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B APTIST H ERALD A PRIL 2009 SEARCH & RESCUE the LOST are words that the BMAA Department of Missions hopes will be on the hearts and lips of every member of the BMAA this spring. The mission kicked off at the 2009 Missions Symposium where Executive Director Grady Higgs challenged us to put the word LOST back in our vocabulary as it is a term that has "lost" its place in our conversations. Why is it that we don't use the word that Jesus Christ used in His word? Are we trying to be politically correct or non-offensive? The Apostle Paul was not scared to use the word and in essence said that when we start seeing humanity as lost we will, of course, want to get involved in searching for them and rescuing them. The BMAA Department of Missions has mailed a SEARCH & RESCUE guide to every BMAA pastor. The guide contains suggestions on how to implement SEARCH & RESCUE efforts at each of our churches during the months of March and April. The SEARCH & RESCUE push will wrap up on May 3rd with SEARCH & RESCUE SUNDAY. Join us now in praying that at least one person will be saved in every BMAA church during this time. The topics covered in the book include: preparation for SEARCH & RESCUE; information about the LOST and how to share the Gospel, and how to help those who have been rescued to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Additional materials and information may be obtained at These materials include any logo that churches want to use pertaining to SEARCH & RESCUE, copies of the Roman Road To Salvation and necessary forms to be given to the congregation. Free posters, bulletin inserts, and bookmarks may be ordered via, e-mail, or phone (501-455-4977). Every BMAA church is encouraged to join in this effort to RESCUE THE LOST FOR CHRIST.

Editor’s Note: For exciting news & feedback from Pastors that have implemented their own local Search & Rescue missions, continue reading on Page 4.


F ROM THE E DITOR I’m continuing the series of lessons that God the Father has taught this first time father…

Lessons from the Father “The Father provides the things we need to get us out of the holes we end up in”. Clay received a tricycle as a Christmas gift. It’s a classic red Radio Flyer brand with pedals. This tricycle is one of the many foot powered vehicles that Clay has, but the only one that has pedals on it. Using the pedals is still a bit new & uncomfortable to him, even though he’s on his tricycle & could be pedaling quickly everywhere he goes, often he’ll just scoot around using his feet. As his father, I’ll be following Clay around as he scoots, encouraging him to use the pedals. There are times when Clay will navigate the tricycle into a small hole & be unable to scoot out. It’s under those conditions that I’ve been most successful in getting Clay to use the pedals. When he’s down & stuck in that hole, he realizes the pedals offer him not only more speed, but the power & stability to get out of that hole. In retrospect, our heavenly Father does the same. He sees the holes in front of us as we scoot along slowly. He even gives us what we need (thru His word) to avoid many of those holes in the road of life. When we do find ourselves in a hole though, He’s given us the pedals to get out. If we plant our feet firmly on the Rock, we can find the power & stability we need to get out of any hole that comes our way. If you find yourself in a hole today, I implore you to listen to your Heavenly Father who wants to show you how to "use the pedals" "No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he'll never let you be pushed past your limit; he'll always be there to help you come through it." — 1 Cor 10:13 (MSG)

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Annual BMA of Missouri Men’s Retreat April 30—May 2, 2009 Meramec Retreat Center, Richwoods, MO Theme: A Man and His Work Cost: $60 Deadline: April 25 Contact Bro Danny Kirk (314-921-2378) for more details.


M ISSIONS D IRECTOR R EPORT Missions begins at home! I trust that all of our churches in the BMA of Kansas and Western Missouri are involved with the “Search & Rescue” that was mailed to you from the office of the BMAA Missions Department. You should! We are not going to see our churches blessed when the only mission endeavor is sending money for someone else to do our mission work for us. Missions begins at home! Until our people develop a sincere love for the lost of this world they will not be involved in missions; at

home or abroad. God will bless any 6. We should be so burdened for church who will give above and them that we mention their beyond their means to support names often before God in inmissions world-wide and who will tercession. get personally involved in missions 7. We should watch our lives at home. How should you feel very, very closely so that we do not discredit our testimony beabout lost people? fore them in any way. 1. We should love them with an 8. We should be there for them at unconditional love. all times. 2. We should establish friendships with them. 3. We should make opportunities to be with them. 4. We should say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” 5. We should look for “open windows” that God allows in their life.

When God’s people develop a passion for seeing the lost come to Christ our churches will grow and our people will get excited and get involved in the winning of lost souls. Fred A Vogel

Search and Rescue (cont from cover) During the month of March churches are compiling lists of LOST individuals for whom they will pray and seek to share the gospel within the next few weeks. One pastor reported that his people were shocked at the number of LOST people within their extended church family. The pastor shared how families were aware of one or two within their own family units, but when the entire church family pooled the names there was a list of over two hundred LOST people who need to be rescued. He says, “It was a shock to many of our people to know that there were that many in our own families who are still LOST, and then to think of all the other LOST people in our town. It brought a whole new awareness to us of what a mission field we have here at home.” Another pastor said, “The word LOST has once again been re-emphasized among our people and they are becoming more aware of the lostness of people all around them and as a result are becoming more burdened for them. They are realizing that the LOST are all around us!” Another pastor writes, “Our people have really bought into this. Our outreach director reported yesterday over 100 lost people have been identified in the first two weeks. Our people seem to be praying more. There are more moves during the invitation time. We are receiving new members every week. We are having visitors coming out of the woodwork it seems.” Two more important ingredients of a successful SEARCH AND RESCUE SUNDAY will take place during the month of April: Prayer and Training in how to share the Gospel in personal witnessing. Churches are encouraged to schedule prayer meetings at church and in homes praying for the LOST to be rescued. Pastors are encouraged to train their members in how to witness to the LOST in preparation for SEARCH AND RESCUE SUNDAY, MAY 3. For further information concerning free materials or help in planning and promoting SEARCH AND RESCUE SUNDAY contact the BMAA Department of Missions (501-455-4977 or visit Pray that there will be a harvest of souls on May 3. Pray for God to stir mightily throughout the BMAA as a result of our SEARCH AND RESCUE efforts to win the lost to Christ.


MT. OLIVE BAPTIST CHURCH P.O. Box 244 Girard, KS 66743 Bro. Ernie Watson, Pastor

In preparation for our March 29th April 1st scheduled revival with Bro Jeff Swart, our Pastor has been preaching sermons from Nehemiah, a book all about revival. We have been challenged to be a people of principle, passion, & purity. The appalling corruption of our nation, the apparent closeness of Christ coming, & the absence of real commitment among most of God's peoFIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

ple are all indications of the real born March 3rd at Mt Carmel Medineed for revival. cal Center in Pittsburg. On February 15th, we enjoyed an all church Noon Valentine luncheon following our AM worship hour. Times of food & fellowship together seemingly cause us to be more devoted to one another in brotherly love.

Bro Jim Moore has had tests at St Johns in Joplin. The funeral for Virginia Murphy, sister-in-law of Bro Howard Murphy, was held in Girard on February 24th. On March 10th, a military funeral service was conducted for Bro Larry Salzman. Bro Lacy Mikrut has been leading our Larry & his wife Wilma have been choir in preparation for an April long-standing members at Mt Olive. 12th Easter Cantata presentation. When we are perfectly related to Kaci & Brad Coots are proud first God, no matter where He places us time parents of a new baby or what the inner desolations are, girl. Quincey LeAnn Coots was we can praise Him that all is well.

name and location was read aloud. The service ended with prayer for our missionaries world-wide, that they might spread the Gospel to “Lost people matter to God, so they every tribe, tongue and nation. must matter to us.” Keith Wright Bro. Justin brought a series of mes-

P.O. Box 218 Galena, KS 66739 Bro. Justin Rhodes, Pastor

Our Missions Team challenged us to “give God our best” as we embraced the 50 Days of Prayer and Giving campaign. Armed with our perpetual prayer calendars and that challenge ringing in our ears, we gave nearly $2,500.00 for World Missions. To close out the campaign, 50 candles adorned the sanctuary, and with each candle lit a missionaries

food, hilarious comedy, and beautiful music highlighted the night. Our men have worked tirelessly remodeling the baptistery and stage, and the final result is a bigger, beautiful, modern look. The new, fiberglass baptistery is much more functional, and the updated décor is getting rave reviews. Thanks, fellas! You do great work! If you are in the neighborhood, drop in…we’d love to show it off!

sage on “Stressbusters”, and he dealt with issues that cause us stress in our daily lives: worry, busyness, damaged emotions, indecisions, dark valleys, hurts, and fear of the future. The altar was full each week as many laid their stress-buster at Jesus’ feet. In His Service, The youth treated everyone to the annual Valentine banquet, and they did an outstanding job. Delicious

Leigh Ryan Reporter


GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 3130 S. Wall Avenue Joplin, MO 64804 Bro. Fred Vogel, Pastor

5th. Congratulations to the Bgonis.

Our KFC crew had a very excit- ♦ Welcome new members in Januing Valentines Day this year. ary, Austin Martin and Craig Sixteen kids and six adults went Oxford. around to all of our shut-ins to ♦ Welcome new members in Febdeliver a Valentines Basket full ruary, Janis Gouge. of goodies. Everyone had a great time and our shut-ins enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces so Until next month… willing to serve them. God has God Bless, really blessed our church with Pam Hatcher some great kids.

On the 11th our youth went to the True Love Waits Rally and had a really good time.

Ten members traveled to Cassville for a Mission Banquet.

On World Missions Day we received a great offering.

Happenings in February:

On the 7th of this month, our youth director, Muchengetwa took a group of our youth out to a Christian teen center to evangelize. They will be going on Fridays to share their faith and friendship with other kids their age. It is a wonderful experience for our teens to learn the importance of evangelizing. Muchengetwa and Julie Bgoni are proud to announce the arrival of their son, Justin Akatendeka Bgoni, born on the


fast. Bro. Craig Bryson brought the devotional. Not only is it a time of good food and sharing prayer requests with one another, but it is a “Rejoice in the Lord always: and time for the men to relax and do again I say Rejoice.” (Phil. some good ole fashion visiting. 4:4) Daylight Savings Time is here Bro. Dave Wieneke is working with and I think everyone is enjoying the the adult choir every Sunday evening change. Of course, the warmer following services in preparation for weather helps too. The grass is be- our Easter Cantata. Everyone is exginning to turn green, flowers are cited and working very hard in blooming, trees are budding out, learning all the songs. I’ve been liswhat beautiful scenery God is giving tening and they sound very good. to us. I’m a huge fan of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. They sing a Sharon Evans is working with the song “Are You Enjoying the Show”, younger children on their Easter referring to the beauty God creates program which will be presented for us every day. I am certainly en- Palm Sunday evening. They’re presenting a 3 act play entitled “The joying the show. How bout you? Children Were There.” Kelley On Saturday morning, March 7, 15 Thompson is making costumes and of our men joined together again for we are very excited to work with their monthly prayer break- the children and encourage them in

1406 South Rouse Pittsburg, KS 66762 Bro. Don Alexander, Pastor

Several of our members have had surgery this month.

Hello again from Grace Baptist. ♦

God’s service. cious.

They are so pre-

A Wednesday evening class has been started for the youth/teens in our Activity Center , led by Charlea Mills. She was a big help to me last year in VBS and it is our prayer that the class will grow and God will be honored and glorified in and throughout their time together. As we go through the days ahead, our prayer is that more will come to know the Lord and that we will grow stronger in our walk with Him. Enjoy the show and until next time . . . Sharon Evans Reporter



Deputation is coming to a close, and we want to thank you all for your prayers. We have a few appointments in April, including the National meeting, and then we will be on the field preparing for some summer work groups and our bible study. During our deputation process we have been in and out of Smithville, and that has given us some time to

tionships will be our most effective outreach strategy. There are many people here, just like where you live, that are LOST and need Jesus Christ to rescue them. I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to share the Gospel here. Thank you for your continued support and may God use meet a few people here. Please pray you and your Church as you "Search that God would continue to give us and Rescue" in your community. opportunities to build relationships and that those relationships would "On Mission" Luke 19:10 produce Kingdom workers. I perJamie Jones sonally believe that building rela-

An Interactive, Action-Packed Workshop For All Who Want to Reach Children with the Gospel Pastors, teachers, parents, grandparents, volunteers, leaders, and staff

Win others to a saving faith in Jesus Ground others in their faith in Jesus

Equip others to share Jesus

Kids’ EE Workshop May 7-9 Springhill Baptist Church Greenbrier, Arkansas (501) 679-2320 • (501) 581-7255 Cost: Children (9-12) $75 Teens & Adults $175 (includes materials and meals) Register at (Deadline to register: April 6)


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