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Diesel generators: deliver dependable performance

A very common result of a natural disaster is the loss of power. These power outages can be long-standing and result in significant hardship on a homeowner. There can be a significant cost associated with the loss of power through the loss of perishable food items, pipes that burst due to freezing temperatures, flood damage in a basement due to the sump pump not working and alternative housing if the homeowner is forced to leave the home. A good alternative to that is to install a home generator system. The installation will need a building permit, and the location should be carefully planned to avoid the generator being damaged during another disaster, rendering it useless. In most cases the installation will be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Protect your generator and its fuel tank from flooding and high winds. In flood hazard areas, mount the generator and tank securely on concrete platforms, above the expected flood level. Install the generator and tank next to a building or protective structure to shield them from wind and windborne debris. Electrical and fuel supply lines must also be protected. And remember that your generator must be accessible for maintenance. Improperly installed generators can accidentally energized electricity onto power company lines and cause severe injuries or death to linemen working to restore power. Generators should be installed by qualified individuals and in accordance with power company regulations, building and electric codes to make sure the safety of power company personnel Adpower diesel generators deliver reliable performance for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. A reliable electrical supply is something we have come to expect in today’s society and Adpower series of generators can keep pace with those demands. For temporary to long-term needs, it offers a wide variety of power supplies to satisfy your requirements when and where you need them. Just as students receive diplomas as proof of their abilities, a company’s success is determined by proven performance in its industry. At Adpower, it has real results as proof of its abilities and performance in the industry.

Diesel generators deliver dependable performance  
Diesel generators deliver dependable performance  

Adpower’s perkin generator dubai-powered generator outclasses competition on many fronts. Being a technically- proficient company, we choose...