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PHOTOS BY CANDID APPLE PHOTOGRAPHY Thom and Brie’s wedding day vision was never one specific thing in itself it was more of a concept that they hoped would come together the way that they envisioned. From the very beginning they wanted a wedding that represented them, laid back, relaxed but yet still maintaining a certain level of class. This began with the idea of incorporating the theme of burlap and lace which eventually lead us to the creation of their rustic chic wedding. Along with this vision they also had a tight budget that they refused to let effect the desired out come of their dream wedding day. This vision quickly included DIY projects, stunning venues that spoke for themselves and special accent pieces. Thom and Brie never wanted their wedding to take on the pressure of being too serious, it was a day to celebrate and cherish among friends and family in an environment everyone felt comfortable in. Therefore our ultimate vision was to create something gorgeous that represented them as a couple and avoided the overly stuffy wedding.

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adore :: Okanagan Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine  

Fall 2013 | Issue No.2

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