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• Interface Description • ATPI Crew Link and • Adonis Personnel Manager

Why re-invent the wheel? • Specially embedded ATPI CrewLink screens into APM will take care of the complete booking workflow whilst automatically synchronising vital booking data simultaneously into APM • Familiarity is the key to a smooth workflow process

Select the required crew members in APM Crew Change Module Press the Book Flight icon to send the booking request to ATPI CrewLink

After the booking request has been submitted to ATPI Crew Link set the status to New Request Press Refresh to see the actual status of the booking, status will be updated in the background based on user defined schedule

In APM, use the module Flight Inbox to follow up all the bookings The flight inbox gives the user an overview of all flight requests.

All requested flights can be found in the Flights Requested folder of APM Flights Inbox. The users can view their own flights or follow-up on bookings made by their colleagues. The system will allow the user to select flights from and to the vessel Flight requests are moved to the correct folder based on the current status of the request.

Once the status changes to Pending Confirmation the request is moved to the Options Received Folder From here the end user can select the offer and check the confirm Quote button This opens the CrewLink interface from which the user can process the received quotations

ATPI CrewLink is embedded into APM and opens the selected flight which displays the available options /quotation From here the users can use ATPI CrewLink functionality to select their chosen option which will change the booking status to APPROVED, this notifies the ATPI team immediately for ticketing On approval of the desired options the flight information containing the segments, pricing etc is also synchronised in Adonis.

The users can use all the standard functionality in ATPI CrewLink to manage the complete workflow process, this includes: ▪ Approval ▪ Rejection ▪ Change Itinerary All actions performed in ATPI CrewLink will also be synchronised back to Adonis so that relevant data exist in both systems

Users can also search for existing bookings by selecting the booking Management List page

Once the bookings are ticketed the flight details / segments are updated in Adonis Bookings details are also accessible by the on-board users in the Employee Self Service Portal

Summary All flight and related bookings like hotels and Cars are initiated in Adonis Personnel Manager and processed in ATPI CrewLink. Access the ATPI Crewlink application to view or process the flight bookings from various locations in Adonis. Personnel profile details with and other relevant information required to process a flight booking are autosynchronised from Adonis system into CrewLink when initiating the booking request. Initiating a booking request from Adonis will not be possible if relevant information is missing. Flight Cancellations are triggered in Adonis and synchronised in CrewLink.

Change request are performed in ATPI CrewLink.

Profile for Adonis AS

Adonis and AT Griffinstone Integration  

Adonis and AT Griffinstone Integration

Adonis and AT Griffinstone Integration  

Adonis and AT Griffinstone Integration

Profile for adonisas