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By Valentina G.

ď‚ž One

day a girl called Violeta went to the zoo. In the zoo she went to a park and played with her doll but she wanted to see the monkeys and left the doll in the park.

She went to the mall and bought a new dress. When she came back home she wanted to played with her doll but when she opened her bag pack it wasn't there so she started to look for her doll but she didn’t find her.

 Then

she remembered that she left the doll in the park and she started to cry and cry and told her mom and her mom said ¡ don’t worry I’m going to buy a new doll. Then she smiled and went to her room and played with the friend dog that called Malena with her dolls and slept in Malena's house.

ď‚ž In

the morning she ate an apple and played in the tree with Malena. They played with the computer and went to Mc Donalds to eat. Then her mom invited Malena to the cinema and saw a movie called spanches they laughed a lot.

In the city valentina