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By : Azul R.

In my city

AN ADVENTURE IN THE CITY ď‚— One day there was a girl with blond hair her name was

Clara she had brown eyes . She was twenty years old and she was going to the cinema, but she couldn’t arrived because there was a traffic jam. It was the last movie and then as she was walking she saw an airport and went to her house and packed all her clothes.

AN ADVENTURE IN A CITY She phoned some friends , their names were Mora , Fran Luna , Alix and Julieta , and asked if they wanted to go to Disney with her . Yes super , they went to the airport and went to Disney . They stayed a lot of days and they couldn´t come back because of the weather . After some days they could do all that they wanted to do and ‌

 Then they came back to the city and said “there’s no

place like home.”


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