will look like. She has also been able to ‘try out’ her new body with virtual reality glasses. 4- How do you see the use of this technology? I have been using Crisalix for two years now, and the great advantage of this tool 68

Marcos Sforza Plastic Surgeon is that it allows patients a better idea of the results they can expect from the surgical procedure they intend to undergo, so they can make informed decisions. Unlike other simulation systems where you can only see the image on a screen, Crisalix will show you the breast augmentation you choose, but in your own body, as if you already had the surgery. The most important thing for the patient is that it gives a more precise idea of how they will look after the surgery, allowing them to make better choices. 5- Could this program create unrealistic expectations? There is always the danger of raising expectations too high. In my opinion, the surgeon should always make it clear that it is just a prediction. If expectations are risen too high, problems will occur, with or without a program. However, I believe that the more informed the patients feel after a consultation, the safer they will be. Patients deserve access to the most advanced tools available to medicine at the moment. This is 3D Virtual Reality.




Summer promises to be a busy time in London. We have selected some exclusive events so you can enjoy the most anticipated season of the year. Check them out!

Patricia Dantas Journalist

Michael Jackson: On the Wall To celebrate what would have been Michael Jacksonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 60th birthday, the National Portrait Gallery will host the exhibition Michael Jackson: On the Wall, from June 28. The show aims to explore the impact the pop star has had on contemporary artists since Andy Warhol first used his image in 1982. Breaking down barriers, the singer became the cultural figure most portrayed in visual arts, a fact that adds to his immense success and legacy in music, dance, and fashion. More information: michael-jackson-on-the-wall/exhibition 70

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries Are you a fan of the British monarchy? If so, you mustn’t miss the newest museum in London: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries. Located in Westminster Abbey, in an area never previously open to the public, the medieval gallery will tell the thousand-year history of the church and display more than 300 objects, including the marriage certificate of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the coronation chair of Queen Mary II. From the rooftop, you will get a privileged view of Westminster Palace and Parliament Square More information:

The Monster In search of adventure? Get ready to travel back to your childhood and have fun in a giant bouncy castle for adults. At nearly 300 metres long, The Monster is one of the largest inflatable obstacle courses in the world and will surely be the most nostalgic attraction of the summer in the UK. Besides releasing your inner child, you will also be able to dance to a set of DJs and enjoy street foods and craft beers. The event takes place between 24 and 27 August at Alexandra Palace. More information:

London Design Biennale After a successful debut in 2016, the London Design Biennale, now in its second edition, will descend on Somerset House from 4 to 23 September. Inspired by the theme Emotional States, the Biennale will showcase innovative art installations produced by designers from countries like Guatemala, Canada, Lebanon, Israel, United Kingdom, United States, Argentina, and Brazil. The aim is to get the audience to interact and reflect on how design affects every aspect of our lives, as well as influencing our wellbeing and emotions. More information: Credit and photo caption: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries View from the gallery to the interior of Westminster Abbey. Photo: James Brittain. Selection of objects on display in the museum. Photo: Andrew Dunsmore. Michael Jackson: On the Wall “An Illuminating Path”.Photo: David LaChapelle. The Monster 300 meters of pure fun. Photo: Press Release. London Design Biennale “Palopo” - Guatemala. Photo: Press Release


>> O seu espaรงo <<

Summer Bikini LAUNCH

shop now! EXCLUSIVE 20% discount for Adriana Chiari Magazine Readers ! use CODE Adrianachiari20 at checkout.


One-piece wonders, tropical Brazilian flora and pretty pastel prints are the key to this summer’s collection from online bikini store Kinky Octopus. “Once you go Brazilian, you never go back!” says brand owner Lucy Haine. This mantra is central to Kinky Octopus’s success with the ambitious aim of getting as many bikini lovers as possible wearing Brazilian Swimwear. Lucy is the founder and owner of Kinky Octopus, a Brazilian swimwear and accessories online store trading for 4 years, bringing Brazilian beachwear to Soho, London without the price-tag. Her love affair with Brazilian bikinis started when she married Joao Rodrigues Rocha, Mineiro and owner of a business providing bespoke flower and plant arrangements for companies called Storm Flowers London. Kinky Octopus has experienced strong trading growth since launch, with a customer demographic between 16 to 35 years old, although Lucy is careful about not labelling her customers. “I believe everybody has a bikini body and women love looking beautiful on the beach at any age. I want to get 80 year-olds wearing Kinky Octopus. There’s just no better way to flaunt your curves and achieve the perfect tan than when you’re wearing a Brazilian bikini. Don’t forget sun protection please!” Kinky Octopus source their swimwear and accessories mainly from small family run suppliers in Brazil, stocking also children’s swimwear (Girls 1-7 years old). Collections are modelled in Brazil by Lucy’s niece. Bikinis are sold as mix & match separates on The collection is also available on E-Bay and expanding to Amazon & Fruugo this summer. Collections include Opalocka Biquinis, Penelope, Princess Rio Bikinis, Santo Sandals and Kinky Octopus own brand. THE MUST HAVE! Thongs: with plain thongs starting at £12, the store offers a wide range of choice and designs to suit all pockets. Visit to view selection! The Star print thong one-piece, seen on Mara Hoffman, Salinas, Agua de Coco, Adriana Degreas, from Princess Rio - £50 Ruffle Swimwear: cute triangle ruffle bikini tops in flamingo print - seen in Zimmermann, Maaji, Dolores. Sexy Cutaway Swimwear: including cutaway bottoms for seduction on the beach in lush tropical prints and palm trees! As seen in Mara Hoffman, Agua de Coco, Cia Maritima, Movimento.

Lucy Haine, Founder &

Business Owner of Soho’s Online Brazilian Bikini Boutique, Kinky Octopus talks to Adriana Chiari about bikinis, the 2018 Summer collection and the marvel of Brazilian Swimwear. Social Media: Twitter @KinkyOctopus, Facebook Kinky-Octopus, Instagram @KinkyOctopus. Pinterest KinkyOctopus For interviews, wholesale enquiries, item reviews or pictures please contact our PR team. +44 (0) 7903523380

Mix & Match: a Kinky staple. This year the Rio beach trend shimmied onto the catwalk. Carioca girls are experts in playing with various colours, textures and patterns, a cunning way of balancing proportions, emphasizing your assets and hiding small figure flaws. Kinky Octopus has over 60 styling options, giving never-ending opportunities to show off personal creativity and mix & match. Bandeau Bikinis: these are a key shape for Kinky Octopus - best for tanning and universally flattering, available this year in twist shape. As seen in Luli Fama, Cia Maritima, Caffe Swimwear, Maaji Swimwear, Wildfox and others. Santo Sandals - Ethically sourced leathers sandals: flats are back for Summer 2018! Hot for this summer and a celebrity favourite, (Meghan Markle loves a strappy leather flat), these ethically sourced eco leather sandals available for men & women are a hit among the Brits and beyond! Brazilian Ballet heartthrob, Thiago Soares, has a pair of the Jesus style featured in British GQ online who called them “the sleekest Beach shoe available”! Designed by two brothers from Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, the sandals are an Eco product of Brazil, made of 100% cow leather off-cuts and leftovers taken from the big leather footwear manufacturers. The soles are made of recycled car tyres. They are hard wearing and age beautifully. Hottest styles are the gladiator with PU straps for extra supple ties. The Jesus style is available for both men and women. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! (The Secret Bikini Shop!) Kinky Octopus is an online Boutique but if you’d like to arrange a Bikini Try-on party with your friends we will be happy to arrange this at your home. We will arrive with various styles of bikinis as well as complimentary Caipirinha Cocktails and the delicious and traditional ‘Pão de Queijo’ canapés. Simply email Lucy at to arrange your personal holiday wardrobe shopping experience!

Home & Decoration

The versatile wooden box

How about using wooden crates in your home decor? They can be turned into bookcases, your dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bed, a desk, a coffee table or a bedside stand. The options are many! Decorating with wooden crates is super versatile. With a little imagination, you can create various types of furniture which is creative and sustainable. The wood can be painted, stained or kept in its natural state, and will lend a rustic flavour to your home dĂŠcor.

Sandra Griffiths Plastic Artist

Decorating and recycling can go hand in hand; besides being very good for your purse, you will create unique pieces and add charm to your home. Material needed: Wooden crates, Sandpaper, Latex or acrylic paint and brushes, Wood glue, Screws and screwdriver, Metal wheels (optional)

Step by step: 1. Sand all crates so that the surfaces are smooth. 2. Depending on the desired finish, give it two or three coats of paint and allow to dry. For a better effect finish it with a coat of clear varnish. 3. Position the crates according to the desired effect and link them together with the wood glue, or use screws if greater stability is required. 4. To finish you can install castors or fix it to the wall. Have a go, use your creativity- the decor of your home will be unique!

foto: Natalya Cardoso

You will love it!



Gesiane Gouveia Chef


Can be served warm or cold. Salmon is an excellent source of B vitamins and is rich in nutrients that help prevent problems like bad cholesterol and heart disease, among others. It’s a fish that shouldn’t be left out of our menu. This recipe is light and perfect for summer days.

INGREDIENTS: • 3 salmon fillets of 200g each, boned and skinned • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 2 teaspoons paprika • 200g green beans, blanched • 200g of watercress (optional) • Black olives • 150gcherry tomatoes, halved • 275g new potatoes, cut into halves and boiled • 3 or 4 hardboiled eggs, peeled and quartered

FOR THE SALAD DRESSING: • ½ cup olive oil • 1 tablespoon Dijon or whole grain mustard • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar • 1 pinch of sugar • 1 pinch of sea salt • 1 pinch of ground black pepper

PREPARATION: Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Drizzle the salmon fillets with the olive oil and sprinkle with the paprika and salt. Rub the paprika well into the salmon. Place the salmon fillets on a baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillet. Remove from the oven and let it cool slightly then break into medium sized chunks. In a large bowl, mix the new potatoes, green beans, watercress, tomatoes and olives and season to taste with salt, pepper and 3 tablespoons of the salad dressing.


Home & Decoration

Bright and cheerful summer dĂŠcor Carolina Sandri Architect

Summer days can sometimes be few and far between, so you will want to make the most of them when they are here. Welcome summer by inviting friends and family to your back garden or veranda. Summer decoration, besides being lively and bright, also needs to be practical. Here are some tips on how to prepare your surroundings for this much anticipated season.

Low tables and cushions Low tables and cushions on the floor have the look of summer. These furnishings create an informal and laid-back atmosphere- perfect if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re planning a brunch gathering outdoors. Candles and brightly coloured cushions will add to the relaxing mood.

Mixture of styles Try mixing styles when decorating outdoor areas. Hippie Chic is a very popular style that, with its mixture of colours and prints, will allow your creativity and personality to shine. Choose strong colours like gold, caramel, mustard, green, brown, blue and various shades of orange as well as printed fabrics. Country and vintage styles go very well to create interesting effects. Antique items and furniture, nostalgic elements such as birdcages, embroidered lampshades, vintage clocks or radios are perfect for creating a cosy and inviting ambiance.


Side table for drinks Emphasize the look of summer by arranging drink bottles and glasses on beautiful trays. Fun elements such as colourful straws and paper umbrellas will add a super cool effect.

COSY CORNER That unused corner of the balcony can be turned into a snug summer lounge. Simply place a few large different sized cushions and textured quilts on the floor and add some candles to create a perfect nook to enjoy the warmer weather and those extra hours of evening light.

Nature integrated into your ambiance Bring the vibrant colours of nature into your home with freshly cut flower arrangements. For greater impact choose bright warm colours like yellow, orange and pink- save red and purple for other seasons.

Add Light to Your Night Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season, so transform outdoor spaces and embrace all the benefits it has to offer. Hang paper lanterns from tree branches around your garden and have gatherings last until the early hours of the night.

Accessories To complete the scene, light some citrus-scented candles. A large bowl filled with water and floating candles and flowers will make your garden resemble a beach party!

Set a colourful table Consider buying printed dishes and plates to add some colour to your next dinner party. Mix floral, tropical or nautical themed designs with your everyday plain dishes. 77



Prostate Cancer

The most common prostate disease is hyperplasia, a benign alteration that results in a size increase of the organ. Although this is a low incidence cancer, it is the most common oncological disease in men, and justifies the existence of educational and awareness campaigns. Very much like breast cancer in women, it is not a disease that can be prevented and relies on early detection for better treatments and cure. In fact, these two organs, the breast and the prostate, are the only ones that do not have an identifiable causal element for the development of cancer, like lung cancer and cigarettes. Because of that there is a high volume of misinformation and myths surrounding the disease, with some linking prostate cancer to excessive ejaculations, venereal disease, sexual behaviour and even sperm volume.

Myths, Truths and New Approaches

Dr. Guilherme Castro Oncologist

prostate The prostate is a gland that produces part of the seminal fluid which is expelled during ejaculation. The prostate is located in the perineum and encircles the urethra at the base of the bladder. It lies within a few centimetres of the anus from which it is easily reached. The organâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s functions are governed by male sex hormones. Its sexual associations and elements have created prejudices and aversion of the subject by men.



Some epidemiological associations signal the reason for the onset of the disease to factors such as heredity, race, diet, body weight and alcohol intake, although none of these actually constitute cause and effect. Science does not yet have concrete clues to ensure safe guidance. Because it is an oncological disease of considerable relevance, it is one of the most studied, and progress has been achieved in its identification and treatment. At present it is agreed that rectal examination as a preventive approach is reliable only when performed by an experienced physician. This will avoid a false negative diagnosis when an organ with incipient pathology may be considered normal. PSA blood tests and ultrasound scanning will provide more reliable results.

In some cases when cancer has been detected, an adequate genetic evaluation may admit monitoring rather than surgery or other treatments. Radiation therapies, in particular, have evolved considerably and may offer an alternative approach. New technology that can focus irradiation or implant radioactive seeds directly onto the organ reduce post-treatment side effects considerably. Side effects such as impotence, urinary incontinence and even proctitis have all contributed to fear associated with the disease. When surgical intervention proves necessary, robotically assisted surgeries have delivered a low incidence of undesirable side effects. The taboo surrounding the subject of prostate cancer has been the greatest stumbling block in the fight against the disease, as it hinders early detection when chances of a cure are higher. Prostate examinations are recommended from the age of 40, when the incidence of the disease begins to rise.



Violation of Intimacy on the Internet Mirna Kauffman Hillingdon Council Education Consultant

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was terrified to find out that he was hiring a computer technician to have pictures of me published on the Internet.â&#x20AC;? Rose Leonel



The number of victims of intimacy violation in social networks is increasing every day. Revenge Porn is a crime that occurs when private photos or videos are posted on the internet without the consent of those portrayed. Often the offender’s intention is to avenge him- or herself on a partner who has terminated their relationship. The perpetrator remains anonymous while the victim gets cruelly exposed. The stigma remains forever in the victim’s life, causing irreparable damage. One victim compares this to ‘rape’, which is repeated every time their images are viewed. The effects on the victim are devastating and can lead to depression, social isolation, panic attacks and, in some cases, suicide. According to Katia Pessa, a psychologist with the NGO Marias of the Internet, the phenomenon can affect people of any gender, race, cultural level or intellectual or financial status. By attacking the victim’s identity, the perpetrator renders them vulnerable to blackmail and helpless as to what actions to take. Is there any punishment for the aggressor? The story I’m going to share is one of those stories that can make you sick. The victim describes the crime as an ‘open wound.’ It is the story of a dignified woman who inspired changes in the Brazilian law to include this type of crime. Rose Leonel, a journalist, mother of two children and founder of the NGO Marias of the Internet, became a victim of Revenge Porn when, at the end of a four-year relationship with a man she loved, had intimate pictures of herself spread on the internet by him. Mirna: You were a victim of Revenge Porn. How did this happen? Rose: In 2005 I decided to end a four-year relationship with a man I loved because of the way he treated my children. I could not stay in a relationship with a man who in public behaved like a perfect father but in private mistreated my children. As a mother, I could not tolerate that. A few days after the breakup he asked me to reconsider and I hesitated, for I still loved him. But I gathered courage and put an end to our relationship and told him that it was all over. He got very upset and I got worried at seeing the strong man who was normally in control of his emotions suddenly become unstable and threatening. We used to know each

other’s internet passwords and one night I accessed his e-mails and had a shock; I was terrified to find out that he was hiring a computer technician to have pictures of me published on the Internet. While they were negotiating terms and prices I consulted a lawyer, who told me that I could not sue him for a crime not yet committed and could only give him a warning. He was then notified that he would be criminally and civilly liable if he insisted on exposing me in any way. He got furious and started calling me constantly and threatening to expose and ultimately destroy me. He gave me the choice of going back to him or being ruined and declared that if I chose to leave him I would then not be with anyone else either. Mirna: What sort of material did he share? Rose: He planned everything in detail; he paid porn websites to publish intimate photos of us, uploaded and posted photos of me as if I were the one doing it. He advertised me as a prostitute online. He used websites and blogs from Brazil and also Holland, Portugal, US, Spain, and Germany. The photos were shared with more than 15 thousand people. He published new material weekly and also distributed printed material and CDs locally in the city where I lived. It was five years of systematic abuse. Mirna: What were the effects of this on your life? Rose: When I look back it seems to me that I lived through a horror story. I lost my job, my children suffered bullying, one of them was sent abroad for six years; they had their childhood stolen and I was robbed of a mother’s right to have a public life with her children. Everywhere I went I was sneered at. I suffered a process of social exclusion. I almost got lynched in the city where I lived. I suffered from deep depression, life became valueless. I do not know how I found the strength to go through it all. I suffered misinformation and prejudice from society. Those in power who were supposed to help me were ineffective and unsupportive. Mirna: How was the NGO Marias of the Internet created? Rose: The NGO stemmed from the need for an institution that could inform, guide, support, embrace and welcome and give 81

directions to victims of Revenge Porn. We provide legal counselling, digital expertise and psychological support to women going through those situations; it works as a bridge between cybercrime experts and victims. The NGO works in partnership with Apecof, Association of Forensic Experts, headquartered in Fortaleza but active throughout Brazil. Their highly trained professionals have helped us to investigate crimes, identify aggressors, and remove content from the Internet. They are essential to the challenge of fighting digital crime against women. Chaired by Dr Marcos Monteiro, Apecof’s contribution and partnership are essential in enabling the NGO to be successful. Mirna: What advice do you have for victims of Revenge Porn? Rose: No one wants to be the victim of such a crime, but if you do become one, try to remain calm. There is life after internet crime and I am proof of that. Step one: Do not erase what you see, no matter how hurtful it may be to you. Get all offending material printed and saved on different devices so you do not lose it. Immediately go to a notary’s office and make a certified record of the material. Copy and print as much as you can with a detailed description of the most compromising material. Then go to the police station and report the incident. Add the printed material as proof so that everything that has been published gets duly acknowledged. Consult a criminal lawyer and press charges. Often a digital expert’s report is required as evidence of facts to support the investigation. If you are in Brazil we are here to help you: In 2013, Rose Leonel started a fight aimed at protecting women victims of Revenge Porn. The new law proposed by deputy João Arruda was named after her; Bill 5,555 / 2013, PL Rose Leonel amends the Maria da Penha Law and imposes imprisonment for two to four years, plus a fine. Senator Gleisi Hoffman has also suggested amendments to the Brazilian Criminal Code so that, in crimes related to the exposure of sexual intimacy, criminal action is public and conditional on representation.

The rapporteur has made adjustments in the drafting of one of the provisions of the Maria da Penha Law to include Intimacy Exposure as a form of domestic violence against women. The Rose Leonel Law, passed in all Congressional committees and the Plenary on March 7th, 2018, is presently awaiting the sanction of President Michel Temer.

launched a campaign to raise awareness of the new legislation. In 2017, more than 1,000 cases were reported. The goal of the campaign, entitled Be Aware B4 Share, is to educate potential offenders and advise victims to report the crime to the police. To report you can access the website or call 0345 6000 459.

In England and Wales under the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, Revenge Pornography is a criminal offence and those convicted can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, plus a fine. In Scotland it is five years in prison and in Northern Ireland the law is to be approved.

The release of unauthorized intimate images constitutes a serious injury to the personal rights of those unduly exposed, as well as constituting a serious form of gender violence that must be vigorously combated by all legal means available. It is now considered a crime in Brazil.

The British Ministry of Justice has

Raising the banner of confronting violence against women, Rose Leonel

Any kind of violence must be confronted. Do not stay silent. REPORT IT


works tirelessly at the NGO and lectures all over Brazil. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;We need to be more upfront and understand that anyone could become a victim. I am sure this law will benefit many people and not only women. At the NGO we also offer support to men and homosexuals. I see Revenge Porn as a gender crime; when men have their images exposed, often they are perceived as studs. Women however get totally demoralized and have their lives wrecked as a result. It is the way our patriarchal culture works; it blames the victim and spares the criminal, just as in cases of rape. It is definitely a gender crime in Brazilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

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Discover how Flow State can create peak performance on demand Alex Garcez Speed Reading



My name is Alex Garcez. I am a dyslexic Brazilian who has overcome reading and writing challenges. When Adriana Chiari asked me to write an article for her prestigious magazine I felt very excited about this new phase in my career, but the high spirits were short-lived. My life is about to change with the publishing of my book Read 124% Faster Today. It teaches foreigners to read English twice as fast and with better focus and understanding so they can develop their careers and have an advantage over native speakers. I had agreed to write the article thinking that I would have a few weeks to select a great idea to write about and polish the article to perfection, so I inquired about the length of the article and the deadline. Catching up on my LinkedIn messages on a Saturday morning, on my way to a Tony Robbins’ event Unleash the Power Within, I found out that my deadline had expired the day before. So, what to do if I start with a deadline for yesterday? That’s easy! I panicked and started thinking about all the excuses that I could give to get out of that pickle. Tony Robbins teaches about peak performance so instead of feeling short-changed I could look at my predicament as an opportunity for growth. Having personally met Tony a couple of times I drew inspiration from his teachings and decided to write the article regardless. Because I’m unreasonable I decided to push on and then I had an insight; I would write about Flow State. People associate Flow State or Being in the Zone with extreme or demanding sports but most people who use it to achieve high productivity are performing intellectual work in front of their computers. Business people can become five times more productive and assertive if they tap into the mysterious Flow State. But how to do it? The flow is achieved when you immerse yourself into a challenge with the utmost conviction that you will succeed. You will find great and elegant solutions to challenges; ideas will just crystallise inside your head and allow you do some great writing or to create artwork with focused attention and witness it develop in front of your very eyes, like in a trance. You can get into the flow while coding, playing chess or cards, surfing the perfect wave or any activity you already perform but which you want to excel at while dealing with time constraints and high stakes at play. This state is achieved by highly successful people who, probably, became successful precisely because they found a way of tapping into it often. This state can be achieved and I will tell you how I wrote this article. Today is the last day of Tony Robbins’ event and I woke up at 5.10 am a whole 45 minutes before my alarm clock went off. I rolled out of bed and moved swiftly to my desk to start writing the article straight away. Thirty minutes later the article was written and only then I washed my face and made myself a strong cup of coffee. Yes, I tapped into the flow and achieved the impossible by writing the article that was supposed to have been written yesterday. I’ve been studying about ways of tapping into the flow because I help people to read faster and also instil them with a passion for reading. You will certainly enjoy reading books if you manage to become immersed in it as if you were watching a 3D movie. An impressive study identified 17 triggers to tap into flow state. These are psychological, environmental, social and creative triggers and you too can start understanding how to be on the top of your game by visiting the Flow Genome Project website or by watching presentations on YouTube. You will be surprised to see how peak performers can learn a new skill up to five times faster but with less effort and more pleasure. Opportunities for growth are everywhere, so what would you like to learn faster? Author: Alex Garcez is a consultant in accelerated learning coaching, Speed Reading, and Smart Learning.





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The end of the white collar Fernanda Andrade Journalist The classic and elegant suit has never gone out of fashion. It has survived through generations and managed to remain a symbol of diplomacy and self-control. It has, however, gained new shapes and ways of being worn.

For those more discreet men, accessories can offer a way to brighten up their look. Cufflinks, for example, can reflect personality with fun themes. Playfulness and humour can also be seen in tie prints as well as socks- and these are already seen as a European classic. After all, a little humour at the workplace can be a successful recipe!


The corporate age with its scarcity of leisure time has made allowances for the business world to appear less formal. For some time now, shirts have displayed bold colours and prints. English designer Paul Smith became famous for combining traditional tailoring with eccentric prints, and, of course, his trademark multi-colour stripes. Nowadays he is one of the most acclaimed British fashion brands in the world.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was because I am black that the secret lasted for so long. Racial prejudice in Brazil downgrades black people as intellectually uncapable.â&#x20AC;?


The Power of Women


Valnei Nunes Journalist

THE WOMAN WHO CHALLENGED THE DICTATORSHIP Sitting waiting for a portion of charcoal-grilled cheese, Aglaete Nunes, a lawyer from Rio who will not reveal her age, watches the crowds at the World Social Forum with a sense of amazement. The 2018 edition of the Forum took place in Salvador and the main themes were Cultures of Resistance, Women’s Rights, Xenophobia and Racism; an event which would have been unthinkable at the time when this lawyer began to be active within feminist movements. In the 1970s, she edited the Jornal da Mulher, a publication which challenged the military government by denouncing cases of torture suffered by women in the prisons of the dictatorship ruling Brazil in 1964. At the same time, she offered protection to several activists persecuted by the DOPS - Department of Political and Social Order. She says that ‘because she was black she managed to keep the secret for so long. Racial prejudice in Brazil assumes that black people are intellectually incapable’. For years Aglaete Nunes managed to dodge the repressive system, and only in 1985, at the end of the dictatorship, did the military uncover ‘the apparatus’, as her law office in Rio de Janeiro was code-named. Ms Nunes was indicted and convicted for attempting to overthrow the military government and harbouring a clandestine party, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), which operated from her office at the time. Eventually, Aglaete was granted an amnesty but to this day she is still waiting to receive compensation for moral and material damages suffered due to the invasion and violation of her office. The feminist lawyer is the author of four books in which she tackles themes of social, political, gender and racial contradictions. Aglaete has always been prepared to help fellow women by sharing her knowledge, shielding them from military torture or events by offering a comforting friendly hug.


FEMININE UNION Among many strong and active women at the World Social Forum, Dr Maria Vargem, 37, felt fascinated by the message of the Kurdish women of the YPJ - Women’s Protection Unit. These women from Rojava, a town in the autonomous region of Syrian Kurdistan close to the Turkish border, are sustaining a women’s emancipation movement which is taking place within the Muslim world; they are fighting the Islamic State with their own militia, they are defending popular self-management projects, standing up to the patriarchy and hold a 50% representative participation in politics. Their authority in politics and justice is based on the egalitarian ideals of the Kurdish ideological leader Abdullah Ocalan. The Kurdish women do not consider themselves feminists but declare that feminism is an inspiring movement. Ms Vargem says she was moved to tears listening to their presentation. She adds that she ‘cannot stop thinking about the ideas of the YPJ women and that she is already intending to spend some time with them in Rojava if things go as planned’. She concludes by saying that ‘despite being such tough women, they pass on a lot of human warmth and a lot of clarity in their ideals’. The Forum Forum. More than fifty thousand people landed in Salvador to take part in the event. ‘To resist is to create, to resist is to transform’ was the theme of this programme. Many fascinating women - black, native Indian, white and mixed -all full of histories, knowledge and wisdom passed through the World Social Forum. This is an annual event in which through dialogue between diverse cultures everyone understands the common goal of building a fairer and more humane world.


Custom Cleaning Services is a one-stop shop for all cleaning services in London and the surrounding areas. We are a single point of contact for cleaning offices, residential and commercial properties. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ethos focuses strongly on health, safety and environmental policies, equality and diversity in the work place.


out in a skirt Fernanda Andrade Journalist



The skirt was the first piece of clothing created by mankind and it is still popular today. A staple item in any womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wardrobe, the skirt first appeared during the Stone Age when it was worn by both men and women as a means of protecting their private parts. According to anthropologists, the garments were initially made from animal skins and sewn with bone needles. Like humanity itself, the skirt evolved, and, from the Middle Ages onwards, became an almost exclusively female item of clothing. In the early twentieth century, skirts were long, waisted and bulky. By the end of World War I (19141919), voluminous skirts were replaced by slimmer models; they were still long and the waist was now around the hips. In the 1920s, the revolutionary designer Coco Chanel launched shorter skirt designs. They were now mid-calf length, and thus was created the versatile midi skirt.


After World War II, with the rationing of fabrics and women’s desire for more feminine looks, Christian Dior created the sensual pencil skirt. The designer, who was also responsible for the New Look, also launched the innovative balone skirt. In 1960, stylist Mary Quant created the miniskirt; practical and easy to wear, the mini heralded the end of austerity and became the most popular model of recent times. I cannot avoid mentioning the famous Kilt - a must for men in formal Scottish ceremonies that has also become a women’s item and appeared in the collections of many designers. Skirt models like envelope, sarong and skort are also often re-interpreted by designers. (I have never heard of the “envelope” skirt – I looked it up and it appears to exist is the US. The closest thing I can find here is the “wrap” skirt). Now that you know a little of the history of skirts, you just have to pick one up and wear it out there. * For the photos, I selected items from my personal collection worn in a contemporary style. * On makeup: a fresh make-up effect and powerful lashes lend a very natural summer look.

Photos: Dani Luquini Cili: Gabi Figueira, Make-up Department: Luana Cunsolo, Clothing: personal collection (Fernanda)





The internationalisation of Brazilian companies in the United Kingdom is a phenomenon that has been growing in recent years. Internationalisation reduces borders, promotes market expansion and increases competitiveness among countries. It promotes sharing of knowledge, technology, and human resources, as well as making private initiative projects economically viable. This article aims to show the opportunities and challenges faced by micro and small Brazilian companies establishing a foothold in the United Kingdom. General considerations Be aware of cultural, business and systems differences in the United Kingdom and Brazil when assessing the feasibility of internationalising Brazilian companies in the United Kingdom. In times of economic crisis, Brazilian companies are looking abroad as an alternative for expansion or even survival at home. Replication of models that are successful in Brazil may not apply in other countries. Brazilians excel in innovative projects and prestigious industries. According to the bilateral investment map - Brazil European Union published in 2017 by Apex, Brazil was the fifth largest source of investment in the United Kingdom from outside the European Union and the first among the BRICS or Mercosur. It is worth remembering that there are several reports and statistics regarding export and internationalization, but few records on internationalization


United Kingdom


Tax System

Simple and unified. Fiscal incentive. Retroactive reimbursement when results show losses. 18%

More than 380 different taxes divided into municipal, state and federal. Between 24% and 34%

Legal System

Fast and effective. Includes succession plan

Slow and bureaucratic

Access to information and procedures

The majority of organs accept online procedures and offer free and easily accessible information

Most procedures must be face to face. Information often is incomplete and hard to access.


Rare. Validations and authentications are not required.

All documents must be authenticated and sometimes signatures must be notarized

Geographical positioning and International agreements *Source: UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2017

Well placed in relation to the USA, Asia and the rest of Europe. Top position in the ranking of the presence of global companies

Does not have a strategic geographical position

Access to Market

No demands concerning the nationality of company directors No restrictions according to the activity sector

At least one of the company directors must be Brazilian Restrictions on activity sectors.

World Investor *Source: UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2017

Fourth place in world ranking

Sixth place in receipt of foreign investment


Initiation in a foreign territory. Europe is currently the second largest destination for Brazilian exports, accounting for 21.40% of the total. The United Kingdom is positioned as the second most important country within Europe. (Source: InvestecportalBrazil) Profile of Brazilian companies in the United Kingdom Brazilian companies may be configured in different ways, such as migrant professionals, scientists, and researchers, remote execution of projects, the incorporation of the company abroad with local representatives, or the actual establishing of a physical unit, like an office, shop or factory. The profile of Brazilian companies in the United Kingdom is composed as follows: Industry: Food, Financial Services, Design, Innovation, IT. Number of employees: 1 to 10 Annual Revenue: from £ 100,000 to £ 5,000,000.00 Control: Continuous control fixed in Brazil Return on Investment: 70% of the investment repatriated to Brazil In view of the above, we conclude that it may be easier to start or transfer a company from Brazil to the United Kingdom than within Brazil itself. Once the challenges are identified and the strategies defined, it is possible to conclude that the internationalization of Brazilian companies to the United Kingdom has a great chance of being successful. The UK remains a very desriable destination for foreign investments, even in times of Brexit.


United Kingdom


Work and commercial representation visas are required

Financial – Monetary difference- Investment

Stable currency; an exchange rate of BR$4.5 to £1, makes it a considerable investment for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Business Culture/ Licences and Local Legislation

Procedures are more formal and insurance policies are required. Different licences and local laws. Strict deadlines and timetables

The absence of contacts and network

During a company’s implementation, the absence of a network of contacts and partnerships can hinder the development of the business.

Communication: visual, spoken and written

Communication, including specific corporate British jargon, is totally distinct from that in Brazil and the US. Language fluency essential.

Banking system

The Board of Trade and Inland Revenue are prepared to facilitate business investments. The banking system, after the crisis of 2008, has created new and more complex regulations.

Investment repatriation

High Brazilian taxes when returns are repatriated to Brazil


Social Networking: True or False? Fabiana Pio Journalist ‘Basically, everyone is: brave on Twitter, happy on Facebook, successful on LinkedIn, creative on Instagram, a playboy on WhatsApp and single on Tinder.’ Unknown author ‘Happiness nowadays is directly related to the number of likes your posts receive and the number of followers you amass on social networks,’ says graphic designer Leonardo Avila, 33, right at the start of our interview when asked about his views on social media. At first this statement may shock many but unfortunately, when we analyse it carefully, we realize that it is not only part of our daily life but that we became a part of that reality. Recent studies have concluded that social networks can affect our self-esteem, our perception of the world, and the way we relate to one another. They can indeed influence us but it is up to us to decide how they affect us. ‘Nowadays people perceived as ‘happy’ are those who have thousands of followers and receive millions of comments. I used to do much more social networking than I do now. I decided to slow down when I realized how much of my time social networking was consuming. Currently I post no more than twice a week. I now value quality more than quantity,’ says Leonardo. As we navigate social networks, it is very easy to think that a particular blogger, for example, has a perfect life. What is often not considered are all the preparations involved in creating what you see; such as the time and effort invested in creating the perfect look (hair and make-up), money spent on clothes and accessories, time spent finding photo settings, and the thousands of photos taken until you get the perfect one. Not forgetting the finishing touches; the use of thousands of applications, filters, and image editors to get that perfect image. 104 100


Samanta Bullock Despite seeming to be always healthy on social networks, Samanta suffers constant pain ever since she had an accident at age 14 and had to start using a wheelchair. ‘When I had the accident, I thought I was going to die. But I survived. So, I never think that I lost, but rather that I got one more shot at life. I try to see life in its positive aspects, and that is what I want to pass on to my followers on social networks,’ says Samanta. Bullock explains that the injury to her spinal cord was incomplete and that her brain continues to send signals in the form of real electric discharges to the legs and other parts of the body, telling the body to move. ‘These discharges are very strong and cause terrible constant pain in my legs,’ says Samanta. To distract herself from the pain, instead of taking painkillers, Samanta tries to get involved with activities that bring her pleasure and reduce pain, such as playing sports, being in touch with nature, reading, watching comedy films, taking a bath or drinking good wine. ‘In tennis, my serve has been rated the strongest in Latin America, because I used to channel all the pain into it when I hit,’ says Samanta. “I often spend sleepless nights because of the pain, but if I have to be at an event the following day, I need to look well. I then try to control my thoughts, think positive and focus on the good side of things,’ says Samanta.

She also takes great care with her food. ‘I avoid fatty, fried foods, wheat flour, and sweets. I do not drink milk nor eat cheese or red meat. I try to eat lots of fibre. My food is paramount in making me feel well and strong to face the demands of everyday life,’ says Bullock.

It is very naive to assume that the person who posted a photo or video on social networks is happy all the time and lives a wonderful life, without any problems. I view social networks as a book, where we display our best moments. I do not want people to remember me as sad, complaining or crying. I want to bring joy and show positivity to people,’ says Samanta Bullock, 39, from London, who appeared in our issue 10, where she told her story as a former professional tennis player turned model.”

‘When on social networks I see a beautiful photo taken in a cool place, instead of making me feel jealous, it serves as an inspiration to me, so that in the future I may also be able to be in a similar place,’ says Samanta.


Mileine Aliaga Mileine Aliaga, 31, is an actress, model and singer who lives in London. She confesses to being addicted to Facebook and social networks in general and admits that she cares a lot about her aesthetic and personal image. She has always loved singing and dancing and says that she suffered bullying during her childhood both because she excelled in public performances and because of her appearance. ‘They called me Chokito, because I had severe acne on my face, and I also had very curly hair.’ But despite that, she loved to perform and sing. ‘Once I got beaten up by a gang of girls at school because my way of life bothered them. It was very traumatic,’ says Mileine. That did not stop Mileine from following her dreams and pursuing an artistic career. Because of her bad experiences in childhood, Mileine says that she is now extremely concerned about her appearance and confesses that she always tries to portray herself as being well and strong and is afraid to show any vulnerability. ‘On social networks, I always like to help people, I just try to spread positive messages and encouragement,’ says Mileine. She says that although she is going through a very difficult phase, being in the middle of a break-up of an 8-year relationship, she does not share her problems on social networks. ‘Keeping up appearances is a kind of self-defence.’ “Everyone thinks I have a beautiful, wonderful and glamorous life, because of the photos I post. We all have problems, I just do not like to expose them. I value my privacy,’ says Mileine.


RESEARCH According to a recent RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) report, in the UK 91% of young people (between 16 and 24) use the Internet for social networking. Social media has been described as being more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol. The rates of anxiety and depression in young people have increased by 70% in the last 25 years. Social media use has been linked to increased rates of anxiety, depression and poor sleep. Cyberbullying is a growing problem, with 7 in 10 young people saying that they have experienced it.

FACEBOOK FOMO You have probably already come across the acronym FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) on social networks. It is a very fashionable expression today, which refers to the anxiety and fear of being left out and is characterized by the need to be constantly tuned in. Seeing friends on holiday or having a fun night out, for example, can trigger in young people feelings of loneliness, dissatisfaction and frustration about their own lives, as they find their lives not as interesting as their friends’. Social media can also cause unrealistic expectations and fuel feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. This explains why Instagram is the social media that most causes feelings of anxiety and inadequacy as a result of the perfect images it broadcasts- images only attained by extensive use of artifices like filters and image editors.

A Pew Research survey conducted among Facebook users, found that ‘liking’ friends’ posts was a common daily activity for 44% of users. In fact, the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ may be the main reason why people post contents on websites like Facebook. In the same survey, 16% of men and 29% of women declared that receiving support from others was the main reason why they used Facebook, and about 16% of all users confessed that receiving feedback from their posts was their main motivator. Research shows that when people, ‘like’ our posts, we get the feeling that we are supported and have someone to count on, especially when the support comes from our closest connections. Another recent countrywide survey of social media users (average age 45) found that those who received more feedback from their posts (such as ‘likes’ on Facebook) tend to feel more secure and supported by their peers. This suggests that both the quality and the volume of response we get from social media can affect the way we feel supported.


ADVANTAGES Social networking also has its benefits. Studies have proven that social media platforms offer young people a useful tool for creating, maintaining and strengthening interpersonal relationships in the real world. This can occur through connections with friends and family in different parts of the world, something that would be more difficult without social networks. It also offers opportunities for greater interaction with friends online as well as the reviving of ‘inactive’ relationships, and indeed of making new friends. The ease with which social events can be organized and coordinated or how a date can be set with a few simple clicks was unimaginable before the advent of social networking and has now become inherent to the way young people live their lives. Social media can also act as an interaction ‘following step’ after an initial face-to-face encounter. This means that even brief interactions can be built upon with the help of social media, whereas they could have been lost otherwise.

CONCLUSION There will always be someone more attractive, more popular, with a fitter body and dressed more fashionably, who travels more, is smarter or has something better to offer. And that is part of life. When we choose to be grateful for what we have and not compare ourselves to others, social networks will then become a source of inspiration for places and people we wish to know or relate to. We cannot allow social networks to influence what we feel about ourselves and our lives. If we value ourselves, we will not need to seek the approval of others to feel good.


ENTREPRENEUR ‘For women, by women’

“A woman is complete when she is able to fulfill her own needs.” /lennemoghadari




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“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Pv 22:6)

ceizs.londres BRENT CROSS (NW)



Hotel Holiday Inn Brent Cross Tilling Road London NW2 1LP

THE CONEL (COLLEGE) High Road London N15 4RU

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Sunday: 11:00h

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INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL COMMUNITY CHURCH (CEIZS) has won the GUIA LONDRES AWARDS 2017 as Best Brazilian Social Assistance Institution in the UK.

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