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AVAILABLE POSITIONS Para Aplicar a alguno de los puestos acรก mencionados es sumamente importante que vayas a este link S1ItMkg3S2h4MUR1d1E6MQ

TALENT MANAGEMENT Social Responsibility Manager Social Responsibility manager is The person in charge of the Social Responsibility program will develop the strategy to effectively achieve a program that will strengthen our commitment to social and environmental improvement.


Developer: An IT labs developer is a person who is proficiency in computers and programming. People in this position are in charge of the development and maintenance of new IT tools that will help Universidad de Costa Rica local committee to improve both internal and external communication.

INCOMING EXCHANGE (ICX) Caring Coordinator

Account Manager

MARKETING OGIP MARKET RESEARCH SPECIALIST: The OGIP Market Research Specialist has to make the market research and segmentation for OGIP in order to make a marketing campaign more focused on the OGIP target. COMMUNITY MANAGER: The Community Manager is the person in charge of managing all the external AIESEC social media accounts in order to create social media strategies to position AIESEC through the external stakeholders. He/She is the responsible to communicate all important information to the external publics.

OGCDP University Relations – External Projects: encargado de buscar alianzas con organizaciones externas principalmente universitarias y con dichas alianzas posicionar los programas de AIESEC en la población estudiantil.

OGIP Caring Member

XPM Events and Reception Manager Sales Executive and Marketing Manager: charge of selling the Project to TN takers and sponsors and all the marketing of the project. Tracking and Reception Manager

Finance Strategic Operator: Responsible to assist the sustainability of LC and handle non corporate products.

Legal COMPENDIUM & LEGAL EDUCATION SUPPORT : responsible of the LC compendium and legal education.

Sales Selling Representative: Sell AIESEC products or services. The sales representative would be responsible for winning new customers and developing new market spaces for our products and services. In order to perform well in this job the Sales Representative will need excellent communication skills. He/she will also need to be confident, determined and able to deal with rejection. Sale Representatives should have good people skills and be good at persuading and negotiating. The sales representative attitude, sales skills and experience are likely to be more important than qualifications.

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