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ADP Invoice – Professional Editionsm

Receive 100% of your invoices electronically from day one; boost efficiency, capture discounts, eliminate errors

Burdensome, Error-Prone, Manual Processes

Suppliers Do the Scanning for You

Moving a paper invoice from mailroom to coder to approver and finally to accounts payable (AP) is highly inefficient and results in high processing costs, limited visibility, and missed discounts.

Suppliers convert their paper invoices to electronic one of two ways: • Create an image file of their invoices within their accounts receivable systems, and attach the file to a very simple web-based form, or • Print their invoice, scan it, and attach it in the Supplier Portal – as easy as attaching a document to an email.

At a time of corporate cost-cutting and a drive for greater efficiencies, paper-based invoice management is a business process ripe for automation. Implementing electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) delivers big dividends: • Reduce processing costs by up to 83%; • Reduce processing time by up to 80%; • Increase early payment discount capture; and • Improve financial controls.


Every Invoice, Every Supplier, 100% Electronic ADP Invoice – Professional Editionsm enables you to receive 100% of your invoices electronically from day one. ADP’s diversified solution can accommodate your unique business processes and diverse supplier demographics. Suppliers still sending paper invoices? No problem. ADP offers a number of different means to convert paper invoices into digital format. With ADP, you get one process and one workflow for all your invoices – electronic or paper.

In-House Scanning Integration If you are still receiving paper invoices, you can digitize them in-house by simply scanning the invoices and inputting certain data fields (header and total invoice value). ADP Invoice Professional Edition does the rest, placing the scanned invoices into the same workflow as your electronic invoices.

Optional Scanning Service Available ADP also provides scanning and data capture services, if you do not have these capabilities. Suppliers send their paper invoices to a P.O. Box, and ADP does the imaging and data extraction for you.

Single Process for all Invoice Types A single process for all invoice types means you are in complete control of the pace at which you want to migrate from paper to electronic invoices, without disrupting your approvers and AP staff.

ADP’s diversified solution set addresses your unique business processes and supplier demographics

Automated Supplier On-boarding With ADP Invoice Professional, you get complete Supplier Self Registration (SSR) functionality. You can batch email requests to targeted suppliers that provides them with a link to log in and go through a simple and quick self-registration process. There is no need for training. Your suppliers will be ready to submit eInvoices within minutes.

Electronic Routing and Dispute Resolution The ADP Professional solution comes bundled with comprehensive approval workflow functionality to ensure that all invoices are routed to the appropriate users and approved in a timely manner. The solution also keeps your suppliers informed via a collaborative online portal to address any disputes and accelerate the resolution process.

Eliminate Supplier Queries Now, your suppliers can see the status of every invoice through the online Supplier Portal, virtually eliminating all calls into AP. This also dramatically reduces the number one cause for duplicate invoices – the supplier’s uncertainty that you received and are processing their invoices.

Solutions Features • Suppliers scan and attach digital images of paper invoices • Support for in-house scanning and data capture • ADP managed scan and capture services • Self-service supplier registration and training • Automated invoice routing and approval • Exception management and dispute resolution • Analytics across the entire transaction life-cycle • Supplier self-service around transaction status

Key Benefits • Accelerate the invoice processing cycle and reduce costs • Capture early pay discounts • Eliminate expensive manual data entry and increase accuracy of data captured • Reduce duplicate invoices and payments

Better than “Scanning plus Workflow” You may have considered implementing a “scanning plus workflow” solution, where suppliers continue sending paper, and you scan the invoices and route them through an electronic workflow. ADP Invoice is a more robust choice: • Suppliers are connected electronically: You can dispute invoices online without reverting to a manual process. • Suppliers can see the status of their invoices in real-time: Virtually no more supplier calls, inquiring into the status of the invoice. •Y  our supplier can create a PDF for you: You can eliminate scanning entirely if you choose.

An Upgrade Path to Meet Future Needs As your company grows, you may find you want even more sophisticated functionality, such as capturing line item detail, automatic price checking your invoices, capturing and analyzing spend, or offering dynamic discounts. The Professional Edition is completely compatible with ADP Invoice – Enterprise Editionsm, which provides all of these features, and more.

• Improved visibility for better decision making • Reduce supplier inquiries and improve relations

ADP: Trusted, Global, Experienced ADP is a global leader helping companies manage payroll, tax and benefits administration from a single source. ADP’s reputation for security, stability and service is unmatched. ADP Procure-to-Pay Solutionssm build on our solid foundation of proven innovation and reliability. Working with ADP to streamline your P2P functions is an investment that pays significant and recurring dividends. • ADP serves more than 585,000 clients in 31 countries around the globe • Over 80 percent of the FORTUNE 500® companies and over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 100 use at least one of ADP’s services • Only information technology company and one of handful of global companies with a “AAA” rating from the leading investment ratings agencies

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ADP Invoice Professional Edition  

ADP Invoice Professional Edition

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