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Safety Information

Diesel generators like other generating sets have three indications on them: DANGER: indicates a hazard which will lead to severe personal injury, death, or considerable property damage if you ignore warning. WARNING: indicates a hazard which can cause severe personal injury, death, or considerable property damage if you ignore warning. CAUTION: A caution label indicates that either severe personal injury or equipment damage may result if instructions are not followed The Adpower diesel generators would function safely and to specification if operated according to the instructions. Failure to do so may result in severe personal injury and/or equipment damage. 

Engine exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Overexposure will lead to loss of consciousness and could be fatal too. Prevent Inhalation of Exhaust Fumes as Carbon Monoxide is an odourless gas that can prove to be lethal.

Use only in well-vented areas. Make sure area has plenty of free-moving, fresh, outside air. Never run generator in a covered or confined area. Never run generator inside occupied building

Diesel fuel presents a hazard of fire and is combustible. So keep fuel out of children’s reach. Store fuel in a well-vented area free of open flames or spark

Keep generator at least three feet away from any object. Do not use generator where flammable vapours are present.

The muffler and engine body of generator gets very hot when the engine is operating or shortly thereafter. Do not touch these parts or you may be severely burned.

Have standby installation to home or building performed by a licensed electrician. Do not let anyone else wire into a utility circuit

Never operate generator if engine speed changes greatly, if engine misfires often, if powered items overheat, if electrical output drops and if it is sparking

Store generator in a well-vented area. Make sure fuel tank is empty. Never store with fuel in tank.

Adpower continues to be a leader in the broad range of markets it serves, by proactively anticipating power quality trends and needs, and listening attentively to its prospects’ and customers’ needs. Focused knowledge and dedicated workforce combined with the installation of excess capacity at all sites ensures 100% reliability and availability of Adpower services.

Safety information  

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