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Tips for Tibet travel permit More and more foreign friends are addicted to Tibet culture and history; also they would fall in love with Tibet trek in a short time after they arrive in Tibet. However, there is a kind of card which must be applied before some people start their China and Tibet travel. What is that? Tibet travel permit is the answer. Therefore, you must know more about that; now, follow me!

What is Tibet travel permit?

Tibet travel permit is a kind of card which must be applied before you get into Tibet if you are the people who are from foreign country and Taiwan. So, if you are not these two kinds of tourists, you can regardless about that.

Why it is necessary to apply for Tibet travel permit?

In consideration of the need of Tibetan special national tradition, historical culture site and environment protecting, also because transportation condition, tour service facility and absorbing capacity of

Tibet, official regulates that if people have no ID card of China, it means foreign tourists, Taiwan tourists and overseas Chinese, he or she must apply foreign tour permit of Tibet which is signed by Tibetan Autonomous Region tour office;

The laws that you should know before you get into Tibet. According to Chinese law regulation, foreign reporter and diplomatic officer can not get into Tibet as tourist. Secondly, on the basis of China tour office regulation, in Tibet period, foreign tourists, Taiwan tourists and overseas Chinese (excepting for Hong Kong and Macao’s residents who take Chinese special administrative region passport and reentry permit) are not allowed to travel alone and free, no matter how much the number of tour group, many or few; at the same time, it must be organized and planned to organize tour. Attention, travel agency is not allowed to gather tour partner in individual traveler; foreign tourists should organize group by your own or ask help for tour agency, all of foreign groups must be received in individual form. Foreign groups are not limited people numbers, and also groupers are not limited nationality; you can be alone to have a journey. Surely, it is allowed to that there are domestic tourists.

Brief flow paths for applying for Tibet travel permit: You must prepare necessary certificate; on the one hand, for foreign guest who is in inbound tourism, generally, you should take passport and tour visa; on the other hand, for tourist who works in China, you should take passport, residence permit and working unit certification. You would better sure the flowing thing before your Tibet journey, for instance, Tibet line, travel time, scene line, and numbers. And then tell tour agency your contact information and decision. After all of those were finished, you could wait for Tibet travel permit; actually, it is convenience for you to ask tour agency to apply that. If it is normal, it will take about five days to sign Tibet travel permit. Well, you can spend these days in Tibet train, scenes and views of Qinghai-Tibet railway are excellent. Surely, it is better you can apply Tibet travel permit ahead of time so that you can ensure a lot of information before your Tibet and Lhasa travel. Finally, you must take Tibet travel permit all the way. surely if you are reading to get into Tibet by train, it only need fax of permit to buy Tibet train ticket; however, if you are to get to Tibet by plane, it is necessary that you must take original Tibet travel permit to buy ticket; only in this way that you can go aboard.

Other additional remarks: One, you only need Tibet travel permit if you just want to get Lhasa, Namsto and Shigatse. Secondly, excepting for Tibet travel permit, you must apply Aliens’ travel permit if you want to go to Nyingchi and Everest base camp. Thirdly, sometimes, military permit is necessary, just as Shannan, Ali and Bowo. However, it is best to apply for the Tibet permit twenty days in advance

Tips for Tibet travel permit  

More and more foreign friends are addicted to Tibet culture and history; also they would fall in love with Tibet trek in a short time after...

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