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It is summer and the heat is on! We are excited that our KOAM 2010 Encampment will again be at Beth-Eden Bible Camp located just outside beautiful Conway, Missouri. “Take up YOUR Cross” Our quiz and camp theme will come from the book of Luke. Steve & Sheila Crandall I hope you have studied and are ready to show us your knowledge of the bible and demonstrate your competitive skills at the push of the buzzer. We will be blessed with Gods messages as they are delivered by the camp Evangelist Bro. Jamie Jones from Smithville Missouri. Camp fees this year are ages 0-2 are free 3-6 are $65.00 and 7 and up are $125.00. Check in will begin at 1:00 pm. If you would like to participate in any encampment program or are interested in music, teaching, skits or leading a recreational activity please let us know. We hope you will get involved and have a great time. May God Bless You, and see you there. Bro Steve Crandall Join our group on... Camp Director


F ROM THE E DITOR I’m continuing the series of lessons that God the Father has taught this father…

Lessons from the Father

“The Father sees in 4D”. We recently took a family outing to watch “Toy Story 3” in the movie theater. For those of you that enjoy the Toy Story movie line & are considering the movie, it is worth it (I’ll avoid ruining the plot for you). The theater we went to was projecting the moving in “3-D” (three dimensions). Honestly, at first I had some reservations about watching the movie in 3-D. I remember several years ago when the 3-D glasses were simply a cardboard frame with a single blue lens & a single red lens. Those glasses were a hassle & useless to me… I never really saw the movie pop-off the screen like intended & they never seemed to work. Thankfully, the technology has significantly improved. Using the new glasses that they provided (& I’m sure numerous improvements in the quality of the image that is projected), I admit that there were a couple instances in the theater that day that the image displayed seemed to extend back into the audience, just a few feet away from where I was sitting. It was amazing to see the images come to life off the screen & to feel more a part of the movie. Seeing it in 3-D made me think of the many dimensions God must see us in. There are General Relativity theories that speak of 4-D (a fourth dimension). There are even those theories in Quantum Mechanics that tell of an infinite number of dimensions. I can only fathom the insight & detail our Father sees as He looks at us. Not only do we “pop-off the screen”, but He also sees the inside as well as the before & after. Look to Him as your guide. "“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”" — Is 55:8,9 (NLT)

C ONTACT I NFORMATION BAPTIST HERALD Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Fax:620-783-1638 BMA OF KS & WESTERN MO OFFERINGS Paul Mooney P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 KOAM ENCAMPMENT OFFERINGS Adam Owen P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 BETHEL DISTRICT OFFERINGS Fred Vogel P.O. Box 75 Galena, KS 66739 KANSAS CITY DISTRICT OFFERINGS Clyde Lingelbach 436 S. Drury Kansas City, MO 64123

BAPTIST HERALD A Non-Profit Enterprise Official publication of the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri A national publication advocating world-wide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian education Print subscription rate $10.00 per year in advance. Sample copies are available for the asking. Free full-color email edition also available. ADVERTISING RATES: $5.00 per column inch $50.00 one-fourth page $75.00 one-half page $100.00 full page

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M ISSIONS D IRECTOR R EPORT By name the Baptist Missionary Association of Kansas and Western Missouri our association is missionary. A missionary heart is a giving heart. A missionary heart is a praying heart. A missionary heart is a loving heart. I want to express my appreciation to all our churches who have such a missionary heart and to all the individuals who also have such a heart. We could not accomplish all that we have through our state association without people like you. Your prayers and support for our mission endeavors and for me personally is greatly appreciated. I have learned many years ago, that individuals and churches which support mission work with their giving, praying and loving hearts will blessed beyond imagination.

Missouri as before - at $1,500.00 per month. Due to the fact that our income was only $ 60.00 per month over our expenses, I do not feel that we can add any other mission work at this time. Some of this is due to a decline in some of the church offerings. That is a reflection of an economy that is suffering and our churches are not getting the same income as they once were. I want to encourage our churches to remember that God always supplies our needs and that He will bless our giving to the church; especially to missions. Challenge your congregations to push forward when it comes to giving to missions as that is our mission as a church and as an association: both home and abroad. I look forward to another great year for our state missions work in Smithville. Bro. Jamie Jones has a fantastic ministry there. Pray for him and his family.

— Editor’s Note: The following was sent in by our Mission’s Director after the BMA of Kansas & Western Missouri meeting: I again want to express my appreciation for your electing me this year as your Mission Director. Please be in prayer for the financial needs of our state work. Last year we received an average of $ 60.00 per month over and above our expenses. We increased our commitments this year by $ 100.00. If your church is not giving to state missions, please consider adding this great ministry to your budget; even if it is just $ 10.00 a month. If you are presently giving, please pray about increasing that amount to further the mission efforts of our work. We may be a small association, but we have a great big God who will return to us in proportion to our giving to Him (II Corinthians 9:6-8).

May God continue to bless our After receiving the final annual financial churches is my prayer. report, I make the following recomFred A. Vogel mendation: that we continue our support of the mission work in Smithville,

LOCAL WMA The Annual State Women's Missionary Auxiliary (WMA) meeting is set for Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 1:00 pm at Glenview Baptist Church. The annual election of state WMA officers will be held during the meeting. This state WMA meeting will follow the District Brotherhood and WMA meetings that begin at 10 a.m. on the 31st at Glenview. Brother Doyle Moore and Sister Linda Moore, missionaries to the Philippines, will be the guest speakers to the Brotherhood and WMA. Brother Moore will address the Brotherhood and Mrs. Linda Moore will be speaking to the WMA. Susan Chasten President of the KS and Western MO WMA


FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Bro. Jeff Swart, Pastor

Greetings to our Sister Churches! May was a busy month, but a very enjoyable one. Over 200 women and girls donned their ruby slippers and attended the annual Mother’s Day banquet. “There’s No Place Like Home” was the theme, and it was a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and fun. Sis. Rachel Swart Cox was our guest speaker, and she spoke directly to our hearts. The next morning our church honored all the special mothers in our midst with flowers.

(daughter of Andy and Carman Swart) were dedicated to the Lord as their parents were encouraged to raise them in a Godly heritage.

had a great time. Closing ceremonies were held and several of our clubbers received special awards for their hard work and completion of The very next week we honored our work books. We salute them for graduates with Bibles: Dalton Co- their dedication, and look forward to berley and Ethan Boyes graduated another great year in the fall. from college; Carli Holt, Stephen Please pray for us as we endeavor to Jordan, and Amanda Seltrecht gradu- reach the lost of our communities, as ated from High School; and Natalie we will pray the same for you. Breedlove, Karendi Jeffers, Kim In His Service, Ruiz, Gage Girton, Kali Johnson, Leigh Ryan, Reporter and Charity Coberley graduated from Middle School. We are so proud of these kids, not only for their academic achievements, but for their good Christian witness. We will certainly be lifting them in prayer as they enter the next phase of their lives.

We also dedicated several babies in that service: Cameron Owen (son of We ended our Awana year on a great Adam and Angela Owen), Rachel note with a picnic at the park. The Boyes (daughter of Austin and weather was beautiful, and everyone Kayleigh Boyes) and Laine Swart

t r o p Sup

Faith Inner Circle

Walk of Faith

Church Budget



a great way. Pray that God would save many souls, lead us to families that would host a Bible study in their home, and lead us to those who need a life change.

Bro. Jamie Jones, Missionary

Hello Friends, Our "Summer of Service" will begin in three days. We plan to host over 150 students and sponsors, from 9 different churches, this June, July, and August. .... .... ...... "Did I just say ing a few neighbors with some odd that?" "Oh my,...I'm tired already." jobs. The good part is that God will bless in All of these jobs will be done with one the same way that He did last year. We with goal in mind..."To share the love will serve in many of the same ways of Christ" with everyone we can, by that we have in the past but with a few whatever means we can. Using our new ones thrown into the mix. We hands and feet to serve others helps us plan to serve through painting, pump- to accomplish this goal. ing gas, mowing, picking up trash, proI ask that you pray for our "Summer of viding meals to the homeless, and helpService". Pray that God would bless in GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 3130 S. Wall Avenue Joplin, MO 64804 Bro. Fred Vogel, Pastor

Happenings in May Saturday Night Shake Down keeps growing and growing. Muchengetwa Bgoni and John Forman brought a great message when they last met. We are seeing new faces each time we meet and enjoy getting to know new people and hearing a portion of God’s Word. The Parent Teen Picnic was fun for all our teens and their parents. The purpose of the picnic is not only fellowship but also to explain our goals for the teens and to renew cleaning contracts. Our teens have been cleaning the church for several years now as their main fundraiser for the different conferences throughout the year. On the 13th the KFC crew had a May Day Gardening day. They planted flowers and cleaned up trash around the church. All who came

had a blast getting their hands dirty and can’t wait to see the flowers bloom. The Apron themed Ladies banquet by the WMA was a great success. We had a great time learning that like an apron, we have stains, but our stains can be washed away by the saving grace of God. There were prizes for the oldest apron, the fanciest apron and the most stained apron. It was enjoyed by all the ladies who attended and we want to thank the men who served us the meal. What a week revival was! Thank you, Mike and Mary Harmon, for sharing the week with us. The sermons were great and even though revival makes for a busy week, it is always refreshing and renewing for the spirit.

We will be focusing on II Corinthians 5:16-21. I have a three fold prayer, centered around this passage, specifically for the young people who will serve with us this year. I pray they begin to see others in a different light, that they understand the meaning of reconciliation, that they become ambassadors of Christ with a message of hope, and that they learn many ways in which the message can be shared with others. Compelled by Love, Jamie Jones We had a few graduates this month: Katie Holstrom from Galena High, Aaron Murray and Samantha Readshaw from Joplin High and Staci Siler from Seneca High. Tawnee Taylor received her RN from Crowder College, Muchengetwa received his MBA in International Development from Hope International University, both graduated in December, and Valerie Taylor will be graduating from City Point Beauty Academy in July. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to your studies! There was a wedding celebration for Bill VanVolkinburg and Lesley Collins, who will be exchanging their vows on June 26th. All had fun sharing with them the excitement and love they have for each other. Welcome new members Tristin Daggett and Garrett Daggett who both joined by baptism on May 30th.

In April the ladies started their craft night, a great way to get some craft time in while fellowshipping with your friends, and eating some great Until next month… snacks! God Bless,

Pam Hatcher

DiscipleWay Seeks Success Stories The content management team for DiscipleWay is inviting input from pastors and Christian education leaders who have had success with providing hands-on training in spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. DiscipleWay is the name of a new discipleship training program under development by the departments of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. The program centers on seven basic spiritual disciplines and offers classroom instruction as well as hands-on training. The combination of content-based and experience-based training gives DiscipleWay its uniqueness among available materials on the market today. DiscipleWay will offer seven weeks of training in each discipline, including Bible Study, Praying, Worshipping, Giving, Witnessing, Serving and Leading. The team would like to include hands-on ideas that have worked for pastors and other teachers in any of the seven disciplines. Send submissions to Dr. Philip Attebery BMA Seminary P.O. Box 670 Jacksonville, TX 75766-0670 Curriculum materials have been submitted by the seven teams of writers and are currently in the editing stage. The program will be tested in selected churches of various sizes and environments beginning this Fall. Target date for the launch of the program is April, 2011, at the annual session of the BMA of America.

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