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Key Points of Generator Safety

Generators are the AC power supplies that use fossil fuels as their major source of consumptive energy. In other words, they use fuel (diesel, propane, gasoline) to run an engine. If you plan on using an emergency generator, it is important that you take precautions for your safety and for the safety of other people as well. Some of the key Points of Generator Safety are:         

Read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After losing power, turn off main breaker or pull main fuse block. Operate outdoors in a clean, dry area. Generator must be correctly grounded. Generators that are directly connected to existing wiring systems must use doublepole, double-throw transfer switch. All electrical connections must comply with the National Electric Code. Do not overload generator with too many appliances. Use appropriately sized extension cords in good condition. You may be liable for damage or injury to people and property that may result from an improperly installed or operated emergency generator.

Diesel generators are the market norm above 150 kW, but system designers must plan for the limitations associated with utilizing on-site diesel fuel. Storing small amounts creates the risk of running out of fuel. Storing large quantities requires on-going maintenance to prevent contamination and degradation. Emergency generator engines produce exhaust gases that have carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless and poisonous gas that can be deadly in high concentrations. Therefore, generators must be operated outdoors and away from any open windows or areas where harmful vapours may be trapped. It is strongly suggested to consult an electrician prior to installing or operating your generator to ensure your safety and compliance with the National Electric Code. To be safe, read your owner’s manual carefully. It’s imperative that you make sure you fully understand the proper installation and operating procedures for your unit – and don’t forget to use common sense. Adpower understands that in an emergency, the quick mobilization of power generation is of utmost significance for disaster relief. Adpower also has substantial knowledge in its experienced staff, proven engineering design and manufacturing capability, established businesses processes and quality systems and commitment to innovation.

Key points of generator safety  
Key points of generator safety  

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