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':"" :nee has proposed a ~~-'<]I1but thou hast 'c be thy Chap verv discreet I


:T Clemt Plumsted

~z be'l.;: Maecall recorn~ +,., gage him to be s: ilK&-e orders that the /m~:'lour for lineing & . 1 would have half a !0,r: p= of s' best lamb 'I;;/. Them to be knit all r, "" ill fit my hand I ~~ As to Flower it ? ·~hile & ye Marchants -e" 50 that it is raised , my power to purchase s their Crops has not "i"'b""Y Cheap in s: West '" wont be great. I am in my Affairs I am :1 I desire thee will :z,ou writest as if I told •.•e hear nothing from P. or dead I am glad : got abroad & of thy ~. with my love to You Affectionate



sre to put thee to the lett-ers when I have not


To Mrs. John




June 1st 1724

Madam The weather was so bad after I went from home that I could not do my business so soon as I expected & therefor did not return till late in Saturday night. My Principle Business was at my Farm. I am now building a small house & cellar under it My Design in this is that I may with some comfort be able three or four times a year to stay there a fortnight or three weeks & look after the Work that is done or direct what I may think proper. The Cellar is design'd for the Dairy for without it in the Summer they cannot make & keep butter. I am very sensible what I have lost in my not being able to look after my Farm any time since it was first setled for I have been very much abused by the people upon it & at the same time I cannot willingly lay aside the thoughts I have of emproveing it for I every day see more & more the Uncertainty of any other Business & would willingly secure a retreat in case of any misfortune and if no such should happen I am convinced that the Money I layout this way will prove more usefull & certain or secure to my Children then any other way I can employ it Indeed if it should please God to spare me three or four Years so that I may be able to employ a small sum of money yearly in emproveing that place the thoughts of liveing there would give me no uneasiness but the want of a proper Education for my Children & if after thai it should please God to take me from my Wife & Children they may live without depending upon any body Country Diet & [torn] nor the fatigues of a C-ountry life which I have effectually try'd the last time I was in the Country cannot be half so uneasy as the Uncertainty & servile dependance in publics employments Not that I have any thoughts or Apprehensions of Iooseing any thing which I at present enjoy but it will give me much Satisfaction in the enjoyment of them if I be onee Satis-



fled that I can live without any dependance on publick Business & if I live to see Sandy Capable of any of my offices it would give me great pleasure to leave him in any or all of them & retire to a private life the remainder of my days I order'd my wife in my Absence to send a Copy of my former letter to Mr Falconer & a second Bill of Loading which she did by the Bever I intend to write again by the Albany She will sail in a litle time. After our Assembly rises which will be in the beginning of July I shall have no business 'till the beginning of September in which time if I can do you any Service by waiting on you at Philadelphia I will gladly do it My Negro man upon my Farm proves a very good laborious carefull Slave I have a good Stock of :fine horses upon my Farm viz five large Mares two Geldings & two large black Stallions Gallespy lost several of my Cows last Winter & Thirty hoggs all by carelessness I hope the man I now have will be more carefull When I went up in the beginning of March last he had not a mouthfull of Hay tho' he might have mowed hay close by his door for above a hundred head & if I had not gone at that time he had lost all my Stock which I prevented by buying Oats & Corn for [he had] in the beginning of Winter sold his corn. Then [torn] him oft' & put my Farm under the Direction of another man as I enform'd you formerly My wife receiv'd a letter from Richard Hill in my Ahsene it came by a Passenger in the Bever who had for several weeks neglected to deliver it He says he wrote several times lately to both you & me but I can assure you I never receiv'd a line from him from the time I sent his money & I think you told me that you had receiv'd none likewise I suppose he sent his letters by passengers that lost them or neglected to deliver them He desires me to give his Duty & his BOnes to you I intend to remit his Money by the first Ship that shall go to London. I long to hear from you & to know if you



use of a ÂŁ25 bond this year so that I have very poor

Ineouragement here. they that are s: most Substantiall take money up at the office. I Sent By Baron Harrison a white Sareinate hood for Betty because she is a pretty little work woman & 2 doz: & 5 Silver buttons for Sandy

by this bearer s: Widow Willit I would have had them cleaned at Y' Silver Smiths but I thought they would be rubbed in carrying this is what needfull at pres" wtb Love to thee, Wife & Children I Conclude thy Afft Aunt ELIZ:



For Cadwallader Colden Physician In New York

From Mrs. John Hill PHILADELPHIA

the 24th of

nÂť Month


Loving Cousen I have Sent the a peiee of Holland by Thomas Bumsted which Contains 24 Yards & Cost 5/6 ~ Yard they say it will wear extraordinary well I hope Betty will be so good a Girl as to help her Mother to make it into Shirts for thee which is Y' eheifest reason makes me

Send it. ~y.W:ife building enlargethe Ace' y (torn]

have my IS that I I have not have made

I am very much Concerned for Tamar I hope thy Wife will Shew her some countenance for she has enough to go throrow to bear it & bring it up & do her other work She is flesh & Blood as well as other Negroes & I was afraid she would have had Children befor now her younger Sister Abby has two & her Master & Mistress are very kind to her & her Children thy Wife talkt of Carrying her into the country to save trouble but I wish she may find sufficient help there for I always provided for .her Mother the best that I could get in y" place where I Lived.



great deal of Satisfaction to hear of her recovery for which I am very thankfull to Lord & desire you may Enjoy Y' Comfort of it thee tells me thou art to return to Connecticut when thee comes from Albany I desire thee not t-o fail writing to me when thee comes to York & give me an Ace' of all your healths & how your affairs go on upon Y' farm It has been a very great Excereiseing time occasioned by s: small pox here & proved Mortall to many I hope thee will let me hear if it reaches you how you fare. I intend to Send Betty Colden Six pound in Jersey bills by s: first Safe opportunity for her care in tending her mother so' diligently & I hope She will Continue a good Girl & mind her work. And I have made an Addition in my last will of one hundred pound Pensylvania Currency & all my plate that I have by me which is a large Caudiall Cup with two handles & a pint ksn Cup a large H porring' four Spoons all Silver marked with I E to thy Son John Colden which is all I have to write at pres' but Conclude with Love to thy Wife & Children thy Affect. Aunt



For Cadwallader Colden Physician In New York


From Cadwallader Colden and hio8 daughter, Elizabeth, to their aunt, Mrs. John HiU COLDENGHAL'd

June 29tb 1731

Madam I have yours with the six pound inclosed for Betty which she has acknowledged on the other side in the best manner she can & indeed it is not in all our power to a.clmowledge your repeated kindnesses as we ought for




very few parents do for their Children as you have done I have now been about a fortnight at home but must go for Albany in 3 or 4 days We are all in good health but my wife continues weak longer than I expected which has been oecaslon'd by having had some fits of the Ague When I said that my being upon the lines between this Province & Connecticut would be of Advantage I thought you would Understand it that I meant the Money I got for my trouble & attendance which with some land I have got by that means will amount I believe to 400 pounds. Indeed I have had so litle to do in my office since this Governour 1 came till last year that I wanted something more than common to make up what it used to be. I have sold one half of my land in the Mohawks -Country for 250 pounds of which I have reeeiv'd 125 the rest to be paid in two years. Mr Bruyn 2 & I have jointly built a house for a publick house at our landing 8 which we have let for the two first years for 12 pounds a year & we hope in time it will be more Profitable The mine that I am concern'd in had once a great appearance so that we got a tun of oar a day but that was quickly gone however the vein continues & tho' the Expenees far exceed the Profit yet we have such good hopes that I believe no person that knows it but would still hazard more than we have done upon the prospect that we have tho at last it may come to nothing M" Alexander paid 30 pounds besides all the proportion of Expenees for an 18th part. But I have suffer'd most by the man I put in the Weigh house it having been allmost of no profit during his time I have now restored Samuel Heath & I hope he will do well again. The Negro GerIs Child is alive but does not thrive it cannot stand alone- & she is big again I am well with our Governour & he shows his Inclinations to encourage me in my offices. I have an expectation of selling the re-

&: still continue to do for us


John Montgomerie.

Jacobus B.ruyn. a At what is now Newbmgb, ~




Oo., N. Y.

maining part of my lsr 300 pounds to some that Children now grow so necessity of inlargeing 3 this winter for building) as particularly as I can hear particularly from y' you cannot have such ii do not desire to hear as . may have a content.ed Ii shall please to call you any way contribute to J

Madam I know not how !t.} present you made me ~~ it has made me so rir''}' my money Wit.h 9!Dl books with some oth~gave me & the fest "";J.ll my Father & Mother ~ me write to you I~ your person show my路~


To },f"" at Ph'



To Mrs. John Hill May 2'11732 Madam Having the Opportunity of the bearer passing I would not let it slip without enforming you that we are all in good health. We have sold our young wench & for the same money have bought another whom we have only had a few days but we hope from that small trial she will please us. We have not heard from you since that which you wrote last fall by the Carpenter that went from this & which we did not receive till March. My Saw Mill answers my Expectation. Tamar was safely deliver'd of a Daughter the eighth of April both she & the Child are well. I have a letter from the Secretary to the Lords of Trade who gives a very good Character of our New Governour 1 & he hopes we shall be happy in him I do not design to be at New York till I hear that the Governour is arriv'd which I do not expect till about the end of this Month My Wife & Children join all in their Duty to you I am Madam Your Dutyfull Nephew CADWALLADER



To M'" Elizabeth Hill at the Widow Calverts in Second Street near the Meeting House Philadelphia

From Mrs. Cadwallader Colden to MrÂť. John Hill CoLDENGHAM Sept" 8-1732 Dear Mad= I've seen yours to my Husband which he received at N ew York. I longed much to hear from you because 1

William Cosby.





we had heard nothing since the account we had of the return of your lameness which gave us much uneasiness I'm glad it has now left you. We are trewly sory to finde that you are not well pleas'd with Sandie & Betties being sent to N. York. I'm sure had we apprehended it wou'd have given you the least displeasour they had not been sent there. It. is only for three Months and we have contrived it in the saveingest manner we eould Sandie sleeps in his Fathers room in your House and eats at the house where Bertie boards which is one Alderman Vangilders 1who are plain honest Civell people A young Gentlewoman whom we have a great regard for one Mrs. Flora Mathews Sister to Collonell Mathews 2 who is our Neighbour in the Countrey has lived at that House for severall years She is aVertous discreet young Gentlewoman and has a deserved good Character from every body. She has promised to take .particular care of Bettie otharways we could not been easy in haveing her at any other house in N.York. Sandie and Bettie are both dutyfull Children to us and we have never as yet been at any expenees in their Educatian and I assure you Madam it is farr from our intention to make a Preist of Sandie but we found him & his Sister both desirous of haveing some improvement in their writeing & as we are not capable of teaching that so well as others we indulged them in that for one quarter. Danceing is taught in the same house with writeing & but 10 shilings a quarter more if they are taught both so we have allowed them a litle of that likeways pewrly to make them know how to cary their body in company and to rubb off some of the countrey air which they have a good deal of in their cariage. It will be some expene to us but we will be assaveing as posible. Bettie is to have a plain blew silk gown and no other cloaths save ordinary ealligoes she wore at home. I've made up my seersucker gown for her which is the best she has at presant & Sandie is to have a plain drugat sute 1 2

Harmanus Van Gelder. Vincent Mathews.



the best he has now is a sute of brown linen of my Mother in laws huswifery which I keept unwhitened for his Father & him. I hope when you concider the thing you wont be displeased at it If we thought you were we wou'd send for them directly. The Children are all well Kattie has got two teeth & without any uneasiness Johnie is a brisk boy & good-houmered. Tamer I think is breeding again she lost her Iitle girle when six weeks old. We have bought an other Negro fellow of eighteen years he promiseth well so we have now 4 Negro Men & two wenches and they all do their bussines cheerfully & seem contented We are going on with the addition to our house. it is now raised & will be convenient but none of it will be finished this year. We are extreemly oblidged to you for your contino wed kindness to us in allowing us to make use of the rent of your House & other interest due to you, to help us out with our expence in building The Jew lives still at your house he never has talked of leaveing it he pays the rent of ÂŁ20 punctualy Sandie & Bettie was resolved to write from N. York to you but they will be willing to have their hands improved first If youll think fltt to honnour them with a line from you if it is not too much trouble for you they will be exceedingly proud of it My Husband was going to write but it being so long since I gave you any testimony of my Duty that I thought my self oblidged to take this opportunity & it was neadless for us both to write at once. he desires to be affectionatly remembered to you I am Your dutyfull & affectionat Niece ALICE



To Mnl Elizabeth Hill at Philadelphia

N. Y. 3 dwt.







be glad to [torn] further s' first opertunity I would [dejsier a full expination about y. mines that is s" most

material of all Yours W.C. From Cadwallader Colden and his children, Elizabeth and Alexander, to their aunt, Mrs. John Hill COLDENGHAME

June 18 1733 th

Madam I receiv'd yours of the 14th of April on Saturday last My Waggon is gon doun this day to the landing & expect to receive the trunk safe in the evening. We are very sensible of your affection to us by your laying hold of every Opportunity to show it but indeed when we heard of this trunk from 1'1' Heath before we receiv'd your letter we had conceiv'd great-er hopes We hop'd that now we had enlarg'd our house which we expect to finish before winter that you design'd to spend the remainder of your days with us As the infirmities of age do not permit you to go abroad much either to meeting or to visit we flatter our selves that you may live as comfortably with us as any where You can keep cooler in summer & Warmer in winter Our Children are of such Age & I believe some of them of such Discretion that they can & will be pleas'd to do you all the Services you can want. I can see nothing to prevent your being more at your ease & I hope to have more Satisfaction than with Strangers. My desire is to have my bones laid in this place & those that I love when living might be near me at their long rest & I could not have greater Satisfaction in such like Reflections than one that has been more than a Mother to this Family might rest in the midst. of us & of our posterity. I am often from home & cannot avoid it tho' it be very inconvenient now while I am a building & has occasion'd that many things are done otherwise than I would



Sandy I hope now will often supply my place abroad. I now send him to New York. to do some Business for me which would have obliged me to have gone myself if I could not have intrusted him with it & he will write to you from thence. Nothing I think will prevent my waiting on you before winter but some Accedent that will evidently excuse me before all the world for such a neglect of Duty . . Betty has shown me what she Intends to Write:to you; She had: not the least assistance or direction from me what to say &'. her Mother says had none from: her '.'.•.. am confident you would take such pleasure in having Betty- about you & Jenny too is very readdy & cheerfullindoing every-thing. We areallirigobd health. . Mywife joins gratefully with ili¥&theChildre.n ill our duty you . Tamar was . brought to bed of a Gerl while I was at New York . The chIld thrives . As your being with us would add litl~ or no charge to us & I hope may be agreable to you . I'rnust press my desires again & that you would soon let us knowyour resolution that we may prepare for bringmg you hither, & Iodgeingyou conveniently . We can . have a room for you either on the first floor without going up stairs or on the second floor as you shall -.. choose . I am Your dutyfull Nephew




. Sincewhatis

above was


wrote we have receiv'd the trunk ..'& things hi good order they will all be useful to us MhdiUn



..•.•. > .•.....•.......•..


My Papa receiv'd yourswherin you mentioned that . you had sent some bedding & silk for bonnets for my • Sisters &m:e for which we are very much+oblidg'd to I likways thankyou.forthe billyouwas pleased ..'. tosend me ".. I was hi hopes when I heard there was a trunk a coming that you had designed to spendyour days

.' ': you'





as possible with an account of what Estate or effects she has in your hands or any where else in Pensylvania that you know. I think my self exceedingly obliged to you for the Care you have hitherto taken of my Aunts Affairs & as there is not any other Person at Philadelphia . in whom I placesuchconfidence as I caninyou I .. must beg of youstillfo-takefhesame trouble now & . which I hope your Ffiendshiptoyotir.DeceaSed Friend .• will €ncline you to do ButwecanIlotsendyou the .·.·~oper 'Power{till we.haY~fi(j()pY~fWeWill .•.Bhe <made a Codioil'to her Will since she. ,Caine to.this place but itis6nlyinregardtO thosesliillsW:hi~hs1lehad ieftl:ri her ·. Will as Legacies & which she haq. paid .in .time • &confirm$her willin other !eSpectswhicb, she by that · Codicil declares tQbe in yoUr hands ....• ..•.••.......:'." . , -".Pray remember: our kind Regards to your Spouse •Your Father & Brother & other .Friends who may be so .'. kiiid as to enquire afterus, I still continue .my Desire have Chambers's .Dictionary if·.it . can be purchased . cheap & all of James Fosters works that you can get at Philad'" &aswe have nowW With France if you can send theni safe & reasonably by Iand to M' Nicholls to do it., My Aunt told me that. she' design'd her books for you except what she before had given to this Family I .send you a list of all of them & Wish they had been of morevalue .. .




.... TOMrs;CadwalkLder .' :""

Colden" .. ' NEwYoRX'


. MyDear.· < i ..,Aug29thl~44 th >Jhave yours of the 19 ofA.ugustwhichgives me great deal.of pleasure in. eyery thing exceptmthe Ac. count you give me of the contdnuanoe' oftbepam in the .'•. side .of your head.v.I would still advise you to take the





Pills in the first place the same quantity that Johny took & after they have purged you moderately to take every night & morning some drops of the Emetick wine in sage tea Begin with taking 15 drops at night & increase gradually to 30 drops at a time Take them at night after you are in bed & an hour or two in the morning before you rise But be sure that the wine be perfectly clear I believe Jenny knows it & I think it is marked Vinum Benedictum. At the same time you may continue the use of the stove which you think has been of service to you. I am sorry to hear from our son Alex' that the Sloop in which I sent the Coggs &c for his Mill has passed without stopping I wrote by her to you tho' I had not time to finish my letter but left it with Johny to close direct & forward in case the Sloop went before I return'd to my lodgeing & which he says he did accordingly. Last thursday morning I carried Johny with me by Land to Westchester to see Betty & her Children Alice went up the day before with her Brother in law John & Nancy I had heard were both ill Johny was got pretty well again but Nancy had still pretty much of a fever. I had sent up some things for the Children with Alice Nancy had taken some part before I came & I thought her better so that I left them that afternoon M' De Lancey came as far back with me (as] the Bridge I left Johny with them to stay till his Brother in [la]w come & I expect them every hour. Tho' I be as desirous of returning home as you can wish yet I cannot return this week I cannot well write the reasons of my staying But that of being usefull to M" Delancey if there were no other you will think sufficient & there are others by which I would disoblige some that it is my Interest to please' if I go sooner than they are willing I should. But I hope to return by the next Trip of Nacks Johny is now come with his Brother in law Nancy kept still not well which made Betty uneasy but she was better than she had been all Sunday last. I have not as yet seen M' De Lancey to know any thing more particular from him. I have wrote to Cad

all chi th2 no' tah

me wa ter

Pr: Da no' on ah ve:


be Sr



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excerpts from Cad Colden papers  

secure aretreat in caseofany misfortune and if no such should happen Iam convinced that the Money Ilayout this way will prove more usefull &...

excerpts from Cad Colden papers  

secure aretreat in caseofany misfortune and if no such should happen Iam convinced that the Money Ilayout this way will prove more usefull &...