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Mar Gradoli Giner y Adrian Raga

Activities / Activitats: 1-You’ve got the technical details of the film in Valencià. Translate it into English, so you can learn/revise the basic vocabulary related to audiovisual productions.

TECHNICAL Duration: 119 min. Nationality: UK and USA Year: 1988 (Color). Management: Stephen Frears Production Company: WARNER BROS. Producer: NORM Heyman and Hank MOONJEAN Screenplay: Christopher Hampton (Based on the work of de Laclos Choder) Photography: P. ROUSSELOT Edition: Mick AUDSLEY Music: George Fenton Artistic Direction: Stuart Craig and Gerard JAMES Wardrobe: JAMES Acheson

2. Write about 3 of the main characters (Madame of Merteuil, Viscount of Valmont, Madame de Tourvel, and Cecile de Volanges). Include their physical and personality description. Madame of Merteuil:

Madame de Merteuil was a woman with a strong character and a personality. His hair was blond, she had slanted eyes, thin lips and white skin and she had very big breasts. She wanted to be a strong person but really she had lots of feelings.

Viscount of Valmont:

Viscount of Valmont, who uses sex as a weapon to humiliate and degrade others while enjoying their cruel games. He is a man of tall stature with white hair / black and thick lips. It has a strong character and heartbreaking, is arrogant and contradictory.

Madame of Tourvel:

Cecile of Volanges: She is innocent and ignorant

3- Write a description of the most representative locations of the age, like the lounges (living rooms), the bedrooms or the gardens. The bedroom of Mme of Merteuil it’s very big and she has many colors. There’s a double bed and a sofa. On one side is a mirror so you can make up and a desk to write and next to them a balcony.

4- Do you think that they are genuine people? What do Mme de Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont use to dress up in front of the people? Which physical or material elements do they use to build their social identity? We are not genuine people because their behavior is inappropriate. They have a different attitude between they. On the one hand she is more innocent and kind and the other is a man without feelings, arrogant and uninvolved in the happiness of their "women’s". The women wears long dresses and white paints their faces to hide their true personality, however the men wears a suit (jacket and trousers) and to conceal their true personality constantly changing hairstyle.

5- In the film you can find people who aren’t what they are supposed to be. The society of that age was based on rules, conventions and traditions which stopped people from being what they really were. What are the objectives that each character wants to meet? What means do they use to get those objectives? Are they really happy? The objective with Viscount of Valmont is conquer to the Madame of Tourvel for get involved with Madame of Merteuil, used the manipulation. Yes, he’s happy because he likes to have dominated. The objective with Madame of Merteuil is that Viscount of Valmont lose the love of his life, Madame of Tourvel. She also manipulation with Viscount of Valmont. Of course, She’s happy manipulation but when Viscount of Valmont is killed realizes that her also love.

6- Quina dona de les que hi apareixen a la pel·lícula et sembla més moderna, més atrevida, més d’acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums reflectit a l’expressió Sapere aude? Mme de Merteuil, Mme de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges, sa mare…? Justifica la teua resposta. La dona que sembla mes moderna és Mme de Merteuil perquè es una dona que no depèn dels homens i te les seues opinions i pensaments, és una persona lliure.

7- Diríeu que Mme de Tourvel és una persona “major d’edat” d’acord a l’ètica de Kant? Hi ha algun canvi en aquesta situació al llarg de la pel·lícula? Justifica detingudament la teua resposta utilitzant els teus coneixements. Pensem que Mme de Tourvel és una persona major d’edat al principi, quan es veu reflexada en ella una actitud en la qual no depèn de ningú, no es deixa forçar i planta cara davant el que li passa. D’acord amb l’ètica de Kant, al final de la historia deixa de ser major d’edat per a passar a dependre i fer tot el que diu Viscount de Valmont i passa a deixar de serho perquè no te opinió, Viscount de Valmont la força i ella deu fer el que ell vol sense tindre en compte el que ella vol fer realment o sense pensar el que li sembla a ella. El canvi que es produeix al llarg de la pel·lícula, és que Viscount de Valmont s’adona de que ella és el amor de la seua vida i que s’arrepenteix de com l’havia tractada.

8- La pel·lícula és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle XVIII. Elabora tu aquesta crítica. Un element molt important és l’escena final de Mme de Merteuil, el desenllaç de Valmont, etc. “ Les aparençes enganyen” Valmont era un home que sols es fixava en el físic fins que va conèixer a Madame of Tourvel, ell sabia que li agradava però li costava reconeixer-ho i abans de morir és va donar compte de que Madame of Tourvel era el amor de la seua vida i la havia deixat escapar.

Dangerous liaisons