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Fascination: Play


What is a fascination? For me understanding the fundamentals, dare I say the principles, in which a critical view on design requires. What is it that I appreciate in the natural and composed environments that surround me? What catches my eye at first sensational glance and what keeps me interested with sunstained story behind it. These elements make up my so called appropriated identity, not of my own creation but of an organized curation. The purely sublime manifestation of witty invention mixed with the cleverly altered classics. At first I am only drawn by the substantiated and intellectualized but the emotional and romantic come through in moments of self professed weakness. Its a melange but continuity exists with consideration for aesthetics, formal integrity, proportion, material, context, and message.

Play: One of the most important aspects of our lives is play-- no this is not a naive claim without substantiated foundation, it is merely a defense of a natural form of expression. Play is a way of learning and understanding, another venue for the mind to comprehend other then study or experimentation. Leisurely activity tricks the mind out of a stressed or exhausted mind fixated on one topic and returns it more to a lucid engagement, then allows the mind to gain fresh perspectives on the original topic at hand. Some call this the “shower effect,� a break in time in which the mind conceives brilliant solutions for problems that are not immediate in thought. While in the shower my best ideas come to me. Others call this efficiency, perhaps an unexplained human phenomenon. Play for me is also the important juncture within applied arts, a way to channel the explainable through the lucid. Playground design has always fascinated me.

The following pages reveal images from my collection that fit the theme...

Fascination Book - Play  

This series of 15 fascination books looks into elements of creativity that influence my voice as a designer but also as a critical writer. E...

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