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Adriana Caycedo Art director- Creative

Information Profile Born: June 25, 1993 Quando lavoro su quello che mi apin Bogotá, Colombia passiona mi diverto. Mi piace innovare, esplorare e proporre idee Live: Milan, Italy nuove. Cerco di imparare costantemente, sono aperta a nuovi (+39) 339 6755675 punti di vista e mantengo sempre un’attitudine positiva. Sono sempre disposta a lavorare con gli altri. Sono perseverante e dedita al mio lavoro. adrianacaycedo /adrianacaycedo @adricaycedo


I campi che mi appassionano di più sono: art directizon, branding e editorial.

Languages Spanish






Education Instituto Alberto Merani‘09 Bogotá, Colombia. The school was founded as an educational alternative for exceptional children. The topics of my graduation thesis were pedagogy and psycology. Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano‘13 Bogotá, Colombia. Proffesional career in advertisement with enphasis in marketing. Istituto Europeo di Design‘14 Milano, Italia. Comuncazione pubblicitaria with enphasis in art direction. Thesis currently in progress.

SNT International College Bournemouth, England Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá, Colombia Istituto Italiano di Cultura Bogotá, Colombia

Skills Illustrator Photoshop Indesign Premiere Pro Flash After Effects Ableton Live

Thank you for viewing my portfolio. I hope you’ll find yourself having an ejoyable time.

Portfolio Compilation of works made by Adriana Caycedo

SAVE THE ARTS This multi-subject capaign was created in order to remind the public of the importance of art. Some famous world leaders in history that were,generally perceived as villains, were shown as artists, posing the question: 多what would have happened if these men were men of art?多How different would the world be?. Role: Creative Idea and Art Direction. Made with: Beatrice Barzanti, Elisabetta Doria, Francesco Pasi and Carolina Fringuelli.

If he had had more art in his life, our history would have been different.

If he had more art in his life, our history would have been different.

If he had had more art in his life, our history would have been different.

The Valient Eater front cover

The valient eater An unconventional food magazine, written for people who enjoy food but are too lazy to cook. It showcases easy yet decadent recipes, entretaining cooking T.V. shows and irreverent articles. This magazine was an school project, it was written in spanish and only two copies were printed.

Role: Photography, writting and art direction. Made with: Isabela Dimarco.

The Valient Eater. Eater profile

The Valient Eater Lemon Pizza

The Valient Eater Hawaian Burger

T h e c ayc e d o expresso This piece describes my professional profile. It portraits me as a cup of coffee(typical product from my origyn country): the shot of energy that you agency needs. Coffee is a key element in any creative agency, and I like to compare my way of working to a nice and much needed cup of coffee.


Caycedo expresso By: Adriana Caycedo

whipped creativity

Passion flavored hard-work

fresh ideas Spicy points of view

10 0 %

Andiamo a prendere

un caffe


colombian coffee

this ticket is worth an invitation to have coffee with me


We used some chemical and biological reactions to represent the sea environments. Later on, there would be an event in the aquarium featuring these reactions on an bigger scale, where the visitors will be able to witness the performance they have previously seen on the video. Made with: Michela De Vivo Silvia Masetti Oreste Monaco

Milan is a fast, chaotic but beautiful city. Some places like the aquarium hold the history of this amazing city. This project wants to attract the looks of the citizens to a forgotten building, inviting them to revisit the aquarium and see by themselves the fantastic creatures that live within it. The aquarium, however, is small, round and quite dark, so we decided to recreate underwater environments in a cristal bowl, to show that beauty can be found even in the smallest things.



Vespa primavera

This video case history was made for the launchment of the new vespa primavera. An Envent, ambient and an app were created for these case.

Beatrice v i n e ya r d Logo and coorporate identity made for a colombian vineyard.



1 cm


My art direction, video making and advertising work. Thanks for viewing

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