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Protection of generators Adpower diesel generators are the industry standard for quality and value. Its generators take up less space on trucks and trailers — leaving more room on your truck for other equipment and tools. Plus, they’re easier to move safely around workplaces even with weld cables and running gear attached. Adpower has years of experience of designing, developing and producing high quality generator sets which deliver what you what, where you want it no matter how challenging The protection of generators involves the consideration of more possible abnormal operating conditions than the protection of any other system element. Observing the advices and rules of diesel generating sets will make sure that the generating set operates in maximum performance and efficiency for a long time. Care should be taken to perform more regular maintenance in dirty and dusty environments in order to keep the generating set in good working condition. Each diesel generating set has a model and a serial number indicated on a label on the base frame. Necessary adjustment and repairs should be made only by authorized and qualified persons. The diesel generating sets are designed to be safe when used in correct manner. However responsibility for safety rests with the personnel who install, use and maintain the set. If the following safety precautions are followed, the possibility of accidents will be minimized. Before performing any procedure or operating technique, it is up to the user to ensure that it is safe. The generating set should only be operated by personnel who are authorized and trained. Also it is not necessarily the size of a generator that determines how good the protection should be; the important thing is the effect on the rest of the system of a prolonged fault in the generator, and how great the hardship would be if the generator was badly damaged and was out of service for a long time. Fuel and fumes associated with diesel generating sets can be flammable and potentially explosive. Proper care in handling these materials can dramatically limit the risk of fire or explosion. The diesel generating set must be shutdown with the battery negative terminal disconnected prior to attempting to connect or disconnect load connections.

Protection of generator  

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