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Volume 1, Issue 3

November 2008

ADRA Indonesia Newsletter

“TSUNAMI REHABILITATION OF SED IN PANGANDARAN, WEST JAVA” Location: Bulak Kapal, Pangandaran, West Java Donor: ADRA Czech Funding: US$ 100,000 Mrs Rini, age 38, A homeless lady attained her dream from a small business. Before tsunami, she had a small shop selling daily groceries like coffee, instant noodles and sugar. This business was lost after tsunami disaster on July, 2006 in Pangandaran. No job, no home and no money forced her to go to Jakarta. She worked as a baby sitter there. After hearing that Pangandaran started to be populated again, she decided to go back home. She took a job as a home guard just to have a place to stay and a little allowance. After sometime, she was not satisfied with her work. She longed for a home and a personal business. Finally, she asked her relatives to help her build a small house. A house with 2 bedrooms and 1 small room to start a business. She wanted to start the same business as before. However she has no capital to start with. At first, when ADRA came to offer a program to help women’ businesses in small scale like her, she doubted. She was afraid that she can’t repay the loan. After the group training, she understood that ADRA program is good and easy, so she decided to request loan from ADRA. I promise to attend the group meeting regularly. I’m happy with the group activities and ADRA support. My life before was miserable and hopeless. My husband divorced me and took with him our only son after the tsunami.

Mrs. Rini with her new Small Shop

I have no work and home, but now I am more hopeful and have a brighter future. On August 2008, Started with IDR 500,000, she filled her small shop with daily groceries. Business is going well for her. She is very happy with that. During “Lebaran” holidays, she earned more money from local and international tourist. Now she started saving some amount in a bamboo coin bank. Last month she got more than IDR 250,000 from her saving.

Mrs. Rini said that “I was so happy that finally I have my own business. I hope that ADRA will continue to help me in developing my business”.

ADRA program merged with the strong desire of this woman contributed a significant change in her life. This is a change of lives among the beneficiaries and the impact of the program as stated in the proposal.

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ADRA Indonesia Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 3

ADRA provided training to the beneficiaries before disbursing soft loan that will enable them to use the loan for business purposes. Intensive personal visit is being conducted by ADRA staff, giving support and knowledge to women to develop their businesses.

The Field Officer (Suryaman) gives training to Group Leaders about group administration

A lady was so happy after getting loan

Team building training

Jelome Selda took sometime to attend program orientation to beneficiaries.

Jelome and Munson (Project Coordinator)


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