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Issue 13 June 2016

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Curates a collection of quirky, colourful and kitsch accessories, sourced from independent designers worldwide.


22/03/2016 5:00 pm

be taken, substitutions may be made at my discretion.

be taken, substitutions may be made at my discretion.

If estimate exceeds budget I am happy to work with you on cheaper alternatives to

If estimate exceeds budget I am happy to work with you on cheaper alternatives to

achieve the same ‘look’ or go with smaller size.

achieve the same ‘look’ or go with smaller size.

Kind regards

Kind regards

Owner/Designer – Myfanwe’s

Owner/Designer – Myfanwe’s

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

Please sign and return if you wish to proceed with booking

Please sign and return if you wish to proceed with booking


On the cover

Welcome to Issue 13! I’ll admit, this was the hardest issue for me to get to print. One of our photographers for this issue said to me in an email “Try not to take on too much in life... although I know you always will”. It’s funny how sometimes people you haven’t met can get such an accurate impression of you. For those that don’t know me, my life for the last few months has been a larger than full time university work load of terrifyingly hard law subjects, two legal placements, my work in hospitality, the magazine, and trying to still feel ‘normal’, whatever that is. To come out of it all with this glossy cover print mag full of beautiful photography is a dream, and I thank everyone involved in this issue for their patience while I tried to juggle it all. It was amazing for me during this period to also get to hear from Elisia of El Rodeo on how she keeps momentum going and celebrates achieving her business goals; from Fran Robertson on how she has turned her hobbies into her full time job in the last year; and from our cover model Tara Radcliffe who has moved between and balanced an impressive array of roles and developed her skills further, including on camera. I hope you find some inspiration from these business ladies too, whatever your career may be.


Editor & designer

Editor’s letter

Brianna Blackhart

Design assistant Jillian Adamson

Featured writers Teer Wayde, Pearl Davies, Evelyn Ebrey & Emily Russ

Featured interviews Mae La Roux, Elisia of El Rodeo, Tara Radcliffe, Bunny Galore & Fran Robertson

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photography by Jaysen Turner

– Brianna Blackhart

© 2016 Adore Pin Up and the contributors. All rights reserved. Strictly no reproduction without prior permission by the editor. Proudly produced and printed in Australia.










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Lady in


MARION MASSACRE photography Vestige Photography hair His Vintage Touch makeup Valerie Vonprisk




AT THE MOD MANOR WITH TATTOO ARTIST MAE LA ROUX and Vestige Photography Mae La Roux is a down to earth, vintage-loving Midwest girl living in Visalia, California. She works as a professional tattoo artist, specializing in the colourful, whimsical and magical, and is particularly known for her love of Disney. She is deeply committed to using her skill and fan base to raise charitable funds for those in need, including children and young adults dealing with serious health conditions. In her spare time, Mae enjoys vintage hunting for clothing and mid-century décor, and producing her own reproduction outfits from vintage patterns.

MAE: For me, my love goes beyond pin

others at the same time. Tattooing was

up art alone, but more for the vintage

a natural marriage for me, and a very

lifestyle as a whole. I live and breathe

viable way to make a living. Honestly, I

mid century in my style and my home.

had it pretty easy getting into tattooing,

As a young girl I spent a great deal of

which can be a very challenging field

time with my two aunts who are both

to get into. I went into a local reputable

very creative and loved vintage things. It

shop to inquire about an apprenticeship

was with them where I found my love for

with a professional portfolio of artwork,

everything mid-century. When I was in college I was a photography major, and started dabbling in modelling. Then it was around the time I started tattooing when I was 20 that I became more interested in pin up modelling specifically. A friend of mine sent me a personalized signed photo from Bernie Dexter, and that was that. ADORE: Can you tell us about how you first got your start in tattooing? What

which I think helped me quite a bit. I was extremely lucky to have found a teacher who was willing to take a chance on me. I owe him everything I have. The skill of tattooing is extremely challenging though – it takes many years to master. And even then, you must continue to learn and grow. A bigger challenge for me, however, was the social aspect. It can be a hardcore world to live in, and as a tender-hearted

kinds of challenges have you faced

person it took a long time to acclimate.

along the way?

You need to develop thick skin.

ADORE: Do you remember what first

MAE: I have always been a full time artist

ADORE: You are heavily involved in

sparked your interest in pin up art?

as long as I can remember. I knew from

charity fundraising, and you use your

Which came first, the love for pin up

high school that I wanted to have a career

tattoo work to encourage donations –

or tattooing?

in which I can use my skills and serve

what inspired you to start doing this?


fashion & set styling Audrey Moorehead hair His Vintage Touch makeup Lizzo Van Dammit accessories by Teeki Togs ADORE PIN UP 11


MAE: The tattoo industry can weigh

ADORE: Can you tell us about the

and pin up. I’d never had the modelling

heavily on a busy tattooer – physically,

tattoos you have yourself? Do you have

experiences I’ve had without moving

mentally, and spiritually. There was even

any plans to get more? What goes into

there. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to live so

a time when I became so drained and

picking a tattoo artist for you?

close to Disneyland either!

MAE: Most of my tattoos reflect imagery

ADORE: You competed in the Viva Las

that I love. A lot of people think you have

Vegas pageant this year and ended

to have a deep story, and that’s absolutely

up winning the “best hair” trophy –

great, but for me they mostly embody

congrats! Can you tell us a bit about

the beauty of places and ideas that are

your experience in the competition

meaningful to me. I have a lot of nature

and what went into entering and

imagery from my home state of Michigan.

competing? And of course, tell us

I get homesick a lot since I moved to

about the hair!

unhappy with the types of people I had to work around and the mass of clients’ demands always at my back, that I wanted to quit. But finding that I could merge my love for charity and helping others with tattooing breathed a new life into me. Now the most rewarding part of my career is the ability it has given me to contribute to society. I host fundraisers raffling tattoo sessions and dream Disneyland vacation packages regularly to serve those in need – individuals and largely the Make A Wish foundation. In the past year with the help

California 7 years ago. Every time I see acorns, leaves, deer, birds and anything autumn, I’m overcome with emotion. So I keep them with me always. I also have an

of my supporters we’ve managed to raise

amazing psychedelic Walt Disney portrait

over $12,000! It has become a driving

on my arm, because OF COURSE! When

force of my work.

searching for the right artist, I always seek out someone whose style is perfect for

ADORE: Do you feel there is an issue with sexism or the undervaluing of more feminine work in the tattoo industry? MAE: There was a time and place for sexism in tattooing, but I think that’s pretty much an antiquated notion now. It’s still less common to see female tattooers, but the margin is narrowing. There is still misogyny present, but I think that’s just an issue of the differing personalities of the genders clashing, more than undervaluing the work of women. At the end of the day, being a woman fuelled my career. Who doesn’t want to get tattooed by the cute girl? ADORE: Do you have any favourite tattoos that you have designed and inked yourself – or is it too hard to pick favourites? MAE: I custom design each piece I do. I don’t think I could pick an ultimate favourite. I truly do what I do for others, to bring joy to their lives. It sounds super

“ Finding that I could

MAE: Thank you! It was rewarding and a lot of work! It’s well organized so there was a lot of corresponding involved with not only the organizer Rockwell DeVil months before, but also the contestants. She was nice enough to establish a Facebook group for the contestants to socialize, support and get to know one another before the event. I spent countless hours researching and

merge my love for charity and helping others with tattooing breathed a new life into me. Now the most rewarding part of my career is the ability it has given me to contribute to society.

consulting with my closest friends on

what I want. Regardless of the distance,

say. So I think I’ll stick to writing, haha. The

be it 6 hours or on the other side of the

incomparable Madame Pomp did my hair,

country, that’s who I go to.

and earned me my trophy, what a gal, huh?

ADORE: Where are you from in the States – can you tell our readers on the other side of the world a bit more about your home town?

wardrobe and styling, emailing back and forth with the gal that custom made my dress, and hours of online shopping for the weekend. There were lots of events attached to the pageant that we made appearances at, signings, and photo ops. It really was a whirlwind. To be frank, I was good at it when I was younger, but I’ve become terrible at public speaking. When you get up there it’s like you’ve never spoke before, and forget everything impassioned you wanted to

Overall it was a positive experience and I achieved what I set out to do – to prove to myself that I was worthy of being there, and to try to overcome my self loathing and social anxiety a little bit. I’m glad I did it.

cliché, but I’m not kidding, its special to

MAE: I lived in Michigan for 22 years

me when it’s special to them. As long as

before moving to California where I

I can tattoo in the style I like, I’m happy.

currently live. Funny you mention the

Obviously as an artist that specializes in

other side of the world, I was actually

MAE: Instagram, @missmaelaroux, is

Disney, those get me the most excited. If

born in Thetford, England, where I’m dying

definitely the best place to not only view

I HAVE to pick, my favourite pieces have

to visit. My Michigan hometown is lovely.

my work, but to keep up with my travel

been designed based on mid century

The entire state is. There is a life there that

schedule. I plan to continue traveling

Disney attraction posters and artwork.

is night and day compared to California.

to various locations to tattoo my long

Doing the same characters repeatedly can

So lush and green, and the autumn is

distance fans who wouldn’t have the

get visually monotonous, so I always try

incredible, like no where else! People are

chance to travel to me, and bring a little

to push the boundaries and offer stylized

friendly and unpretentious. California has

Disney magic to the world. Ultimately my

designs that are unique to each client,

its own energy. It lives up to the “land of

goal is to eventually travel to the UK and

and that keep me relevant in an ever-

opportunity” ideal. I definitely thank it for

Australia! My work can also be seen at

growing genre.

broadening my career in both tattooing

ADORE: Where can our readers see more of your work?





Photography by Ashlee Savins Creative (this page), Lauren Horwood and Matti Ramsay



Featured models: Bella Louche, Porcelain Alice (previous page), Sabina Kelley (this page) and Dolce Onyx (over). Styled by Elisia Mangione ft. apparel from El Rodeo.


a sed out of Sydney, Australia, El Rodeo is one-woman online store bringing you bad ass independent labels and handpicked vintage from the 70s through 90s. The label launched in August of 2015 by owner Elisia Mangione, a twenty-something year old inspired by old school biker culture, grind house girls, heavy metal and the natural world. We caught up with Elisia to chat rock ‘n’ roll livin’ and all things small-business.

clothing. A lot of the stuff available (this

Ashley (she owns and runs Iconoclasp,

is before online shopping, folks) was

one of the brands I carry) exactly what

too far on either end of the spectrum

I wanted and she created it for me. I

– swing dresses were readily available,

named it after Vixen, the all-woman 80’s

as were bondage pants and studded

hair metal band. It’s something you can

collars – but I had trouble finding

wear under jeans and still look totally

anything in between. I wanted to create

bad ass in. I also live in the Motorhead

a store with easy-to-wear clothing and

shorts. They are made out of upcycled

accessories that you can throw on for

band tees so they are really comfy, like a

most occasions, still look polished, and

band tee for your butt!

ADORE: How would you describe the

Peggy and Kelly Bundy, Tura Satana, Lita

style of El Rodeo?

Ford, Dolly Parton, Lemmy Killmister,

ELISIA: It’s kinda hard pin-pointing it to one style. I think my biggest inspiration is old-school Americana and rockabilly culture from the late 50s, 60s and 70s – with a bit of heavy metal and biker culture thrown in the mix. ADORE: Why did you decide to start up the store? ELISIA: It’s something I wanted to do for a very long time. Growing up I found it really hard to express myself with ADORE PIN UP 16

let your personality shine through. ADORE: Who would you consider your style icons and inspirations? ELISIA: Oh where to start!? A mixture of

and a dash of every Tarantino girl. I am also inspired by the sounds of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Sleep, Motorhead, Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath (to name a few). Long live rock ‘n’ roll!

ADORE: You are just in your twenties and are managing the store solo. What kind of challenges have you faced with running something like this on your own? ELISIA: It is super unpredictable and inconsistent – one day you will have $50 in your account, and the next you can have hundreds. I am still getting used to not having a regular pay day, or knowing exactly how much money will be coming into my account next

ADORE: What are your absolute

week. It’s honestly been one of the

favourite items in the store right

hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve


ever done in my life.

ELISIA: My favourite item right now is

There are days I wake up and think

the Vixen Lace Up Bodysuit because it is

“what am I doing!?” and consider going

my own idea brought to life. I told

back to a stable job with stable income.

Photos by Lauren Horwood ADORE PIN UP 17

ADORE: Can you tell us about some of the artists you feature in your store? ELISIA: Yuri, the owner and creator of Mischief Made, was one of the first brands to take me on board! She is a Japanese artist based in California. Her designs are very kitschy and vintage-inspired, which is right up my alley. I always reach for a Mischief Made tee when I want a casual, rock ‘n’ roll cowgirl look – perfect with high waisted jeans and a kerchief around the neck. Yuri supports local bands and collabs with a lot of really influential women El Rodeo owner Elisia Mangione in the Vixen Lace Up Bodysuit

like The Pink Collar Life, Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, and The Cherry Dollface.

Lots of people will think your life is easy-going and

Kelly, owner of Electric West, is a creative machine!

you get to spend your days on the couch, chilling

If she isn’t collab-ing with amazing photographers

out – which is the complete opposite considering

she is bringing out a new t-shirt design. Her photo

the amount of hard work and mental focus that goes

shoots are so inspiring. The amount of thought and

into building and sustaining something like this. I

effort that goes in to each and every one of her

have done all of this on my own, right down to the

shoots simply amazes me each time. Electric West

website design. I work long hours, late nights, and

is such an awesome company and she gave me a

weekends – but this is my passion, I have met some

chance as her first Aussie stockist, even though El

of the most amazing and creative people (both

Rodeo had nothing to show for itself at that time.

designers and babely customers) and I wouldn’t

“ Be patient. Work hard and

want to live any other way! ADORE: Do you have any tips to fellow business babes trying to start something of their own up? ELISIA: Be patient. Work hard and don’t give up. Work towards reaching smaller goals which will progress to larger plans and ideas later. Screenshot or print any little milestone you achieve and share it with someone close to you. Celebrate any little achievement that brings you closer to your main goal. People will always be sceptical – there will be haters with any sort of idea you put out there – but always keep thinking of the bigger picture. You will make mistakes, it’s how you deal with them that will

don’t give up. Work towards reaching smaller goals which will progress to larger plans and ideas later. Screenshot or print any little milestone you achieve and share it with someone close to you. Celebrate any little achievement that brings you closer to your main goal.

matter long term. And most importantly always be honest – with yourself and with your customers. ADORE: Your store proudly supports artists who make handmade and sweatshop-free products. Is ethical shopping something important to you?

ADORE: What can we expect to see from El Rodeo in the near future? ELISIA: At the moment I am focusing on my own designs, which I am hoping to launch within a few

ELISIA: Yes, definitely. It took me a while to learn

months. I am hoping to create my own brand to

that long term, it is better to spend $50 on a top you

have online alongside El Rodeo’s existing brands,

will love for years, instead of $10 each month on a

it’s all very exciting!

shirt you will most likely throw away or get sick of after a few wears. Fast fashion is the SECOND largest

Add some style and sass to your screens by

threat to our environment, just coming in after oil

checking out El Rodeo’s online store,

pollution. A lot of clothing you get from fast fashion chains are not biodegradable, and will stay on the earth long after we have gone. They are not cut to flatter a variety of body types, and more often than not will end up falling apart, or in landfill. ADORE PIN UP 18, and following their Facebook and Instagram @elrodeostore.

Photo by Matti Ramsay



DEMURE Photography by Melissa Katherine featuring Bettie Butcher muah Melissa Katherine wardrobe Kiss Me Deadly, Secrets in Lace & The Nylon Swish





White Wall Wheels and Rockabilly Heels: A Viva Las Vegas Experience Words & photography by Pearl Davies Nevada USA – home to Area 51, a secret

city area in consideration of the

Pearl Davies chats with Miss Viva Las

military base that’s rumoured to hold

environmental factors of its location,

Vegas Burlesque winner Bunny Galore

extra-terrestrial beings, but known as

including its heat and impending

of Denver CO on her preparation for her

a development and testing sight of

earthquakes. Just a short two and half

winning act, how it felt to be crowned, and

specialty aircraft and weapons systems.

hour drive from the famous strip is the

her history as a performer.

It also plays host to the Mojave Desert

picturesque Grand Canyon, a 277 mile

and Death Valley, the hottest and driest

(446km) long, 18 miles (29km) wide and

area within the United States. And who

6,093 feet (1,857 meters) deep canyon

could forget the famous Las Vegas Strip,

carved by the Colorado River.

its hotels and casinos named the world’s entertainment stage, with resident performers including Elton John, The Who and Britney Spears. A short tenminute uber ride down interstate 15 will get you to downtown Las Vegas, where the popular Fremont Street is the second most famous street in town, and also known as “Old Las Vegas”. It shows off the history of the famous desert town with nostalgic neon glow signs and casinos, but with today’s added modern flair. A mere skeleton of the current Las

Tucked away in the backdrop of the famous Las Vegas Strip is a 1,886 room hotel and casino, The Orleans. With over 2,600 gambling machines, the only extraterrestrials you’ll come to encounter are those pushing through their sixteenthhour sling shotting the poker machines.

else do you do? BUNNY: I am a burlesque artist first, and a costumer second! I always say my costuming skills mainly consist of sticking shiny things onto other things. My full time roll is professional naked lady, and that’s my final answer. I travel and teach burlesque, and I also dance at clubs. PEARL: How did you react when you

for the past 19 years, the lobby and

found out you were a finalist for Miss

outdoor parking lot has become home to

Viva Las Vegas Burlesque?

thousands of visitors in favour of retro tunes, classic cars with white wall wheels, and pin up girls in stiletto heels. From

A short drive from the city centre is the

travellers from around the globe come to

monumental Hoover Dam that separates

visit the vendors, to dance and play ten

the Nevada and Arizona state lines,

pin bowling, and maybe even have their

constructed in the early 1930s during the

selfies taken with social media socialites.

the retro pool party to Burlesque Bingo,

great depression. Stone built homes with


your full time role, and if not , what

At this very same hotel, once a year and

Vegas Strip.

rock and cacti gardens surround the

PEARL: Is burlesque and costuming

BUNNY: I screamed in delight of course! And then there were a few happy tears, a very deep breath, a few phone calls to my support group (they are wonderful, it was 1am and they answered my very loud and excited phone call), and finally a wine toast with my bestie Tifa Tittlywinks. PEARL: You have performed in

This is Viva Las Vegas.

Colorado, Oregon, New Orleans and

Miss VLV 2016 Bunny Galore

even Germany. What has been your

taken because I totally lose myself in

BUNNY: RELIEVED! And then shocked,

favourite performance or competition

performing it and don’t really care how

then excited, then beyond grateful.

to date and why?

pretty I look, just that I’m aggressively

Ever since I was a wee burlesque baby I

present. I worry that my double chin may

have dreamed of winning this title, so to

be more famous than me ;)

finally win it has put a checkmark on my

BUNNY: Obviously this year’s competition for Miss Viva Las Vegas 2016 – because

burlesque goals list! And to do it amongst

I won it, haha! In all seriousness though,

As far as training goes, I try and stretch

I wouldn’t pick any competition over the

every day and eat well. I love yoga, and

shows in these other places, competitions

when I’m coming up on big shows or

stress me out. My favorite two shows

competitions I eat pretty strictly low

ever would have to be my 2014 weekend

carb. Staying in touch with my body (and

residency at the Queen Calavera in

mind!) is number one, so I don’t push

Hamburg, and my performance at the

myself to insane limits. If I need a day of

PEARL: Besides the sash and tiara, what are the perks of becoming Miss

2015 Southwest Burlesque Showcase

sleep and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, I do it.

Viva Las Vegas 2016?

PEARL: How were you feeling leading up to the performance and what

BUNNY: Well, the crown and sash are

other performers were you a fan of?

the publicity that the title is bringing.

in Albuquerque, NM. Both of these were defining moments in my burlesque history, the former being my first big girl gig in an international country, and the latter being an electrifying and ecstatic

BUNNY: I was nervous, but so darn excited!

performance to 660 of my peers which

The Orleans is probably the most famous

later went viral.

stage in the burlesque community, so

PEARL: Can you explain what your Viva Las Vegas Burlesque act was about, and how you trained to prepare for your performance? BUNNY: ‘Turn Down for Butt’ is my ultimate form – my truest expression of myself. It’s campy, cute, and downright dirty. I’ve been working on this act for a few years now, which I think is what makes it so strong. I’ve had a long time to play with the choreography, and I know it so well I could probably do it in my sleep. I just do ME for lack of a better phrase.

having the opportunity to even just perform was a dream come true. It’s totally cheesy, but I’m the biggest fan

some of my favorite friends and peers, to an audience that included some of my biggest supporters who have watched me grow, was an honor.

pretty fabulous! I’m really enjoying Bringing the booty gospel to as many people as possible is my ultimate dream, and it helps to have a wider audience to bring that to fruition! I’m also really excited about the new friends I’ve made being in the competition.

of my roomies and friends, Red Bone

PEARL: Will you be back to the festival

and Ariel Helvetica. However, everyone

next year?

in the competition was a total doll and absolutely beautiful! I got one on one time through the weekend with Pinky Deville, Egypt BlaqueKnyle, Frankie Fictitious, and my other Texas blonde MaryLynn Mayhem – which was really special! The last time I did the competition I didn’t reach out as much to the other competitors.

I like to strut, I like to bounce my booty,

PEARL: How did you feel once you were announced as Miss Viva Las

and my face is ugly in 90% of the photos

Vegas Burlesque 2016?

BUNNY: YES MA’AM! I can’t wait to bring my stepdown performance (I already have something in mind), and crown the next Miss VLV…actually, I think I can wait for that. I’m still enjoying how this crown feels on my head. Gambling: a bad bet. Pearl Davies and Adore Pin Up do not condone excessive gambling. If you feel you have a gambling problem and want help please call AUS: 1800 858 858 or USA: 1 800 522 4700.





Rose H AT S I E - M AY

photography Pinned Photography muah Kat Creasey, My Little Rockabilly





THE PIN UP HOUSEWIFE AN INTERVIEW WITH TARA RADCLIFFE photography Jaysen Turner interview by Brianna Blackhart hair Miss Rockabilly Ruby makeup Erika Reno Artistry wardrobe Pinup Girl Clothing location The Pink Motel

Tara Radcliffe is a woman of many talents – pin up model, retro enthusiast, chef, sex coach, blogger and reality TV star. She rose to prominence being featured on the Bravo TV program Newlyweds, the First Year, which followed her wedding and first year of marriage to husband Rob. Tara is now making a name for herself in the pin up community with her mid-century Persian meets modern LA style, and the recent launch of her blog “Pinup Housewife”. ADORE: You wrapped up filming on your season earlier this year. Looking back on it, what were the highlights of your time working on it? And what have you been up to since it finished? TARA: I had so many highlights while

had a similar story to mine. I pretty much

previously married to an Iranian man, now

show everything about me, from marrying

getting married to an American man who

outside of my culture, to showing my

is 20 years older than myself, showing

OCD and anxiety issues (especially when

our vast cultural differences, showing my

it comes to flying!)

issues with panic attacks and OCD, and let’s throw in there that they also show

Ever since the show finished, I have been

me being attracted to other women! It

working on my brand and image, called

was a ton to process, and it was a lot

Pinup Housewife. I am a chef as well as

harder to come clean about those things

a sex coach, so I will be combining sex

than I had originally anticipated.

and food in one place. To sum it up, I will be creating beautiful dishes that will invigorate our sexual senses through food, using aphrodisiac ingredients, as well as showing how to create beautiful

ADORE: One of the things you were particularly known for on the show was the conflict that came out of having a strict, conservative family, marrying

tablescapes, and create a seductive home.

outside of your culture, and the age

ADORE: We imagine there is plenty of

husband. What was your experience

glamour with being on a TV show –

exploring these issues on television,

the professional makeup artists come

and how do you feel about them now?

to mind – but also plenty of not so glamorous moments to match. What kind of challenges did you face with the filming?

difference between you and your

TARA: Although those topics were very hard for us to explore during the filming of Newlyweds, the First Year, I knew that it was going to be relatable for many

working on Newlyweds, the First Year, but

TARA: Although I was ready to show the

people. My goal before agreeing to do

one of the main things that I really loved

in’s and out’s of my life with the goal

the show was that I wanted to show

was how I was able to become the host of

of hopefully inspiring someone, it was

someone that if they were going through

my own life story. It gives you an outlet

also extremely difficult for me to show

a similar process in life, that they were

to show people the in’s and out’s of your

everyone the “not so glamorous” parts

not alone. I knew there were some very

life, and although many people would be

of my life… I was so scared to show the

intense conflicts and I just wanted to fight

so opposed to that, it was an opportunity

world who “Tara truly is”, because I was

through the discomfort in order to be true

for me to show who I was and hopefully

afraid of the criticism and the judgment.

to myself, and my original goal that I had,

inspire another person who may have

Here I am, an Iranian woman, who was

before signing into the reality TV world. ADORE PIN UP 33

One of the most remarkable things that

ADORE: Did you ever feel like you

is to not be scared to dress the way you

actually happened after the airing of

didn’t really “fit in” with the land of

love because you’re afraid of what people

Newlyweds is that Rob and my parents

reality TV because of your vintage

may think. Be you, and dress the way that

are now amazing with one another! The


makes you feel beautiful and sexy!

TARA: ABSOLUTELY! When I first started

ADORE: Can you describe your very

filming with Newlyweds, I actually

first pin up photoshoot for us? How did

went shopping for more ‘modern day’

you get involved in doing it?

intense topics that came up during the season forced them to talk things through and allowed them to air everything out. Without the show, I honestly think we would still have a lot of conflicts with the

clothing… I would see what other people

issues around my family and culture.

liked on social media as far as a women’s

ADORE: How does your Persian

of things that I thought would be more

heritage influence your fashion style?

“fitting” for me to wear while filming. Let

What would you say are the strongest

me tell you, that was one of my biggest

ways you feel connected to your

regrets with the filming process! I was so

culture in your everyday life?

afraid of what other people would say

TARA: I remember when I was a little girl my mom would constantly be playing old Iranian movies from the early 50s to late 60s era (pre Iranian revolution). Most people don’t know, but Iran was actually extremely westernized before the revolution… In these movies, the actresses would be so dressed up and always looked so polished. They would dress sexy (yet classy), their hair was always impeccable, they carried themselves with confidence, and they were always so flirty… This image stuck with me ever since then. My fashion now is extremely influenced by that era in Iran. I wear items from some of my favorite vintage inspired designers that show off my curves, and that make me feel sexy and confident. What I like about how women dressed in that era, is that you don’t need to wear tight skimpy clothing to show that you are sexy… You can wear beautiful, welldesigned clothes that emphasize your

style, and I started purchasing all types

about my style and I was so scared that I would be criticized for it. For the first 6 to

I was a little girl “myWhen mom would constantly be playing old Iranian movies from the early 50s to late 60s era (pre Iranian revolution). Most people don’t know, but Iran was actually extremely westernized before the revolution… In these movies, the actresses would be so dressed up and always looked so polished... My fashion now is extremely influenced by that era in Iran.

TARA: So I started noticing that many people loved all the retro inspired looks that I was posting on my social media. I then thought “hmmm, maybe I should be doing something with this?!” I received a message from Jaysen Turner that he would like to shoot with me sometime. I looked up his work, fell in love with his talent, and booked him right away. We had our first shoot at my home, and I remember I was so excited! We literally went through a dozen looks and shot for hours! It was one of the most fun photoshoots that I had ever done because I was able to be me. ADORE: Tell us about this shoot and the styling you choose for it. Do you plan to pursue pin up modeling more regularly? TARA: This was one of my favorite shoots that I have ever done because of the location! It was so cool stepping into The Pink Motel in San Fernando Valley, and feeling like I stepped right back into the 1950s era! Pinup Girl Clothing sent over some of the most amazing outfits for this shoot. Their pieces were so fitting for this location and the overall look we were going for. We really wanted to keep this shoot classic and just bring out that era, and the pieces that were used from Pinup

assets on your body. The confidence that

8 months of filming, I dressed like how a

that gives a woman, gives them more sex

majority of women dress today, but then

appeal than anything else.

I just got so fed up with dressing up like

As far as pin up modeling goes, I

someone that I wasn’t! I didn’t have my

definitely plan on pursuing it! We all have

confidence with the way I was dressing,

at least one thing that we are obsessed

and I didn’t feel like myself.

with and that brings us to our “happy

Being an Iranian girl, and being married to an American guy, it can definitely be a little challenging to include my culture in

Girl Clothing did just that!

place” and pin up modeling is that thing

my everyday life. What I do every day is

I literally surrendered to myself halfway

actually pretty funny… I will turn up my

through filming, and I started dressing like

favorite Iranian songs from the 50s and

“me”. If you actually watch the season

60s and I will dance with myself and sing.

from start to finish, you can slowly start

It’s my favorite way of starting off my day,

to notice where I had a complete shift in

and it makes me feel like a little girl again

my style. What’s funny is that I would get

(well at least, for that first 15-20 minutes).

tons of positive messages and comments

Rob loves Persian food so I also try to cook

about dresses that I was wearing on the

ADORE: You get asked all the time by

some of our favorite dishes on a weekly

season and they were always about the

viewers and fans where you shop –

basis, and I try to include myself with any

more vintage inspired items! From that

what are your favourite modern retro

of the Iranian events around town.

experience, my biggest advice to anyone

brands? Do you ever buy original


for me… I love every aspect of it! The getting dressed up, wearing beautiful pieces, and showing the camera your inner confidence. I feel like my soul shines the brightest during my shoots and I plan on pursuing it for as long as I can.


photography Jaysen Turner hair Miss Rockabilly Ruby makeup Erika Reno Artistry wardrobe Pinup Girl Clothing location The Pink Motel



vintage, and if so what are your

basis ever since. Not only is she insanely

initially got together, we decided to start

favourite pieces you own?

talented at what she does, and let’s not

working together, and as many of us

leave out drop dead gorgeous, but she

know, working with your spouse is not

is also one of the nicest, most caring

exactly the best idea! So I decided that I

women I have ever met. She’s always

was going to venture out and pursue my

so positive and upbeat, and she has the

other passion in life, which was cooking!

best personality ever. The list can go on

I have always been a great cook and I

and on about this girl!

always loved cooking for my friends and

TARA: My favorite retro/vintage inspired designers are Whirling Turban, Trashy Diva, Wheels & Dollbaby, Pinup Girl Clothing, The Pretty Dress Company, and Stop Staring. I also love original vintage! My good friend, and go-to hairdresser

family, so I decided to take what I love

(who most retro enthusiasts know), Miss

As far as styling tips go, I have learned

Rockabilly Ruby, turned me on to The

from Ruby that it’s all about the “setting”

Way We Wore which is now my all-time

process when it comes to pin up hair.

favorite vintage store in Los Angeles. I

You need to use a great setting spray

have purchased many things from them,

before starting your curls. One of her hair

but my favorite piece is a gorgeous

secrets, at the end of the styling after the

When we think of food from the 50s

1954 black silk and lace circle dress.

last hairspray, is to take a blow dryer and

– 60s era, we don’t think of anything

It’s absolutely breathtaking! I think I

put it on the lowest heat and speed and

exciting… It was pretty much the generic

actually treasure it more than my own

gently go over the hair. This makes the

“meat and potatoes” kind of meals. One

wedding dress!

hair stay in place for days! I literally can

of my favorite dishes that I love to make

keep a hairstyle for 3-4 days after she

is a sexually heightening version of the

sets it.

classic steak and potatoes. You can get

ADORE: Who are your favourite pin up models that you know in real life,

and turn it into a career. I went to culinary school and became a professional chef. It was one of the most amazing and fun things that I have ever done for myself.

this recipe on my website.

and who are your favourites that you

ADORE: You’ve just launched a blog

follow online?

called “Pinup Housewife”. What can

ADORE: In what way do you envisage

your readers expect to see you

the connection between pin up

writing about?

culture and the sexual empowerment

TARA: In “real life” my favorite pinup girls are Miss Rockabilly Ruby, Doris Mayday,

of women? Do you think there is any

Erika Reno, and Southern California

TARA: So many people don’t know this

Belle (Ashley). These girls are seriously

about me from watching the show, but

all beautiful inside and out! As far as

I actually have had a lot of careers that

social media girls, there are soooo many

I have loved that I pursued in my life.

that I love! I guess my top 5 would be

Besides working as a real estate agent on

TARA: When you think of the pin up

(in no particular order) Renee Olstead,

my husband’s team, The Radcliffe Group at

culture, you automatically think of sexy

Immodesty Blaize, Gia Genevieve, The

Sotheby’s, I am also a certified chef, and a

women that have a seductiveness about

Black Pinup (Angelique Noire), and

sex coach! I wanted to be able to have an

them that can captivate anyone. One of

although known for burlesque, I also

outlet where I can show and do everything

the main reasons why I was so drawn to

really admire Dita Von Teese.

that I love in one place. That’s when I

the pin up world, was that all types of

thought of creating “Pinup Housewife”.

women – skinny, heavier set, curvy, short,

As mentioned earlier, I will be combining

tall – whatever their feature was, they

sex and food – two of everyone’s favorite

could all become a pin up model if they

things! I have created a long list of recipes

desired to be. What I like about pin up

that include aphrodisiac ingredients

modeling is that it’s all about showing

that will heighten our sexual senses and

your inner “sex kitten”… Showing off

guarantee a little more “spice” in the

your body in the most confident way….

bedroom… I will also be including tips on

Pretty much saying, “The hell with what

how to decorate your home and create

anyone thinks! I am sexy, and confident,

beautiful tablescapes in order to create a

and I know it!” As a sex coach, this is

more seductive home environment.

the most sexually empowering feeling

ADORE: You’ve mentioned your friendship with hair and makeup artist and pin up model Miss Rockabilly Ruby. How did your friendship with her first develop? Can you tell us about any great styling tips you’ve picked up from her? TARA: I met Ruby shortly before Newlyweds had first aired. I was looking for a hair stylist that specialized in pin up/retro hair styling because I was having a hard time creating it myself, and all the hair stylists I was going to were not able to create the look that I had envisioned. I then thought, well I’ll just look on some of my favorite Instagram pin up models pages and see if they tagged their

ADORE: When did you decide to move from home cook to chef, and what was involved in that transition? What are your favourite meals to cook – and do you have any recipes that are particularly ‘retro’?

hairstylist, and through that I found Miss

TARA: Ever since I was 15, I had always

Rockabilly Ruby! I immediately made a

been in the real estate industry, and it

hair appointment with her and I have

was because I became a real estate agent,

been literally going to her on a weekly

that I then met my husband. When we


kind of link between your work as a sex coach and your interest in vintage fashion and history?

any women could ever have. I know I am not the hottest woman out there, but I will carry myself with my head up high knowing that I feel sexy and hot within myself.... I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks. The pin up culture gives that power to a woman. Don’t forget to check out www.! You can also follow Tara on instagram @tara_radcliffe


Words and styling by Teer Wayde. Photos by Damien Bowerman.



As winter sneaks into Melbourne and those steamy summer days are long gone, it’s time to focus on keeping cute and cosy in the chilly months ahead. But don’t let those cold days bring down your winter wardrobe! Here are my top 6 winter styling tips to help you look amazing this season.

Outerwear A beautifully tailored coat can do wonders for your figure, and with brands such as Hell Bunny and Collectif, you are spoilt for choice. Being a curvy hourglass shape, I look for coats that are fitted at the waist and flare into a longer skirt shape.

swing skirt, you’ll never feel drab again. I also love mixing teal and rich reds into my collection at this time of year, and the stunning Trixie Doll dresses from Collectif pair perfectly with my coat and accessory recommendations.

boots The one thing any girl can’t survive winter without –

The classic trenchcoat is a must-have, as the traditional

knee high boots! Paired with skirts, stockings, tights and

tailoring suits all shapes, and never goes out of fashion.

dresses, you will live in the perfect pair of black lace up

For something a little more special, how about a stunning

platform boots this winter. I find the lace up style more

3/4 black formal coat with green fur cuffs and collar?

versatile and easy to wear, and they look great both

The fur accents add that Old Hollywood noir feel to any outfit. If the noir vibe is not your style, then a 60s Mod coat might be a better fit. With an A-line shape, more fur accents and a bright and fresh colour pallet of black and white, this coat from Collectif was made for a 60s inspired winter wardrobe.


with skirts and over pants. The styling opportunities are endless as you can see, and at Shoe Me Gorgeous you can pick up these and many other stunning styles.

Berets and turbans Keep your head warm but look like a film noir star with wool berets and turbans. Many modern brands and department stores sell berets, so be sure to pick a few up over winter, and create some stunning vintage looks.

Leather gloves are my number one item when it comes

For more perfect headwear, take yourself to The Pink

to winter styling. They complete each outfit, and make

Collar Life online store for a 1940’s inspired collection

everything a little more chic. My collection of gloves

of turbans. With a stunning selection of colours, fabrics

grows each and every year, but you have to find the

and brooches, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

right company for the best retro-inspired gloves. For this, Have to Have is the destination of choice – from rich red leather styles featuring bows and zips, to classic black gloves with leopard print cuffs. My stand out favourite, and what will soon be yours, has to be the Dotti style black or red gloves covered in adorable polka dots! A printed glove can make any outfit POP.

winter prints Some people let their outfits become drab at this time of year, but why not add a little bit more print into your winter collection? With plaid printed wiggle skirts and adorable winter woodlands fabrics like the Hermeline ADORE PIN UP 42

stockings Don’t forget your pins! Stay warm and stylish with back seamed stockings or polka dot printed vintage nylons. Many stores offer both standard fit and queen sized stockings, and with brands like Leg Avenue, Kixies and Secrets In Lace, you can find the perfect pantyhose to complete your winter look.

Don’t be afraid to be daring this winter – mix your prints, add lots of accessories, and have your look be both stylish and snug. Keep your colour palette rich and your fabrics warm, and just have fun!



Hell Bunny Rock Noir Coat - $200 Hell Bunny Bacall Trench Coat - $150 Colletif B & B Mariella Checked Coat - $60.00 Collectif Trixie Doll Dress in Red - $70.00 Collectif Trixie Doll Dress in Teal (from Unique Vintage) - $70.00 Hell Bunny Jodie Pencil skirt in green/blue tartan - $50.00 Pinup Girl Clothing Doris Top in Black - $54.00 Hell Bunny Hermeline 50s skirt - $60

Have to Have Gloves in Red/White dots - $85.00, Dotti in Black/Cream - $85.00, The Napoli in Red - $85.00, The Veneto Animal Print $95.00, Collectif Tammy Travel Bag - $100.00, Pleaser DELIGHT-2023 Matte Knee Boots from Shoe Me Gorgeous - $124.00 ADORE PIN UP 45


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New Zealand Gets Very Vintage & Crowns a


New Zealand’s favourite vintage festival, The Very Vintage Day Out, returned to Alexandra Park this year on Saturday the 9th of April for its fifth outing. Since the beginning, the VVDO has been a vintage mecca with all-day entertainment, fabulous shopping, activities and festivities for everyone, and this year was the biggest one yet with a crowd of thousands enjoying the day. Bringing together the top vintage sellers from all over the country, the VVDO offered fabulous fashion, beauty, homewares, knick-knacks and everything in between for shoppers to peruse. Outside, the vintage car display, food trucks and Photo Safari saw many enjoying the sunshine, while inside, the entertainment continued all day on the main stage with live bands, dancers and the best dressed competition all drawing in eager crowds. A series of workshops gave event-goers some great new knowledge and the Curve Confidence panel led by all four of the previous Miss Pinup New Zealand title winners drew a large crowd of ladies curious to hear confidence and style tips. Swing dance lessons, and the first up-cycle fashion competition and old-fashioned bake off, added to the activities on the day. ADORE PIN UP 50

Speaking of the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant, this year ten lovely ladies competed for the title in a competition that was incredibly close, with the crown ultimately going to delightful Aucklander, Fran Robertson. The pink-haired, ukelele-playing costume designer charmed the crowd with her gorgeous custom-made outfits and upbeat personality. The runner-up and Miss Vintage Vixen was the wonderful Courtney Janssen aka ‘The Lady in Red’ who won over the judges with her stunning vocal performance. The judging panel this year was led by Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014 and Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015, Miss Victory Violet, who has gone on to become a social media sensation since winning the competition two years ago. Alongside noted photographer, Norrie Montgomery, and owner of Phoenix Cosmetics, Phoenix Renata, the judges had a very tough time narrowing down the field of talented contestants to the final four and then the winners. Since the inception of the Very Vintage Day Out in 2012, the winners of Miss Pinup New Zealand have all gone on to be successful in their chosen fields, and no doubt we will also be seeing a lot more of Fran Robertson in the coming year and beyond.

Miss Pinup winner Fran is a 25-yearold southern girl from the depths of New Zealand’s South Island, currently living the dream in Auckland. She’s a crafty lass with a quirky streak a mile wide, and a penchant for plastic jewellery, B-grade horror films, and anything sparkly. We caught up with her after her win to find out more about the competition, and most importantly, the fashion. ADORE: First off, congratulations on being crowned Miss Pinup New Zealand! Can you tell us about your experience in the competition and what it was like to be announced as the winner? FRAN: Thanks so much! The whole lead up to the pageant was pretty nerve-wracking, but there was a real camaraderie between the 10 finalists backstage – helping with zips, fixing costumes, checking each others hair and makeup – which meant that it was a really supportive environment and we were all cheering each other on from behind the curtains! I was up against some very tough, very deserving competition, so hearing my name called was a huge surprise. I genuinely thought I had played it cool – it wasn’t until I saw the now infamous ‘shocked face’ photo that I realised I have absolutely no chill whatsoever. I’d hate to see what it would have looked like if I’d just completely let loose! ADORE: What was the process of preparing and competing like? How would you describe the structure of the competition on the day?

us all in line. Aside from the zip on my evening dress failing spectacularly before going on stage, there were no major catastrophes, and everyone pulled together to ensure the pageant ran smoothly! The pageant itself was made up of four sections – Day Wear, a two-minute Talent, Beach Wear, and Evening Wear. This was followed by the selection of the final four contestants, who had to answer a question from the judges. Being put on the spot is always terrifying, but thankfully we were asked what our favourite thing about ‘pin up’ is, and how it has impacted our lives. This was an absolute no-brainer for me, as the reason I love the New Zealand pin up community so much is just that – the community! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many passionate and creative people, and being involved in our community has been a huge catalyst for change in my life. I’ve successfully turned my part-time passion into a full-time job, which I couldn’t have done without the support of the amazing men and women I’ve met through my love of pin up, so it was truly amazing to be able to thank them all for that while I was up on stage! ADORE: Miss Pinup New Zealand was of course part of the Very Vintage Day Out, a key festival on any Kiwi pin up girl’s calendar. What were the other highlights of the festival this year for you? FRAN: This was my first VVDO as an attendee, rather than a vendor, so it was amazing to be able to wander around and catch up with people, listen to the panels, check out the best dressed contest, and scope out the amazing stalls! I also participated in the photo-safari for the first time, which was heaps of fun!

FRAN: For me, the preparation was crazy! My summer events season was completely insane, and I hadn’t spent more than three days in a row at home between the finalist selection and the actual competition, which meant I did a lot of hand sewing on intercity buses, and took my glue gun with me to hotels wherever I went! It also meant I had to plan methodically and make detailed lists of what I wanted to wear for each section, so then I could check each thing off the list as I sourced it, otherwise it would all just get forgotten among the craziness! To make it easier on the day, I put the accessories for each outfit into labelled snaplock bags, so I could just put on an outfit and have everything in the corresponding bag ready to go. I managed to forget to take a few things on stage – earrings, a handbag, a bracelet or two – but the important elements were all there! We were assigned an order in which to go onto the stage, and didn’t have long to change between sections, so the organisation backstage was crucial. When you have 10 slightly flustered girls all trying to get dressed at once, it’s important to have a good support structure, and the team behind-the-scenes did a fabulous job of keeping ADORE PIN UP 51

ADORE: Can you tell us about the outfits you put together for Miss Pinup and why you chose them? FRAN: I wanted to make sure that my outfits were authentic to my personality, and I didn’t want people to forget them! When I first started working in theatre, I was told that if your character has costume changes you should keep their whole wardrobe in a similar tonal range, so that it’s easier for the audience to recognise them, so I applied this principal to my outfits for the pageant. I knew that the first outfit I was walking out on stage in would be my Day Wear, so I needed to make sure it was a showstopper. For years I’ve been planning to make a skirt out of fake flowers, so this seemed like as good an excuse as any! I went with a ‘Garden Party’ theme and collected fake flowers in sunset colours to make the skirt, but made sure to tone it down a touch by pairing it with brown leather and wooden accessories, and a crisp white shirt. I used about 600 flowers, all up, and 7 metres of tulle, so it was a small miracle that it fit in the car! Next up was our Talent section! I sing and play the ukulele, so I wanted something with a fun and tropical vibe to match the laid-back tropical song that I was singing. I won a competition to have local designer Honey L’Amour make me an outfit for the competition, and I know she and I have a similar appreciation for colour, so I basically just told her I wanted to look like a sunrise, gave her my measurements, and she went to work! The top and skirt she made me were so perfect, and a friend ADORE PIN UP 52

made me a beautiful hair flower and some shoe clips to go with it, so once I added bamboo jewellery from another friend, it ended up being my favourite outfit – because it had the most soul, you know? The section that was most stressful for me, as a plus-sized girl, was Beach Wear, so that was the one I had focused my energies on first. I am a very confident person, but of course I have my insecurities, so I wanted to make sure that that outfit in particular was something that would make me feel spectacular. I am fairly renowned for my love of bright colours, tropical prints, and fruit jewellery, so I decided on a Carmen Miranda inspired outfit. I made myself a gigantic fruit hat, and a sheer tulle overskirt covered in colourful lace ruffles and beads to match my favourite bikini. I bedazzled a pair of shoes and covered them in fake flowers, and my husband helped me turn a parasol into a walking cane! For my Evening Wear I had a few challenges, namely that I can’t walk in long dresses. I lost the sensation in one of my legs after an accident, so I rely on my peripheral vision to know where I’m walking, which means I need to be able to see my feet. This meant that I needed to find something that was short, but could still hold its own against the gorgeous gowns that I knew the other contestants would have. I’m also not a particularly elegant person usually, so I wanted to take the opportunity to be a bit of a princess! I found an amazing glass sceptre at an antique shop, and bought some clear lucite ‘glass

slippers’ to go with the cream lace cocktail dress I found. It was the first time I’ve felt fancy enough to wear pearls, and I had an amazing 1960s bridal headpiece that was also covered in pearls and lace flowers, so it all just came together as if by magic. I really must have been sending out some serious Cinderella vibes to the universe, since I came away with a crown! ADORE: Your style is very bright, sassy and kitsch. Where do you draw inspiration from, and what would you say are your favourite looks or pieces you love to wear regularly? FRAN: My style is hugely inspired by my amazing friends, who all have such a different take on fashion, and all absolutely own it! In fact, we have so many fabulous local ladies doing really cool stuff with fashion, as well as a multitude of international pin ups and stylists showing off some pretty spectacular outfits on Instagram each day, so I will never be short of inspiration. Personally, I am all about bigger (sky-high beehives, giant poodles, huge petticoats, hair flowers the size of my face) and brighter (vivid prints, colourful tattoos, pink eyebrows, sunset hair), which can get a bit eclectic, but I am completely okay with being a touch eccentric. I’m sure you’ve heard the old Coco Chanel line – ‘take one thing off before you leave the house’? Well, I’m the antithesis of that, I guess. As far as I’m concerned, if ‘less is more’, imagine how much more ‘more’ could be! ADORE: You are a lady of many talents and roles. How would you describe your different jobs and hobbies, and what draws you to them? FRAN: I spend my days making all kinds of exciting things for all kinds of exciting people! I predominately specialise in styling, with a vintage flair – hair, makeup, wardrobe, events, you name it.

I also do a lot of portrait photography, costume making, and general crafting. I get bored easily, so being able to do something different every day is great, and having the opportunity to make people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin – well, there’s nothing more rewarding than that! ADORE: Who do you most look up to in the pin up scene and why? FRAN: The people I look up to most are the boss-ladies who are turning the things they love into their careers, and have built followings that love them for their personalities as much as their work! Especially people like Cherry Dollface and Xanthia Pink, who are both doing rad stuff without losing their sense of self. It’s so important to me to be authentic, and seeing women out there doing amazing things without compromising on their quirks is wicked. I also have mad respect for my friends within the NZ pin up scene. We’re a small and tight-knit community, and the level of support we get from each other is second to none. I’ve never admired a group of people so much! ADORE: Is there anything that you particularly want to achieve in your reigning year as Miss Pinup NZ? FRAN: I really want to use this opportunity to help other people learn to love themselves! I get to spend my days making women feel amazing, but they always seem to think that it’s only temporary – as if they can’t feel that way about themselves everyday – and that’s not true at all! I really want these women to see that they can be amazing every day, no matter how they look, so having a platform from which to spread that message is awesome!

Read more about Fran at, and keep an eye on to find out how you can get involved in the Very Vintage Day Out 2017.





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B Y M I T Z I & C O. P H OTO G R A P H Y S H OT AT V I VA L A S V E G A S 2 0 1 6


photography Mitzi & Co. Photography models Zelda, Miss Ginger Diamond, Dustin and Tiffany Everett & Cherry Von Sweets muah Heather Moss



LILA LUXX photography Cam Attree for Nylon Riot muah Jessalee Makeup Artistry wardrobe Zoe Felice Costumier location Cloudland



LUCY LUXE photography Joel Devereux



Redlands Rockabilly Revival Words and photography by Emily Russ Here at Adore Pin Up, we’ve seen

showing some seriously impressive

the dazzling hot-rods, drawing

our fair share of vintage festivals,

moves on the dance floor. There

crowds to the many market stalls.

but the truly memorable ones all

was also plenty of swing, lindy-hop

For those not busy filling their bags

have a few things in common –

and jive on display as Twang and

with vintage goodies, the Kustom

passionate vintage lovers dressed

Shot Down from Sugartown owned

Art Display run by Danielle Mann

to impress, stunning hot-rods

the stage with their energetic sets.

of Black Lagoon Designs had

lovingly cared for, and hours of foot-tapping, leg-slapping rock

A festival favourite was

plenty to see, including work from David Gatt, Scotty Makin and Drea

and roll.

undoubtedly watching the

Ticking all three of these boxes

perfection in Pinups on Parade. All

Whether due to the surprisingly

was Queensland’s inaugural

dolled up and dressed to the nines,

lovely weather or the pop-up Sailor

Redlands Rockabilly Revival in

15 finalists struck a few poses for

Jerry bar, the spirits were high on

sunny Cleveland. Bringing together

the crowds, with one showing off

the warm March afternoon as the

thousands of pin ups, rockabillies

her gorgeous repurposed wedding

festival came to a close. A day of

and a few curious locals, the

dress – who says you can only wear

amazing cars, fantastic marketstalls

festival celebrated all things

it once? While all finalists were

and tunes that had attendees

vintage in a day of bands, parades

simply fabulous, the top prizes went

humming along long after leaving,

and markets.

to the elegant Miss Harlem Tale

The Redlands Rockabilly Revival

and the cheeky Miss Rockabilly

was certainly one to remember.

Headlining the event was the talented Bellfuries, straight from the

beautiful pin ups poised to

Tam and her ukulele.


Check out more from the festival at

US, while local bands Lovejoy Surf

Despite an initially threatening and

and the ERT Trio had crowds

cloudy morning, the sun shone on

by following their Facebook page.



N E TA L I N A photography & muah Melissa Katherine wardrobe Kitten D’amour and Bordello



YA S M I N A G R E C O photography Shameless Photography – Sophie Spinelle & Carey Lynne makeup Aleina Pawluck hair Natalie Carabello & Carey Lynne location Hepcat Restorations wardrobe Pinup Girl Clothing & Hemet Store




Adore Pin Up Magazine - Issue 13 June 2016  
Adore Pin Up Magazine - Issue 13 June 2016