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Fascination: Mapping


What is a fascination? For me understanding the fundamentals, dare I say the principles, in which a critical view on design requires. What is it that I appreciate in the natural and composed environments that surround me? What catches my eye at first sensational glance and what keeps me interested with sunstained story behind it. These elements make up my so called appropriated identity, not of my own creation but of an organized curation. The purely sublime manifestation of witty invention mixed with the cleverly altered classics. At first I am only drawn by the substantiated and intellectualized but the emotional and romantic come through in moments of self professed weakness. Its a melange but continuity exists with consideration for aesthetics, formal integrity, proportion, material, context, and message.

Mapping: A room within a house that is encased between four walls sits on a street with other houses, streets that form the composition of a district that is one piece of a neighborhood within the limits of a city, a city that blends into the countryside of a region met by other regions that make up a nation which shares borders and skies with other nations. How close are we, what is the best way to get there, what sequence of paths and directions will we take. Mapping is a form of organized expression that is primarily informative. A mode of communication that has been borrowed by artist for satire and by designers to tell stories. Brainstorming to incubation reflects the same planning seen in the floor plan of a house. The ebbs and flows of streaming masses in their civic duties are guided by political via geographic borders. Borders that are no longer physically geographic but also digital, webbed and interconnected. Hub systems against the visual struture of airport taxiways that branch out into uncharted territories of one’s thoughts. Maps maintain a social responsibility but then again half of Belgium can be flooded to make a not-so-subtle point.

The following pages reveal images from my collection that fit the theme...

Fascination Book - Mapping  

This series of 15 fascination books looks into elements of creativity that influence my voice as a designer but also as a critical writer. E...

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