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Human Resource Software solutions for the maritime industry RECRUITMENT







A highly specialized vendor, working with demanding, market-leading customers. Our mission

• To provide maritime organization with integrated and scalable Human Resource Management and Payroll Systems that seamlessly coordinate/ consolidate prosses on land and at sea.

• To optimize crew and fleet management, from compliance to recruitment to crew management, on one centralized platform.

• To work in collaboration with our maritime clients in developing innovative HR and Payrollsolutions that meet their everchanging needs.

Adonis AS is a leading supplier of integrated HR and payroll systems to the international shipping and offshore industries. We have been in the maritime market for more than 27 years and our hallmark has always been a high degree of customer loyalty. Our concept, is based on companies with operations in many countries, and often across several continents, being able to manage all their HR processes in a unitary system. In addition to ordinary licensed systems that are installed by the customer on their network and on board ships, Adonis offers our customers worldwide the opportunity to run our systems via the Internet, without a LAN installation. We also provide the market’s most advanced and adaptable system for comprehensive Human Resource Management, our ”unique


”...our unique business proposition is premised on making sure that personnel and payroll processes are coordinated between the head office and ships at sea,...” business proposition” is premised on making sure that personnel and payroll processes are coordinated between the head office and ships at sea, thus reducing the disruptive impacts of their geographical distance. Costly and inefficient satellite-based Internet connections, may be totally absent at some times of day in some parts of the world. With our solutions, shipping companies can connect with their ships as though they were ordinary local offices working within the same system, for all intents and purposes eliminating geographical barriers.

”The Adonis Solution” is based on a specially developed replication engine, Adonis Replicator© which ensures that office and ship have synchronized data available at all times. The actual data exchange takes place using an automated e-mail or FTP service. If poor or non-existent Internet coverage means that the replication ceases for a period, the work on board will continue normally as the systems do not depend on on-line contact in order to function. As soon as the ship returns to an area with Internet coverage, synchronization between the databases on board and in the office is automatically initiated, so that fresh data for all HR procedures is available at all times.

Connect all your ships, offices and agents in one software solution



Everything you need for a seamless workday Our system solutions are based on a comprehensive portfolio of programs, including the products Adonis Personnel Manager© for office and on board, Adonis Payroll© with supplementary modules, Adonis Web Recruitment© and Adonis Personnel Portal©, which includes electronic time recording and employee accounts. We also deliver all types of consultancy service for the installation, maintenance and operation of our systems.

• A Service to embed in Customer Web Site • Reduce Manual Work with Applications and employment • Seamless upload of Applicant Data to APM


• Report Generator

• Rotation Planning

• Integration Server

• Position Requirements

• Crew Station Bill

• Course Scheduler

• Cabin Allocation

• Travel Booking

• Crew Effects

• Crew Change

• Analytical Module

• Documents

• Notification Server

• Adonis Payroll

• Adonis Replicator

• Time Cards

• Adonis Control Center

• Budget

ADONIS CREW PORTAL© • Adonis Time Clock • Work & Rest Hours control (MLC) • Crew Account • Travel Invoices • Pay Slips • Massages • Workday Account • Day To Day Planning



The Adonis Solution

Month close


Flight booking Course planning Itinerary changes New personnel Missing / expired documents Rotation planning

Work and rest Crew portal Time clock Fam. courses Plan / execute drills Crew station bill

Course planning Sign on / off Prepare arriving / departure papers


Performance evaluation

Overtime Work and Rest hours


Port agent

Crew self service

Authorities Management

File travel expense sheet

Bank transfer

Offering contract

Export to accounting


Register travels


View and update bio data

Calculation Processing

Payroll profile

Document Maintenance

Crew member

Bio data



Hour registration




Safe manning

Online Registration

Employ Notify




Job offer


Evaluate / prepare


Travel expenses

Manual entry work and rest hours


Swipe work and rest hours

Expenses / earnings

Recieve messages



27 years in the business leaves quite an impression...

Thomas Mazloum Executive VP, Crystal Cruises ”Adonis’ combination of superior technical capabilities and quality customer service allows us to efficiently manage our crew hours and remain in compliance.”

David Sagrista Project Manager, Crystal Cruises ”Adonis has streamlined the workflow in our offices around the world and vessels by having all the information centralized in one database. We are now better able to manage our crew movement, and have realized great cost savings and improvements in efficiency and accountability.”


Arthur Theodorou

Marc Jack Smith

Mark Pietrocarlo

Network & Fleet IT Manager Lindblad Expeditions

VP of HR Operations, PGS

VP & Controller, American Steamship Company

”Thanks to Adonis, Lindblad Expeditions will be better able to coordinate processes between our ships and offices, while helping us streamline staff recruitment.”

Mikkel Groth Andersen IT Project Portfolio Manager DFDS Seaways ”Key factors behind our choice were the fact that Adonis offers a seamless database solution which ties together the operators in our offices and onboard all our vessels in one core, central maritime Crewing & Payroll system. With Adonis we are able to lift our maritime Crewing procedures and increase our efficiency on many levels. The possibility to secure smooth and efficient integrated payroll processes in the various countries where we are working also counted.”

”We looked at a lot of different software, including airline software, but it was either too complex or not complex enough. Adonis struck the right balance.”

David T. Nelson Senior Business Analyst / IT Portfolio / Global Business Solutions Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd. ”I’m honored and privileged in working with you and your staff for the past 10 years and fully support Adonis as a value payroll solution. I’m more than willing to give feedback to any of your customers or speak at any of your functions to praise all your teams efforts. A genuine thank you! I truly appreciate the support and commitment you have shown me to help me succeed.”

”We utilized a home-grown payroll system since about 1985. Our crewing system and process was substantially manual and had little tie-in to payroll. With our recent Adonis implementation, we have all our Great Lakes vessels in one integrated system and much less paperwork.”

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1: Head office, Norway 2: Development and Support, Kharkiv, Ukraine 3: Development and Test, Kerch, Crimea 4: Adonis USA, Miami, USA 5: Adonis Far East, Manila, Phillippines Customer locations


Mail: Phone: +47 53 48 23 00 Fax: +47 53 48 23 99

Adonis brochure for web 2015  

A description of Adonis, a provider of global maritime Human Resource and Payroll solutions, the company, business idea and products.

Adonis brochure for web 2015  

A description of Adonis, a provider of global maritime Human Resource and Payroll solutions, the company, business idea and products.