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FALL/WINTER 2017 Issue 39


2017 • Volume 39——



2017 • Volume 39——

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The Barnyard Boys The Outback Trading Company The Oxford Police Department What does the Chamber do? The parking garage question ‘Third on 3rd’ is a win for Oxford

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2017 • Volume 39——



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Letter from the President Hello, fellow Oxfordians and those in the greater community. I would like to share my thoughts on Oxford. I love this borough and all the ways in which it is changing and growing. It is listed as one of the best small towns in America, and for good reason. I appreciate what Oxford is becoming. This community is very welcoming and open to all. It has a rich history, and has always been known as the halfway point between Baltimore and Philadelphia, before I-95 was built. Now, I did not grow up in this area, and have only been here since 2013. But I have found, in my short four-year stay here, the beauty and growth that is occurring right here in Oxford. We are getting a new parking garage coming very soon to a corner near you, and I think it is a good thing. In order for Oxford to continue to grow onward and upward, we need this garage. I have visited with many of the local business and property owners in Oxford, and found many of them on board with the parking garage. I have also found some with mixed emotions about it. It is very interesting what you can find out by attending the Borough Council meetings as well. People come in to voice their opinions for and against the garage. There is a period in each meeting where Mr. Hershey will open the floor and allow public comment. I have also asked those who normally attend our monthly Chamber meetings, “Are you for or against the parking garage?” There was not one member who said they did not want the garage.



2017 • Volume 39——

As a board member of the Oxford Arts Alliance, I see the changes happening on First Fridays and the very large crowds that don’t appear to want to leave after the end of the event. I am encouraged by all the new art spaces in town. There is Vickie Vinton’s Studio 23, the expansion of the Arts Alliance at the Art Annex, and the exciting new artist studio led by Erica Winne at Creative Spectrum. This is growth in Oxford, and with the mission of the Arts Alliance, “building community through art,” I believe they are achieving their goal. These are businesses that the Chamber can wholeheartedly get behind, and working in conjunction with OMI, we are building a better community for all. We have great support from the local businesses that very easily open their arms and loosen their purse strings when there is need. They are ready to help in many different ways – from product donations, to service and support, and in financial ways as well. Finally, I want to talk about what the Chamber does. For many years, we have provided four annual $1,000 scholarships for graduating seniors pursuing higher education in Pennsylvania. We also provide one scholarship for

employees of local businesses. This is all done through our Annual Golf Tournament. We provide networking opportunities through our monthly business card exchange, we do ribbon cuttings for new businesses in the community, and we offer discount advertising in our bi-annual magazine, The Oxfordian. It’s a great resource for business contacts. It lists all of the local businesses that are members of the Chamber, including their address, phone number and e-mail address. We also have an Annual Dinner/Dance for Citizen of the Year. There are 15 benefits to membership that will be listed on our website, so please check us out (www.oxfordchamber@ zoominternet.net) to see a more complete list of benefits. I plan to visit each and every business in Oxford that is a member this year, and will continue to reach out to those that are not. I would like to give a big “Thank you” to all of the local businesses who continue to be members of the Chamber, because it shows that you are a supporter of Oxford and want to help make us the best small town in America. Eric Maholmes Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce President

Operates a full bar with our main focus, to give your family a place to go for great food and good times at a fantastic price. By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve.

Sunday – Wednesday 11am – midnight | Thursday – Saturday 11am – 1am

306 Market Street, Oxford, PA 19363 • 610-467-1909 Check our menus on Facebook: sawmillgrill


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The reclamation and preservation boys At The Barnyard Boys in Peach Bottom, success is measured one piece of repurposed wood at a time



2017 • Volume 39——

By Richard L. Gaw Staff Writer


n 2000, real estate agent and auctioneer Christ Taylor decided to tear a barn down on his property in nearby Peach Bottom. Seventeen years later, what began as a simple tear down has evolved into a business that draws customers from as far away as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. Continued on Page 10

All photos by Richard L. Gaw

Christ Taylor and Steve Hurst


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The Barnyard Boys Continued from Page 9

On the momentum of a growing trend to incorporate repurposed wood and salvaged materials into contemporary home design and construction, The Barnyard Boys has earned a reputation as one of the East Coast’s leading suppliers of barn lumber and salvaged items to homeowners, architectural designers, architects, woodworkers, carpenters and contractors. The proof is in the inventory. Behind a showroom filled with barn materials, antiques and metalwork and wood for exposed beam ceilings, two large warehouses store aisle after aisle of wood, beams and planks of varying texture and patina, from the more than 25 clean out projects the business takes on every year within a two-hour radius of Peach Bottom. Each piece of wood, taken from the deconstruction of barns, sheds, houses and chicken coops, is cleaned and carefully inventoried according to each particular tear down. “I tore a barn down on my property to rebuild in 2000, but then all of these phone calls kept coming into me for similar requests,” Taylor said. “My name kept getting out, but I kept telling everybody, ‘I’m a realtor and an



auctioneer, and I tore that barn down for myself.’” Over time, what eventually began as a side business for Taylor continued to grow, and when his partners in the new enterprise parted ways in order to devote more time to their farms, it left Taylor as the point person in a company that he found was becoming a full-time business.

2017 • Volume 39——

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Each piece of wood is cleaned, measured and categorized according to its type and the teardown project it came from.

The Barnyard Boys have two warehouses filled with a variety of barn wood beams that can be repurposed in a variety of ways.


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The Barnyard Boys Continued from Page 10

Taylor hired Melvin Lapp in 2004 to serve as the warehouse manager, and four years ago, he brought in Steve Hurst to manage the day-to-day operations and handle all business transactions and customer service. The Barnyard Boys offer several salvage services and options for those who are looking to have a barn or outbuilding torn down on their property. In addition to top-to-bottom clean out and tear down, they offer limited consignment services to sell the barn’s contents, provide estimates on the wood, stone, architectural elements and other materials found during the tear down, and also link customers with potential buyers. When choosing wood for construction or flooring, for instance, customers can select from a diverse selection of woods like pine white oak, red oak, chestnut, fir, hemlock and hickory. Wood can also be used in the building of desks, hutches, corner cupboards, benches, birdhouses and picture frames. “Repurposed wood lends a cozy, comfortable and warm feeling to any home, and it also comes with a sense of history, which our customers appreciate,” Hurst said. “A lot



of people want to know the history behind the wood that they are taking from here and placing into their homes, and we’re very glad to be able to trace the wood to a particular region and a particular time.” For Taylor, Lapp and Hurst, the success of The Barnyard Boys is not only built on reputation, but riding the wave of a popular trend.

2017 • Volume 39——

“Whatever they’re writing about in the magazines or showing on the television shows is what we’re selling,” Taylor said. “The ‘green movement’ has stimulated the idea of saving parts of our history, and incorporating home design to include rustic and primitive, while blending it with the modern conveniences of home.” “We’ve heard from those who live far away that finding these materials is nearly impossible, and they’re finding out about us through the internet and social media.” With every deconstruction project Hurst and Lapp drive Continued on Page 14

The showroom is a treasure trove of items found in barn teardowns.


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The Barnyard Boys Continued from Page 13

to, there is a “treasure hunt” blend of mystery and discovery as to what they will eventually find. “The reality is that we tell people sometimes they pay us, sometimes we pay them, and sometimes we call it even,” Taylor added. “We won’t know until we look at it. The tumbledown barn that’s already half caved in can sometimes have a bigger profit margin than the barn that looks perfect.” Inventory at The Barnyard Boys has become so large that a second warehouse was added earlier this year, and a third, located a few miles from its main location, was built 14 years ago, and houses a large inventory of doors, shutters, hardware and antiques. The success of the 17-year-old business, however, is not measured as much in inventory as it is in customer satisfaction. “Some customers, whether they are with their builder, architect or with their family, walk around in our warehouses for more than an hour, looking for just the right piece for their table, or their overhead beam in their home, or their flooring,” Hurst said. “The number one thing I enjoy about what I do is seeing the excitement in that customer when we provide them with the material they are looking for.



Barn wood can be repurposed for signage.

“It’s like we’re giving them a piece of history, and you can see the light in their eyes.” The Barnyard Boys is located at 740 Nottingham Road, Peach Bottom, Pa. 17563. To learn more, visit www.barnyardboys.com, or call toll-free 877-5488855. Business hours are Monday - Friday - 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. The Barnyard Boys is closed on Sundays. To contact Staff Writer Richard L. Gaw, email rgaw@ chestercounty.com.

2017 • Volume 39——


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Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. First Friday and beyond Donna Hosler

The mission of Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., is to serve as the catalyst to unify and collaborate with supporting organizations to promote and foster economic growth and stability within the Business Improvement District (BID) and surrounding areas, while preserving Downtown Oxford’s rich historic and cultural identity. Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., is committed to improving the quality of life for residents and visitors alike by making Downtown Oxford a more attractive and enjoyable place to live, work, create and shop.

Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., is embarking on our next five-year plan. You are probably aware of our First Friday events, including the annual Car Show and Country Christmas. You may also participate in our wildly popular Downtown Diva days. Did you know we are also a source for community information via our website and social media? That we work closely with other organizations to provide cohesive, strategic planning for Oxford’s future? That we are constantly seeking new initiatives to promote and enhance our Downtown? The staff of Oxford Mainstreet Inc., our Board of Directors and dedicated volunteer committees play a vital role in creating a vibrant Downtown Oxford business arena. As an organization, we are committed to providing the best programs for achieving the common goals of property owners, merchants and our community.

2013-2017 Goals and Achievements: • Work with Borough to study and implement improved parking in the BID to encourage visitors to stay awhile. – The Borough acquired the National Penn Bank parking lot for $1 in 2015. A transit facility will be completed by the end of 2018 with over $4 million in funds raised. • Identify, attract and retain solid businesses Downtown, reduce vacancies. – Twenty-seven businesses invested (and are succeeding) in our Downtown since 2013. This translates to 191+ new jobs in the business improvement district! – In addition to the twenty-seven new businesses, Downtown Oxford also boasts thirty-four merchants that have maintained their presence for five or more years. • Maintain property database. – A Mainstreet specific database was purchased, with the assistance of an anonymous donor, to consolidate and organize BID information such as properties, owners, businesses, contacts, etc. This database has put vital facts at our fingertips, creating a more efficient, knowledgeable staff and board. • Provide vital information to current and potential businesses. Partner with realtors and developers to attract businesses. – The OMI website, community calendar, events page and social media are packed with useful information from business planning to Borough regulations, local events and happenings and so much more.

N AT I O N A L HUMAN TRAFFICKING HOTLINE 888-3737-888 or text BeFree (233733)



2017 • Volume 39——

Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center 888-3737-888 or text BeFree (233733) to report sex trafficking, forced labor, or to get help ACE Anti-Human Trafficking of Oxford Meets first Saturday October - May, 9am Oxford Senior Center Questions, Call


– A new business packet and interview are provided before, or just after, the opening of new establishments. – Many strong relationships have been built with local realtors and developers. OMI is working with these entities to liaise with government officials, funding sources and prepare business-friendly infrastructure, such as attractive streetscapes and the transit facility.

The Next Five Years Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., is part of the team that is seeking funding for the upcoming Transit Center. This new facility will provide 377 parking spaces, a SCCOOT stop and the infrastructure to be a connection to transit options such as rail, bus and van services. Finally addressing the issue of parking and transit in Downtown Oxford has provided many opportunities for the upward growth of our community. In the next five years, OMI will strive to: Strategically plan and implement a coordinated approach to Downtown development by: • Building on the Oxford Experience, creating a business community that provides something you can’t find elsewhere. • Working with developers, local and regional organizations and property owners to continue redeveloping our beautiful, historic buildings. • Developing and implementing a strategic economic development plan for OMI and the Downtown district which incorporates the transit facility asset. Build community by providing a sustainable growth pattern for jobs, business and fellowship: • Encouraging second floor office space which will provide jobs and utilize the transit center. • Work closely with Oxford Borough leadership to develop a business- and developer-friendly atmosphere in the Downtown. • Providing varied and interesting entertainment to encourage residents and visitors to live, work and create in Oxford. DowntownOxfordPA.org or (610) 998-9494 for more information Follow us! Bookmark the community calendar (www. DowntownOxfordPA.org\Calendar) – you will never miss another great event, initiative or new business. DowntownOxfordPA.ORG @OxfordMainSt (Twitter) @DowntownOxfordPA (FaceBook) @DowntownOxfordPA (Instagram) @oxford-mainstreet-inc (LinkedIn) 



29 SOUTH THIRD STREET, OXFORD, PA 19363 MONDAY - SATURDAY 9:30AM - 5:00PM · 610-932-5008


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Outback Trading Company: A touch of Australia in Oxford



2017 • Volume 39——

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer


he name and the products conjure images of remote Australian countryside and rugged ranchers. As much as Outback Trading Company makes shoppers think of a distinctive Australian style, the products and the company itself are deeply rooted in Oxford. “When I got out of college, I was going to be a veterinarian. I took a year off and went to Australia,” said Outback Trading Company founder Wilson King. “I rode a motorcycle around the country, worked on big properties and got one of the big, heavy oilskin coats that I used. When


I came back here, I farmed for about seven or eight years, then my mom said, ‘You should sell those coats.’” It was the 1980s, and the Australian image was popular. The iconic oilskin duster and hats found buyers. With Lou Argyris and Trish Hazzard, King began the company that now has offices, warehouses and a popular outlet store, all in downtown Oxford. “The three of us started Outback and ran it out of Oxhaven Apartments in the early years, then space opened up on the street here,” King said. “We came down and rented one building, then later bought it. As business got bigger, we rented the building next to it, then as

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Outback Continued from Page 19

business got bigger we rented the next building. We’re like a rabbit warren here. We have five or six warehouses and we do all the shipping for the United States and Canada. We ship to Europe from here. Our headquarters is here, plus we have another warehouse and distribution center in Palmerston, North New Zealand. We ship to the Australian and New Zealand market from there.” It may seem strange that an American company is now selling the classic oilskin dusters to the countries where they originated. “I went back to Australia and started buying the products they were selling to the country. America’s more competitive, so we ended up having to

make better and better stuff to compete here,” King said. “Now we have a good business there because we make really good stuff -- good hats and coats.” High quality plays an important role in the production of Outback products of all kinds. “We don’t have any built-in obsolescence,” King said. “When you make something of quality, people remember it for a long time. You never have to apologize. You buy something expensive, you feel bad when you pay for it and good every time you use it. If you buy something that’s cheap, you feel good when you pay for it, and bad every time you use it.”

All photos courtesy

Outback Trading Company founder Wilson King with Jo Cormier, the manager of the Oxford location.

126 S Third St., Oxford, PA 19363


Lobby and Drive Thru Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30am-4pm, Fri 8:30am-6pm, Sat 8:30am-noon 20


2017 • Volume 39——

As a rural area, with a large equestrian community, the Oxford area can easily relate to the Outback style. “The DNA of the company is because myself and many other people here are equestrians and outdoor people,” King said. “I think the key thing is that we live the lifestyle. We use the products and we’re passionate about every year making a better mousetrap.” Western styling covers a wide range of tastes. “People are drawn to that look and the comfort of it. It can range anywhere from the very fancy to a bit more of the work look and everyday kind of comfort,” store manager Jo Cormier said. Outback products are carried in stores worldwide, including every major western chain in North America, outdoors stores such as Cabelas, and even National Geographic. “They know they can trust Outback quality. We’ve had very loyal customers, many have been customers for 30 years,” King said

“The store is a good laboratory. Jo, who runs the store, she’s part of the team that develops new products. She can hear the comments of people trying boots on and whatnot. She also does customer support for the website,” King said. “Having one store is OK today. You don’t need a lot of stores, you need a good website We have our outlet store here. We were supported for a long time by the locals and we feel an obligation to keep that going.” Sold worldwide, the only store operated by Outback itself is the outlet store in Oxford. Many times people have told Cormier that they saw the Outback products while shopping out of town and only then realized they were based in Oxford. “People have traveled hundreds of miles away to be introduced to something from their hometown,” she said. While Outback’s Oxford roots may be a secret to some, Continued on Page 22

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Outback Continued from Page 21

other local shoppers have found that it’s a great place to get the best selection of the company’s products and much more. The Outback outlet store at 29 S. Third St., is the perfect place to find every variation of the classic oilskin duster, a western hat, comfortable boots, and cozy boot socks. Outback’s signature oilskin coats are a focal point for shoppers. “Oilskin is cotton saturated with waxes and oils. You don’t want to throw that in the washing machine, but its waterproof and windproof,” Cormier said. “The oilskin you can hose off or spot wash if you need to, but it kind of acts like leather -- it gets its own patina.” Oilskin is not limited to dusters, and can even be found in dog coats at Outback. “Fido has to stay warm and dry also, so we do an oilskin coat for them; also one out of a fabric we developed called Canyonland. It’s a polyester blend, so it’s moisture resistant yet washable,” Cormier said. “We have a core group of products we call our Traditions, and then we have Lifestyle that changes with colors. That’s sort of like the soup du jour when you go into a



restaurant,” King said. “Every time you see a customer, they say ‘What’s new?’ and then they buy what’s old.” Also popular are items in lighter weight fabrics, such as the popular packable raincoats. “It’s a raincoat that rolls up into a backpack, so it’s a self-contained backpack. They’re waterproof, windproof, machine washable, with a two-way zipper on them,” Cormier said. “With our shirts, we’ve developed some fabrics that are performance, UV protection, moisture wicking -- any piece we make, there’s some thought behind it as to why you would want to buy it,” Cormier said. “It comes down to a personal preference. Oilskin will conjure up those ideas of Australia or the old West, but it is a very practical material. You don’t need to do anything to it -- it kind of creates its own character. As you wear them, any excess oil dissipates so they become dryer, but they’re still going to be waterproof. We do have a reproofing cream you occasionally want to apply to make them fresh and new looking.” Innovation keeps Outback’s product line looking fresh. “New things come, and every once in a while, you’re

2017 • Volume 39——

really lucky. You hit the nail on the head and that becomes a long-term, steady item for us,” King said. “We’ve seen a little bit of a resurgence of going back to the natural fibers in the people who are hiking and doing the outfitting things out West. We do a big poncho they absolutely love because you can pitch it as a tent or use it as a floor in your tent,” Cormier said. While Outback products are especially appealing to equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts, the practical nature of the products makes them a perfect fit for almost any lifestyle. “We have people that need to be out and about in the weather, or just out walking their dog,” Cormier said. King’s favorite area of the store is the hat department. “I’m a hat person. I do all the hat designing – well, most of it. The lady who helps me has gotten really good and sometimes she tells me when I get it wrong,” King said. Hats take up a full wall of the Oxford store, made in a wide variety of materials, including oilskin, leather, cotton/poly, wool and straw. An enduring style that has

The Outback Trading Company can help keep any adventurer warm and dry.

Continued on Page 24


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Outback Continued from Page 23

been around since the early days of the company and is still popular is the Kodiak. “That’s probably as Australian as you can get,” Cormier said. “We vary our designs. We have some very western-looking ones and then we have the town hat.” Because all of Outback’s items are warehoused in Oxford, the outlet store carries the entire line of Outback products, but for their loyal local shoppers, they go an extra step, adding other items that fit well with the Outback look. “We kind of center around the equestrian world, but we cater to anyone who has to be outside in the weather with our coats and hats, socks and such,” Cormier said. Bogs waterproof boots are joined by ceramic mugs, gift items, handbags from the American West, woven bags, and much more. The shop carries jewelry from a Nottingham craftsperson, as well as that of a Delaware jewelry artist, and original designs from Michigan and Florida. “We try to fine the unique, different things that might not be found elsewhere, especially the jewelry,” Cormier said. King has established Outback as a major feature of the Oxford business community.

The Outback Trading Company can not only outfit humans, but their best friends, too.

“A lot of us are trying to make Oxford a special place again. Often times, it seems you take two steps forward and one backward,” he said. “Our business is 35 years old. I’ve been on main street at least 25 years, so I’ve seen a big evolution, and it’s the best it’s ever been right now.” Shop Outback in person at the outlet store (29 S. Third St.) Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is open late until 8 p.m. on First Fridays and Third on Third evenings. Convenient online shopping can be found at www.outbacktrading.com.

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The Oxford Police Department A Proud History of Service Photo by Marcella Peyre-Ferry

Chief John Slauch can be found throughout the borough and at the Oxford Police Station.

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer Maintaining a safe community by preventing crime and solving the crimes that do occur is the core mission of the Oxford Borough Police Department. Getting that job done are ten full-time and six part-time police officers, three parking enforcement officers, a clerk and head clerk who work under the direction of Borough Police Chief John Slauch. 26


Slauch has 42 years of police experience, including three and a half years as an officer in Oxford Borough before leaving in 1981. After serving as a chief in four other departments, the Oxford native returned here as chief. “I love it here. When I came here in 2005, this was the highlight of my career,” Slauch said. Everyone knows to call 911 in an emergency, but it is also the number to call for help with quality-of-life issues that might not need urgent attention. “We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Slauch

2017 • Volume 39——v

said. “If you have a problem and you don’t know where to go, call the police. We’re either going to handle the problem for you, or we will get the information to the right people. Always call 911. When the 911 Center first came into being, 911 was to be used for emergency calls only. We’ve kind of gotten away from that, because it confuses people. The calls are going to be answered by the same call takers regardless of what number you use. We advise everybody, to eliminate the confusion, to call 911. If you want to speak to a police officer, the best way to do that is call 911.” Borough Police can help residents with a wider range of issues than residents may be aware of. This includes code violations such as unmowed properties or hazardous conditions. “There are code issues, but there is a tremendous overlap,” Slauch said. “Officers all carry citation books that deal with codes. If it is a true codes issue that requires something we cannot handle at the scene, we take it to the Borough Manager or Zoning Officer. “We’re the visible part of the government, so if you have an issue and you don’t know where to go, call the police


and we’ll make sure the problem is handled -- one way or another,” Slauch said. For residents, seeing Borough Police on their streets is reassuring. “Probably one of the most important factors in public safety is being on patrol, whether it is on foot or in a car,” Slauch said. “People that live in a community do want to see a visible presence of police, and it is a deterrent to crime. There is a constant patrol of the borough -- every street, every neighborhood, 24 hours a day.” Residents can always get help in person at the Oxford Borough Police Station, at 57 N. Fourth St. Language is not a barrier to service, as one of the department officers and the clerks are fluent in Spanish, and interpretation services are always available when necessary. “We do a tremendous walk-in business here, particularly with the people who live in the central part of town who may not have transportation. They can walk here,” Slauch said. The police station’s business office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For those who wish to pay parking tickets after normal hours, there is a Continued on Page 28

news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org——v 27

Police Department Continued from Page 27

secure dropbox, or tickets may be paid online. For serious situations, help is available even after business hours by entering the secure vestibule where a phone can be found with instructions on how to immediately contact the police. The police station has become a fixture in the community since it officially opened in 2010. Prior to that time, the department shared the converted train station in Oxford with Borough Hall and its offices. “They were talking about needing a new police station in 1981. I came back in 2005 and they were still talking about needing a new police station,” Slauch said. “It was time to stop talking and do something. We had more than doubled in size in that time period. It was getting to the point where it was dangerous.” There were options available on property off of Lancaster Avenue, or at the Borough Garage off of Locust Street, but both were on the outer edges of the borough. “That was one of the things we were looking for in a new police station. The thought was, from the very beginning, we have to be centrally located so people can get here

on foot,” Slauch said. “That was an important factor in determining where the police station was going to be.” In 2008, the opportunity to purchase the building on Fourth Street, formerly a doctor’s office, appeared. “One Saturday night, I was at a function and learned this building was going on the market the following morning,” Slauch said. “We moved very quickly, in a couple of days, to keep this building off the market.” The borough purchased the building, and for about a year, leased it back to the doctors until they were ready to relocate. Six to seven months of renovations followed, and the building was ready for dedication on May 22, 2010. “They worked pretty quickly. One of the reasons was, we had a good plan,” Slauch said. “We knew exactly what we wanted and how we were going to do it, so that moved things along. Not only was the location perfect, but we were able to do what we wanted without a tremendous cost. In 2005, a new building was going to cost us around $4 million to build. When you consider what we paid for this and the renovations, it was about a million and a half.” Continued on Page 30

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Expires 4/16/18. One coupon per purchase. Cannot be combined with any other purchase.

Photo by Marcella Peyre-Ferry

Oxford Borough Police Chief John Slauch shows some of the high-tech equipment used at the Oxford Borough Police Station.


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The new location gave the Police Department more room and a better design. There are administrative offices for the Chief, Detective Sergeant, Corporal and Mayor, as well as a patrol room with cubicles for each officer. There are two interview rooms, one of which is equipped for voice and visual recording of interviews. “We have a very modern cell block area where everything is recorded. Everything is watched from the patrol room, the Chief’s office and the front office,” Slauch said. “It’s a safety thing. Prisoners are pretty much self-contained, but it’s never a pleasant experience when you have prisoners.” When the cells are used, it is only to temporarily hold a suspect until they can be arraigned. “You never know what’s going to happen, and you certainly don’t want something bad to happen, so we keep a close eye on prisoners,” Slauch said. The station also has secured evidence and weapons rooms, as well as a small lab with some very high-tech equipment, allowing the department to process much of its own evidence without having to send material out to Harrisburg.



It is a continuing effort to keep up with new technologies and new police procedures. “The job has gotten a lot more complicated than it once was,” Slauch said. Very soon, the department will be able to issue citations electronically. In the case of traffic violations, after scanning a driver’s license, a citation is printed and the information sent directly to the state courts system. Keeping up with new regulations and new technology is expensive, and the department makes up a large part of the borough’s annual budget. But not everything the department needs comes from the local budget. “We are fortunate in this county that all of the in-car computers and all of the radio equipment is provided by the county, so the borough taxpayers are not on the hook for that kind of equipment, because it’s very expensive,” Slauch said. “Not every county has that advantage.” Slauch sees the department as an effective force. “If you look at our statistics, this is a very, very safe community, and the crimes that do occur normally do get solved,” he said. “Chester County as a whole is a very safe county. “Every community, everywhere in the country, has

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a tremendous drug problem, and every community has issues with quality of life – it’s just the way it is. When you look around and see crime going on, then you look at Oxford, you know you can walk down the street at 11 at night and feel safe.” Oxford has changed a great deal in the past decades, and Slauch has seen it thrive, wane and grow again. “I think it has a very bright future,” he said. “I grew up here, so I know what main street was like in the 1960s and some of the 1970s. When I worked here, on a Friday night it was so busy there was a police officer standing in the middle of the street at Locust and Third, directing traffic and directing people, because there were a lot of stores. Everything was open late into the evening on Fridays. This town was booming,” Slauch said. “While the businesses are different now, I think after years and years of a slow growth, I think it has a bright future.”


Photo by Marcella Peyre-Ferry

The Oxford Police Station.

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Meet Our Member:

Citadel Federal Credit Union is more than a bank Courtesy Photo

Citadel Building

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer When it comes to deciding where to put your hardearned money, Citadel Federal Credit Union has all the features of a traditional bank, as well as options that can help you toward a bright financial future. Retail Market Manager Kim Jarvis has been with Citadel FCU for 21 years, and has been at the Oxford location since January 2015. “I am responsible for the overall operations of the Oxford office – following company initiatives, running a smooth office, and coaching my team toward advancement in the company,” she said. A credit union differs from a traditional bank. When you bank with Citadel, you become a member of the credit union. Anyone who lives, works, or worships in Chester County, or has a family member who does so, is eligible 32


to become a member of Citadel. You can visit www. citadelbanking.com to find the other ways in which you can become a member of the credit union. “It’s not hard, like people think,” Jarvis said. Citadel was founded in Coatesville in 1937 by some employees of Lukens Steel Company. “That’s how we started -- a group of steel mill workers got together to help one another, and we’ve grown slow and steady from there, which is a good thing,” Jarvis said. “We want to make sure we do what’s best for the community and not just what’s best for us.” Currently, Citadel has 22 offices across Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties. The Oxford branch opened in May 2012. Structured as a credit union, Citadel features all of the security of a bank with Federal NCUA insurance on deposits, so your money is always safe. They

2017 • Volume 39——v

also provide all the services you are accustomed to with traditional banks, including checking accounts for individuals and businesses, credit and debit cards, ATM service, consumer and real estate lending, retirement services and more. Citadel has all your banking needs for individual and business accounts, as well as insurance products and other financial services, including the help of a certified financial planner who can help with moving 401k plans, setting up retirement accounts, or having a second look at what your retirement portfolio looks like. Consultations are free to Citadel members. “Customers are provided with what we call Citadel Class Services,” Jarvis said. “We pride ourselves on putting members first, so banking is all about the service for the member. We have overall lower fees for our accounts, lower rates on our lending products and higher rates on our deposits, to be able to provide more back to the members. In May of this year, we celebrated being number one across the nation for providing value back to our members by Callahan & Associates. “A lot of people are looking for relationship banking. We want you to come in, open up an account and have a relationship with us; you can come back and ask questions


and meet with us one-on-one for all your needs. You’re not just a number,” Jarvis said. “People say we have a family feel and we pride ourselves on that.” That comfortable relationship with members can be found every day at Citadel. For those who are not familiar with the office, Jarvis invites them to stop in and learn more. “Come in, have a cup of coffee with us, and get to know us,” she said. Citadel makes banking easy. Members may have their ID scanned into the computer system so that it is not always necessary to show your driver’s license every time you come to the counter to complete a transaction. Also, there are no deposit or withdrawal slips required, unless you want them. “We have some members who like to have that deposit or withdrawal slip, so we keep some on hand for people who would like to use them,” Jarvis said. Office hours are very convenient for members. Every office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the Oxford location, there are two lanes for drive-in banking, an ATM and night deposit box. You can also do all your banking from your phone with Citadel’s app, or through the website.

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The evolving role of the library By Carey Bresler The way people are using libraries has been evolving since libraries were invented. This is because libraries adapt and grow to meet the needs of the communities they serve. This is evident in the evolution of the Oxford Library, from a small collection of shared books in private homes that was started in 1784 to the 11,000-square-foot building that now houses a collection of over 55,000 items that welcome all today. What has remained as the common goal is the mission of promoting education and sharing information. The Oxford Library exists to help you learn. There is no topic too unusual or unconventional, and there are no questions that our dedicated and friendly staff will not attempt to help you answer. While it is true that we know a lot about books, we also can help you find information in many other formats. As part of the Chester County Library System, we are part of a courier service that delivers books between the 18 member libraries, Monday through Friday. This makes it possible for us to easily get you a book from any of these other libraries.

All ages are welcome to explore computers at the library.

Local community groups can use the library for meetings and events. 34


2017 • Volume 39——

We also have a digital collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks and magazines that you can browse and borrow from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection. We also subscribe to a variety of databases that can help you learn a foreign language, do market research, prepare for a vocation or education test, explore your genealogy and much more. Libraries today serve as community centers and information hubs where you can meet to discuss ideas and learn from each other. The Oxford Library now has the space to host larger and more dynamic programs and events, so keep an eye on our Calendar of Events. There is also a rental room that can be booked for your own events. You can find information on booking this space and much more on our website, www.oxfordpubliclibrary. org. These are only a few of the services and resources, and we want to hear from you


about what you would like to see at the Oxford Library. Our main goal is to tailor our services to match your education needs, and we are very willing to grow and change to do it. A well-used library is a happy one.

Oxford Library Snapshot *Data from the 2016 Annual Report

Population Served: ........................... 25,814 Cataloged Items ................................ 55,023 Customer Visits: ................................ 74,819 Total Circulation: .............................. 126,378 Total Programs:................................. 709 Program Attendance: ........................ 9,069 Number of Public Computer Uses .... 7,228 Reference Questions Answered ........ 7,222

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Meet Our Member:

Kreider’s Market: Fresh food and familiar faces Courtesy Photo

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer You don’t have to travel far to enjoy good food and the freshest possible produce from Kreider’s Market. Just across the Octorara Reservoir, on Route 472, at 2396 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood, you will find the convenience of a gas station, ATM and well-stocked shelves of snacks and staples, but there is also much more. Enjoy fresh produce, grown on-site at the Kreider farm; seasonal milkshakes made from local strawberries or fresh orchard peaches; and a full menu of hot or cold subs and sandwiches, steaks, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads and other great food made to order. Lloyd Kreider and his wife, Mary Lois, started Kreider’s Market in 1985. “My parents moved onto this little farm when I was in first grade in 1952,” Lloyd Kreider said. His father was a minister, and with the farm work, Lloyd essentially grew up in the vegetable business. In 1967, Lloyd and Mary Lois married, and he began working at Herr’s, doing route sales. Lloyd combined what he learned visiting markets, and his knowledge of farming, to produce Kreider’s Market. When it first opened, Lloyd was still working at Herr’s while Mary Lois learned to make sandwiches, and took on the job 36


of managing the store. Last year, Lloyd and Mary Lois began the transition to a new generation. While they are still very actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the store, their son Ryan and his wife Sandra are moving into ownership roles, ensuring the future success of Kreider’s Market. Sandra works primarily in the back office, but Mary Lois can still be found behind the counter at times, along with a staff of helpful employees. “We have great employees of all ages,” Mary Lois said. Many Kreider’s Market employees over the years have been local students working to cover their college expenses while they commute to school. Others have stayed with the market as long as 25 years, becoming familiar faces to customers. As a successful family business, everyone works well together, each doing what he or she does best. “The main secret to a successful family business is communication. That can be true for any business, but especially for family businesses. You have to communicate to make sure you know what everybody’s thinking or feeling,” Lloyd said. As members of the community, living on the farm surrounding the market, the Kreiders have an appreciation for their customers and neighbors and friends. “We enjoy the community with the joys and the sorrows. We try to go along and meet the people

2017 • Volume 39——v

where they are,” Mary Lois said. Providing personalized service is something the Kreiders are proud of. All menu items are made to order, so there is no problem in customizing a sandwich to your taste. For those concerned with consuming bread products, you can even get your burger in a box and skip the bun. Soups and salads on the menu give people additional options that are fresh and wholesome. For a cool treat, there is soft serve ice cream from March through October, and hand dipped ice cream year-round. Among Kreider’s signature items are their milkshakes made with fresh strawberries from the farm while in season, followed by fresh peaches as they ripen through the summer. Start your day with coffee and a breakfast sandwich, or come for lunch and a great selection of hot and cold sandwiches. And don’t forget to take home some fresh produce for dinner. The produce you find on the shelves at Kreider’s Market varies with the seasons, but Lloyd Kreider tries to ensure that customers will get the best of the fresh vegetables. As an example, he staggers the corn crop into 14 plantings so that there will be


very fresh white and bi-color corn for customers all season long. Also grown on the farm are strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupes and pumpkins. “Come around the back of the store and I’ll show you where it’s grown,” Lloyd Kreider said. Over the years, Kreider’s Market had grown, and it continues to do so. If you look closely, you may be able to see the outline of the original building and how it has expanded. “We like to always keep improving, and growing,” Ryan Kreider said. “We’d like to work on the next steps to offer some seating here, a place for people to gather, sit down, eat and talk.” While expansion plans are in the works, there is no reason not to enjoy Kreider’s great food and friendly service now. Food orders may be placed in advance by calling 717–529-6944, so they are ready to pick up when you arrive. The market is open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed Sundays. Wednesday is senior discount day, with 10 percent off (excluding milk, gas, cigarettes, newspapers and stamps) for those 65 and older. More information is available at Kreidersmarket.com, and you can find them on Facebook.

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What does the Chamber do? By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer There are Chambers of Commerce nationwide, but what does that mean here in Oxford? The Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business owners large and small, including non-profit agencies, working to provide services to members and the community.

Courtesy Photo

Chamber President Eric Maholmes

“We are here to make Oxford grow,” said Chamber President Eric Maholmes. “We are here to support the businesses, and those businesses in turn support the community. I think we are all focused in the right direction. As long as we are all moving forward in the same direction, we can get things done.” One of the primary benefits for Chamber membership is inclusion in The Oxfordian. Spring and fall issues of the magazine are distributed free to residents. “We provide The Oxfordian, which allows local businesses to advertise at discounted rates if they are members,” Maholmes said. “We share information about the community and things to do. You can go there and find information about the businesses -- their phone numbers, addresses, etc. It has a complete listing of everybody.” For business owners, inclusion in the magazine is a great form of advertising because it reaches so many homes in the community. For residents, the articles and listings are a great way to find the business or service they are looking for. They will find information on new companies in the area and learn more about unusual ones they may have 50


never thought about before. “We provide articles, we provide feature stories for some businesses, and we try to get around to as many businesses as possible,” Maholmes said. The Chamber provides a number of promotional services to businesses, including ribbon cuttings, referrals, business card exchanges and some member-to-member discounts. The Chamber website includes a directory of member businesses and organizations, as well as links to member websites, so that local companies can be found quickly and easily. The Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce has about 320 members, both in the heart of the Oxford downtown, and in the surrounding area, unlike Oxford Mainstreet Inc. (OMI), which is focused on downtown only. The Chamber is open to all businesses that serve the borough and the surrounding area. The Chamber works with OMI and the Oxford Arts Alliance, as well as Oxford Borough government. All are concerned with the growth and development of Oxford, and often work together toward common goals.

2017 • Volume 39——v

“We work together very well to make sure everything goes off well on First Fridays and Third on Third,” Maholmes said. “The First Fridays have grown so much. During the last two, it seemed like it was packed with people, and at 8 o’clock when it was over, they didn’t want to leave. It’s fantastic to see that kind of community support and involvement. People are coming out.” The Chamber also runs major features of the community, including the annual Halloween Parade and Movies in the Park series, as well as the annual Chamber Gala in the early spring. The Chamber holds an annual golf tournament that’s one of its biggest fundraisers of the year. Proceeds from the tournament go toward four scholarships the Chamber offers each year to graduating Oxford Area High School seniors who will enroll in Pennsylvania colleges and universities. “We look at students who have good academic records and students who volunteer their efforts locally in town,” Maholmes said. The Chamber is involved in governmental decisions that impact the business community. One way they stay in touch with the latest information from the State Capitol is through their annual Legislative Breakfast. “The Route 1 corridor is very big in shaping what’s going on from Oxford up into Philadelphia,” Maholmes said.

“There’s a lot of communication about getting rail service and bus service. That’s the kind of thing the legislators would come down and talk to us about. We talk to our legislators, who have provided a lot of additional funding and grants for Oxford. That is the kind of thing that is important to the Chamber and its members.” Local government also has a major impact on business, and the Chamber makes a special effort to be sure that the interests of area businesses are heard. Most recently, the Chamber has weighed in with the Borough in support of building a new parking garage. “The people that come to our regular meetings, the majority are in favor of the parking garage,” Maholmes said. “As part of the Chamber, I went to Borough Council meetings and voiced our opinion. We represent the majority of the businesses in town and we are pulling together for a common goal -- to make Oxford better. The parking garage is one of those things that is going to help Oxford grow. We say we want more businesses to come into town, but in order to have more businesses, you have to have sustainable parking.” Looking toward future events, the Chamber will be working with the Arts Alliance on a portrait contest next year, and they will be sponsoring a two-day Arts and Crafts Continued on Page 52

Serving the Agricultural Community for over 40 years Oxford Location 481 Limestone Road, Oxford, PA 19363 hostettergrain.com | (610) 932-4484


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What does the Chamber do? Continued from Page 51

Festival next summer. “We’re going to make a festival of the whole downtown area,” Maholmes said. “We want to develop an arts and crafts festival so we can have a big draw into Oxford. That’s the kind of thing that is happening to make Oxford better.” Chamber membership fees are based on the number of employees in a company. Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month. The 19-member Chamber Board has a full slate of officers, as well as committees that take on the various projects of the organization. “We have a pretty active board, We have committee members that are very involved,” Maholmes said. “We don’t just have one person doing everything. It takes a group effort.” Maholmes has been in Oxford for about five years, working at Flowers Baking Company. “When I first got here, one of our HR representatives was on the Chamber Board, but they moved on to another position in the company. They needed a representative and I said I would do it,” he said. During his time with the Chamber, Maholmes has seen

positive changes in the business community. “I think business is looking wonderful in Oxford. There are people that are trying to make Oxford grow and looking to succeed,” he said. “Just the four and a half or five years I’ve been here, looking around, I think I’ve seen a difference in Oxford.” Maholmes is also a Board Member for the Oxford Arts Alliance and sees the value of being involved in organizations such as the Chamber. “I am tied in with everything that goes on here. I like the small-town feel of it. You can be involved in as big of a way as you want, or as small of a way. It takes people working together to get things done.” The Chamber’s executive director holds office hours and manages the workings of the organization. The Chamber Office is at 38-A S. Third St., Oxford. Hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. “That’s where everything happens. Our executive director is over there to take care of the day-to-day business,” Maholmes said. For more information, call the Chamber office at 610-932-0740 or visit www.oxfordpa.org.

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2017 • Volume 39——v

Continued on Page 53


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Meet Our Member:

Wholly Grounds: Oxford’s wonderful coffee shop Courtesy Photo

By Steven Hoffman Staff Writer Let’s state the obvious: coffee is not important. But good coffee? Good coffee is very important. Oxford has the good fortune of counting Wholly Grounds among its businesses in the downtown, and ever since it opened in September of 2015, owners Jeff and Cheryl Hamm have been serving up good coffee—and lattes, espressos, and other coffee shop favorites—to customers in an atmosphere that is as warm and inviting as a freshly brewed cup of java. The coffee is so good at Wholly Grounds that it’s hard to believe that the Hamms did not think that coffee would be the focal point of the business when it opened. The Hamms’ first foray into the Oxford business community actually came when they were a vendor at the popular First Friday events, selling homemade kettle corn. Jeff, who has a local Tastykake distribution route, learned how to make kettle corn himself because he grew frustrated at having to drive all over trying to find his wife’s favorite snack. One day, they drove to North Carolina to specifically purchase the equipment necessary to make kettle corn. Jeff tried making the snack and Cheryl loved it so much that soon he was making large quantities to sell. It became a popular item at Oxford’s First Friday events. It was during a First Friday that the Hamms first met Jerome Rodio, a business owner and Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce president. Over time, they became friendly and Jeff talked to Rodio about the possibility of opening a business in town. The plan was to offer kettle corn as the featured item, and there would also be an outlet business in the back of the store. Rodio thought that was a good idea, but he also thought that Oxford could use a coffee shop. The idea made sense, so the Hamms included 54


coffee in their plans, thinking that the coffee would be subordinate to the kettle corn. The Hamms found a location that they liked at 47 South Third Street, in the building that had previously been occupied by the Lighthouse Youth Center, a parachurch organization, before it moved to its new home on Commerce Street. Faith is very important to the Hamm family, and after discussing a variety of names, they settled on Wholly Grounds, a name that not only references their own personal faith, but also nods at the history of the building, which was home to the Lighthouse for more than two decades. As soon as the shop opened, they found the Oxford community to be very welcoming, and they started making new friends. “We live in Rising Sun, but this really feels like home to us,” Cheryl explained. “There’s such a sense of community among the businesses and with the customers. There’s just a nice, small-town feel here. It’s very enjoyable. The best part is the people that we’ve gotten to meet.” Jeff agreed. “We’ve met some amazing people,” he said. It didn’t take them long to realize that Jerome was absolutely right about Oxford needing a coffee shop. Coffee shops aren’t important. But good coffee shops are very important. And the Wholly Grounds’ flavorful coffee was an immediate hit with customers. “It starts with good coffee beans,” Cheryl said. Jeff explained that when they were first discussing the idea of the coffee shop, Rodio kept saying that it was important for people to be able to come in and buy a cup of coffee for $1. That was the case when Wholly Grounds opened, and it’s still the case today. Jeff said that they have very good price points, especially when compared to chain shops that offer coffee. Then there’s the flavor of the product.

2017 • Volume 39——v

Courtesy Photo

“I really do believe that we have the best cup of coffee in the area,” Jeff explained. But people didn’t just come for the coffee. They came for the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Wholly Grounds. There’s a sign in Wholly Grounds that reads, “Coffee & Friends, the Perfect Blend.” The shop became a gathering spot for friends to meet. Soon, teachers were meeting up at Wholly Grounds for a cup of coffee before school. Kids were coming for the “Frappy Hour” discounts on frappuccinos between 3 and 4 p.m. on school days. A few people started a Monday morning prayer group to pray for the schools. Each Tuesday, a group of friends started a men’s Bible study. The Hamms got to know their regular customers—and vice versa. There is definitely a family atmosphere at Wholly Grounds. There are actually eight members of the Hamm family who take turns behind the counter. Jeff and Cheryl are assisted by their four children Kyle, Tyler, Emily and Luke, and Kyle’s wife, Patience, and Tyler’s wife, Amelia, as well as family friends who help out occasionally. The family vibe extends to customers.

“We want it to be a nice place for people to meet with their friends or family,” Cheryl explained. “You sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk. It’s a great place to meet with your neighbor.” The Hamms slowly added to the menu. They started offering sandwiches, salads, and soups. Chicken corn chowder soup—another recommendation from Rodio—is a favorite among customers. Jeff said that he considers Rodio, who passed away in July of 2016, as a mentor and a supporter. Many of the ideas that Rodio shared with the Hamms when they were first starting the business proved to be a great help. Like Rodio, the Hamms have become a part of the Oxford community. They participate in special activities that Oxford plans—such as featuring live music during the Oxford Arts Alliance’s Third Friday event—and also schedule some attractions of their own. For example, a new story time for children is being added at 10 a.m. on the third Friday of each month as a way to encourage more people to visit downtown Oxford. Cheryl said that they really enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses in the downtown, and that they want other businesses to succeed too. “If they do well, we all do well,” she explained. Jeff said that they are very happy to have a business in downtown Oxford, and to have an opportunity to meet so many people who frequent the local businesses. “It’s been a lot of fun,” Jeff said. “It’s been a blessing for us and we want to be a blessing for the community.”

Wholly Grounds is open from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Monday through Friday, with extended hours on Fridays when Oxford has special events planned, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

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Photo by Steven Hoffman

A photo of a concept rendering of a parking garage that was utilized at a town hall meeting in April.

Parking garage could facilitate economic development in Oxford Borough 56


2017 • Volume 39——v

Photo by Steven Hoffman

Several parking studies have recommended a parking garage as a way to address the long-term parking needs of the business district.

By Steven Hoffman Staff Writer Ever since a comprehensive parking study of Oxford Borough was completed two years ago, the proposed parking garage project has been a major topic of discussion for residents, business owners, and frequent visitors to the town. Oxford Borough officials have been working diligently to make the project a reality. The parking garage is seen as a catalyst for future economic development opportunities in the commercial district, especially when it comes to attracting a cornerstone business like a restaurant or a


larger business looking for a significant amount of office space. “We are looking to attract as many businesses as we can,” explained Oxford Borough Manager Brian Hoover. “In order to attract businesses to town, in the future, you need to have adequate parking. It’s obvious that we need that facility.” Parking, specifically convenient parking, close to shops and restaurants in the downtown has been an issue that has been discussed for years in the borough. Several parking studies have been completed in the last dozen or so years, and the recommendation has been consistent Continued on Page 58

news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org——v 57

Parking Garage Continued from Page 57

Oxford needs a parking garage. All of the parking studies point to the fact that if you want any redevelopment to occur, you need to address the parking issue in the downtown, Hoover said. We have an opportunity to drive activity in the downtown district that brings jobs to town. This will be the economic engine for southern Chester County.” Hoover emphasized that when the business district thrives, the residents in the borough will benefit, too. Property values will go up for homeowners, more jobs will be available locally, which boosts the borough’s revenues and will only have a positive impact on the local economy. Oxford’s business district has been on the upswing in recent years, welcoming more than two dozen new businesses. The addition of a parking garage that would finally address Oxford’s long-term needs could be a major asset, but paying for such a large project is a challenge for a borough with about 5,000 residents. From the very beginning, this project depended on the borough’s ability to obtain funding through public and private sources. Oxford enlisted A. Stevens Krug of Krug Architects



and Pauline Garcia-Allen, of Econ Partners to serve as consultants to lead the effort to obtain grant funding. Krug Architects has successfully helped other Pennsylvania municipalities, including West Chester Borough, build parking garages as a way to encourage economic development in the commercial district. Oxford has been very successful in securing funding for the project, obtaining two significant grants for the project. One came through the Chester County Community Revitalization Program. Another came from Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development Multi-modal Transportation Fund. “Obtaining grants for a parking garage is not easy,” explained Garcia-Allen, who serves as director of development services for Econ Partners. “Part of what has made this project successful in securing funding is that it was planned to meet the community’s needs both now and in the future, with public transportation integration that can be increased over time.” According to Garcia-Allen, Oxford has a great story to tell with all the years of work that community leaders,

2017 • Volume 39——v

Continued on Page 60

Photo by Steven Hoffman

A photo of a concept rendering of a parking garage that was utilized at a town hall meeting in April.


news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org——v 59

Parking Garage Continued from Page 58

business owners and residents have put in on revitalizing the borough, creating a unique sense of place. “The economic development and transportation agencies that have funded this project understand that to build on that success, the community needs supportive infrastructure,” Garcia-Allen said. Hoover agreed. “The reason that the borough received funding is that people believe in the project,” he said. Initially, the project included just a parking garage on a lot between Second Street and Third Street adjacent to Octorara Alley, but that evolved into a transit center as the borough saw the opportunity to increase access to public transportation for people who live and work in Oxford. Then the borough administration building also became part of the project as the borough has $1 million in funding that was gifted to it by an anonymous donor more than ten years ago for the purpose of building or acquiring a new borough hall. Attaching the new borough hall to the parking structure adds a new dimension to the parking garage project, and

presents an opportunity for the borough to save on design and construction costs. Hoover explained that if Oxford built a new borough hall anywhere else, it would cost more than $1 million to buy a property and to build or renovate a building. Oxford officials have explored possible options for a new borough hall since the gift was made, but they haven’t moved beyond the early exploration stage. There can be no debate that the borough has long-since outgrown its existing administration building on Market Street. The entire parking garage project is estimated to cost about $7 million. So far, Oxford has been able to secure slightly more than $3 million in grant funding for the project. The effort to secure additional funding is still underway, and grant applications for an additional $2.5 million have already been filed. The goal is to minimize any potential impact to taxpayers by limiting the amount that will be borrowed and by making sure that the amount borrowed would be repaid by parking revenue or funds generated through use of the garage and on-street parking. “We’re trying to decrease the burden on residents, and

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2017 • Volume 39——v

Photo by Steven Hoffman

The borough increased parking rates earlier this year as a way to ensure that revenues are sufficient to cover the costs of providing parking. If the revenues aren’t sufficient, taxpayers make up for the difference through the taxes that they pay.

Continued on Page 62

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Parking Garage Continued from Page 61

the only way that you can do that is to increase the activity in the commercial district,” Hoover explained. The success at raising funding for the parking garage project has boosted the hopes of the project’s supporters that Oxford will finally have a long-term solution to the parking issues. “The proposed transit facility is vital to the continued economic vitality of Downtown Oxford and the surrounding areas,” said Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. Executive director Donna Hosler earlier this year. “The Business Improvement District (BID) has seen the establishment of 20 new businesses over the past two years. Those businesses bring employees and customers who require convenient parking or transportation.” Groups like the Chester County Economic Development Council, the Transportation Management Association of Chester County, and the Oxford Chamber of Commerce have all come out in support of the project, as have numerous business owners in town. State Rep. John Lawrence and State Sen. Andy Dinniman have been staunch supporters of the project all along, and they have played a role in helping to secure funding through state and county sources.



In August, Oxford Borough Council took the biggest step yet toward authorizing the construction of a parking garage and new borough administration building by affirming its support for the project and approving three separate agreements for services related to the parking garage project. Borough council authorized the appointment of A. Stevens Krug, for architectural design services which includes structural engineering and mechanical plumbing and electrical engineering services. Krug handled the preparation of the parking study and has also facilitated the borough’s efforts to secure funding for the project up to this point. Council also approved the appointment of a civil engineer, Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy for professional engineering and survey services associated with the planning and development of the parking garage project and Earth Engineering for Geotechnical investigations. If all goes well, shovels could be in the ground by sometime in the spring of 2018. It is expected to take about 18 months to construct the parking garage once all the preliminary work for this kind of project is completed.

2017 • Volume 39——v

“The proposed transit facility is vital to the economic vitality of downtown Oxford.” ~Donna Hosler

Photo by Steven Hoffman

Borough Manager, Brian Hoover


news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org——v 63

Meet Our Member:

Cricket Wireless Courtesy Photo

When it comes to selecting a cellphone plan, not everyone is an expert. And for them, there’s the Cricket Wireless store at 15 N. Third Street in Oxford. The tidy, efficient storefront is one of four in the region that offer drop-in convenience for customers who might be lost in the dizzying maze of options and pricing offered by competing networks. Derrick Johnson, a regional manager for Cricket Wireless, spends his work days traveling between the stores in Chester County, offering advice or fixing problems. “We offer prepaid plans to everyone. The coverage is based off of AT&T’s network, and we get more coverage than most of the other companies,” Johnson said. “We try to get people out of the usual contracts.” In Oxford, store manager Cristopher Aguilar is there to meet with customers who may be older, unsure of which plan is best, or families who want to make sure they are paying the best price for the services they use. All Cricket stores have bilingual staff as well, he said, so explaining the details of a complicated contract is no problem. 64


“The people who come in can get more information about the phones, or maybe they need answers about the different plans,” he said. “And we also have in-store promotions.” There are now Cricket stores in Kennett Square, Downingtown, Coatesville and Oxford. Cricket Wireless is one of the fastest growing prepaid wireless carriers in the country. There were 500,000 new subscribers in the first quarter of 2016 alone. The Oxford store opened in the first week of January this year. It’s in a Victorian building right on Third Street, with great exposure to passing traffic. Each Cricket outlet has large chalkboards that can be customized to reflect the local community, and the Oxford store has plenty to look at. Since the store opened, Aguilar said, the Oxford Chamber of Commerce has been a big help. “We participate in all the First Fridays,” he said. “We try to be a part of all the events the Chamber does. The Car Show, for instance -- I’m excited about that. For these events, we

2017 • Volume 39——v

go out, set up tables, we have games, tell people about Cricket, give out prizes, that kind of thing.” Johnson said that customers who come into the store might be a little older, “or they might just need help selecting a plan and setting it up. We can show them how to work certain things. With some other companies, some families are paying much more than they should. So here at Cricket, we try to show them the best plan for them.” Aguilar added that the Cricket advantage is, “It’s cheaper, and the service is really great. With every line you add, you get discounts.” “We here are Reliable Communications [a sub-branch of Cricket], we try to focus on customer service and helping the customer as much as we can,” Johnson said. “We make sure we give people exactly what they need.” When AT&T acquired the Cricket company and merged it with Aio Wireless, Cricket became a powerhouse. Cricket uses AT&T’s vast network and has coast-to-coast coverage. If you’re comparing plans online, Cricket lists all of its options up front, without the hidden taxes and fees that can jack up the costs of other carriers.


For families with multiple lines, the Group Saving plan can mean final monthly costs of about $100 for a family of four with 10GB of data. That’s a big attraction for anyone with budget restrictions. For $30, the basic 1GB data tier is fine for many users, while the $60 unlimited plan is one of the best prices on the market. All Cricket plans include unlimited nationwide text and calling. Cricket is a prepaid carrier, and customers pay for a month of service in advance. That means credit checks can be avoided, and budgeting is predictable. Cricket customers are not on a service plan contract and are free to switch carriers. But that doesn’t happen often. Johnson and Aguilar are quick to say that customers won’t want to leave after they see the ease of signing up with Cricket. “It’s something to smile about,” Johnson said. “We want to keep expanding. That’s the plan.” Cricket Wireless (15 N. Third St., Oxford) is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 610-467-0356 or visit for more information.

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Building on a foundation of art, ‘Third on 3rd’ is a win for Oxford By John Chambless Staff Writer


allery openings on the first Friday of each month have proven to be successful boosters for plenty of downtowns. In Oxford, First Friday was a big draw, so the Oxford Arts Alliance wanted to do more of the same – on a different night. “Art connects people generationally, crosses racial lines and sparks the local economy,” said Judy Petersen, the managing director of the Oxford Arts Alliance. “For the Arts Alliance, ‘Third on 3rd’ has become regional. Oxford has become a destination on the third Friday of the month for art openings and strolling on Third, Locust and Market streets to shop, visit various art galleries, eat at favorite restaurants or have a glass of wine while listening to live music until 9 p.m.” Petersen said the idea was to expand the downtown activity, not compete with surrounding First Friday events. “Because surrounding communities have their art strolls on First Friday, our Board of Directors decided that we needed to give art lovers the opportunity for an additional evening out,” Petersen added. “Our art exhibit openings at the gallery became the third Friday of the month, with music provided by students from our Music Academy. We also opened the Art Annex, where we have art openings on First Friday. On the third Friday, it is open for the art strolls.



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“We are excited about Oxford,” Petersen said, “and we’re excited about what ‘Third on 3rd’ now offers the community and what future growth and collaboration with businesses and other galleries will bring.” Allie King, the marketing manager of the Outback Trading Company on Third Street, said ‘Third on 3rd’ has also been a winner for the store. “As a small town, we are constantly trying to better our community and thrive in new ways,” King said. “We have been lucky enough as a town to have had the Arts Alliance as a nurturing part of growing with us in the past years. Through the Arts Alliance, Oxford has been growing as an artistic community with murals, paint-a-pot workshops, art exhibits, music lessons and of course ‘Third on 3rd.’ That has been a continued success, as it is a way for the merchants of Oxford to work with the Alliance to celebrate art all over town. “On the third Friday of each month, many stores participate in the neighborhood artistic Continued on Page 68


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celebration,” King continued. “At Outback, we strive to have musical entertainment, a visiting visual artist and light refreshments to encourage people to stop into our store and mingle. We have found these nights have been a wonderful community event, with an increasing number of people returning each month. ‘Third on 3rd’ makes shopping fun. It’s been a wonderful way for us to connect with each other and promote local artists, entertainers and merchants in Downtown Oxford.” Joanna Cormier, the main event coordinator at Outback Trading Company, said, “Over the years, I had developed a pretty nice network of musicians and artists at the Outback Store, and was delighted to have a new venue to highlight their talents at the store. I was very willing to participate in the new idea of the Third Friday focusing on the art stroll. I strongly believe the ‘Third on 3rd’ evenings will become as strong as First Fridays as we continue to spread the word. It is amazing how many folks that live in Oxford are surprised at all the different events offered in town. We are constantly sharing with customers the information about First and Third Fridays.

Jill Beech, a ceramist who curated a show in May called Earth's Many Offerings with artist Helen Mason.

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“I feel very strongly that both events are important for the town,” Cormier said. “First Friday for the family fun, block party event, and the Third for a more adult night out. The businesses will gain by participating in both events in exposure to new and future customers.” At Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Tammy Liberato said ‘Third on 3rd’ fits right in with the winery’s marketing and promotional plans. “I am not exactly sure when it all started, but we have always had live music on third Fridays, ever since we opened in Oxford,” Liberato said. “Our brand is ‘The Wine that Rocks,’ so live music has always been important to us. I think that third Fridays was just a good fit for everyone else, too. “I think the arts have grown in Oxford over the past four years since we have opened here, with the Arts Alliance, the new Art Annex and other art studios that have opened. I also feel that there are many businesses that support local musicians in their establishments,” Liberato continued. “The town has also seen a growth in the murals and exterior art enhancements in town. We also have a special Continued on Page 72



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place for the art of brewing and wine making, with the wineries and breweries that have opened up in town and the Oxford area. “To me, art is so much more than the just the easel,” Liberato added. “Boutiques like Pickled Pickles showcase and sell many items that are made by local artisans. This includes items from jewelry to clothes to chocolates to furniture. We are lucky to be in a town that has so many talented artisans and artists.” For Liberato, art is a big drawing card for a downtown. “I believe that a strong art alliance or art center brings people into town,” she said. “I am always overwhelmed with the amount of people who take music lessons, art classes, pottery classes, etc., at the Arts Alliance. We have parents who love to wait for their kids in Flickerwood and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while their kids take their music lessons. “We focus on other businesses to help them expand their hours and services on Third Fridays,” Liberato said. “Once that happens, we then have to help to find a way for those that do come to town for the arts to walk around and enjoy all the other places with local art and music. It could be



similar to a tree. The Arts Alliance could be the trunk of the tree, and the other businesses and art studios could be the branches, but all connected back to the Arts Alliance for that night.”

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While ‘Third on 3rd’ continues to be successful, the Arts Alliance recently announced an effort in conjunction with Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., to add an arts and music festival in August of next year. The festival is envisioned as a family-friendly event that will attract visitors from all over the area. At the Aug. 14 meeting of Oxford Borough Council, the committee organizing the festival made a formal presentation, outlining some of the preliminary details. David Ogino, who serves on the committee that plans the enormously popular annual car show in Oxford, explained that he is one of nine members of the new committee planning the arts and music festival. This committee includes several business owners, borough residents, and individuals involved with the Oxford Arts Alliance or the local arts community. “This event will bring more people to town than any other event,” Ogino said. “We’d like to see Oxford continue to grow and develop. Supporting local businesses is my primary objective here.” Ogino said the event would bring money into the local


economy and increase Oxford’s status as an artistic community. It would also deepen community pride, he said. Melissa Pacella, a member of the committee, said that they are looking at Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018 as the tentative date, with Aug. 5 as the rain date. Pacella said that there will likely be several different stages for bands to perform on throughout downtown Oxford, including a fiddlers picnic and country music show on a stage in Oxford Memorial Park. There could also be a stage set up on Market Street and one on Third Street. Pacella said that they will be bringing in popular local and regional bands to perform. Tony Derrico, the director of education at the Oxford Arts Alliance, said that other plans include having many activities for children. There will be tents set up for children to enjoy music and art skills classes. Children will be able to paint their own pottery and make their own instruments. For more information about ‘Third on 3rd,’ search Facebook or the Oxford Arts Alliance webpage (www. oxfordart.org).

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Meet Our Member:

Potchak A/C Inc. Courtesy Photo

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Staff Writer As the name says, the specialty of Potchak A/C Inc., is air conditioning, but that is far from the only thing the company does. In addition to air conditioning, Potchak A/C is equipped to meet all your needs in heating, refrigeration, plumbing and commercial kitchen repair. Christopher Potchak started in business in 1979 when he was just 20 years old. He has worked extensively for large companies, including Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Medical Center of Delaware and DuPont. In 2000, Potchak left DuPont to into his own air conditioning and heating business full-time. “Because we were in Delaware, we had a big business base in Delaware and I lived in Media. I moved out here and have been busy ever since,” Potchak said. Potchak’s business has grown locally to the point where he estimates that 75 percent of his clients are from the Chester County area, but he continues to service Main Line estates, and clients as far as Middletown, Del., and Chesapeake City, Md. “Business is growing most right here,” he said. Potchak’s clients are roughly half residential and half commercial. On the commercial side, he serves office buildings, restaurants, delis and more, including several large office buildings in Kennett Square. For residential properties, Potchak offers every service from small or large repairs to complete system installation or replacement, as well as 24-hour emergency service Christopher Potchak works on all types of jobs, while his son, Brandon Voshell, spearheads the residential aspect of the business. He consistently attends training to stay 76


informed on all the latest heating and cooling developments and efficiency standards for residential applications. He then utilizes this data when meeting with clients and preparing quotes. With continuing changes in the field, and new, more energy-efficient technologies being developed all the time, Potchak makes it a priority to stay up to date on the latest advancements in heating and cooling. “I’ve seen big changes. I remember when my pager would go off and I would have to find a telephone and have a pocket full of quarters to call the office,” Potchak said. Now, he finds himself spending evenings working online. “It used to be that you had to go to a book and you had to have all those manuals. Now I go on the computer and I can pull it up.” With the help of highly informative manufacturer website, Potchak can help clients find just the right heating or cooling system for their home and their lifestyle. “When I walk into a house, I ask questions. Whether it’s a repair or they’re requesting to have new or replacement air conditioning, there’s a bunch of questions I’m asking and listening to the customer,” he said. Potchak takes into consideration how long you plan to be in you home, and the temperature you will set your system at to feel comfortable. “We find out how you run your system, how long you will be running it, and what your budget is. It’s really listening to the customer,” he said. “The idea is, you have to pay for comfort, so you have to be smart about it.” Staying up to date with available rebate programs is one way Potchak helps his clients find a system they can afford. He is also well versed in the newest technologies such

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as high velocity, ductless, or geothermal air conditioning systems, that make it possible to comfortably add air conditioning to older homes that were not originally built for it. Helping clients work through the decision making process, Potchak can provide links to web pages where they can see potential systems for their homes and compare them side by side, taking initial cost into account, as well as the cost to operate the system at the temperature they find comfortable. Because the trade has become so technical and specialized, it can be difficult to find people who are well trained and skilled at Potchak’s type of work. “The air conditioning side of the business is equal to, or more technical, than heating. Refrigerants are highly technical. It’s the refrigeration side that’s a challenge. You have to really know a refrigeration system, whether it’s an ice machine, a refrigerator or an air conditioner -- they all use refrigerant to transfer heat and they’re all connected,” Potchak said. “It’s hard to find people that have that good base in refrigeration.” Potchak has experience with training people for the job, having taught refrigeration at DuPont, plus he was part of the mentoring program for Hodgson Technical School.


“That’s the biggest challenge, finding qualified mechanics. Not enough people are going into the trades, so now it’s reflecting on us,” he said. “I’ve trained lots of people. Anybody who works for us will go through an apprenticeship.” Potchak A/C is truly a family business. At one time Chris Potchak was joined by his son, son-in-law and nephew. Currently, he and his son Brandon make the operation run. “He’s going to take over and take some of the pressure off me,” Potchak said. Potchak moved from Media to nearby Kirkwood 26 years ago, where he enjoys being a part of a rural area. “I am a hunter and I fish, and when I have any spare time I’m doing outdoor things, so I like it out here,” he said. Potchak A/C has a facility in Oxford, and has consistently supported the community. Potchak’s trucks are purchased locally from Jeff D’Ambrosio, and most of their fuel is purchased at the Oxford Sunoco. “With the restaurants, we probably have serviced almost every single restaurant at Oxford at one time or other,” Potchak said. Those include the Miss Oxford Diner, Sawmill in Oxford and Kennett, the Octoraro Hotel and Margherita’s. Licensed in PA, MD, and DE, you can find Potchak A/C inc. online at www.potchakac.com or call 866-322-8849.

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The Oxford Arts Alliance embraces its mission of cultivating community through art


his upcoming year marks our tenth anniversary, and we are celebrating the true meaning of the word “community” with new initiatives and continued commitment to our home of Oxford. The community of the Oxford Arts Alliance is not just the members of our organization, or our instructors. It is the everexpanding roster of area residents who come to 38 South Third Street for art, music and so much more. As the Alliance grows and flourishes, we aim to open our doors to all artists, musicians and community members who share a passion for the arts. Thanks to a generous grant from a Chester County-based CCRES organization, the Arts Alliance is now developing programs such as Dia de Arte, where Spanish-speaking students will create new artworks each month on First Fridays in Oxford. The grant will also pave the way for the addition of bilingual private music lessons and private art lessons to the Alliance’s ever-growing offerings. We are now able to connect and grow with a large part of Oxford’s community as we continue our dedication to spreading our passion for the arts with Oxfordians of all ages. Alongside new efforts to engage our community, the Alliance continues to grow programs for our youngest artists in Oxford. This fall, the Mini Monet Art Club (ages 3-6) and the Doodlebug Art Club (ages 1-4) will give the younger generation a chance to get involved in the arts, get messy and show off their creative side. We continue to offer private art instruction for students who are ready to begin building a portfolio, learn the fundamentals of drawing, or are interested in refining their skills. Success is seeing one of our own art students enter a summer camp program based on her portfolio created with one of our art instructors. Our community extends beyond our Gallery and



Music & Art Academy building at 38 South Third Street. We recently opened an Art Annex at 19 South Third Street, which is the site of “Paint Your Own Pottery,” art exhibits by local artists, and classes. It’s a great place to provide fun and affordable birthday parties, girls’ nights out, team-building, Scout badges or other private parties. Starting Nov. 17 through Dec. 23, both the Annex and the Gallery will once again host our creative Artisan Gift Shop. In a coordinated effort between the Alliance and jewelry makers, artists and potters, the gift shops will be premiering new pieces and gifts so you can support and enjoy the great artisans in our community just in time for the holidays. Our Memberships are at different levels that now include artists and musicians. What a great gift that keeps on giving! Mark your calendars for this community-based shopping experience. For us, our community isn’t just Gallery visitors – it’s young students attending art club, budding musicians in lessons, artisans who share their work in the gift shop, and every person who participates in the wealth of programs and events offered throughout the year. This fall you will find: Our “Petite Painting” sale on Saturday, Nov. 25, in support of The Richard Beards Scholarship Annual Education Fund; art openings on First Friday and Third Friday; children’s community projects; private music and art lessons; paint your own pottery; Artisan Gift Shops, and so much more! Check out our website (www.oxfordart.org) to sign up for classes and workshops, start receiving our “What’s Happening” emails, come and visit the gallery, or call us at 610-467-0301. While our mission is to “Cultivate Community Through Art,” our community is cultivating us through its art as well! Stop by – our staff is always glad to see you!

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Membership brings CREDIBILITY to your business. You can increase


positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of a chamber of commerce.


Create NETWORKING opportunities. Chambers have

numerous committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development. You can build your business while promoting developments of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.

Gain a VOICE in government.

Increase your VISIBILITY in the community. As a new member of the chamber of commerce, you will be listed in the chamber newsletter, e-newsletter, on Facebook and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other chamber publications. You also can grow your business by advertising with the chamber and sponsoring events. The chamber may also promote your grand opening/ ribbon-cutting ceremony and assist with any public relations efforts.

The local chamber takes on the tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and costs directed at small businesses. It also helps protect the principles of free enterprise and aids businesses in being treated fairly.

Make business CONTACTS.

The chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The chamber initiates more business-to- business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.

Chamber EVENTS and programs.

Acquire customer REFERRALS. Every day, your

Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. Chamber events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors— and generate new business leads.

local chamber receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and chamber members typically recommend chamber members.

PROMOTION and publicity. With a chamber membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-tobusiness advertising and publicity.

Can LINK to the Oxford Chamber page on local search engine

THE OXFORDIAN. The Chamber magazine provides new member information, interesting information about operating a local business, articles about the local community, a community calendar and details about up-and- coming chamber events, among other things.

Access to members-only DISCOUNTS and services. These differ from chamber to chamber. For example, the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce in Oregon has a member-tomember discount program where a chamber member will receive $10 off any phone or accessory purchased from the local Verizon Wireless retailer in Sandy, which is a member of the chamber.

Can SHARE your concerns/ successes with other businesses in town

SCHOLARSHIPS. Businesses and employees of those businesses can apply for a scholarship for business related activities such as taking a Quickbooks class.

Opportunities to

ADVERTISE in the Chamber window

Meet Our Member:

Courtesy Photo

Charlie Kern teaches the popular “Therapeutic Yoga” on Thursday evenings.

The Salt Hut: Breathing new life into Oxford

Courtesy Photo

The Salt Hut also offers a full line of essential healing oils, nutrition and other products that contribute to a sense of wellness. Photo by Richard L. Gaw

Michele Marziano and Steve Guerrera of The Salt Hut.

By Richard L. Gaw Staff Writer There is an incredible and welcome juxtaposition to the Salt Hut in Oxford, and it happens the moment you first enter its signature triangle-shaped storefront. The tension of the world seems to fall off your shoulders. Relaxing music reverberates around the composed interior. The air is sweetened by the scent of essential oils, candles and personal care products. And yet, one look at its flowing agenda and itinerary tells the visitor that the Salt Hut is also a thriving center of activity and happiness. The best way to define The Salt Hut -- now in its third month -- is to look at one’s self as a potential beneficiary for the many products and services it provides. Halotherapy, Guided Meditation, Halo-Yoga, Spiritual Readings, various workshops on the healing arts and healthy eating, taught by visiting experts as well as social gatherings and other healthful and helpful events begin to fill their calendar. “We as a society are bombarded constantly with a 80


go-go-go lifestyle, and there is so much pressure between jobs and family and the need to accomplish everything in so little time,” said co-owner Steve Guerrera, who operates The Salt Hut with his business partner Michele Marziano. “We’re trying to make it a little easier for people to escape the day to day drudge, to spend an hour or so here in order to help put a sense of calm back in their life. Those who visit The Salt Hut come with the need to find something different in their life. That’s why we’re here -- to help them find that balance and their grounding place. “The whole premise of our mission is to have each person who comes here walk out of the door feeling at peace, rejuvenated.” The Salt Hut’s main attraction is the Dry Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) room, an effective, natural and drug-free therapy that provides relief from many respiratory and skin conditions. While one visit can bring temporary relief and a deep sense of calm, it is the repeated exposure to dry salt therapy that provides the deeper changes that both alleviate symptoms and contributes to a sense of wellness.

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The Oxford chamber will be having a photo contest as a fund raiser.




?????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?????? ODAY OXFORD T


$100 plus your photo on the cover of the next Oxfordian Magazine


$50 plus your photo shown in the next Oxfordian Magazine


$25 plus your photo shown in the next Oxfordian Magazine

There will also be 3 honorable mentions. All winners will have their photos locally displayed throughout the business in Downtown Oxford for a month


Oxford Today “How you see Oxford now”

RULES The photo must be locally taken right here in Oxford and it should show what you see in Oxford now vs before (older Oxford). You do not have to be from Oxford to enter, but the photo itself must be taken in Oxford, PA. The Oxford Arts Alliance will have an experienced juried committee to pick the winning photo. Continued on Page 81



1 2 3


The photo contest will be open from 12/15/2017 to 01/15/2018 and the winners will be announced on 01/31/2018. All entries must be submitted by the 15th of Jan 2018 to be included. To enter go to the OxfordArt.org website and click on photos where you may download the form to submit with the photo. That option will only be available from 12/15/2017 until 01/15/2018.

COST There is a $15 entry fee with each person allowed 4 entries. Payments will be accepted in the form of cash, check or PayPal.

news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org——


The Salt Hut Continued from Page 80

The benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging. A natural disinfectant, salt is antimicrobial, and antibacterial, and dry salt air is more powerful than moist air, and offers similar benefits to that of a day at the beach. The calming and detoxifying effects of Halotherapy can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additional benefits are reduced stress and headaches, increased energy, and better sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air and may increase lung capacity and reduce physical ailments for adults, children and athletes. Visits to the Salt Room at The Salt Hut can help keep the body healthy during flu or allergy seasons. The Salt Hut is not only defined by its products, classes and Halotherapy, but also by its teachers. Should Meditation be on your bucket list, then check out The Salt Hut’s Guided Meditation with Nicole Lawler. If yoga is part of your lifestyle, then look into “Therapeutic Yoga” Thursday evenings with Charlie Kern. Rhonda Cravin teaches “Radiant Yoga” on Saturday mornings, and on Tuesday evenings, Stacey Tipton hosts “Unwind Tuesdays.” “Our Yoga is quite unique to the area. It’s more



than just yoga. We have combined the riches of Yoga with the many healthful attributes of Dry Salt Therapy in a single session - which we refer to as Halo Yoga. We do this in our Salt Room for additional benefits,” Steve added. The position of The Salt Hut is that of a conduit, linking people with opportunities for physical and spiritual healing and personal growth. “There are so many talented, gifted people in and around the area who are just waiting for the opportunity to help others who seek a new path or need assistance realigning their existing one. We want to unite as one for the good of all,” Michele added. “Simply put, we are a wellness hub, and we’re here to help and serve. The universe placed us in Oxford for a reason -- to come up with new and refreshing ideas on how people can better connect with themselves. That’s what makes The Salt Hut what it is.” The Salt Hut is located at 2264 Baltimore Pike in Oxford. To learn more about Dry Salt Therapy and or other services The Salt Hut has to offer, visit www.thesalthut.net, email the thesalthut@gmail.com, or call 484-321-8007.

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