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Diesel Generator in the Residential Power Range When disaster strikes, electric power is usually the first critically important service to be lost. And the effects can be devastating. Lights go out. Furnaces, refrigerators, and other electric appliances don't work. Neither do the electric pumps that deliver our drinking water and help treat sewage. The Adpower diesel generators in the residential power range can supply all the appliances that are critical for your comfort or your business if there is a power cut. They provide a safe source of energy that meets the quality standards for domestic electricity, protecting valuable electronic appliances. They also have an automatic test system, ensuring that they will start up when required. Adpower generators with diesel engines provide extraordinary performance: proven robustness, low oil safety cut-off, easy tappet adjustment for low maintenance, etc. The large fuel tank increases the run-time and the comprehensive connection interface makes the generator easy to use. Adpower base its services to its customers on expertise in power generation technology and energy efficiency, decades of experience in advanced product development, a long track‐record in technological innovation and unique engineering capabilities and state‐of‐the‐art tools.

Diesel generating sets are compact and sound insulated for home use. They can be installed permanently outdoors and start up automatically if there is a power cut, whether you are there or not. They can be used to ensure continuous operation of medical equipment for patients being treated at home. Some of the diesel generating sets are also programmed to carry out automatic weekly maintenance tests to ensure that they are in working order and will start up as soon as there is a power cut. To decide which generator in the residential power range is best suited to your needs, make a list of the electrical equipment in your home or business premises: heating, air-conditioning, medical equipment, electronic equipments, etc. You can prepare a list of the most common equipment and will help you to define your requirements that may vary depending on the rating of the appliances. The electrical specifications can be found in the manufacturers’ data sheets and your electrician can inspect your system regularly to ensure that your residential power generator will give maximum contentment.

Diesel generator in the residential power range  
Diesel generator in the residential power range  

Diesel Generators | Adpower is the leading stockist of Diesel Generators for PERKINS, IVECO, LOMBARDINI models. Established in 2001 in Jebel...