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Volume 1, Issue 3

October 2008

ADRA Indonesia Newsletter

SMALL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (SED) FOR WOMEN AND WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT PROJECT IN MEDAN, INDONESIA Donor: ADRA International and Private Fund The Small Economic Development Project (SED Project) which started from February 2008 held in Sukadono, Germania, North Sumatera is a former sugar cane plantation owned by the Government and inhabited by about 220 families. Most of them are farmers and raise livestock such as : chickens, pigs, ducks, and sidewalk vendors in the traditional market. The farmers had tried to borrow money from the money lender, but the problem was a very high interest rates. ADRA conducted training to empower them in basic finance management, and improve their standards of living. The first SED Training was held on February 17th to February 27th, 2008. ADRA disbursed loan to 17 beneficiaries and grouped them in 5 groups such as Mulya Jaya Group, Melati Group, Germania Group, Mawar Group, and Pasar Pagi Group. After the loan disbursements, each met regularly. ADRA has guided the beneficiaries not to use the funds for personal use but for income generating enterprise. Through the assistance, the members recognized and developed their potential in financial management. The group meeting focused on building their social solidarity between the members. Group meeting accountability, is for promotion, and minimize the risk of bad debt of the members. Esnita Manullang is the person in charge in Mawar Group. She has received the first loan disbursement from ADRA. She used the loan to rear ducks, she succeeded in rearing them. She has 23 ducks now and is expanding the number of the ducks using the second loan. She doesn’t have to borrow money from the moneylender to build her business, pay big interest. With 23 ducks, 7-12 eggs are produced everyday. She sells them to her neighbors. The demand increased each day and others had to be in the waiting list. Through SED project of ADRA, Esnita can earn and provide for her family needs. She doesn’t have to worry anymore. She just raised ducks and plants cassava.

With support from ADRA, Ibu Esnita has small business like sells eggs, cassava, corn, vegetables and anything that grows in her field. Through SED, she has a brighter hope

She doesn’t have to be outside the home all day and can give more time to her children. She wants to use the money for her family, save some to send her children to school someday. She really wants to prepare the best future for her children.

Medan 2008 10 sed  
Medan 2008 10 sed