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Once upon a time there lived a very bad man called Clark. He was born in England on the 1833.When he was almost 20 years old he became a bad man because when he was a child he lost a teddy bear he loved much. Clark had only one family of courtiers. But one day one of the courtier forgot a glass of water and Clark fired all the family in the clap of his hands.

Time past and the king was still looking at someone to work on his big house. One day a family that need money where asking for money in the street and the King told a little joke to convince them and in a little word they were working in his castle. The family members were Lancelot there father, Katherine There mother and Claris their daughter.

One day Lancelot came bleeding all over and Claris ask him what had happen so the father told her he fall from horse, but really he had been hurt by Clark because he had been taking five minutes from his break so he hit him. One day katherine heard something about his havent so she went to the prefecture and tell what happen but they said they can’t do anything because he is our king. Katherine went home very sad.

One day a patrol came home and told them that the law didn't say they couldn't send him to jail so they went to talk to him and they send him to prison and Lancelot Claris and Katherine became Queen King And Princess.



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