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MySe ni orHi ghSc hool Me mor yBook “ Wr i t i ngi sas oc i a l l ya c c e pt a bl e f or mofs c hi z ophr e ni a . ” -E . L . Doc t or ow “ I fmus i cbet hef oodofl ov e , pl a yon, Gi v emee xc e s sofi t ; t ha ts ur f e i t i ng , Thea ppe t i t ema ys i c k e n, a nds odi e . ” -Wi l l i a mS ha k e s pe a r e Thos ewhoma k epe a c e f ul r e v ol ut i on i mpos s i bl e , wi l l ma k ev i ol e nt r e v ol ut i oni ne v i t a bl e . -J ohnF . Ke nne dy “ The r ei sonl yoneha ppi ne s si nl i f e , t ol ov ea ndbel ov e d. ” -Ge or g eS a nd “ Wi t houtde v i a t i onf r omt henor m, pr og r e s si snotpos s i bl e . ” -F r a nkZa ppa

Thi sbooki sdedi cat edt o al loft hepeopl et hatha ve acc ompani edmeont hi s memor abl ej our ney . . . Thos et hatwer et her ef r om t hest art , Thos et hatar et her enow, Andt hos et hatwer et her e t hr oug houti tal l .

Tab l eofc ont e nt s I .WhoAm I ? I I .Sc hoolBel l s I I I .IGr ew UpHer e I V.Let ’ sGot ot heMovi es & MyFa vor i t eSongsand/ orMus i calGr oups V.Let ’ sTakeaVacat i on

I . Wh oa mI ? Tostartoff,whatmostmovesmewhen itcomestothingsI can do with my timeand,moreimportantly,with my life,iswriting. Writing ismy way of communicating my feelings,thoughtsand piecesof my soul,of pouring my heartouttothepaper and setting itfree. My nameisAdriana MullenGarzon.Born in San Diego,California on March 6th,1995and lived spentmostof my childhood in Peoria, Illinois.Now I livehere,in Bogota,Colombia,and I loveit.

I aim tobecausea successfulwriter.Notnecessarily famous, becauseI admitfamedoesn’ tappealtomethatmuch,butI definitely wish tobesuccessfuland,aboveall,happy.I alsoaim to keep musicin my life,tokeep enjoying theunique,peacefulsensation thatitcausesin me. Thefirstof thesegoalsI expecttoreach through much hard work and study,through dedication towhatI love,through disciplineand emotion for thepath I havechosen.And thesecond,I plan toachieveby never giving up my beloved guitar,and by making sureI appreciate musicin allitsforms,especially in theformsthat havehad such an impact,thatthey managed to influenceand shapethemusicof generationsto come.

I I . School Bel l s WhenI fi rstst artedschool , I wenttoadaycarecenter cal l edKi nderCaref orPreschool . Then, wheni twasti me f orki ndergarten, I m ovedontoSai ntVi ncentdeP aul School . I rem em berthatm yf avori teteacherswereMrs. Dawson i nki ndergartenandMs. Hogani nthi rdgrade, andthat m yf avori tesubj ectswereusual l yartandEngl i sh, al thoughtheyvari edf rom ti m etoti m e. I l earnedtoreadbyreadi ngsi m pl ebooksl i ketheDr. Seuss books, andenj oyedreadi ngeversi nce. Foral ongperi odofti m eI hadtobei n“ af tercare� , whi ch wasaprogram est abl i shedbytheschool sothatthe studentswhoseparentsworkedti l l l atehadsom eoneto t akecareofthem f oraf ew hours af terschool . I woul dworkonhom ework, watchm ovi esandpl aycom putergam es duri ngthatti m e, andusual l ygotpi ckedup byoneofm yparentsaround6: 00PM. I spental otofti m ewi thm ybrother duri ngrecessf orthefi rstcoupl eofschool years, butthenm adeotherf ri endssuch asagi rl cal l edGabbyandanothercal l ed Madi son.

I I I . I G r e wU pH e r e I spentmostof my childhood in Peoria,Illinois,although I was born in San Diego,California and wasalsoraised during part of my lifein Corvalis,Oregon and in Vermont. Peoria wasa smallcity,with notmuch todo,butfriendly and safenonetheless.I enjoyed theweather there,becauseI could play in thewater duetothesometimesextremeheatin thesummer, butcould alsoplay in thesnow in thewinter.During autumn,the leaveson thetreeswould turn a beautifulred,orangeor yellow, and thespring wasgorgeousbecauseof somany flowersin bloom.

My neighborhood waspeacefuland very standard,nothing special. I would ridemy bikearound ita lotof thetime,or from my house tomy school,which wasonly aboutoneblock away.Itwasa very secureneighborhood,and weknew quitea few of our neighborsand would chatwith them now and then.

I V . L e t ’ sG ot ot h eM o v i e s & M yF a v o r i t eS o n g sa n d / o rM u s i c a l G r o u p s Childhood: Movies: TheFox and theHound TheLion King TheLand BeforeTime

Music: Britney Spears Hilary Duff

TeenageYears: Movies: TheParentTrap TheBourneIdentity TheBourneSupremacy TheBourneUltimatum Stand By Me

Music: Hilary Duff DrakeBell Paramore Justin Bieber

Now: Movies: Inception TheNotebook Shutter Island ThePianist

Music: RiseAgainst Paramore Green Day Panic!attheDisco GunsN’Roses Pink Floyd TheBeatles A Day ToRemember Queen

V . L e t ’ sT a k eaV a c a t i o n A trip I feeltheneed totakeatsomepointistoParis.This city really attractsmy attention becauseitisromantic, beautiful,and artistic,and hasa greatmany attractionsto visit.I would liketoseetheview from thetop of theEiffel Tower,visittheLouvreMuseum,and eatoutatseveral restaurantsin Paris.

I would alsoliketovisitVeniceoneday,which would be especially appropriatefor meconsidering how much I love Italian foood.

Ep i l ogu e I fIc oul dc hangeonet hi ngaboutmyc har ac t er ,Iwoul d gi vemys el fabet t ermemor yandawi derat t ent i ons pan, f orI ’ m al wa ysf or get t i ngt hi ngsandIgetdi st r ac t ed eas i l y .Thi swoul dhel pmecar r youtt as ksmor eef f i c i ent l yandwoul dmaker ecal l i ngandr emember i ng i mport antdet ai l smuc hs i mpl er . However ,t houg ht hes ear et hi ngst hatIadmi tIwoul d l i ket oc hange,Iknow t hatIam c ompl et el yal r i g ht j ustt hewa yIam.Iam t her es ul tof17y ear sofhar d wor k,dedi cat i on,l ove,andl i f e.

Senior High School Memory Book  

Creative English project, first term.

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