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54th Annual Session of the BMAKWM Meets June 23rd We would like to invite our sister churches to attend the 54th annual meeting of the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri which will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday June 23rd at the Cornerstone Baptist Church, 904 South Madison, Raymore, Missouri. Cornerstone Baptist is preparing for our arrival and will provide a noon meal for your enjoyment. At 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, the following ministries will meet if necessary: WMA, Publications, Camp, Resolutions, Revolving Loan Fund, Enrollment, and Brotherhood. At 9:00 a.m. the Missionary Committee will meet and at 10:00 a.m. the association will begin. We hope that you have already “penciled in� this very important meeting on your calendar and remind you that each church is allowed three voting messengers and there is no limit to the number of guests who may attend. We look forward to seeing you in Raymore at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday June 23rd.


F ROM THE E DITOR I’m continuing the series of lessons that God the Father has taught this father…

Lessons from the Father

“Everything goes somewhere… nothing disappears... ever.” Just recently, Clay & I sat down to watch a show he’d never seen before called “Beakman’s World”. It’s a kids show that was cancelled in 1998 that I first saw on Saturday mornings. The show has an eccentric scientist (known as Beakman) who focuses on teaching the kids science using experiments & demonstrations. In this specific episode, Beakman was explaining the water cycle while answering the question “Where do puddles go when it rains?”. As we know, after a rain the sun begins to warm the water & as it heats it begins to evaporate into a gas & returns to the sky as clouds. Soon, those clouds begin to get heavy once again with all the evaporated water & we have rain again… and there you have the water cycle. While explaining this concept of a cycle to his assistant, Beakman told her that “nothing disappears” & made the statement that “everything goes somewhere”. Just as those water droplets return to the sky as clouds God has let us know that our souls will go somewhere. Some people would like us to believe that we will eventually just die & disappear from this earth, but our souls will eternally make a home in either Heaven or Hell. I can tell you that the best way to lighten your load in this life is give your life to Christ. Just like those water droplets, you’ll find yourself in “the sky”.

C ONTACT I NFORMATION BAPTIST HERALD Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Fax:620-783-1638 BMA OF KS & WESTERN MO OFFERINGS Paul Mooney P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 KOAM ENCAMPMENT OFFERINGS Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 BETHEL DISTRICT OFFERINGS Fred Vogel P.O. Box 75 Galena, KS 66739 KANSAS CITY DISTRICT OFFERINGS Clyde Lingelbach 436 S. Drury Kansas City, MO 64123

BAPTIST HERALD A Non-Profit Enterprise Official publication of the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri A national publication advocating world-wide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian education Print subscription rate $10.00 per year in advance. Sample copies are available for the asking. Free full-color email edition also available. ADVERTISING RATES: $5.00 per column inch $50.00 one-fourth page $75.00 one-half page $100.00 full page

Postage paid at Galena, Kansas 66739


Our recent visit to the Nor thlake Church on Sunday the 29th was a great time of worship and renewal. Mary and I enjoyed the music time of worship and the discussion time from Matthew 13 and the responsibility and response of sowing the seed; the Word of God. Bro. James is doing a great job leading these people. Continue to pray for the services and ministry of the Northlake church. While we were at the Northlake Church we had the opportunity to visit with some old friends, Danny & Cindy Williams. Cindy grew up as a

t r o p Sup

M ISSIONS D IRECTOR R EPORT “missionary kid� in Australia God for His glory and His and they both have a heart for glory alone. missions. It was good to get May God bless you all is my to see them again. prayer. During the national associaFred A. Vogel tion meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, I had the opportunity to visit with Bro. Brad Faulk, our missionary in the state of Washington. They are working hard in getting established with the community and I look forward to great reports from them as well. The annual state association will be here before we know it. Be praying for our state work, our upcoming association meeting, and for each church in our association that we will always find ourselves serving our great and mighty

Faith Inner Circle

Walk of Faith

Church Budget


FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Bro. Jeff Swart, Pastor

Greetings to our Sister Churches! Praise God for the many blessings and answered prayers that have come our way. Courtney Van Meter and Trenton Williams recently joined the church, and Heidi Tackkett, Makayla Fidler, and Haily Franklin made professions of faith. Welcome, new members!

ing message from Bro. Jeff. But it was also a reminder that we should celebrate every day the miracle of the resurrection and what Christ did for us! We brought our Awana year to a close with a picnic at the park and invited the families of all our clubbers. It was a great time of fellowship. Then we held closing ceremonies and passed out awards and certificates to recognize the kid’s hard work.

Dunaway, Raven Federico, Katie Gipson, Allie Steele, Austin Abernathy, Anthony Blanco, Kyle Martin, Mason Qualls, Gabe Shoemaker, and Trenton Williams. High School Graduates are: Lorrie James, Chad Shepherd, Kaleb Shere, Ashley Cook, and Tina Woods. And our College Grads are: Whitney Wright, Stephanie Watson, Ethan Boyes, and Andrew Wagner. We are very proud of these individuals and pray God’s richest blessings on their lives.

Nearly 200 women and girls enjoyed our 24th annual Mother’s Day Banquet, complete with beautiful music, lots of fun and laughter, and a fantastic devotion from Jenae Shoemaker Polok. Our men served the meal and cleaned up, which makes the night complete!

Congratulations to Pastor Jeff and Sister Debbie on the birth of their second greandchild, Ellie Kate Swart, who was born April 23rd. She weighed 7 lb 15 oz and was 19 inches in length. They are certainly enjoying being grandparents and we know that the fun just doubled!

Easter week-end was a wonderful time to celebrate our risen Savior: during a beautiful, “silent” Good Friday service as we observed the Lord’s Supper; watching our little guys and gals hunting eggs and enjoying a picnic; and worshipping on Sunday morning, along with a full house, Our graduates were honored in a special in music, children’s program, and uplift- service, and given small gifts or Bibles. Middle School graduates are: Brianna

North Lake. Lisa had been dealing with making a decision about following Christ for sometime and on March 21st she new that it was time that she made her commitment. As tears flowed, she confessed with her mouth that Jesus was her Lord!


Dear Friends, As 2012 continues to pass, God’s blessings continue to flow here in Smithville. He is still at work changing lives, answering prayers, and drawing people to Himself! We have seen direct answers to prayers in the pass week and we want to thank you for your continued support and interest in the goings on here with our Kingdom work! During the month of March we had the privilege of seeing the lives of two people changed by God’s grace. Maria Pinzon learned of North Lake church through her son Javier, and has been attending for sometime now. She is originally from Cuba, and moved to Smithville from New Jersey. Since she started attending many questions have been raised for her to seek answers to.

In His Service, Leigh Ryan

Well, on March 18th, she found the answer... JESUS! Barb Baker, who was saved in January of this year was used by God in this life changing process for Maria. It has been a pleasure to watch God use new Christians, like Barb, to invite others to “come and see” the Jesus who changes lives.

My wife Rebekah and Lisa have been working together for over 2 years now, and have become close. It seems to me that there are no substitutes for personal relationships in the process of someone coming face to face with the truth about Christ. God uses His children to share about their relationship with Him, so that others can begin a relationship with Him as well. Please pray that we continue to do that at North Lake.

Lisa Roseman has been attending North We began our summer by taking a Lake for over a year. Her daughter, group of students to serve Joplin the Amanda, was saved in January of this last week of May. It was a great trip in year and their family has been a great (Continued on page 5) encouragement to the ministries of

MEADOWSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH 1406 South Rouse Pittsburg, KS 66762 Bro. Aaron Polok, Pastor

thoughts and blessings from the national meeting with us in our Sunday evening service.

Kali Johnson came forward Sunday morning, April 29, to join our fellowship upon Greetings once again from Meadowside. promise of a letter. We praise the Lord We are so blessed to be in God’s family. for the new additions and we look forWhile Bro. Aaron and Sis. Jenae traveled ward to worshipping and working with to Mississippi for the BMA National them. Meeting, Bro. Mike Gaster filled the pul- Sunday morning, May 6, we were thrilled pit Sunday evening, April 15. His mes- as Tiffany Wehmeyer, a young PSU stusage was “God Has A Plan”, scripture text dent, came forward during the invitation Jeremiah 29. In our Wednesday evening to accept the Lord as her Savior. This Bible study, Bro. Greg Hardister brought was only the second Sunday she attended a devotional on treasures taken from Mat- our services. Then that evening, Tiffany thew 6:19 and Luke 19:12-29. We are joined Bro. Aaron and our college stuthankful for these two men stepping up dents, Guy, Caleb, and Andrew in singing and leading in Bro. Aaron’s absence. for us during our praise service. She was Our congratulations and best wishes to Savannah Stewart on the birth of her daughter, Myleigh Rose. Myleigh was born on Tuesday, April 10, and weighed 7 lbs. ½ oz. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

accompanied on piano by Sis. Rachel Trezona. A finger food fellowship was held following our service in honor of our college students. Most of them will be heading home for the summer and they will be greatly missed. Our prayer is that God Sunday morning, April 22, we were will use them over the summer and if it’s blessed to have Savannah Stewart and His will, bring them back to us so we can Debbie French come forward upon worship together again. promise of a letter to unite with our It was good to be together in God’s house church. We were also blessed to have on Mothers’ Day. Bro. Aaron’s message Myleigh Rose in attendance. She is just was entitled “A Protective Mother”, taken precious. from Exodus 1:11-22 and 2:1-4, an amazWe want to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. ing story of a mother’s love. Bro. Aaron Craig Bryson on their wedding on April presented flowers to mothers in certain 13. A fellowship was held following our categories, such as oldest and youngest evening service in honor of Craig and mother present, mother with the most family present, the mother with the most RaeDene. children, just to name a few. This was Bro. Aaron and Sis. Jenae shared their

P AGE 5 very fun and informative. Then at the close of the service, Rachel Trezona brought her young son Breckin forward to dedicate him to the Lord. Bro. Greg Hardister led a special prayer for this family and then presented Rachel with a New Testament Bible for Breckin. It was a beautiful way to end this special Mothers’ Day service. We want to congratulate our only graduate this year. Chloe Watson graduated from her kindergarten class at Frontenac Elementary on Friday, May 18, and will have the summer to relax and have fun before entering the first grade in the fall. Pray for our students for a safe and enjoyable summer. In our evening service on May 20, we were glad to have Adam, Angela, Clay and Cameron Owen with us. Clay sang “I Am A Promise”, with the “help” of his younger brother Cameron, and Angela and Adam sang “I Bless Your Name”. It’s always good to have them worship with us. Following the service, the youth went bowling. VBS is just around the corner, the week of June 25. We are bringing back one of our favorites, “Lava Lava Island“, which we did in 2004. We look forward to recreating this and seeing what God’s plan is for us that week. Enjoy your summer and may God bless. Until next time . . . Sharon Evans, Reporter

which we were able to cut and deliver wood to Mr. MaCallister, and work on the home of Miss Martin. We were blessed to have the opportunity to serve and I was proud of the young people of North Lake Church for giving their first week of summer vacation to aid others in need. The disciple making process is a great endeavor and we covet your prayers. Our LifeGroups have expanded from two to six and we are seeing more and more opportunities come to light. Please pray that God will continue to grant us wisdom in this process and that He would provide/train leaders for the harvest (Luke 10:2). God Bless, Jamie Jones

Baptist Herald-Jun 2012 Edition  

A national publication advocating world-wide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian education.

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