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Our Mission ADRA Indonesia reflects God’s love through partnerships with communities for sustainable change to achieve self-reliance, social justice, and dignity for all. Our Vision Through strong partnership and innovative strategic approach, ADRA Indonesia helps meet the basic social needs of disadvantaged communities throughout Indonesia by implementing quality development and humanitarian projects. Our Core Values

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Respect for Human Dignity Community-centeredness

Greetings from tropical Indonesia, the lush green islands of emerald jewels floating on warm tropical seas, lacing the equator... This is truly beautiful country! A nation of 250 million men, women, youth and children, and abundant natural resources and scenery, but also of many social and environmental challenges... This is where ADRA Indonesia, as part of the ADRA Network of 125 countries, with our beloved partners, continue to minister and empower communities of families and individuals, to improve quality of life as they pursue their national dream for a “Just and Prosperous Indonesia!” Indonesia has its challenges, and ADRA is committed to address them through its ministries! In this pictorial Annual Report of 2008 we present you our important events and accomplishments – of Developmental Projects as well as of Emergency Response for the community. We also report our internal capacity building, strategic realignment and systems development, to achieve our vision of “being a strong partner of communities.” We are happy to say that we have implemented well and continued to improve ourselves taking lessons learned from earnest evaluations.


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Dear Friends of ADRA Indonesia,


Our Motto “Changing Indonesia one life at a time”




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At this time, I would like to present special thanks and appreciation to our donors, partners, country, project staff and volunteers, who have stood faithfully with us, implementing courageously our fruitful 2008 mission. You have been God’s hands, feet, face and smiles to touch and help hundreds of men, women, youth and children in this part of the world. Let’s continue to hold hands, and widen the ring of fellowship, to implement more and better throughout Indonesia in the years to come... A word of appreciation to Anita and Donald Odondi, Cliff Momanyi, coming from home base Kenya and Uganda, serving from April 2007 to July-August 2008, as Programs Director, Emergency/Health Programs Officer and Finance Director respectively, then leaving for a call to serve ADRA Myanmar. You have been instrumental to fruitfully lead our many worthwhile initiatives during your tour of duty. Also a gracious welcome to Jelome Selda from the Philippines who came on board May 2008 to take charge of Programmatics of this agency from Anita. May you have a fulfilling time with us and our people. Pray for the continued improvement of our beloved ADRA Indonesia and its partnerships for enhanced community empowerment. As the last copy goes off the press, its ink dried well, and one beautiful booklet comes into the hands of one honored reader, I thank you, our Publication team, for having laboriously designed and produced this special visualization report... May God’s blessing be with us at all times and truly strengthen us. Sincerely yours,

Dr. Reuben V.T. Supit Country Director ADRA Indonesia

Constructing Houses For Aceh’s Teachers (CHAT) ADRA Network (May 2007 - April 2008) USD 408,459 West Aceh District, Indonesia


Constructing Houses for Aceh’s Teachers project has improved the quality of teachers for rural tsunami affected areas through the provision of 11 duplex houses among the teachers in rural schools of West Aceh district, Indonesia since July 2008. One additional house has been allocated to a community educational resource centre for the librarian, bringing the total houses constructed to 23 in twelve different locations. In addition, water and sanitation facilities were also constructed.

The housing units main purpose was to attract and retain twenty two (22) qualified and experienced teachers and librarian in rural schools. Retention of qualified teachers in the schools is a factor that can lead to improve quality of teaching and learning thereby improving the pupils’ performance. The direct beneficiaries of the project were 22 teachers, one librarian and their families while the indirect beneficiaries were 1,800 pupils being taught by these teachers that contributed to their improved overall performance.

ADRA handing over duplex teachers house at MIN Karak.

Librarian House at SMPN 2 Meurebo.

Creating Opportunities For People’s Empowerment (COPE) Extension ADRA Canada (December 2006 - July 2008) CAD 324,962 West Aceh District, Indonesia The COPE project during this extension period had three main components by supporting the following; • Kindergartens ADRA supported five (5) kindergartens in Teunom sub district through provision of outdoor play equipments; such as swings, slides, climbing ladder, seesaws, furniture, toys and other learning resources by the end of May 2008.

Mechanics Group Trainers from Small Economic Development (SED) project based in Jakarta of ADRA Indonesia conducted a two-week vocational training for the seven mechanics. The main activities covered were group dynamics, business management and savings mobilisation. The group also received an assortment of tools and equipments last June 2008. Kindergartens toys and learning resources in Teunom

Carpenters Group Carpenters group with twenty four (24) members received vocational training from ADRA last March 2008 in different villages of Teunom sub district. During the trainings the carpenters expressed that one of their main handicaps were lack of carpentry tools. They get a very low wage because of being branded as unskilled labourer due to lack of tools for carpentry. In order to address this issue, ADRA provided tools to the group last June 2008. The carpenters can now secure contractors and continue to increase income using their new tools in carpentry. ADRA handing over tools to one of the carpenter groups. ADRA conducted vocational training among the mechanics group.

Annual Report 2008


Professional Educators Training (PET) Extension ADRA Netherlands (December 2008) EURO 26,307 West Aceh District, Indonesia During the extension period, ADRA supported two elementary schools; Padang Sikabu and Meuntulang 5,550 text books and learning resources materials and two libraries of 7,612 books (from 17 publishers and various author and reference 3,806 books in each library) last December 2008. The list of books identified were English, vocational, agriculture, management, knowledge in disaster, youth ethics, family health and other various text books from different publishers that will enrich the knowledge of the students and teachers and to provide the libraries with better references.

The delivered books.

During the handing over ceremony, all the principals and school committee members thanked ADRA Indonesia for constructing “beautiful” building, facility in their schools adding that these will certainly attract good teachers from outside the area last 2007 and provision of thousands of books and learning resource materials. The project coordinator responded that the greatest gift they can give to ADRA is to ensure that all the facilities developed in the school will be ADRA handing over books and learning resource materials in SDN Meuntulang. well maintained and that teachers put in more efforts to ensure that students will receive quality education. The teachers assured ADRA that all the facilities will be well maintained.

School Rehabilitation Project (SRP) Phase IV ADRA Netherlands, Australia, Czech, Germany (February 2005 - July 2008) USD 4,992,368 West Aceh District, Indonesia The SRP Phase IV extension period (March-July 2008) was a continuation of the four phases of the emergency school rehabilitation program in West Aceh district of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia. The project continued to pursue the goal of improving the schools infrastructure in order to provide children with safe and secure learning environment. Improving the teaching and learning of science was also enhanced through construction of laboratories. During this extension period, the project construction completed of facilities that were carried over after the initial implementation period that ended in February 2008. These included 10 laboratories, 10 toilet blocks, 2 administration blocks, 9 classrooms, 2 teachers houses, 2 sports courts, 1 school library, and rehabilitation of 14 classrooms.

Dr Reuben Supit, Country Director of ADRA Indonesia handing over the schools to the Regent of West Aceh. Looking on is Mr. Perangin-angin, a member of ADRA Indonesia Board and Ms Martina Souckova of ADRA Czech Republic.


ADRA Indonesia

A handing over ceremony of SRP Phase IV of the completed facilities and Toilet block completed at SDN Ranto Panjang. symbolically for all other ADRA Indonesia’s ongoing constructions in West Aceh was held last 3rd of April 2008. It was presided over by the Regent of West Aceh, the most senior political leader and head of the local government. In his speech, the Regent commended ADRA for the support rendered to the schools and expressed his government’s gratitude noting that this will improve the quality of education and hence lead to the development of the quality of human resources in the district. The ceremony was attended by over three hundred people who included; government officials, school principals, teachers, schools committee members, school children, and representatives from international and local Non Governmental Organizations, ADRA Indonesia team and Ms Martina Souckova from ADRA Czech Republic.

Nias School Project Phase I ADRA Czech (December 2007 - February 2008) USD 20,769 Nias - North Sumatera, Indonesia Dream learning environment through construction of classrooms, water and sanitation facilities in Nias is finally achieved as 135 students sit in 3 classes of 45 students. One class of junior high students (45 individuals) and two classes of senior high students (90 individuals) are accommodated as the first batch of learners for our School of Hope. The school was opened on the 2nd week of July 2008. Thirteen teachers and an administrative assistant had been successfully recruited. All teachers with proper credentials in their subject areas, including Mr Mangatas Hutabarat, senior high principal, Mr Idaman Tafana’o, junior high principal. Enthusiastic mentors impacts great knowledge following a national curriculum with added local content. Extra-curricular activities for student skills and culture development are included, through the OSIS or student intra school organization.

Indonesia’s 63rd Independence day was celebrated August 17 with festivities on the school grounds. Community mingled with students and teachers in flag raising ceremony and games, including a rush up greased pole to snatch rewards. All the students Students of Nias School Project. hunger for education. There is no delinquent absenteeism, as these first three months of school show high monthly student attendance, at 97% to 100% per class. Thanks to YAPI Foundation for supporting the school will sustain itself through student fees and other income generation initiatives.

APLI & ADRA Australia/New Zealand Joint Partnership Workshop ADRA Australia (2007 - 2008) AUS 8,000 Bangkok, Chiang Mai - Thailand ADRA Indonesia took the opportunity to avail the ADRA Professional Leadership Institute (APLI) Training in Bangkok on April 21 - May 9, 2008 by sending five staff to attend: Finance Management Training (Murni Kumala & Ralfie Maringka), Planning Training (Jane Makaminan), Planning & Security Training (Dr Reuben Supit), Emergency Management Training (Donald Odondi). Various topics were presented and discussed by experts in the fields, the topics are designed to provide guidance for the activities implemented throughout the ADRA network in order to ensure professionalism and uniformity. Through case study and discussion, the participants had a chance to exchange and share their knowledge in solving problems based on experiences at their country offices. Then the trainers concluded the discussion with prompt solutions. The lesson learned will surely help in the participant’s work.

Last August 18 – 22, 2008, ADRA Australia and New Zealand had organized a joint Partnership Workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. ADRA Indonesia, represented by Dr Reuben Supit, Joint Partnership Workshop in Chiang Mai. Country Director and Jelome Selda, Programs Director, participated and enhanced networking among the other implementing countries. Presentations and workshops were conducted that focused on project cycle management, cross-cutting issues, such as gender, environment, HIV and AIDS, child protection, family planning, and etc. ADRA Indonesia gratefully acknowledge the support of ADRA Australia and New Zealand to build our capacity!

Hopeful first enrollee, Wulan, eagerly awaits realization of her dream school. While baby sister cuddles in arms of Martina Souckova, ADRA Czech, as Anita Odondi, ADRA Indonesia looks with support.

Capacity building

ADRA participants attending APLI Finance Management Training in Bangkok.

Annual Report 2008


Small Economic Development (SED) and Women Empowerment AusAid through ADRA Australia (July 2008 - June 2009) AUS 115,000 Jakarta, Indonesia Small Economic Development (SED) and Women Empowerment Project in Jakarta had run for 6 years and had helped hundreds of women to get a better life for themselves and their families. It had been a long and tough road to deliver the messages of improvement, hard-working and sustainability among the beneficiaries. ADRA had been partnering with the beneficiaries through vocational training, capacity building and assistance in small enterprise both organizing of cooperatives and businesses.

The cooperatives PJs were listening seriously the explanation about cooperative member activation methods.

ADRA believes that by having knowledge and practical experience, cooperative members will be able to manage their small enterprise to alleviate them up from the cycle of poverty. SED has entered the phasing out period in June 2009. Three licensed cooperatives with more than 300 registered members had been prepared to run independently under government supervision. The cooperatives have built the awareness and trust of the community around by having more than 800 nonmembers per year to access loan and actively save their money. Thank you ADRA Australia for the continued partnership and support.

A woman receiving a gift after winning the creativity game in Puncak.

Tsunami Rehabilitation Through Small Enterprise Development ADRA Czech (July 2008 - June 2010) USD 100,000 Pangandaran - West Java, Indonesia Tsunami Rehabilitation through Small Enterprise Development in Pangandaran Project has started last July 2008. The main goal of this project is to enable the tsunami victims of Pangandaran to recover their businesses and improve their quality of life in a sustainable way. Mrs Rini, age 38, a homeless lady attained her dream from a small enterprise. Before tsunami, she had a small shop selling daily groceries like coffee, instant noodles and sugar. This business was lost after the tsunami in July 2006 in Pangandaran. She wanted to start the same business as before. However she had no capital to start with. ADRA came to offer a program to help women’s businesses in small scale. After she joined the group training, she understood that ADRA program is good and easy.

ADRA give program orientation to beneficiaries.


ADRA Indonesia

She has been happy with the group activities and ADRA support. ADRA provided trainings to the beneficiaries before disbursing soft loans that will enable them to use for small business purposes. Intensive personal visit is being conducted, giving support and knowledge to the beneficiaries to develop their businesses.

Mrs Rini said her life before was miserable and hopeless. She had no work and home but now with the support from ADRA, she is more hopeful to have a brighter future.

Micro Credit For Farmers ADRA International (August 2008 - July 2010) USD 100,000 North Lampung, Indonesia Micro Credit for Farmers has started last August 1, 2008 located at Way Kanan District, North Lampung. ADRA has been working closely with the local government authorities to ensure success of the implementation of the project. Pre-loan training has been conducted in 3 villages of Way Kanan district with total number of 310 participants. Since the groups were formed, members received pre-loan training, how to develop a business plan, motivational training, loan and saving management and promote business skills and confidence. ADRA staff always integrate fun and learning to help them better understand the purpose of the training.

Economic DEVELOPMENT In 2008 there were 307 farmers formed into 23 groups. The first loan disbursement was distributed on October 23, 2008 to Sejahtera, An Nur and Suka Jaya Groups. Although this loan is not enough to cover all their needs, they were glad that ADRA doesn’t only lent them fund, but also train them to use their money wisely. One of them said “It never crossed in my mind if our group had ever an activity like this, I thought ADRA will just provide us some money to loan and then we just repay it. I am not so sure if we can run the cooperatives in the near future but I thank ADRA for helping us.”

ADRA conduct Pre-loan Training to Srikandi Group - Female Solidarity Group.

Small Economic Development (SED) ADRA International (April 2007 - March 2008) USD 1,376 Medan - North Sumatera, Indonesia Small Economic Development Project (SED) has started in February 2008 in Medan, North Sumatera. Sukadono Germania, the target village was a former sugar cane plantation owned by the Government and inhabited by about 220 families. Most of the families were farmers that raise livestocks such as chickens, pigs, ducks, and sidewalk vendors in the traditional market. ADRA conducted training to empower the beneficiaries in basic finance management to improve their standards of living. ADRA has guided the beneficiaries not to use the funds for personal use but for income generating enterprise. Through ADRA’s assistance, the members recognized and developed their potential in financial management.

Esnita Manullang was one of the leaders of Mawar Group. She received the first loan disbursement from ADRA. She used the loan to raise 23 ducks and expanded the number of ducks using the second loan. She doesn’t have to borrow money from money lenders anymore to build her business and pay big interest. With 23 ducks, 7-12 eggs were being produced everyday and could sell them to her neighbors. The demand had increased and others had to be in the waiting list. Through SED project, Esnita could earn and provide for her family needs. She doesn’t have to worry anymore. She just raised ducks and planted cassava too.

With the support from ADRA, Esnita had small business like selling eggs, cassava, corn, vegetables and anything that grows in her field. Through SED, she has a brighter hope for her family.

Annual Report 2008


Panti Asuhan Bait Allah (PABA) Kitchen Renovation ADRA Netherlands (July 2008 - August 2008) EURO 1,000 Medan - North Sumatera, Indonesia

Amy*, age 15, told one of the ADRA volunteers this story. “On July first, 2008, ADRA team came to repair our kitchen. During the renovation, elder children were asked to watch and observe the construction; ADRA staff encouraged us to learn basic construction so we could independently repair it when it is needed.”

“The roof had been changed with new ones. We don’t need to be afraid anymore during rainy season because we can cook with more comfort, faster and cleaner. We are very happy for what ADRA did. We like to keep our kitchen neat and clean always. ADRA has provided cupboards too, so we can keep our raw materials and spices in it. When the food is ready to be served we can put it on the long table made of cement. The long table makes the food more accessible. When ADRA team met us again on September 1, 2008 we were proud to show our clean kitchen. Cooking was a difficult job for us before the kitchen was renovated. Because we used stove with wood shavings without chimney over it to bring out the smoke and emission from the stove.

The wall became dirty and black caused by soot, ash and tar from the wood shavings. This condition affected our health too. It was terrible when rain comes because the roof leaks badly. Water from the leaking roof poured on the food while cooking. Two children were needed to hold a cover above the stove to avoid the water from the leaking roof poured onto the food. During eating time, we would just spread out to find a dry place to eat. Now the kitchen looks clean, because the smoke has gone out through the newly installed chimney and the wall was newly painted too. ADRA Indonesia has rehabilitated the kitchen and provided kitchen sets last July 2008 through the support from ADRA Netherlands.”

* not real name

Long table made from cement used to put served food, children can easily take their food when queeing.

Bait Allah children with Jelome Selda, Programs Director of ADRA Indonesia.

With chimney, smoke from stove will not bother them anymore.

Bait Allah children happily singing.


ADRA Indonesia

Panti Asuhan Bait Allah (PABA) Capacity Building ADRA International Gift Catalogue (July 2008 - December 2008) USD 9,233 Medan - North Sumatera, Indonesia Last July 8 to August 3, 2008, a gift from ADRA International was given to ADRA Indonesia in partnership with Wellness Center of Medan Adventist Hospital has conducted capacity building program for 103 children of Bait Allah Orphanage with the theme “Health Every Moment.” This Medan Adventist Hospital Wellness Center was a ten-day program which Team. focuses on health, hygiene, social and moral values. Wellness Center of Medan Adventist Hospital staff gave lessons about health and nutrition to the orphans.

PRIMARY HEALTH NEWSTART handbooks, pins, name tags, bags, toothbrushes, and T-shirt were distributed to each child. During the capacity building, the toilets and septic tanks of the orphanage were renovated as well. The last four sessions focused on how to plant seeds, how to make tempeh (fermented soy beans), tofu, Bait Allah Orphanage Toilet. soy milk and other healthy recipes. The program was closed with heart warming speeches and expression of thanks from the Bait Allah Orphanage Management and the children.

Thank you ADRA International and all the partners for “Changing the lives of the Bait Allah Children!”

Last December 14, 2008, another set of gifts were given to Panti Asuhan Bait Allah (Bait Allah Orphanage) from ADRA International; 3 sets of clothes closets for 35 children, 3 sets of computers, accessories and school supplies that could support orphanage children for school research, project writing and assignments. Bait Allah Orphanage Children are happy to have a new school supplies from ADRA.

Dr Reuben Supit, Country Director of ADRA Indonesia and some of the Orphanage children were trying out the new computers.

New clothes closet with happy kids. Annual Report 2008


Protecting Indonesian Farmers From Avian Flu (PIFAF) ADRA International Gift Catalogue (September 2008 - October 2008) USD 1,027 Tuntungan - North Sumatera, Indonesia

Dr. Ririn, expert from PoD North Sumatra Province.

Last October 14, 2008, Avian Flu preparedness training was conducted in Tuntungan II village, Pancur Batu sub district, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Non-commercial poultry farmers, both men and women, were trained about Avian Influenza, proper backyard poultry raising, hygiene and sanitation. One hundred protective kits such as disinfectant sprays, N95 masks, and rubber gloves were distributed among the participants as well. The program was implemented with full support and coordination with the local and provincial government. Participatory Disease Surveillance Response (PDSR) team and the sub district Head of Pancur Batu graced with their presence on this program.

The lack of knowledge and correct information about avian influenza alarmed the community and panicked about this issue. ADRA Indonesia worked closely with the local government of Pancur Batu to protect Indonesian farmers from Avian Flu and assist the community to be prepared and proactive. Both the local government authorities and the community deeply appreciate this initiative. “We’re moved because there is an NGO who cares for us” said by the village chief, Mr. Resopin Siagian. “On behalf of the community we would like to thank ADRA Indonesia for this project and hope there will be more support in the future” added by the head of Pancur Batu sub-district.

On the late 2007, Public Health Center or “Puskesmas” of Pancur Batu reported a case of Avian Influenza, which was a 30 year lady from Percut Sei Tuan village. Blood sample from her was confirmed positive of H5N1 virus. Her life couldn’t be saved and she died after a couple of days.

One of the participants, Mr. Suriono, said that he personally thank ADRA. “Now I understand better about avian flu. I am not worried anymore as I continue raising poultry based on the knowledge I’ve got from this training.”

Aek Kanopan Flood Response West Indonesia Union Mission (October 2008) IDR 14,631,750 Aek Kanopan, Labuhan Batu - North Sumatera, Indonesia

ADRA hands bag of rice, much needed staple food.


ADRA Indonesia

EMERGENCY response The heavy rain in October 2008 caused flood in some areas of Sumatera Island and one of it was Kuala Hulu Sub District. According to the local government of Kuala Hulu sub district heavy rain kept pouring from 15 to 22 October. One of Flooded area of Kuala Hulu sub district. the villages in this sub district was Sialang Taji which was the worst affected. On 21 October, one of the biggest river in Labuhan Batu, Kuala Hulu river also overflowed, the dam built by the government and community was broken down. The gushing waters invaded the community houses and farms in more than eight villages of Sialang Taji village. Less than 17 hours after getting an accurate information from Pst. AJ. Barus about the situation, condition and aid needed in the flooded area. At 04.00 pm on 23 October ADRA Indonesia Disaster Response Team:

Tony Kurnia, Reyki Gantare, Dedek Herianto and Brandon Hines (Volunteer) arrived with 2 vehicles of food items in Kuala Hulu sub district, precisely at GMAHK Aek kanopan, and ready to continue another 2 hours journey to desa Tanjung Pasir where the beneficiaries were waiting. ADRA team was advised to wait until the dawn breaks for security reason before they could travel. After finalizing the plan, ADRA team, local coordinator, BKAB (Badan Kerjasama Antar Umat Beragama), SDA church members, villages’ volunteers and local government, at 07.30 am on Friday morning, 24 October, the team left GMAHK to desa Tanjung Pasir. On reaching the area of distribution, ADRA team met with Mr. Sinaga and the representative from the sub villages who organized the list of the beneficiaries that would receive the food items. The community had cooperated well during the distribution. The distributed aids were 100 food packages which consists of: 10 kg rice, 1 box instant noodle and 2 litters of cooking oil per package.



USD 439,480 


USD 423,234 




USD 60,140


USD 39,930 USD 36,297 USD 9,000

Annual Report 2008


ORGANIZATION CHART 2008 ADRA Indonesia in 2009 Board of Trustees Chairman Pst Johnny Lubis Members Pst J.S. Perangin-angin Pst Noldy Sakul Pst Yotam Bindosano Pst Moldy Mambu

FOUNDATION Board of Directors

Country Director Reuben V.T. Supit

Board of Management Chairman Dr Reuben V.T. Supit Secretary Pst Jantje Rumambi Treasurer Mr Robert L. Purba


Program Director Anita Odondi/ Jelome Selda

Program Officer for Health and Education Donald Odondi/Jelome Selda

Finance Director Cliff Momanyi/ Murni Kumala

Program Officer for Economic Development Jane Makaminan

Chief Accountant Murni Kumala

Accountant/Cashier Ellen Pandia Project Coordinators Gichia Kimani Reyki Gantare Ahmad Fauzy Nusirwan Siane Tjandra

Project Coordinators Jane Makaminan Munson Naibaho Yosephine Sherlie Bidi Ellen Pandia

HR/Logistics Officer Frefty Parhusip

PRC/IT Officer Tony Kurnia


ADRA Indonesia

Board of Controllers Chairman Mr B.F. Sihotang Members Mr Herry Sumanti Mr Burman Aritonang Mr Ronny Matindas Mr Gunawan Tjokro Mr Billy Kumolontang Administrative Committee Country Director Mr Hector Carpintero Program Director Ms Jelome Selda Finance Director Ms Murni Kumala

ADRA Many Thanks... ADRA Indonesia’s work is prayerfully and financially supported by the compassion and generosity of thousands of individuals and organizations. Each gift is inspiring, valued and vital. While not individually listed here, ADRA Indonesia warmly thanks every person, volunteer, community group, school, church, organization, bequest or trust whose generosity and commitment enables ADRA to better lives everyday.

Partners & Friends ADRA Indonesia Staff Abdul Wahid Agness Maureen Ahmad Fauzy Ana Bashiroh Andri Irfansyah Anita Odondi Animar Ari Susanto Arman Jufri Bukhari Bustami Cliff Momanyi Dedek Herianto Dewi Herlita Dewi Wardoyo Donald Odondi Ellen Pandia Erlida Faisal Isnur Fecky Tumbal Frefty Parhusip Gladys Frans Heru Gunawan Ismita Silalahi Jane Makaminan Jelome Selda Kaswandy

Lisa Lasut Lisna Situmorang Manahan Naibaho Miswardi Muhktar Effendi Munson Naibaho Murni Kumala Mustafa Norma Nusirwan Ralfie Maringka Ramadhan Reuben V.T. Supit Reyki Gantare Richard Simbolon Ronald Zai Samsul Bahri Sarci Evelin Ludji Leo Sayed Fadly Suryaman Tony Kurnia Vierna Tobing Virgloryane Supit Yosephine Sherlie Bidi Yunila Zai Yusdar Usman Zulkarnaini

ADRA Indonesia thanks the following organizations and persons for their support:

Asia Regional Office Analynn Bruce Robyn Mordeno Ronald Kuhn Donors ADRA Australia ADRA Canada ADRA Czech Republic ADRA Germany ADRA International ADRA Netherlands ADRA Network Hope International Friends Bandung Adventist Hospital Bandar Lampung Adventist Hospital Medan Adventist Hospital West Indonesia Union Mission East Indonesia Union Conference

Annual Report 2008



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ndonesia is disaster-prone area as it is sitting on the cracks of gigantic moving plates which create earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions.

ndonesia adalah wilayah bencana karena berada di atas daerah retakan lempeng-lempeng besar yang bergerak/bergeser penyebab gempa, tsunami dan letusan vulkanik.

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