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The “Religious Wright-Wing” by Dr. Roy L. McLaughlin, Executive Director of the Moral Action Committee

The good and the bad news is that Senator Hillary Clinton has finally found her “religious right wing conspiracy” which she had blamed for trying to discredit her and Bill’s co-presidency. You do remember their time in the White House. Who can forget the days when we heard the sad stories of Whitewater, Travelgate, Monicagate, FBI Filegate, etc? During those days they were even using the Lincoln bedroom as a reward hotel for their big donors. The point is Hillary Clinton was always blaming a massive “religious right-wing conspiracy” for stirring up all their problems. Even some who read this article probably bought into the concept that America would have been better off without all the religious leaders who tried to influence voters to retire their co-presidency before their eight year term was complete. Anyone who bought into her rantings about the wrongness of the “religious right wing”. They blamed Republicans and preachers who pointed out some improper acts of the Bill and Hillary’s co-presidency for violating the bogus “separation of church and state” clause in the Constitution. Well guess what, Hillary has finally found her “religious right-wing conspiracy,” but it is actually spelled, “Wright-Wing Conspiracy.” She was right, it is a religious leader who is behind this movement and he does have enormous influence on the U.S. government. However, he happens to be a flaming liberal. His name is Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his influence is over a leading Senator of America, by the name of Senator Barack Obama. This “Religious Wright-Wing Conspiracy” may be the biggest treat to her long-time dream to be president. Who would ever question Hillary’s ability to speak the truth? After all, we know she was not named Hillary, as she claimed, after Sir Edmond Hillary, who became famous for being the first person to climb Mt Everest. The truth was that she was already five years old when he accomplished that feat. We also know that she did not fly into Bosnia under gun fire as she claimed on the campaign trail and only told the truth when the press produced video showing her being greeted by children, not bullets. So, who would dare question her about this new discovery of the “Religious Wright-Wing”? What about this “Religious Wright-Wing Conspiracy”? Somehow the other candidate running for the Democratic nomination had “Rev. Wright” as his pastor for 20 years, but we are being told that Senator Obama never really knew his pastor believed that the U. S. government invented the AIDS virus to kill blacks. Obama also claims he was not aware of the Rev. Wright’s claim that the terrorist’s 9/11 attack on American was God’s judgment for the way blacks have been mistreated. By the way, I wonder why the Senator from Illinois hasn’t grown the courage to speak with his pastor and tell him that black people also died in the 9/11 attack. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness…” [Is. 5:20] At least we know where Obama stands on abortion. On March 29, 2008, Obama said, "Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.” So according to Obama a baby is a “punishment”, not a precious life. “My substance was not hid form thee when I was made in secret…[Ps. 139:15] Where is the cry for “separation of church and state” from either Senator or from the media. I guess racism and mixing religion is OK if you are a liberal. Being a liberal also means that you are suppose to be in favor of so called “hate crimes” and “hate speech”. When the Hate Crimes Bill was voted on in Congress, both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama voted for its passage and spoke of how it was a moral issue. (Continued on page 4)




I’m continuing the series of lessons that God the Father has taught this first time father…

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Lessons from the Father “Time spent with the Father is more important than time spent for the Father.” This past week, we took a quick family vacation to St Louis. The opportunity allowed Clay to attend his first professional baseball game, the Cardinals vs the Milwaukee Brewers. Although it was a VERY quick trip, it afforded our family some time away to enjoy one another’s company. One of Clay’s favorite words is “Ball!” He enjoys playing catch with Daddy or shooting hoops. There are many moments throughout our days when we have things to do, but there are also those opportunities to change someone’s life for the better. We merely need to make the daily decision to do the better thing. God expects us to take that special time with our family, to help our neighbor out by mowing their lawn when they’re out of town, or to give the elderly lady a ride to the grocery store. I encourage each of you to find those special moments today & make the decision to make a difference. Allow the love of God to shine through you & watch it shine on those with whom it comes in contact. “’I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’ And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ Then He will answer them, saying, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’” Matthew 25:35-36,40,45 (NKJ)

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M ISSIONS D IRECTOR R EPORT The excitement is in the air. We will soon have another New Testament church here in Kansas and Western Missouri. On April 26, 2008 the Crossroads Baptist Church in Ottawa, Kansas will be organized into a New Testament Church. We hope to see all our churches represented at the glorious event. We praise the Lord for what He has done through the people in Ottawa.

in that community. Many of the people who have been attending the Baptist Mission on the Rock have had to move away to find work elsewhere. The good news from Liberal is that six more people came to know the Lord as their Savior during the past month. Pray for Bro. Fausto as they do not have any insurance at this time as he is no longer working and Yolanda does not have any insurance through her work. Pray that God will bless their work amidst their difficult times.

lead out in our next project. Remember, Missions is our mission. I encourage all our churches to increase their offerings and support missions with your prayers. Your church will be blessed as she reaches out to support missions: ask Cornerstone (the mother church of Crossroads), Grace (the mother church of Cornerstone), First Baptist Church of Galena (the mother church of Grace) what God can do when the people have a mind to work in missions.

Continue to pray for the future of our May God continue to bless our mission The work in Liberal is struggling again mission work here in Kansas and West- work here in Kansas and Western Misdue to the cutbacks in the meat industry ern Missouri. Ask God to give your souri. at National Beef, the primary employer Mission Advisory Team the wisdom to Fred A. Vogel (The “Religious Wright-Wing” — Continued from page 1)

Just think, if the bill had been passed into law, anyone who heard Rev. Wright’s sermons against the wrongness of white people, had later gone out and shot anyone other than a black person, they would hopefully be in jail, but so would Rev. Wright, because some of his sermons contain “hate speech” toward a race of people. I must be balanced in my article, and I fully intend to be. On the other side of the aisle, as they say in politics, the Republicans do not have high ground to stand on either. Consider the apparent nominee for the Republicans, Senator John McCain. He is no Sunday School teacher. His wife and he continue to make a fortune off the liquor industry, and he has not been consistent in his stand on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Nor has he been strong on the immigration issue or embryonic stem cell research. Then consider our current President, George W. Bush, who last year made the most unbelievable statement while speaking at the dedication service of a Muslim mosque in Washington D.C. He said, "I believe in an almighty God, and I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God." Our hope is that the President had not read his speech until he opened it for the first time before his audience. Regardless, a Christian should never make such a heretical statement. Jesus Christ and Allah are not the same! “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.: [Ex. 20:3 ; John 14:6] When you consider McCain, Hillary and Obama, who should a Christian vote for? I cannot answer that question for anyone but myself. I have never endorsed any candidate and will always vote for a candidate based on their values and principles and not their political party. Politicians change, principles do not. This is certainly true when it comes to moral issues and is absolutely true when it comes to moral issues clearly addressed in the Word of God. I want to close with addressing a very important statement you will hear frequently during any election. People often say: “I will just vote for the lesser of two evils”, which means that you are still voting for evil. Here is the way I personally approach an election. I try to vote for the candidate who will demonstrate the best influence on the office they seek. When it comes to the Presidency, the next president will have enormous influence on the Supreme Court, federal judges, the right to life, stem cell research, biblical traditional marriage, private, public and home schooling, as well as national security. So I ask myself, which candidate by their words and actions demonstrates that they will influence our nation with a Judeo-Christian perspective. So there is a “Religious Wright-Wing Conspiracy” and this one is frightening! Let us watch everyone who has screamed “separation of church and state” to see if they now scream as loudly about the real “Religious Wright-Wing”. The point is that there is in this country an Anti-Christian movement and a double standard when it comes to preachers and politics. Both politicians and the media have turned their heads away from the liberal religious activities and have pretended they did not even exist. Wake Up America, before it is too late!


HARMONY HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH 1701 East Salem Drive Independence, MO 64056 Bro. Ron Keogh, Pastor

Our youth group, led by Phillip and Holly Hodges put on a wonderful Easter Sunday performance. It was wonderful to watch the young people excited to show us FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 17245 East Kentucky Rd. Independence, MO 64058 Bro. Alan Ettinger, Pastor

Hi to all readers. I’m at the Harley plant on lunch and typing in a few quick notes from Faith Church. On Palm Sunday weekend, I had a good time playing some bluegrass licks with Monte Parker. Our church is still involved with its community in the effort to stop the underground blasting and we need your

t r o p S up

the true meaning of the special day. We’ve started a new prayer focus meeting recently. It has shown to be a special blessing. Each Wednesday, in the early afternoon, members gather at the church to focus on prayer. We pray for all those listed on the church prayer list as well as any special prayers needed at that time. Praying in

faith and seeing the results is truly inspirational. A beloved member of our church passed March 28th. Dixie George was an integral member of our church. Services were held on April 19th at 12:00.

prayers. The Sunday School material for the adults on Ephesians has been really good. I hope you’ve all seen the electronic version of the Baptist Herald. It looks good and loads good into our computers. I have a desire from the Lord to get into podcasting from our church and have already created a few files. I’ll let you know when it’s widely available. Between April 15 and the end of

the month we’re emphasizing Stewardship…tax day was a great day to assert our independence financially. Our ladies had a good time at the meeting in Nevada with all the other churches represented. Congratulations to Crossroads for her new status and to Bro. & Sis. Crandall for the type of leadership that has turned things around because of the Christ like traits they exhibited. Bro Alan Ettinger

Faith Inner Circle

Ruth Olszanski Reporter

Walk of Faith

Church B udget


MEADOWSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH 1406 South Rouse Pittsburg, KS 66762 Bro. Don Alexander, Pastor

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is they victory?” (I Cor. 15:55) Greetings once again from Meadowside. In our evening service on Palm Sunday, our youth presented a program to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Thanks to Alex Evans, Josh Innes, Lily Thompson, Kalin Griffin, Reece Watson, Hannah Sopata, Cody Evans, Zac Evans, Tyler Watson, Mikeala Griffin, Maggie Evans, Paxton Boore, Cara Hardister, and Liz Watson for honoring God by sharing songs, and reciting special verses and poems. Working with the youth is such a blessing for me and I love them all. Before Bro. Don’s message on Easter Sunday, special music was presented by our adult choir under the direction of Bro. Dave Wieneke. Our thanks to Connie Alexander, Louise Dunlap, Sue Page, Suzan Gaster, Jean Jack, Michelle Hardister, JoAnn Wieneke, Greg Hardister, Ed Evans, Mike Gaster, Fred GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 3130 S. Wall Avenue Joplin, MO 64804 Bro. Fred Vogel, Pastor

Taylor\Parker Wedding-1-Was a great day to see two members of our youth come together in marriage. The bride was of course beautiful and the groom handsome. Teacher conference turnout-8there was 70 participants in all. It was a great conference with a lot of good information and resource ideas. 10 churches were represented. Wieneke baby shower-9-what a blessing it is to celebrate another addition to our church. Brad and Joanne

Coble, and Owen Dunlap for using their talents for the Lord. Our evening services were dismissed so everyone could spend time with their families.

brother. Also, Bro. Jim Garver is home recuperating from a stroke. We miss them greatly and our prayers are with them both.

We observed the Lord’s Supper following our evening service on March 30. Being able to take the Lord’s Supper with our brother and sisters in Christ is such a special time. Our minds go back to the time Jesus’ blood was spilled out for the sins of mankind. Look what He did for us. What are we doing for Him?

A little update on our building. The sheetrock is up and we can see how different it looks with the walls covered. The wiring has been completed for the most part, the lighting fixtures are up in the gym/fellowship area, and I just walk around in complete awe of everything that’s been accomplished thus far. We can tell the size of the rooms, think about paint colors, plan for our kids’ needs, and see their excitement. We thank God for keeping everyone who has helped in any way safe and without injury. Oh, I’m sure Ben-Gay has been rubbed on some shoulders and backs, but God has kept us from serious injury, and I’m sure as we prepare to paint, Ben-Gay will visit us again. (a little humor here)

Connie Alexander, Barbara Adams, Freda Hardister, Ruth Coble, and Shirley Gaster attended the Ladies Seminar held at Heritage Baptist Church on April 5. They came back excited and said it was a very inspirational time for them. We are so glad they were able to attend.

We had an organizational meeting for VBS on Sunday evening, April 13. We are very excited as we will be holding it Keep your reports coming in. May in our new building. We’ll have plenty God continue to bless us all as we conof room to go along with plenty of ex- tinue to serve Him. Until next time ... citement. Sharon Evans, Reporter Our deepest sympathy is extended to Sis. June Garver in the loss of her Wieneke are expecting their fourth daughter, Joy Elisabeth, and we were more than happy to help them get started with baby things. Kfc-model club-15- they had around 8 kids and had a choice of three different models to put together. They all had fun putting their models together. Progressive dinner-29Praise team appreciation-2-We have a great praise team here at Grace and they all work hard to put the Sunday morning worship music together and help us all worship our Lord together Mission trip to mexico-16-22 Easter service-23-there was a special presentation by Bro. Fred, Mary and

Amy. It was entitled “From the Crib to the Cross”. Youth Sunday-30-What a great youth group we have, they have all worked hard to bring us a special service prepared and performed by our youth. The youth band lead in worship, brother Muchengetwa brought us the message and some of the youth worked in the sound booth under the supervision of Todd Cullen our AV director, while others took up the offering. It is a blessing to see our youth willing to serve in this way and to know that they are getting the training to perform these services when they are older. God Bless, Pam Hatcher


MT. OLIVE BAPTIST CHURCH P.O. Box 244 Girard, KS 66743 Bro. Ernie Watson, Pastor

Our ladies have been faithful to attend the Sunday night Bible study prior to our evening worship hour. The study has been particularly enlightening during the Easter season as we dug deep into the precious Word and examined the most vivid portrait of God’s Son in the Old Testament—the tabernacle. As we study, we desire more and more that our tabernacle of clay become God’s dwelling place, here and now. An Easter sunrise breakfast was hosted by Cheryl and Kent Copenhaver. The tables were beautifully decorated and the food was wonderful. Our pastor gave a timely devotional preparing our FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Bro. Justin Rhodes, Pastor

hearts for the morning service. Following the breakfast, a hundred helium balloons were released into the south wind. Each balloon carried a note with the church name, address, phone number, and a verse of scripture. We hope to hear from someone who has recovered a balloon with a Gospel message. During the Easter Sunday morning service, a “Rock of Ages” Pantomine was presented by our young ladies, Chelsea and Morgan Boore, Randi Pierce, and Mari, Erika, and Dee Dee Copenhaver with Sunny Pierce as soloist. Vesta Wisenhunt and Janis Goedeke made elegant white robes for the girls to wear. Easter lilies purchased by Jan Huston, Kathy Carr, and Nancy Boore lined our church sanctuary rostrum. With lights dimmed low, it made for a reverent and impressive

Watson and Dusty Strong; Spencer James Wade, son of Shane and Amy Wade; Camden Thomas Bellamy, son of Eric and Devon Bellamy; and Chase Allen and Kohl Douglas Hussong, twin sons of Doug and Cristi Hussong. Pink and blue New Testaments were presented to the wee ones, and we ask God to bless them as they grow.

pantomime presentation. Following the morning service, a special benevolent offering was received for one of our families, amounting to $751. Our church family observed the Lord’s Supper this month in remembrance of how Christ suffered for our sins, the just and the unjust, that He might bring us to God (I Peter 3:18). How wonderful that every human being can get into the presence of God now because of what Jesus went through for us. The Missourian’s Quartet (with Troy Wade from First in Galena) will be in concert at our church on Sunday night April the 20th. Should the Lord Jesus delay His coming, we are anticipating another rejoicing, good time together!

enjoyed the beautiful weather, hunted about 1500 eggs filled with candy, flew kites, and picnicked. What a fun day!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cody Neal, who were married on Saturday, April 15th, by our pastor. Cody and Attalie (Falling) are very active here at First Baptist, and we wish them the best as they begin their We concluded the day’s events by new life together. observing the Lord’s Supper in our The Women of Worth (WOW) evening service. It’s always good to bonded over “Bead-mania” at this reflect on the sacrifices made by month’s meeting. They studied the Christ on our behalf, but it seemed love and friendship between Ruth and especially poignant on Easter Sunday. Naomi, made some colorful beaded Aren’t we blessed to be given the bracelets, and enjoyed great food and wonderful gift of salvation, especially fellowship. We’re thankful for the Bro. Paul delivered timely words to when we don’t deserve it! women who are coming to WOW, our new parents as the following ba- Our Jr. Youth enjoyed an Easter egg and pray that this ministry will bring bies were dedicated before God: hunt at the home of Jennifer Shoe- glory to God as we move forward. Mylie Elizabeth Rhodes, daughter of maker, who volunteered to host it In His Service, Justin and Christie Rhodes; Morgan when our local park flooded! They Leigh Ryan, Reporter LeRay Strong, daughter of Kelsie Greetings to our sister churches! This was truly an exciting month as we celebrated our Risen Savior! Easter services were warm and wonderful, as a packed house gathered in our gym to watch the Jr. Church kids present a super drama, with a message reminding us that we are all important to Christ and we all have a job to do. Our choir brought special music and Bro. Justin presented the Gospel, and the Holy Spirit’s presence was evident among the crowd.

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