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Now I Know What it was like – ...sort of I have often wondered what it was like to walk through the Red Sea on dry ground. God wrought two marvelGeorge Reddin,Executive Director LifeWord Ministries

ous miracles to make a highway for almost two million people and all their cattle. First, He caused the waters in the sea to separate and stand up as a wall on either side of the broad passageway. Then He sent a strong east wind to dry up the miry floor of the sea to make a solid path for the people. I would have enjoyed marching with them. I participated in a Hollywood version of the crossing of the Red Sea in a tour of Universal Studios several years ago in Los Angeles. But it was a disappointing rendition. Reading the biblical account is much more exciting. It was night time. The angel of God and the pillar of cloud and fire that guided the Israelites had moved from in front of them to settle behind them to separate them from the pursuing armies of Pharaoh. The cloud produced darkness for the Egyptians and light for the Israelis. It was a spine-tingling moment for the people of God. All night long the stream of Hebrews kept coming. Family by family, tribe by tribe, they went down into the sea and found solid footing. No mud to stick between their toes. I wonder how many children (and parents) stuck their fingers into the wall of water, trying to see what was holding it up. But they had no time to linger. The Egyptians were in hot pursuit and followed them into the sea. It was a night to remember. Sunrise illuminated the scene. Israel was safe on the other shore, and the Egyptians had drowned when God caused the waters to return immediately after the last Israelite got safely across. When the Israelites looked back over the reconnected waters, they could see bodies of Egyptian soldiers that had washed ashore. Every last man in Pharaoh’s army had perished. It was time to celebrate. Moses led the singing. All Israel joined him. No coaxing or prodding was needed. God had moved, and the people had witnessed it. They were pumped. It was hallelujah time.

We Have Waters to Cross The burden of Lifeword is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). We must take the message across the ocean where millions have never heard the glorious truth of freedom in Jesus Christ. Will you help? Lifeword currently broadcasts the gospel in 24 languages to 119 countries every week. Language number 25 will probably be on the air by the time you read this. The 26th language is in production and should go on the air before the end of this year. Improving overseas programming has been Lifeword’s focus this year. Production teams have traveled to other countries to encourage international producers and speakers and provide the necessary support to upgrade those programs. It would be a daunting task without divine help. However, the same God Who protected Israel in the Red Sea helps Lifeword today to take our message across the waters. And He does that by touching responsive hearts of faithful people. Some of you have already helped by walking in this year’s Paul L. Bearfield Memorial Walk of Faith for Lifeword. Others of you will be taking part in the Walk in just a few days. Some of you are sponsoring walkers. If your church does not participate in the Walk of Faith, let me encourage you to take up a special offering and send that to Lifeword. Almost one-third of Lifeword’s annual budget comes from the Walk. The success of the event determines how much radio coverage we can maintain and where we can expand. We appreciate the help of all who walk and all who sponsor. You may never walk through the water as Israel did. You may never walk on the water as Peter did. But you can go over the water by participating in the Walk of Faith. It will empower Lifeword to keep beaming the gospel to those hungry souls on the other side of the ocean. Then it will be celebration time. Taken from “Lifewords”, a monthly publication of LifeWord Ministries


F ROM THE E DITOR First off, as the new editor I want to take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Adam Owen & I’m the blessed husband to Angela & proud father of a 10+ month old son, Clayton (Clay). I am the son of Ron & Debra Owen in Galena, KS & a Deacon at First Baptist Church. For those of you that don’t know me, you may have met or seen me in one way or another. You’ll regularly catch me running the audio & visual equipment for ‘The (Church Camp) B.A.N.D.” or for other BMA events. As the new Editor, I’ll try & keep things virtually the same at least for a little while. Please continue sending in your articles using the same address. As a proud first-time father, I’ve found it most interesting & enlightening to not only teach Clay new things, but to see God teach me lessons thru him. For my articles, I’ll share some of the lessons God has been teaching me...

C ONTACT I NFORMATION BAPTIST HERALD Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Fax:620-783-1638 BMA OF KS & WESTERN MO OFFERINGS Paul Mooney P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 KOAM ENCAMPMENT OFFERINGS Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 BETHEL DISTRICT OFFERINGS Fred Vogel P.O. Box 75 Galena, KS 66739 KANSAS CITY DISTRICT OFFERINGS Clyde Lingelbach 436 S. Drury Kansas City, MO 64123

Lessons from the Father “The Father allows us to face hardships so that we can grow into a better person.” Clay has recently been learning to walk. It’s neat to see him take his first steps & to experience that joy he finds in learning something new & accomplishing something that we now take for granted. At times a father has to just stop and watch as his child falls. It’s that hardship the child faces of getting up off of the knees & back walking again that helps the child learn to walk & be a better person. I have great plans, hopes, & dreams for Clay’s life. As you know, Bro Justin Rhodes, our pastor (& former editor of the Baptist Herald) recently resigned as he followed God’s call for his life elsewhere. Many times, whether we can understand His reasoning or not, God will allow us to face hard times in our lives. Yet we can rest assured that He not only knows what we’re going thru, but desires the very best for our lives. When you find yourself going thru a hardship, remember that God has great plans, hopes, & dreams for your life: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jer 29:11 (NKJ)

BAPTIST HERALD A Non-Profit Enterprise Official publication of the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri A national publication advocating world-wide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian education Subscription rate $10.00 per year in advance. Sample copies are available for the asking. ADVERTISING RATES: $5.00 per column inch $50.00 one-fourth page $75.00 one-half page $100.00 full page

Postage paid at Galena, Kansas 66739


Upcoming Events...


M ISSIONS D IRECTOR R EPORT Greetings in the to see them coming close to organization. for God to encourage them with great name of the Lord. Pray for Crossroads Baptist Mission in results and for labors to serve with them As we prepare for Ottawa as they seek to set a date for their in their ministries. our

semiannual organization in the spring of 2008. Bro. Don’t forget to call, write or e-mail our meeting Novem- Steve and Sis. Sheila have done a good missionaries with a word of encourageber 3, 2007, I want to challenge our work for us and we appreciate their ef- ment and appreciation as this is pastor churches to consider increasing your mis- forts. Continue to pray for the folk in appreciation month. They, too, are passions giving to the BMA of Kansas and Ottawa.

tors and need to be encouraged. God will

Western Missouri. Our projects are Remember Bro. Fausto Coto and his bless your efforts in their behalf. A spequickly coming to a conclusion in 2009 work in Liberal, Kansas. The people are cial offering might also encourage them and we need to be planning for future growing as is evident in their increased as well. mission projects either here in our state attendance and offerings. He witnessed May God bless you all is my prayer and locations or by assisting others in their five professions of faith during the we are looking forward to seeing you endeavors. There are some exciting op- month. This will always be a difficult November 3, 2007 at Glenview Baptist portunities on the horizons. Are you ministry even after they are organized Church in Independence, Missouri. praying about what God would have us to because of the transient nature of the Fred Vogel do? people they minister to. Sis. Yolanda is State Missions Director We continue to see growth in our pre- now working at the local hospital and we sent missions endeavors and are excited thank God for this answered prayer. Pray The Department of Missions of the Baptist Missionary Association of America and Baptist Medical Missions International express appreciation to the churches of our association for responding to the Christmas Shoe Box project. Over 5,000 Christmas Shoe Boxes have been packed and placed on pallets to be shipped to Banlung, Cambodia. Thanks to every church that was a part of making this outreach to the children of Cambodia a success. Two 40 foot containers are scheduled to depart October 17 and October 19 for Phnom Penh, Cambodia and they will then be transferred to a truck and transported to Banlung. The containers will be handled by Dr. Fil Tabayoyong in Phnom Penh and he will oversee their delivery to missionary Neil Mamon and his wife Jean in Banlung, Cambodia. They have a preschool operating with 90 students and a large donation was received to purchase equipment, school supplies, and uniforms for the students. These items will be shipped on one of the containers. Also included will be medical supplies for the indigenous tribes along the Cambodia-Vietnam border and for the Nakeo village near Pakse, Laos. It is very exciting to know that many of the Christmas Shoe Boxes will also be distributed in Laos and in all of these areas, will go to villages that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. The volunteers at the warehouse have worked many hours in preparing the shoeboxes and placing them on pallets for shipment. Thanks for caring for the children of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam! Ralph Izard, M.D.


GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 3130 S. Wall Avenue Joplin, MO 64804 Bro. Fred Vogel, Pastor

We greet you in the name of Christ. We hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend. It is always a great weekend to get together and spend time with family and have a picnic.

averaging about 14 kids and three to are very proud to call Bro. Brad, five adults. It is great to see the kids “Deacon”. participate in the program. Youth Sunday was on the 23rd and On the 14th, several of our couples man, we have some talented kids went to a marriage retreat. Bro. that are on fire for God. The Jr. and Travis Plumlee was the speaker, Sr. High youth ran the whole serwhat a wonderful and helpful mes- vice, from the sound room to the sage he brought to those who went. youth band playing and singing It was held in Springfield and 17 praise songs. Bro. Muchengetwa couples in all went. It was a great preached (that gave Bro. Fred two time of fun and fellowship. On Sun- Sundays off!) his message was taken day after the retreat Bro. Travis from Luke 12:54-56, entitled “What preached. Time Is It?” Following the morning On the 22nd Bro. Brad Wieneke was service the youth and their parents ordained to the office of deacon. We enjoyed a picnic at Leonard Park. had a luncheon and fellowship be- They played a couple of games and fore the service. We had several of ate some really great food.

With the new school year, Grace has started a new program, G.A.S.H. Grace After School Homework. It has been a great addition to Grace’s programs for our kids. Bro. Muchengetwa has been hard at work cooking dinners for the kids and our sister churches represented and adult sponsors and helping the kids we want to thank you for helping us with their homework. We’ve been with this very special service. We

trusses for the roof were put up and 1406 South Rouse now plans are underway for the Pittsburg, KS 66762 sheeting. By the time you read this, Bro. Don Alexander, Pastor hopefully, that will have been completed and we've moved on to the No other foundation can anyone lay next phase. Keep us in your than that which is laid, which is Jesus prayers. Christ. (1 Cor. 3:11). We pray In our evening service on August 26, your foundation is on the Solid promotions were given to our SunRock, Jesus Christ. day School classes. This is a special MEADOWSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH

We are so excited at Meadowside. Our men have been laboring hard at their regular jobs and then working in the evenings and on Saturdays on our building. It is so exciting to see God's hand at work and all praise is given to Him. On Friday, October 5, the

God Bless, Pam Hatcher ideas and making plans for our Christmas float project. We have participated in the Pittsburg Christmas Parade now for several years and look forward to doing it again this year.

time for the children as they are recognized for their attendance and completion of their classes. Also, we enjoyed a VBS presentation in pictures and the children present sang some of the songs they had learned.

Thanks to Matt and Amy Evans for getting things together for the Walk of Faith this year. It was a gorgeous day for the trip to Joplin and the walk at Cunningham Park. About 15 participated from Meadowside. It was good to be able to walk again and enjoy the fellowship one with another. The addition of the live music this year was a blessing.

Cassie Thompson is busy getting

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We have many on our prayer list and we lift them up before our Lord. Ruth Coble's mother went hom to be with the Lord on Friday, August 17, at 92 years old. Bro.

Don officiated at the service. Bro. Finis Bryan is now in Sunset Manor in Frontenac. Some are facing surgery, and others are recuperating from surgery, but we know God is

in control and He will strengthen and comfort His children. May He be your comfort today and always. Until next time . . .

association. We appreciate the P.O. Box 218 Dept. of Church Ministries and the Galena, KS 66739 great job they do putting this conferBro. Paul Mooney, Interim Pastor ence together. We also appreciate Bro. Paul as he graciously stepped Greetings from First Baptist! The forward to fill in as Interim Pastor youth of our church have been busy while we search for the man God with several activities lately. They would have for us. are in the process of fixing up the A baby shower was given for Kelsie student center, and have been rais- Watson in anticipation of her new ing their own funds to do so. We baby girl. She received many nice applaud their efforts and desire to beautify the church plant. They also took part in “See You At the Pole” and hosted a delicious pancake breakfast prior to Sunday services.

gifts and everyone enjoyed a delicious brunch. Maybe by the next issue of the Herald we’ll be announcing our newest addition to First Baptist!


It was a pleasure to have Bro. Jeff Franks and family in our services recently. Everyone enjoyed hearing firsthand from one of our missionaries on the field. A going-away fellowship was held for Bro. Justin and Sis. Christie as they ended their ministry with us. We shared food, poems, a song for Sis. Christie, and lots of funny stories of the last 3 years together. Many tears were shed, as we said good-bye not only to our pastor and his family but to true friends. We certainly wish them the best in Greenbrier, AR and promise to stay in touch. Bro. Paul and Sis. Mary Mooney enjoyed their time at the Pastor’s Oasis, reporting great weather, excellent services, and warm fellowship with other pastors and wives in our

Sharon Evans

Please pray for our church as we search for the pastor God wants us to have. Until next time, we pray that God will bless you and yours! In His Service, Leigh Ryan


FAMILY ARK MINISTRIES P O Box 2332, Conway, AR 72033 Travis Plumlee, L.C.S.W. C.C.D.S.


say. What a great testimony to a transformed life in Christ to show this world that we love our spouse and are proud of it. We need to tell others that marriage is great as God made it. I have a great marriage and I am proud of it. It is not a testimony to me being great, but how great is our God. When people are impressed with your actions in marriage, or how long you have been married; you should loudly proclaim it is all God through us. It is His love. Give Him the praise.

Do you love your spouse? Then, prove it! Your spouse should never have to guess that you love them. They should be told on a daily basis. They should be shown on a daily basis. Every day you You should first praise your spouse in should think of at least one thing to say front of your children. Too many paror do to lift your spouse up. ents run their spouse down. They make If you want your family garden to bear fun of them in front of the kids. They fruit; then you have to water that criticize and act disgusted by some spouse daily. Failure to do so will leave quality in their mate. Tell your kids your spouse dead on the vine. how much you love their mother/ A great way to make your spouse feel father. Tell them why. Just routinely in special is to show others how proud a family gathering, or at a family dinner you are of them. Take pride in your tell your kids, “I love your mom bespouse. After your salvation, they are cause she…” and let the honey flow. the greatest gift God gives you. Your You should secondly be proud of your children are gifts from God also. But spouse in front of the extended family. the spouse must always be the number That means your parents, your in-laws one human relationship in your life. and all the brothers, sisters, aunts and Failure to put your spouse number one uncles. Speak in glowing terms of your will cause trouble in the entire family. spouse. Compliment them in front of You can never truly be the best parent everyone at family gatherings. Tell you can be until you are right in your them that your spouse is the critical marriage. Having a great marriage is difference in your life. Genuinely and one of the best gifts you could ever give sincerely take every opportunity to your children. show how proud you are of your We all are human. Therefore, we all spouse. Don’t be sarcastic or fake, but feel better when we know we are loved show the love. and appreciated by our spouse. We Next, you should show how proud you may have lots of people love us, but our are of your spouse at church. I am alspouse can set us on fire, or take us to ways amazed at how accepted it is in the depths of despair. As a married cou- our churches for spouses to just run ple, you should show how proud you each other down and everyone laughs. are of your spouse to others. I think It is okay to tease each other somesometimes we forget how important times. But where is there ever any this is. It is a great testimony to the praise? Young people need to come to world. Our society is falling apart. church and see Christian couples who Marriage as an institution is passé, they openly express love and praise for their

spouse. You need to cut way back on the comments of, “You know how men are” or “You know how women are”. Don’t generalize and put down. I guess lifting someone up is harder than putting someone down. But lifting up is certainly more Christ-like. You should praise your spouse at work. What a great testimony if you always speak highly of your spouse at your work place. Every marriage has troubles. But you don’t have to air it at work. Just focus on the good in your spouse at work. That is a way of letting your light shine before others. If all you ever do is gripe about men/women like everyone else, then I guess Jesus doesn’t make that big of a difference in family life. He does, and you ought to show it. The quickest road to adultery is to start running down your spouse at work. There is always a devil listening and waiting nearby. As a spouse, see the best in your spouse even when they are not showing it. Give them a hug when you think they need it, even if they haven’t asked for it. A spouse should always come to your defense, no matter how often called upon or how unpopular it makes you. Bring out the best in your spouse. Let them depend upon you even when they don’t deserve it. Love them even on days they are unlovable. Finally, hold your spouse up before others, and hold them up in prayer before the Father.

“LEAVE IT TO CLEAVER” Bro. Tony Cleaver

THE KINGS ARE ALIVE AND WELL I went to my 45th high school class reunion over the week-end. It was very pleasant. I was able to see some people I had not seen in many years. Some of those people were older than when we had graduated in 1962. Some of those people had gray hair-if they had hair at all. Some faces were recognizable. Some faces were recognizable with the aid of the name tags we all had on our chest. Some of us had more wrinkles than we had at graduation. My wife and I graduated together. We were some of the fortunate ones who were still on the top side of the sod. I was struck after the reunion as I spent my time with the Lord the next day. I was reminded of the “king formula” in 1st and 2nd Kings. Some of the kings did good things in God’s sight. Some of the kings did evil things in the eyes of the Lord. Some were kings who honored God in their personal life and honored God in their function as king. Some were kings who went out of their way to dishonor the Lord in personal and public life. It does make a difference in what we do with our lives. At the end of the 45th class reunion, do my classmates say of me: “He did good in the eyes of the Lord?” Or as classmates catch up with the broad strokes of my life, as they hear about my family, as they look at some of the behaviors of what I am about, do they say: “He has done evil in the sight of the Lord?” The good/bad lifestyle of the kings is still available to us. It is our choice. We can serve the true and living God. We come to repent of our sins, trust the work of Christ on the cross, and receive Him into our lives. We begin a great life journey with Jesus. As we follow Him with all our heart, mind, strength, and all that is within us, it can be said of us, “He did what was right in the sight of the Lord.”

Baptist Herald-2007 Nov  

Official publication of the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri A national publication advocating world-wide mis...

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