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October 2013




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By Anthea Ramirez, Chief Sharer “Out of these ashes beauty will rise, we will It's easy to be paralyzed when facing a dance among the ruins, we will see it with monsoon of fear or valley of sudden out own eyes....for we know darkness. It's easy to allow joy is coming in the morning." these events to leave a -S.C. Chapman defining mark on our person, allowing it to etch itself within In arguably one of his most the fabric of our moving songs, Steven Curtis beings.  Sometimes all we can Chapman puts words and see is the storm.  Since it is in music to the pain and ultimate our reality it becomes our hope he clings to in the wake reality.  of his daughter’s death.   Beauty Will Rise resonates For many of you reading this, with the human spirit because you know the storm all too it touches on a story that is well.  You know what our collective story as people. heartache is, and are all too familiar with fear and doubt.  It Its a story about brokenness in is my hope that this month's a body that was not meant to be broken, its issue will inspire and encourage you to hope! a story about crisis in souls that were meant To come to find the beauty that comes in the only to know peace, and its a story about a wake of your storm. hope that has been given to each of us as we walk this road to restoration. And in the In this issue, you will find stories of people wake of sorrow, in the moment of confusion, who have discovered this beauty. While you when dooms day has arrived on your may not know them personally, these are doorstep, it is a story of a promise that in all people who have unearthed priceless things, that which is forged in the belly of treasure from the storms of their own lives.  sorrow will spring forth new life.  

For all you Chicago Peeps! Saturday October 12, 2013 join the Walk for Adoption as they celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month. The Walk was designed to share with the community the beautiful option that adoption can be for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy. For more information or to register, click here.


Beauty Will Rise: Story of Hope Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Mallette, also known as Justin Bieber’s mom, is using her voice to impact lives. While you won’t see her dawning high tops while singing and dancing to audiences of millions, you will find her quietly impacting audiences around the world in a much more personal way. In 2012, Pattie released her first ever New York Times bestselling book: Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. In it, Pattie candidly shares her life story, leaving nothing out. For the mother of a world renowned pop star, one might falsely assume life has always been easy. But Pattie’s story is vastly different then anything one would describe as “easy”. Sexually abused, depressed, and at one point suicidal, Pattie poignantly paints a very real picture of her life. And when things seem like they can’t get worse, Pattie opens up about her teen pregnancy, a pregnancy everyone told her to abort and yet goes on to deliver a child who we all know, Justin Bieber. In July, Pattie has taken her message to teens. "I've always had a heart for young people, and I'm so excited to be able to share my story to teenagers in an age appropriate way to bring hope and inspiration,” says

Mallette. “When I was a teenager, it always helped me to hear the stories of others, and how they made it through difficult circumstances. With the inclusion of side bars of advice and the addition of the discussion questions in Nowhere but Up: Teen Edition, I hope to help teenagers identify with their own stories and navigate through some of their own pain." Pattie attributes her own recovery to her faith. Throughout her book, grace and hope abound. Pattie hopes this same grace and hope will encourage and strengthen her young reading audience. To learn more about Pattie, follow her on twitter (@pattiemallette). To purchase her book, click here.


Beauty Will Rise: A Story of Joy Meredith Hilton Meredith Hilton is a devoted wife, mother to 3 beautiful children, accomplished attorney, and faithful blogger. To read more, follow her blog: Chase and More.

Before Chase was born, my husband, Scott and I, thought we had things all figured out. We were type-A planners and thought we were creating the perfect little life for ourselves. We already had one precious little son and we were confident throughout my second pregnancy that we would again have a healthy baby boy who would grow up to be best friends with his older brother, prove himself to be not just smart but athletic, and eventually attend the wonderful university where Scott and I had met. Fast forward to the evening after Chase’s birth, when the neonatologist came into our little recovery room and delivered the news of our child’s diagnosis. Down Syndrome. Holding each other tight, all of those expectations were shattered, and we began to grieve the sudden disappearance of the baby we had been dreaming about for so long. In its place was a new baby that we did not think we understood and whose future seemed like one big question mark. (continued on pg. 5)

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Beauty Will Rise: A Story of Joy (continued from pg. 4)

Looking back, it seems laughable that we thought we had control of our lives – all along God had something different in store for us, and it turned out that His plan was much more amazing than we could have dreamed up on our own. We can now look back and see that God was answering his promise to bless us, even during those tough weeks after Chase’s birth. Thank goodness things don’t always go as we plan! In the days that followed, during which I was mostly still in shock, our little church faithfully rallied around us. They created a schedule of hot meals better than I have ever cooked for my own family, and people we had never even met thoughtfully sent cards and emails full of scripture to encourage us. Many people didn’t know what to say, but offered a smile or hug – even those small gestures meant so much. God became very real and very close, as we knew we couldn’t navigate these new waters without His guidance. We had no choice but to rely fully on Him, and we could truly feel Him carrying us through the grief, the pain, and the unknown. Looking back it was a very special time for us spiritually. Chase developed slower than the other kids – he walked at two and a half years old, and now at four years, he is still struggling in his speech. But Chase is far above other kids in many areas – he is perceptive about people’s feelings and has a huge capacity for love. He cares so much for his big brother and little sister, and never hesitates to strike up a friendship with new people. We have wrestled at times with what it meant to have a child with a disability. But Chase has taught us how to look past superficial disabilities to see who someone really is as a person. It makes me realize my own shortcomings and how far I am from perfect. We’re all made in God’s image and we’re all uniquely flawed. It was humbling for me to become aware of this, but it makes me realize how amazing God’s grace is, that he extends his love even to me, despite all my flaws and failings. God has taught us many things through our Chase. But on an everyday basis, Chase is simply our son. Just one of our three precious kids who has talents and weaknesses, and someone who we are so blessed to call a part of our family!  To read more follow Meredith’s blog: Chase and More.

Join Meredith and her family as they participate in The Buddy Walk this month on October 13. The Buddy Walk promotes acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome while also raising funds for local programs and services as well as national advocacy initiatives. Consider contributing to their efforts today!


Beauty Will Rise: Story of Song In a compelling 15 minute film, the story of Crescendo bares similar resemblance to the story of Pattie Mallette, executive producer and mother of international superstar Justin Bieber. Crescendo, is the story of a woman in the throws of crisis. Confronted with a pregnancy she believed too much for her to care for, abortion and suicide appeared to be her only way out.

raise money to sustain the work of pregnancy centers who’s work is devoted to caring for women in need.

Pattie Mallette’s passion for her work on Crescendo stems from her own experience as a pregnant teenager. Faced with obstacle after obstacle, Pattie found her turning point at a pregnancy resource center in Canada. It is her hope that this movie, available through private release, will not only encourage women facing similar challenges but would

Visit to find out how you can host a screening on campus, at church, or anywhere.

Though Pattie has refrained from making a personal stance on the politics of abortion, her intention behind her work on Crescendo is to help keep organizations that so greatly helped her during a very vulnerable time in her life, keep offering services to women in similar circumstances.

Thea Ramirez’s workshop at the Care Net Conference in Denver this year is now available for download. If you work with women facing an unintended pregnancy, you will want to to check out this 90 minute, interactive workshop to understand the nature of taboos and how to move beyond the taboo nature of adoption in options counseling.


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October 2013  
October 2013  

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