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The First Year A Calendar and Journal Calendar • Journal

Whose visits or gifts meant the most to you while you were in the hospital?

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How did you feel leaving the hospital?

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Think back: what was life like this time last year? How has this pregnancy changed you?

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Your baby will sleep 90% of this week. When he is awake, use the time for quiet bonding. He will soon be able to focus on you better and to lift his head.


When changing your baby, take care of his umbilical cord, too. Keep it clean and dry. You will notice it begin to shrink, dry up, and eventually fall off. This is a natural healing process.

week 2

Whose features does your baby share?

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How is the family adjusting to the new arrival?

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What thoughts and feelings do you experience when you look at your baby?

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Though your baby may appear startled at first by loud noises, she will soon learn to tune them out. You don’t have to worry much about them waking her up.


You may notice yellowing of the skin during the first couple of weeks. This is called jaundice. If your baby looks too yellow to you, take her to the doctor who can suggest treatments clear it up.

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