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ADRIANA P. FLOREZ 45 DIANE DRIVE South Windsor • Connecticut 06074 (860) 920-9344 •

RE: Ref Code 312

January 9, 2013 Human Resources Manager Lydall Dear Human Resources Manager This letter and enclosed resume are sent to express my interest in the Benefits Manager position, which was posted on Career Builder. I believe that I am well qualified to contribute to your organization in this important role. In evaluating me as a candidate, I hope you will consider these strengths: Results Command Respect – and I Have Them One of the great lessons I learned early in my career is that by producing results, not excuses, I will keep growing. I have excelled at every level, recognition from peers and management, and delivering business results at the very highest level. I Am the Employee You Never Have To Worry About Throughout my career, I have taken pride in being thought of by my managers as the solution, and never as the problem. I do my work with a calm, steady focus – assured in the thoroughness of my preparation, enjoying the work of the day, and taking pride in doing the job as well as it can possibly be done. With me, you would not only get a high producer, but also a steady one. Please contact me to schedule an interview – or in the event you require additional information. Should we agree that my skills meet your requirements, I would seek annual compensation in the $95K-$105K+ range. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Adriana P. Florez

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